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What is viagra made of Observations from the first game of spring training and how nice it is to talk about on the field issues:

What is viagra made of The best part of the game for me were the pitchers who worked yesterday. What is viagra made of Collectively, what is viagra made of the six pitchers used struck out 9 and walked 3. What is viagra made of Of the three walks Jenry Meija walked 1 and Manny Acosta walked 2. What is viagra made of In fact , what is viagra made of Acosta  was the only pitcher used who had trouble throwing strikes (8/7 BB/K)

What is viagra made of Meija  was not only effective with his breaking ball but he looked happy and relaxed.  It’s just one appearance and maybe it’s just my giddiness over seeing baseball for the first time this year but my fear that the past administration may have ruined Mejia has been somewhat relieved.

What is viagra made of I had and still have no idea who John Lujan is.

What is viagra made of Fernando  Martinez had a throwing error and ran into a railing in foul territory chasing a fly ball and looked like he banged his knee and was limping a bit. What is viagra made of All I could think of is, what is viagra made of will he ever make it in the big leagues and if in order to keep Pedro Beato or Brad Emaus in the organization is via trade then hopefully the Orioles or Blue Jays would take F-Mart. What is viagra made of Then Martinez goes and cracks a two run home run to tie the game with the replay showing just a beautiful swing and I totally change my mind about him. What is viagra made of This is what is so frustrating about F-Mart. What is viagra made of I hope this kid stays healthy all year and gets 450-500 AB’s in Buffalo so we can finally find out if he’s  worth keeping or if he becomes a very valuable trading chip.

What is viagra made of It’s spring training for the Mets announcers as well. What is viagra made of It was wonderful to turn on the TV at 1PM yesterday and see Gary Cohen, what is viagra made of Ron Darling, what is viagra made of Keith Hernandez  and “SNY Celeb” Kevin Burkhardt but Cohen made the first faux pau of the season as he referred to Sandy Alderson as “Sandy Martinez” . What is viagra made of Hernandez picked up where he left off last season with his marvelous comments, what is viagra made of yesterday’s Mex-isim was calling  Braves catcher Brian McCann “portly. What is viagra made of  Can’t wait until he gets a gander at Bartolo Colon.

What is viagra made of Mets Twitterverse lit up when Willie Harris belted a 2 run HR to tie the game in the bottom of the 10th inning but the most impressive part of Harris day was when in the middle of being interviewed by Kevin Burkhardt , what is viagra made of Harris just stopped as F-Mart hit his home run and started cheering and then went to congratulated him then he went back to the interview.

What is viagra made of Nick Evans is not going down without a fight.

What is viagra made of Scott Hairston is going to be a guy we talk about this season in a very positive way. What is viagra made of Harriston is going to win a few game for the Mets this year. What is viagra made of Hairston has pop in his bat and will be a very useful 4th outfielder.

What is viagra made of I’ve been killing Evan Roberts of WFAN all week for his non-stop NJ Nets talk and going ga-ga over the Deron Williams deal (I would say the NJ Nets have the smallest fan base of any team in the NY metro area. What is viagra made of The NY Red Bulls of the MLS have a bigger fan base than the Nets) but today I have to give him mad props for his interview with Sandy Alderson yesterday.

What is viagra made of It was good to see Jason Bay get a base hit in his second and last at bat as he looked awful on his time up in the first inning. What is viagra made of After the game he did say he felt rusty but he feels great.

What is viagra made of Let’s hope like last year with the Dickey jokes that Mets fans get the Hu Who? Jokes out of their system by the end of spring training. What is viagra made of Chen lu Hu looks like the best defensive player on the team. What is viagra made of No joke.

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Should i chew cialis I think we all need to take a big deep breath. Should i chew cialis This Skill Sets Cash Call has gotten the fan base acting like a bunch of blue and orange Chicken Little’s. Should i chew cialis  The skies of Flushing may look dark and ominous but it’s not falling. Should i chew cialis This may in fact, should i chew cialis be the best thing that could happen to the Mets.

