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Viagra for sale Day/Nighter today and I was sooooo ready to cut work and head to Flushing to watch Santana do his magic, viagra for sale but my desk is piled as high with cases as thick as Fernando Martinez’ medical folder, viagra for sale  So I’ll pass on going to the game to spend the afternoon with Howie, viagra for sale Wayne and my un-fucking-believable case load. Viagra for sale So while you wait for Game 1 some great links to peruse:

Viagra for sale Ed Ryan at Mets Fever feels the time is right to bring back Bobby Parnell and his high heat to bolster the bullpen. Viagra for sale I agree as it my be time to send Ryota Igarhashi down and when John Maine comes back, viagra for sale stick him in the pen as well. Viagra for sale To make room for Maine, viagra for sale the Mets can put Fernando Nieve on the DL saying he is suffering from exhaustion. Viagra for sale No one will dispute that.

Viagra for sale Nice gesture by the Mets to draft John Franco’s son JJ in the first year draft even though he is headed off to Brown University. Viagra for sale I watched JJ play at Staten Island Little League when I was managing a team and John would come to the complex whenever the Mets were off and his son played. Viagra for sale Another young man from Staten Island Little League, viagra for sale Bobby Lanigan has been very impressive pitching for the Ft. Viagra for sale Myers Miracle of the FSL.

Viagra for sale Ike Davis is a rare species of Met 

Viagra for sale When David Wright can slap Big Pelf in the mush with his batting gloves and live to tell about it, viagra for sale then you know all is right in Metsland.

Viagra for sale I swear the guys over at Amazin’ Avenue get up with the roosters (or they just stay up all night) and I for one am glad they do as their Daily Mets Farm Report is a must read for me every morning.

Viagra for sale Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for ending their 49 year drought by winning the Stanley Cup last night on one of the strangest goals in hockey history. Viagra for sale Patrick Kane scored in OT but it wasn’t until the video review verified it. Viagra for sale Kane and his teammates were celebrating but the Flyers and their fans just stood around like “now what” even the great Doc Emrick was a bit flustered. Viagra for sale Anyway it’s nice to see an Original Six team win the cup. 

Viagra for sale Memo to David Stern: Your thieving bastard refs are ruining the NBA Finals. Viagra for sale When they are not gambling and throwing games or trading first class airline tickets for coach seats and pocketing the difference, viagra for sale they all but destroy the flow of the game and are so inconsistent with their calls that I don’t know what is and isn’t a foul anymore. Viagra for sale And to you Mike Breen, viagra for sale your lucky I’m not working with you as I’d have punched you in the head by now you referee toady suck up.

Viagra for sale Here’s your lineup for game 1:

Viagra for sale             Reyes SS

Viagra for sale •           Pagan CF

Viagra for sale •           Bay LF

Viagra for sale •           Davis 1B

Viagra for sale •           Wright 3B

Viagra for sale •           Francoeur RF

Viagra for sale •           Cora 2B

Viagra for sale •           Blanco C

Viagra for sale •           Santana P

Viagra for sale Will there be a Jesus sighting in game 2 ? How about the Animal?

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Viagra on line order While the baseball world was drooling over the debut of Stephen Strasburg, viagra on line order and let me say, viagra on line order all joking aside Strasburg’ pitching was mesmerizing, viagra on line order but there was another story of strapping young men playing ball in Flushing. Viagra on line order First Mike Pelfrey continues his coming out season and THANK YOU, viagra on line order THANK YOU to whoever pursued Jerry Manuel to allow Big Pelf to go out for the 9th inning. Viagra on line order The site of Fernando Nieve in that situation would have brought me to tears, viagra on line order and then we had the walk off bomb by Ike Davis, viagra on line order who launched the ball into the far reaches of the Pepsi Porch, viagra on line order the spot we’ve been told no Mets player could ever hit a ball, viagra on line order to win a game that had 1969 written all over it. Viagra on line order That was the type of game the Miracle Mets of that year used to win and around this time during that season, viagra on line order Mets fans felt there was something happing here, viagra on line order what it is ain’t exactly clear, viagra on line order and that’s how I feel about this vintage of Mets, viagra on line order if they can ever figure how to succeed away from Queens, viagra on line order well this summer could be pre-ty, viagra on line order pre-ty, viagra on line order pre-ty special around here.

