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Performance anxiety viagra I had the pleasure of appearing on Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Talk show last night on Blog Talk Radio where we discussed the disconnect that some Mets have with reality.

Performance anxiety viagra The fact that I know who Boof Bonser is has impressed my friends. Performance anxiety viagra  Hey, performance anxiety viagra we can’t neglect our Bisons now, performance anxiety viagra can we?

Performance anxiety viagra The Mets selected 2B Brad Emaus from the Toronto Blue Jays (JP must know something here) and RHP Pedro Beato (FINALLY A MET!!!!) from the Baltimore Orioles in the Rule V draft. Performance anxiety viagra Emaus has some power and is built like Dan Uggla, performance anxiety viagra so I guess throw Emaus name in the 2B competition this spring. Performance anxiety viagra Beato was drafted by the Mets in 2007 as a draft and follow and tried to sign him for $1mil in 2008 but the Commissioner’s office advised against spending that money on a 15th round pick. Performance anxiety viagra Beato went back into the draft was taken by the O’s and given the same $1mil the Mets were willing to give out. Performance anxiety viagra Oh well, performance anxiety viagra Beato born in the DR was is a Brooklyn boy as he excelled at Xaverian H.S. Performance anxiety viagra in beautiful Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

Performance anxiety viagra Looks like Ken Oberkfell will be rewarded with the position as Terry Collins consigliere, performance anxiety viagra good to have Obie on board.

Performance anxiety viagra Word on the street is Johan Santana won’t be ready to pitch for the Mets until June. Performance anxiety viagra No problem. Performance anxiety viagra What I’m curious about is how the manager and GM handle the everyday questions about Santana. Performance anxiety viagra I’m hoping they address it in spring and inform the MSM that the next time you hear about Johan is when he’s ready to join the big league. Performance anxiety viagra Let’s concentrate on the living.

Performance anxiety viagra So the Highlanders look ready to shit their pants and offer Cliff Lee a 7 year deal. Performance anxiety viagra The kicker will be if the Rangers make a play of 6yrs and sweeten the dough, performance anxiety viagra what will Lee do? Now that Carl Crawford will be grazing in the left field of Fenway Park , performance anxiety viagra the Red Sox have to be favored to win the AL East with that potent lineup and terrific pitching, performance anxiety viagra Lee has the Boss’s Boys by the balls. Performance anxiety viagra Yes, performance anxiety viagra I fuckin’ love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    

Performance anxiety viagra We will now have a moment of silence to mourn the death of #Frenchtober

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Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Go to hit the road this morning for work as I have a training class to attended so I just want to send out a reminder that tonight at 10PM ET I’ll be hosting THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra My guests will be Dave Payne and Aviv Blasbalg of Sox vs. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Pinstripes. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Dave is the Red Sox fan/writer and Aviv the Highlander fan/writer. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra We’ll look at the season so far for both teams and the race in the AL East and look ahead to the weekend series at Fenway Park between the two teams.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra As always, mexico pharmacy generic viagra if you can’t join us live you can listen later from our show page on BLOG TALK RADIO or right here at Kranepool Society (click on the widget on the lower left side bar)

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Quick hits:

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra That was one tough game to watch last night between no one in the ball park (announced attendance was 14, mexico pharmacy generic viagra350. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra They must have counted 350 in the seats and 14, mexico pharmacy generic viagra000 driving by the ball park), mexico pharmacy generic viagra Ollie with his walks and the offense stagnant, mexico pharmacy generic viagra by 9PM I bailed not just because the game was dragging but it was time for 24. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Just for one day, mexico pharmacy generic viagra I want to be like Jack Bauer, mexico pharmacy generic viagra I mean what could be better than to grab someone you can’t stand by the neck and say “Do you know who I am” and have them shit themselves.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Big Pelf went for an MRI because he felt tightness in his shoulder. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra   The MRI came out fine and Pelf said nothing to worry about. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra I guess when he books a flight to Birmingham, mexico pharmacy generic viagra then I’ll panic.

Mexico pharmacy generic viagra First it was booing Santa Claus, mexico pharmacy generic viagra then it was cheering as Michael Irvin was laid out unconscious on the field, mexico pharmacy generic viagra then it was a jail at the Vet, mexico pharmacy generic viagra then it was fans vomiting on children and now cops using stun guns on fans. Mexico pharmacy generic viagra Welcome to Philadelphia America’s Most Uncivilized City.

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Pfizer viagra Some fellas look at the eyes
Some fellas look at the nose
Some fellas look at the size
Some fellas look at the clothes
I don’t care if her eyes are red
I don’t care if her nose is long
I don’t care if she’s underfed
I don’t care if her clothes are worn
First I look at the purse!