Should i chew cialis There seems to be a misunderstanding in the fan base that thinks spending lots of money equals championships, should i chew cialis if that’s the case, should i chew cialis how come there are only two World Series trophy’s on display at the Mets Hall of Fame? No one was better at pissing away the Skill Sets cash than Omar Minaya but his administration had no structure or foresight  or the balls to tell Jeffey stay out the baseball operations way. Should i chew cialis The minor league system, should i chew cialis the life blood of any organization, should i chew cialis has been run about as well as Mayor Bloomberg’s snow removal system. Should i chew cialis The biggest indictment of the failure of the Mets system is the image still burned in my memory of Fernando Martinez in his first day as a major leaguer, should i chew cialis failing to run out a ball hit in front of home plate. Should i chew cialis At that point, should i chew cialis F-Mart should have been taken to La Guardia Airport and sent back to Buffalo and then the whole minor league system should have been bulldozed and built back from the ground up. Should i chew cialis It didn’t because there was no one in charge with balls or brains to fix it. Should i chew cialis Until now.

Should i chew cialis The best move in the last couple of days by the Mets (besides signing R.A. Should i chew cialis Dickey and Angel Pagan clearing the arbitration eligible list) was hearing Sandy Alderson in his straight shooter way, should i chew cialis talk to us like intelligent adults. Should i chew cialis There was no spin or sleight of hand like we’re used to, should i chew cialis there was a right between the eyes shot of reality (Adam Rubin’ transcript of the Alderson conference call is required reading for the Mets masses)

Should i chew cialis “First of all, should i chew cialis I want to emphasize that the plan that we have pursued the last couple of months was limited by only one fact, should i chew cialis and that was the level of the existing payroll. Should i chew cialis Our payroll going into the season will be somewhere between $140 million and $150 million. Should i chew cialis I think that is significantly higher than we’d like to be on an annual basis — a product of adding some additional players that we felt the roster needed as well as some existing commitments. Should i chew cialis The plan and the approach that I’ve taken over the last two months has not been affected at all by any other outside factors.

Should i chew cialis  

Should i chew cialis “From my standpoint, should i chew cialis when I took this position, should i chew cialis when I interviewed and took this position, should i chew cialis I was of course aware of the pre-existing involvement of the Wilpons and the Mets with Bernie Madoff. Should i chew cialis I wasn’t privy to all of the detail, should i chew cialis nor am I or most of us at this point privy to all that detail. Should i chew cialis And I wouldn’t expect to be. Should i chew cialis At the same time, should i chew cialis none of that has affected what I have done over the last two months. Should i chew cialis I don’t expect that it will have any impact on what I do over the next several months, should i chew cialis including into the 2012 offseason.”

Should i chew cialis Gone are the days of wasting money on has beens and underachievers as bench players just because they are your friends or are good at playing Hearts. Should i chew cialis Why give a 35 year old utility infielder $2mil when you can use a minor leaguer for $450K or a journeyman for a make good deal where performance equals a pay raise? We’re not used to such competence around here and I guess it takes time to understand, should i chew cialis there is spending money and there is spending money wisely.

Should i chew cialis Alderson also showed his leadership qualities by turning negative news into a positive when asked if he was worried about having the cash resources going forward:

Should i chew cialis No. Should i chew cialis I mean, should i chew cialis obviously there’s a certain level of ambiguity surrounding this news. Should i chew cialis But from my standpoint, should i chew cialis the facts are as they currently exist. Should i chew cialis And to some extent the decision to find a minority partner or some other source of recapitalizing the franchise is positive news from my standpoint. Should i chew cialis If there was an initial problem before, should i chew cialis that can only be positive from my standpoint.”

