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Buy viagra in great britain I swear to Jesus Feliciano, buy viagra in great britain I don’t remember when the Highlanders tried to go with an in stadium mascot but this story in the WSJ is quite ammusing on many counts, buy viagra in great britain first the name of the company that created the ill fated bundle of felt, buy viagra in great britain Acme Costumes has me think of this guy as it’s CEO, buy viagra in great britain then the fact they made the character to remsemble Thurman Munson and right after his debut, buy viagra in great britain Munson dies in a plane crash, buy viagra in great britain putting the mascot in moth balls for awhile until it was determined that this was one of most ridiculous ideas in the Bronx since putting the Highlanders in track suits to work out with training coach Hopalong Cassidy.

Buy viagra in great britain I guess the Highlanders have learn a lesson by looking to thier neighbors in Queens as the undisupted heavyweight cahmpion of mascots resides, buy viagra in great britain never mess with perfection.

Buy viagra in great britain

Buy viagra in great britain Oh the name of the Highlnader mascot, buy viagra in great britain DANDY as in DANDY DICKHEAD

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Viagra online 50mgs Here is the most critical component of this Mets team and the twelve men mentioned here hold the future of the season in their left and right arms. Viagra online 50mgs Without pitching we are nothing!

Viagra online 50mgs Starting Rotation

Viagra online 50mgs Johan Santana

Viagra online 50mgs Mike Pelfrey

Viagra online 50mgs Oliver Perez

Viagra online 50mgs John Maine

Viagra online 50mgs Nelson Figueroa/Jon Neise

Viagra online 50mgs I’m starting to calm down a bit about starters 2-5 in this rotation. Viagra online 50mgs Big Pelf and OP have improved with each spring appearance and hopeful they gain confidence in these starts. Viagra online 50mgs Maine goes tomorrow and hopefully he bounces back and is focused in this start. Viagra online 50mgs The fifth spot if given on merit should go to Nelly Figs as he has continued from his great performance in the Caribbean World Series so far this spring. Viagra online 50mgs Neise has shown that the hammy tear from last year is healed. Viagra online 50mgs The easiest move here is Niese in the fifth slot and Figs in the pen as long/middle man

Viagra online 50mgs Bullpen

Viagra online 50mgs Frankie Rodriguez

Viagra online 50mgs Pedro Felicaino

Viagra online 50mgs Sean Green

Viagra online 50mgs Hisanori Takahashi

Viagra online 50mgs Ryota Igarashi

Viagra online 50mgs Bobby Parnell

Viagra online 50mgs Kiko Calero

Viagra online 50mgs This all changes if the front office makes the huge mistake by letting Jenry Mejia come North, viagra online 50mgs then someone has got to go most likely Parnell. Viagra online 50mgs Takahashi has also pitched himself into a job and the 40 man roster with his stellar spring, viagra online 50mgs by the way has anyone in the organization realized that Takahashi uses his left arm to pitch ?  Again the pen is in flux as brain trust decides if they want LOOGY Joe Beimel (at their price) and keeping Mejia but the locks are Frankie Rodz, viagra online 50mgs Feliciano, viagra online 50mgs Green and I guess Igarashi. Viagra online 50mgs That leaves three spots with I’d think Takahashi getting one of them. Viagra online 50mgs The next two could be filled by Parnell, viagra online 50mgs Calero, viagra online 50mgs Mejia, viagra online 50mgs Beimel or some other arm from another organization. Viagra online 50mgs Then again Nelly Figs could be sent packing once more.