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Pfizer viagra I should be a happy Mets fan this morning, pfizer viagra with the news that Jason Bay will sign up to man left field for my favorite baseball team. Pfizer viagra What’s not to like about Bay ? Big time power hitter from the right side of the plate, pfizer viagra he stepped in to a situation in Boston, pfizer viagra as crazy a baseball town as NYC and he took the place of one of the greatest right handed hitters to ever pick up a bat in Manny Ramirez and excelled. Pfizer viagra I was  at Fenway Park for Bay’s first game as a Red Sox and his hitting and attitude won over the hearts of Royal Rooters that weekend. Pfizer viagra  So why am I not on the phone pleading with the Mets ticket office to please, pfizer viagra PLEASE, pfizer viagra sell me a season ticket, pfizer viagra I don’t care if a handrail or giant piece of Plexiglas impairs my vision of the field, pfizer viagra I JUST WANT TO BE AT $ITI FIELD IN 2010!!!!!!!!!!   Well, pfizer viagra because Jason Bay can’t pitch.

Pfizer viagra It’s not just that Bay is not a pitcher and the Mets need about three starting pitchers to even think of contending for an NL Pennant , pfizer viagra I still look at the Mets as Bay’s last resort.  You have to feel, pfizer viagra the Red Sox were his first choice to re-enlist with and his agent made a 4yr/$60mil offer to which Theo Epstein said “Do I know you”? That’s Cold Hearted Theo, pfizer viagra “Come back when you settle for as 2yr plus and option and maybe I’ll dance with you”. Pfizer viagra The Highlanders would seem to be choice two, pfizer viagra put it seems that the heirs to the Highlander fortune, pfizer viagra Hal and Hank A/K/A The Fortunate Son’s, pfizer viagra feel as though we won the World Series so now it’s time for us to set up our bank accounts because there will be a mucho disposable dinero flowing in the Bronx this summer and the Fortunate Sons want to bring back Bags O Cash to their Tampa lair. Pfizer viagra Then there is the Seattle Mariners , pfizer viagrawhich for Bay would have worked out the best for the Boy from BC. Pfizer viagra  Mrs. Pfizer viagra Bay is from the Pacific Northwest so the thought of playing house close to where he grew up with many millions in his pocket had to be very pleasing to the Bay’s. Pfizer viagra Problem is new Mariners GM Jack Z felt, pfizer viagra sure we’d love to have you here but not for some ridiculous sum of $16 mil a year. Pfizer viagra Instead Jack Z went for bat shit crazy Milton Bradley who came to the Emerald City with his pockets full of cash, pfizer viagra letting the M’s save money for something important like pitching. Pfizer viagra Did you know that Jack Z was once part of the Mets front office?

Pfizer viagra So the way I look at it, pfizer viagra Jason Bay had no other choice but to play for the Mets. Pfizer viagra But I still feel the Mets were that last fat kid picked when you would choose up sides in the school yard. Pfizer viagra I just hope that at the Bay presser he doesn’t start waxing poetic about being back in the Mets organization , pfizer viagrain fact I’d have a better appreciation for Bay if he didn’t have a presser but I’m sure Jeffey and Jay Horowitz are at King Kullen right now ordering the cold cuts.

Pfizer viagra Look you have to give Omar his props as he obtained a power hitting corner outfielder at his terms. Pfizer viagra For all the venom tossed at Omar’s way this winter once in a while you can give him a pat on the back. Pfizer viagra Beisdes, pfizer viagra Jeffey Skill Sets and Dave The Shyster would just the money on a house in the Hamptons.

Pfizer viagra Now is not the time for the Mets front office to take any bows, pfizer viagra there work is far from done. Pfizer viagra Now try to make a deal with the Reds and Royals for Aaron Harang, pfizer viagra Bronson Arroyo or Gil Meche . Pfizer viagra Get two of those three and I’ll bring a marble rye to the presser. Pfizer viagra  

Pfizer viagra           

Pfizer viagra  

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Map Wave bye-bye to Bill Wags kids as he heads up I-95 to Fenway Park. Map Wagner came to his senses and acepted a deal to the Old Town Team in exchange the Mets get  a couple of AA players to be named later.

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Viagra tablet weight This was taken right across the street from Fenway Park on Lansdowne St as there is a building going up on the site and this was two days after Many Ramierz was traded

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Viagra discussion board I’m still trying to figure out how to post pictures so you will be seeing some stuff I took while at Fenway Park and in Cape Cod.

Viagra discussion board  

Viagra discussion board Here is a pic of my son and I with Jerry Remy in Hyanis. Viagra discussion board The Rem Dog is not a fan of Shea Stadium seems the visting team TV both leaves a lot to be desired

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How can i get some cialis Hi y’all just back from Boston and I must apologize for the lack of posts the last few days. How can i get some cialis We spent three days at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel, how can i get some cialis a beautiful old hotel with a grand lobby ( I love hotel lobbies ) first class dining, how can i get some cialis fabulous accomodations and a great location (two blocks from Boston Common and three stops on the Green Line to Fenway Park) but the big draw back was the lack of internet serivce. How can i get some cialis The hotel charges $12 bucks a day for service and my WI-FI was picking  up weak signals from neighboring business and residence and since we spent hardly any time in the room, how can i get some cialis it didn’t pay to get service (nor did I have the time as Boston is a walking city and boy did WE WALK!!!!) as I just about made it through Baseball Tonight each night before falling asleep.