Should i chew cialis There seems to be a panic by a small group of Mets fans about the future of Jose Reyes and his tenure with the Mets. Should i chew cialis From hearing Alderson address this it will be Reyes performance and his contract demands that will dictate if he stays a Met for years to come. Should i chew cialis Ken Davidoff of Newsday has said of Pee Wee Cashman, should i chew cialis that he is “a stone cold killer” in the way he deal s with players as we’ve seen with Derek Jeter and the Rafael Soriano signing. Should i chew cialis I would say Alderson is a more of a calculated assassin. Should i chew cialis  Alderson will do what’s best for the Mets not Reyes and for that Mets should be grateful. Should i chew cialis  Alderson is not going to make the Mets a small market team he is going to make then a more efficient organization when it comes to handing out long term deals. Should i chew cialis  Anyone have a problem with that?

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Canada viagra Is it over yet? Last night’s game will not be in the rotation of Mets Classics on SNY, canada viagra between the rain delay, canada viagra Big Pelf’s throwing batting practice, canada viagra Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan forced out of the lineup with injuries, canada viagra and Gary Cohen admitting in public he was a fan the Mama’s and the Papas, canada viagra the only reason to keep watching the game telecast was to see if Keith Hernandez’ head would explode.

Canada viagra I can’t wait for Saturday’s Mets-Nationals game with the most bizarre pitching match up I ‘ve ever seen. Canada viagra R.A. Canada viagra Dickey for the Mets vs. Canada viagra The Sensational Strasburg. Canada viagra Just think, canada viagra you could add up the velocity of three of Dickey’s pitches and that total is still lower than one Strasburg fastball. Canada viagra The only drawback to the game is it’s on FOX, canada viagra so I’m guessing we get stuck with Doofus Joe and Tim McFullofshit UGH!!!!!

Canada viagra Sam Page has a great post on Amazin’ Avenue on what is a fair trade for Cliff Lee. Canada viagra When you look it over the Mets do have the chips to pull this off without giving up Jenry Mejia. Canada viagra I would hate to lose Reese Havens in a deal as well but if a package of Fernando Martinez, canada viagra Josh Thole, canada viagra Nick Evans and Eric Niessen brings Cliff Lee to the Mets, canada viagra it’s a steal, canada viagra even if Lee leaves after the season as a free agent. Canada viagra Ike, canada viagra Niese, canada viagra Mejia and Wilmer Flores would be untouchables, canada viagra Mark Cohoon too, canada viagra so anyone else is fair game to get dealt for a pitcher of Lee’s pedigree.

Canada viagra Leonard Davis of the Syracuse Chiefs was the prick who took out Daniel Murphy at second base to break up a double play that put Murph out of action for the season with a knee injury. Canada viagra The play was a scumbag move by Davis. Canada viagra Tues day night the Bison met the Chiefs and Dillon Gee was on the mound and had a 4-0 lead when Davis came up to bat. Canada viagra Gee proceeded to drill Davis in the back with a pitch as payback for the take out of Murphy. Canada viagra I hope Dillon Gee is a Met forever!

Canada viagra The Phuck Phaces are getting hit hard by injuries. Canada viagra HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

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Buy real viagra online Day/Nighter today and I was sooooo ready to cut work and head to Flushing to watch Santana do his magic, buy real viagra online but my desk is piled as high with cases as thick as Fernando Martinez’ medical folder, buy real viagra online  So I’ll pass on going to the game to spend the afternoon with Howie, buy real viagra online Wayne and my un-fucking-believable case load. Buy real viagra online So while you wait for Game 1 some great links to peruse:

Buy real viagra online Ed Ryan at Mets Fever feels the time is right to bring back Bobby Parnell and his high heat to bolster the bullpen. Buy real viagra online I agree as it my be time to send Ryota Igarhashi down and when John Maine comes back, buy real viagra online stick him in the pen as well. Buy real viagra online To make room for Maine, buy real viagra online the Mets can put Fernando Nieve on the DL saying he is suffering from exhaustion. Buy real viagra online No one will dispute that.

Buy real viagra online Nice gesture by the Mets to draft John Franco’s son JJ in the first year draft even though he is headed off to Brown University. Buy real viagra online I watched JJ play at Staten Island Little League when I was managing a team and John would come to the complex whenever the Mets were off and his son played. Buy real viagra online Another young man from Staten Island Little League, buy real viagra online Bobby Lanigan has been very impressive pitching for the Ft. Buy real viagra online Myers Miracle of the FSL.