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What a mess. Cialis buy overnight I mean it is so difficult to sit down and watch games that should be closed out and put in the win column just to be pissed  away by incompetent relief pitching. Cialis buy overnight I thought yesterday we finally saw the frustration of Warlord Jerry when he used both Aaron Heilman who should just be sent home at this point and told wait for notification of a trade to a new team and for using Mush Schoeneweis against right handed hitting Omar Infante.  It’s hard for me to kill J-Man here as the Mets were not facing Murder’s Row here but a team playing out the string in the Braves, cialis buy overnight but right now J-Man has to go strictly with a platoon of relievers the rest of the week in order for the Mets to have a chance of post season play. Cialis buy overnight Right now I would like you to click here and read Howard Megdal piece in today’s New York Observer on the state of the bullpen and how J-Man has to mix and match. Cialis buy overnight Read that now I’ll wait, cialis buy overnight  then meet me in the next paragraph.


Good stuff from Howard right? Ok now here is how I would manage this fucking mess of a bullpen. Cialis buy overnight My two late inning guys now are Luis Ayala and Bobby Parnell. Cialis buy overnight Ayala is the best of the slop and Parnell right now is the only guy in that pen who can throw a fastball with any authority. Cialis buy overnight  From there I’d team up my pitchers like hockey defensemen:


LHP Schoeneweis                             RHP Smith


LHP Rincon                                      RHP Stokes


LHP Feliciano                                   RHP Figueroa



Those are my mix and match specialists and then I’d use Bobby Parnell and Luis Ayala to close. Cialis buy overnight


We really should be getting ready for a great week at Shea Stadium with all kinds of memories and great festivities and looking forward to the post season but after this latest road trip 3-4 road trip this team is really wearing me out.


I’ve about had it with people blaming the Mets offense for not taking on late innings runs. Cialis buy overnight Yes it is quite frustrating to see men on base with less than 2 out and not score a run but the Mets offense is averaging 5 runs a game if that’s not enough to win then you don’t deserve the make the post season. Cialis buy overnight I don’t know how guys like David Wright, cialis buy overnight Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran keep their cool as I would have called out every rag armed fuck in that bullpen by now for not stepping up and doing their job.


I watched the eerie/strange ceremonies at the last game at Highlander Stadium some observations:


Having people dressed like the 1923 Highlanders was very very odd and creepy. Cialis buy overnight Instead of actors maybe they should have gone with pinstriped coffins for the deceased players and lined them up on the warning track.


Most disturbing was the sons of Mickey Mantle, cialis buy overnight Billy Martin, cialis buy overnight  Roger Maris and Thurman Munson come out in full uniform


Wade Boggs is the perfect example of you are what you eat


No Joe Pepitone


No Roger Clemens


 No one from the Kekich/Peterson Families


No one from the Peterson/Kekich Families


No Howie Spira


And no one from Joe DiMaggio’s family


After seeing the happiness exhibited by Willie Randolph I offer an apology to the Skill Sets and Omar Minaya, cialis buy overnight not only am I now happy you fired him like you did, cialis buy overnight I wish you waited until he feel asleep then woke him up and fired him. Cialis buy overnight Yes I am fucking bitter. Cialis buy overnight Word to Joe Giradi-watch you r back


My first memory of this Highlander  Stadium was of going in 1976 (I consider this Highlander Stadium II because it has no resemblance to the original Highlander Stadium which I was visited in 1968 for the first time for Bat Day with about 10 of my friends) in a 1966 White Caddy Coup with red interior with Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath blaring out of the cars 8 track  while cruising into on of the off site parking lots and having the citizens of 158 St trying to figured what the fuck these crazy white boys were up to.


I also went to the 1977 All Star game but details are very sketchy of that due to heavy alcohol consumptions.


No mention of St. Cialis buy overnight Joseph of Torre or of Donnie Baseball. Cialis buy overnight CLASSLESS!


It looks like the Highlanders are grooming Bernie Williams for the Greatest Living Highlander title as he was introduced last. Cialis buy overnight Should have been Yogi’s honor.


I kill Captain Craptastic a lot but he was great at the end of the game with his eloquent address to the crowd and leading his team around the stadium for one last lap. Cialis buy overnight CLASSY!


If the Bravos showed as much guts against the rest of the NL as they did for the Mets they might still be I the thick of a pennant race Mike Gonzalez is an a number one ass clown.

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