How can i get some cialis So since I was gone the Mets have hit a skid but the kids are arriving in Eddie Kunz and David Murphy joining Mike Evans and it looks like The Teen Aged Hitting Machine is close to joining the club as well. How can i get some cialis Billy Wags is on the DL and for some reason J-Man thinks Aaron Heilman can close. How can i get some cialis Maybe someday the light will go on in someone in someone in the Mets front office head and realize that Heilman should be a starter. How can i get some cialis He neither has the make up or stuff to close. How can i get some cialis His head and heart is not in it. How can i get some cialis I can see with Dirty losing velocity and no one else on this staff with closer qualities then why not just give the job to Kunz. How can i get some cialis Sure it’s baptism under fire but at this point what choice do the Mets have? at least Kunz has closer history and did pitch in pressure situations in college so what the hell let him close.

How can i get some cialis More tomorrow on my trip to Fenway  What a great time we had. How can i get some cialis We went to the game on Sunday and then went back Monday for a tour of the ball park. How can i get some cialis I haven’t been to Fenway in about 15 years and I have to give props to the current Red Sox managemnt for fixing the place up and making it a must see ballpark for any baseball fan.

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How much is viagra from canada Quicknote as it is moving day from Cape Cod to Boston have to pack and get ready for Fenway Park. How much is viagra from canada First it looks like Petey was rusty but healthy bottom line is if that fastball has no movement he will get lit up.

How much is viagra from canada Maybe J-Man should have batted for Chavez with Castro as that looks to where the game was lost last night even though the blame goes to Heilman (doesn’t it always)

How much is viagra from canada Welcome to the Mets Dan Murphy with Jon Neise and Eddie Kunz not far behind.

How much is viagra from canada Red Soc fans gave Jason Bay a huge standing ovation last nigh in his first at bat. How much is viagra from canada Bay looked both touched and embarrassed by the gesture as I guess it hit him that this ain’t Pittsburgh.

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Free viagra Ahhhhhhhhhhhh vacation time, free viagra it’s wonderful. Free viagra Before I leave for Cape Cod and a trip to Boston and Fenway Park I will be in attendance at Shea for tonight’s game as the turnaround season rolls on. Free viagra No post tomorrow as it’s a long travel day but I hope to post Monday my “Fitty’ Birthday” by the way , free viagra so before I get some last minute stuff done and head to Shea a few thoughts:

Free viagra  

Free viagra Two of the biggest players of this turnaround have been Carlos Delgado and Mike Pelfrey and not surprisingly both players have been helped by the change in manager and pitching coach. Free viagra Delgado seemed to hate being at the ball park when Willie Randolph was in charge as it seems Randolph’s reign in the clubhouse was a tension convention but for some reason the main streamers give us just bits and pieces of  life in Mets clubhouse under Willie. Free viagra I guess theiy will let us know when their books come out. Free viagra Rick Peterson told Mike Pelfrey to never throw a curveball again. Free viagra Dean of School Dan Werthen worked with Pelfery on his breaking ball to go with his 90+ heater to make him a complete pitcher. Free viagra No bracelets, free viagra no gem stones just good common sense.

Free viagra  

Free viagra I can’t figure out Dirty Duaner. Free viagra He gets ahead of batters and can’t finish them off. Free viagra Is it bad luck or poor performance?

Free viagra  

Free viagra Brandon Knight, free viagra the definition of a journeyman, free viagra makes his Mets debut tonight as a stand in for Petey. Free viagra Knight has had a great year in NOLA and was ready to join Davey Johnson and Team USA in Beijing but on the insistence of Dan Werthen he was summoned for this spot start.

Free viagra  

Free viagra Looks like the Highlanders stole Xavier Nady and Damaso Marte from the Bucs but I’m not worried about that as with all the rumors and names out there the guy I hope we land is Casey Blake. Free viagra Blake has descent power and can player OF, free viagra 3B, free viagra and 1st  his one draw back is striking out a lot but we can live with that as Blake is the righty bat the Mets need.

Free viagra  

Free viagra Manny isn’t happy in Boston. Free viagra The Red Sox front office, free viagra owners, free viagra players and fans are not happy with Manny. Free viagra  I think you know where I’m going here, free viagra If I’m Omar I have to make a call in fact if Omar wants to give me Theo Epstein’s number and I’ll meet him for lunch when I get  into town.

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