Buy real viagra online Ike Davis is a rare species of Met 

Buy real viagra online When David Wright can slap Big Pelf in the mush with his batting gloves and live to tell about it, buy real viagra online then you know all is right in Metsland.

Buy real viagra online I swear the guys over at Amazin’ Avenue get up with the roosters (or they just stay up all night) and I for one am glad they do as their Daily Mets Farm Report is a must read for me every morning.

Buy real viagra online Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for ending their 49 year drought by winning the Stanley Cup last night on one of the strangest goals in hockey history. Buy real viagra online Patrick Kane scored in OT but it wasn’t until the video review verified it. Buy real viagra online Kane and his teammates were celebrating but the Flyers and their fans just stood around like “now what” even the great Doc Emrick was a bit flustered. Buy real viagra online Anyway it’s nice to see an Original Six team win the cup. 

Buy real viagra online Memo to David Stern: Your thieving bastard refs are ruining the NBA Finals. Buy real viagra online When they are not gambling and throwing games or trading first class airline tickets for coach seats and pocketing the difference, buy real viagra online they all but destroy the flow of the game and are so inconsistent with their calls that I don’t know what is and isn’t a foul anymore. Buy real viagra online And to you Mike Breen, buy real viagra online your lucky I’m not working with you as I’d have punched you in the head by now you referee toady suck up.

Buy real viagra online Here’s your lineup for game 1:

Buy real viagra online             Reyes SS

Buy real viagra online •           Pagan CF

Buy real viagra online •           Bay LF

Buy real viagra online •           Davis 1B

Buy real viagra online •           Wright 3B

Buy real viagra online •           Francoeur RF

Buy real viagra online •           Cora 2B

Buy real viagra online •           Blanco C

Buy real viagra online •           Santana P

Buy real viagra online Will there be a Jesus sighting in game 2 ? How about the Animal?

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Usa cialis Less than three weeks to go before opening day and we can only hope the baseball gods gives weather like today. Usa cialis How does 70 degrees sound ? So today seemed like a good day to take a look at what the 25 man roster for the Mets could look like on April 5th.

Usa cialis 1st base

Usa cialis Daniel Murphy is making Omar’ job very difficult by having a lousy spring, usa cialis while Ike Davis has done everything short of healing Jose Reyes and Carlos Beltran of their woes. Usa cialis With both those bats out of the lineup to start the year, usa cialis it will be very interesting to see if the club is bold enough to give Davis the opening day start.  If Davis does make the big club does Murphy stay as a lefty bat off the bench over Mike Jacobs?

Usa cialis 2nd base

Usa cialis For all the shit I give Luis Castillo he is producing offensively, usa cialis Alex Cora will be his understudy

Usa cialis 3rd base

Usa cialis D-Wright. Usa cialis ‘Nuff said

Usa cialis Shortstop

Usa cialis Just give the damn job to Ruben Tejada already. Usa cialis Let him play as much as possible at the position to be ready for opening day. Usa cialis Alex Cora is what he is a backup. Usa cialis Between Tejada and Castillo, usa cialis Cora will get enough playing time to be effective.

Usa cialis Catcher

Usa cialis Barajas/Blanco.

Usa cialis LF

Usa cialis Jason Bay

Usa cialis CF

Usa cialis Here is where it get interesting again. Usa cialis As great as Fernando Martinez has played this spring and by the way, usa cialis if there is any positives coming out of St. Usa cialis Lonesome it’s we have discovers life on the farm. Usa cialis The death of the Mets minor league system has been greatly exaggerated. Usa cialis Maybe this is F-Marts coming out party but with his history of injury as much as the Mets would love to give him the CF job until Carlos B comes back, usa cialis it may be better for him to go to Buffalo and get 400 AB’s. Usa cialis It’s also easier to send Martinez down as both Angel Pagan and Gary Mathews Jr are producing this spring. 

Usa cialis RF

Usa cialis For all the positive influence stories about Frenchie so far this spring has anyone noticed he’s been awful at the plate? Good thing he has endeared himself with Wright and HOJO otherwise the discussion would be keeping F-Mart over Frenchie in right.

Usa cialis Tomorrow I’ll look at the pitching and bench. Usa cialis Busy day today.

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Viagra history

Viagra history Daniel Shoptaw, viagra history the Prime Minister of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and the operator of the Cardinals blog C70 At The Bat, viagra history does a series on his site, viagra history Playing Pepper where he interviews bloggers from other teams sites to get the lowdown on their season. Viagra history Now up on C70 At The Bat are the New York Mets and yours truly is a contributor.

Viagra history Where did this Albert Puljos trade to the Phillies for Ryan Howard come from? Ruben Armaro is calling bullshit and I’m sure Cards GM John Mozeliak said the same thing because it really makes no sense. Viagra history But I did learn something from this rumor, viagra history if you really need page views just pull something ridiculous out of your ass like Buster Olney did by reporting this.

Viagra history First camp cuts are out and Josh Thole will be sent to minor league camp. Viagra history No surprise there.

Viagra history Okay Rielle Hunter thanks for the dirt now go away and take your pictures with you, viagra history you’re extremely unattractive.

Viagra history I see the point that Alex Cora is a smart player and is looked up to in the Mets clubhouse and I appreciate that but as long as he plays no more than two games a week, viagra history his short comings will come through. Viagra history Just let Ruben Tejda play everyday until Jose Reyes comes back.

Viagra history Maybe Fernando Martinez has turned the corner from prospect/suspect to solid major leaguer but he hasn’t played or stayed healthy enough to be the everyday CF’er until Carlos Beltran comes back. Viagra history I could be persuaded though is Angle Pagan continues with his brain farts on the field.

Viagra history The voting for the Baseball Hall of Fame has nothing on the shit heads who vote for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Here are some of the names who are NOT in the Rock and Roll HOF:

Viagra history Joe Cocker (did they send him a Letter?)

Viagra history Alice Cooper (unconscionable)

Viagra history Deep Purple (ever hear of Richie Blackmore ? )

Viagra history Joan Jett and the Blackhearts (I nearly cried over this one come here Joanie I’ll give ya a hug)

Viagra history King Crimson (Robert Fripp? Adrian Belew? Hello?)

Viagra history Mott The Hoople (something against Young Dudes ?)

Viagra history Motorhead (It’s Lemmy for God sake)

Viagra history New York Dolls (THIS IS A NATIONAL FUCKING DISGRACE!!!!)

Viagra history Warren Zevon (no wonder the HOF is Cleveland bunch of losers!!!)

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Can i get viagra in mexico

Can i get viagra in mexico It looks like the Mets front office feels the bullpen situation is bit dicey, can i get viagra in mexico with Kelvin Escobar hurting and the lack of a second lefty to take the pressure of Perpetual Pedro, can i get viagra in mexico they have signed RHP Kiko Calero and are courting LHP Joe Biemel.

Can i get viagra in mexico Calero has a history of arm/shoulder injury but his biggest asset is he works cheap, can i get viagra in mexico a minor league deal that turns into a major league deal for $850K When Calero is on he is quite effective with his slider and he also a fly ball pitcher who could thrive at $iti Field National Park . Can i get viagra in mexico Biemel is doing a song and dance about how much he wants, can i get viagra in mexico I guess he hasn’t figured out that the Mets have started throwing nickels around like they are manhole covers, can i get viagra in mexico but the Mets have the calendar on their side as they saw with Calero who wasn’t happy to be out of work so long but took what he could get.  

Can i get viagra in mexico We all love Ike Davis and we all hope he becomes the 30+ HR 100+ RBI guy we have been dreaming of and his Granny yesterday in St. Can i get viagra in mexico Lonesome was baseball Viagra no doubt about it but let’s not get premature about pushing him North as the every day first baseman for opening day. Can i get viagra in mexico Let’s have Ike get about 100 or so AB’s as a Bison and if he’s producing, can i get viagra in mexico by all means bring him up. Can i get viagra in mexico Between Davis, can i get viagra in mexico Jenry Mejias, can i get viagra in mexico Fernando Martinez and Josh Thole its clear the Mets fan wants a homegrown star to root for maybe this one time the bad fortune of the organization turns and these four kids turn out to be the real deal.

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Getting viagra   13 days until pitchers and catchers

Getting viagra Last night’s hour long PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL show, getting viagra went by in a flash thanks our own Yankee-Doodle, getting viagra Michael calling in and Matt Silverman coming on to talk about the ’69 Mets. Getting viagra Some of the topics I wanted to get to in the opening of the show got pushed back as I went on a bit of a Fernando Martinez rant, getting viagra so I guess I’ll touch on those here.

Getting viagra By the way I got to see F-Mart’s AB last night with the bases loaded and two out in the Dominican Republic v. Getting viagra Venezuela Caribbean World Series game. Getting viagra Martinez did not get a hit in the AB but it was an impressive turn at the plate that lasted 10 pitches until he hit a foul pop that was caught by the Venezuelan right fielder.

Getting viagra I’m not anti-Fernando in any way; I just want the kid to stop acing like he’s a 27 year old journeyman who has never gotten a chance and be the 20 year old who plays so well this spring that he beats out Angel Pagan to be Carlos Beltran’s understudy.

Getting viagra Looks like me and Orlando Hudson have something in common; we both will never play second base for the Mets. So after all the debate about second base for the Mets what’s done is done, getting viagra Luis Castillo is the Mets second baseman for better or worse till death due us part (or until Reese Havens can prove he can play at the big league level) for 2010.

Getting viagra What is the under/over on how many times Gary Cohen or Howie Rose say “Just out of the reach of Castillo, getting viagra for a base hit” this season? Let’s set the number at 75.

Getting viagra The last place in the world I thought I’d ever see the name Municipal Credit Union would be on a ball park marquee.  I wonder if those of us with accounts at MCU will get a discount on Cyclones tickets.

Getting viagra I’m very happy for Nelly Figs and his great performance the other day for DR in the Caribbean Series but it wasn’t like he was pitching against the Phillies or Highlanders, getting viagra it was against Mexico and 45 year old  270 lb Vinny Castila, getting viagra The Big Fajita!

Getting viagra Maybe things are not as bleak for the Mets as we think. Getting viagra FOX has the Amazin’s scheduled for broadcast 8 times this coming season and one of the games is a prime timer versus the Bronx Bastards.

Getting viagra Maple Street Press is coming out with it’s Mets Annual in a few weeks and there will be a section on the Mets Blogosphere, getting viagra that will include yours truly.

Getting viagra Matt Silverman is putting out a revised paperback version of his book “100 Things Mets Fans Should Know and Do Before They Die” 

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Lowest cost generic viagra Every story you read about Fernando Martinez focuses on his potential. Lowest cost generic viagra Since he signed with the Mets at the age of 16, lowest cost generic viagra we heard about the great potential that this young man has. Lowest cost generic viagra He has the potential to hit for power, lowest cost generic viagra run like the wind, lowest cost generic viagra hit for average, lowest cost generic viagra tons and tons of potential. Lowest cost generic viagra Well you know what potential means? It means you haven’t done a damn thing yet. Lowest cost generic viagra You could do some great things or you may be another in a long  line of Mets prospects on the junk heap.

Lowest cost generic viagra Ina story on, lowest cost generic viagra Jesse Sanchez talks to F-Mart about his play so far the winter, lowest cost generic viagra where he is currently playing for the Dominican Republic rep Escogido where after  a slow start, lowest cost generic viagra Martinez has played well. Lowest cost generic viagra  I thought that this quote though was a little too cocky for a guy who still has a lot to prove:

Lowest cost generic viagra “I know I’m a big league player, lowest cost generic viagra and I can perform at a high level, lowest cost generic viagra” Martinez said. Lowest cost generic viagra “It’s in my hands, lowest cost generic viagra so I have to keep working hard and maybe earn a spot. Lowest cost generic viagra Maybe I make it to the big leagues with the Mets or maybe another team, lowest cost generic viagra but I know I can do it. Lowest cost generic viagra I just have to keep working and waiting for my opportunity.”

Lowest cost generic viagra I want to like this kid and I would love to see him finally live up to the hype and come back to the Mets and make a big contribution to the team’s future. Lowest cost generic viagra But the bottom line is, lowest cost generic viagra this season is make or break for him, lowest cost generic viagra a young man of 20 years old just cannot keep breaking down the way he does. Lowest cost generic viagra At first I thought that he was so young and the strain on his body of playing professional baseball and the natural progression of his physical growth were colliding and causing his injuries but I am starting to think it may be more a lack of dedication to the craft that has caused him not to be a hard worker or take the time to train and be physically fit.

Lowest cost generic viagra Martinez claims he is a big leaguer and he knows he needs to work hard to get back to major leagues but as we’ve seen with the four years he has been in the organization, lowest cost generic viagra talk is cheap.

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Super viagra  

Super viagra

Super viagra  

Super viagra Before I get on with this quick post on the Christmas Eve let me first wish one and all a happy and healthy Christmas. Super viagra This will be it around here for today and tomorrow but before we break for Christmas a few quickies:

Super viagra  

Super viagra Please Theo Epstein do us Mets fans a favor and sign Jason Bay. Super viagra Theo, super viagra you are a bright young GM and you played this perfectly as the only suitor for Bay is this broken down NL team with no direction home. Super viagra Bravo Theo, super viagra bravo.  

Super viagra  

Super viagra Fernando Martinez can you be a has been even though you’ve never been? I wish MLB Network would do a show like E Entertainment does on Hollywood stars who fall to shit about ball players or future phenoms who never make it as F- Mart’s story would be epic. Super viagra Who knows, super viagra now that Martinez has fallen off the major league wagon he can go back to being a minor leaguer learning to play baseball.

Super viagra  

Super viagra Couples split all the time but I was so sorry to hear about Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins breaking up. Now Sarandon is a great actress and I can’t pass by a display of lemons at the supermarket without think of her in the film Atlantic City but it’s Robbins, super viagra who is more than just a great actor, super viagra he is a great sports fan that made pause to feel upset of this breakup. Super viagra I have met Tim Robbins twice in my life both at sporting events. Super viagra Once at Shea as he is a big Mets fan and another time at Madison Square Garden as he is also a huge Rangers fan and a hockey player. Super viagra I never knew how tall Robbins was until I met him in person, super viagra I’m 6ft and he is about a head taller than me. Super viagra When I saw him at MSG, super viagra he was hanging out near the ice watching warm-ups like us other Rangers fans and when I recognized him I said that I had met him at Shea and in fact it was after the 2007 season or as we call it the Great Collapse of ’07, super viagra and we commiserated while watching the Blueshirts skate in warm ups He could not have been more gracious and being that we are the same age we not shared love of Mets and Rangers but rock music as well. Super viagra I hope to run into again sometime this winter at MSG or at $iti Field in the spring.

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Super viagra Speaking of MSG, super viagra I can not believe it’s been 30 years since the Boston Bruins-Mike Milburry, super viagra Peter McNab, super viagra Terry O’Reily-stormed the stands at the Garden, super viagra right in front of me. Super viagra My friends and I had season tickets in Blue Seats and when there were two minutes left in every home game we used to “make the move” downstairs to watch the end of the game, super viagra hear the 3 stars of the game and then head into the Manhattan night. Super viagra There was tension in the building most of the night as there were with most Ranger-Bruin games. Super viagra But when Milburry hopped over the glass followed by his teammates all hell broke lose. Super viagra The funniest part of that night was when I got home and my mom and dad sitting in the living room by the phone. Super viagra They were watching the 11 O’clock news and saw the riot, super viagra they both swore my friends and I were involved. Super viagra Ah, super viagra good times.

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