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Buy cialis without prescription Here we go again. Buy cialis without prescription Just when it looked like the season was slipping away the message out of $iti Field is “not so fast my pessimistic Mets fan” this could be the start of an exciting summer.

Buy cialis without prescription I want to dance up and down and shoot middle fingers at the rest of the NL but I can’t because this team still has needs and I’m not confident that ownership will provide it.

Buy cialis without prescription It’s safe to assume that Jeffey Skill Sets is calling all the shots around here that Omar Minaya not only is under a gag order when it comes to speaking in public but his ability to make baseball moves has been clamped down as well. Buy cialis without prescription In a way Omar and Oliver Perez have a lot in common both have been rendered insignificant.

Buy cialis without prescription Don’t get me wrong, buy cialis without prescription I’m enjoying this recent run of winning and solid baseball being played by the Mets but as Bobby Valentine says “you’re only as good as your next day starting pitcher” so today we’re in good shape with Big Pelf and tomorrow Johan Santana against the Brewski’s looks great as well, buy cialis without prescription but when does the clock strike twelve on R.A. Buy cialis without prescription Dickey and the mystery fifth starter (playing the role of Jon Niese this weekend will be Fernando Nieve)?

Buy cialis without prescription At this point as much as I feel, buy cialis without prescription along with what looks like the majority of Mets fans, buy cialis without prescription that Jenry Mejia should have been working on his starting pitcher apprenticeship in the minors, buy cialis without prescription at this point now let him stay with the big club as a reliever. Buy cialis without prescription Mejia seems to be settling in role of late inning man and the rest of the pen has been solid now that Igarashi is back so adding a solid starting pitcher should be paramount to management to go out and get.

Buy cialis without prescription So who is out there? As much as Roy Oswalt would be a huge acquisition between the money and cost in personnel and trying to get a deal done with Drayton McClain is almost impossible, buy cialis without prescription I doubt that Oswalt will be Queens bound. Buy cialis without prescription Cliff Lee as a rental could be cost prohibitive as well. Buy cialis without prescription  If the front office could land Kevin Millwood, buy cialis without prescription Mark Buehrle, buy cialis without prescription or even Jake Westbrook it make a huge difference in solidifying the rotation and sending a message to the players and fan base that there is a real commitment to winning.

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Where to buy cialis A couple of notes from last night:

Where to buy cialis On last night’s THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN I had a great time talking to Dave Payne and Aviv Blasbalg of the website Sox vs. Where to buy cialis Stripes as we talked about the Red Sox, where to buy cialis Yankees and the AL East. Where to buy cialis  When I gave their site a plug of the broadcast, where to buy cialis I gave out the wrong web address and for that I apologize to Dave and Aviv for that. Where to buy cialis Check out Sox vs Stripes for your Yankees and Red Sox information.

Where to buy cialis All of baseball is sadden by the death of Ernie Harwell. Where to buy cialis A must read today is Joe Posnanski’s reminisces of Harwell, where to buy cialis and this video of Vin Scully talking about Harwell during the Dodgers-Brewers game last night. Where to buy cialis Scully tells a great story about Ernie and does not miss a beat of the play by play.

Where to buy cialis I’m sure Fernando Nieve can file an unfair labor grievance against Jerry Manuel, where to buy cialis give the guy a day off J-Man.

Where to buy cialis At what point do Phillies fans stop embarrassing themselves?  For me, where to buy cialis I hope never. Where to buy cialis I can’t believe there are people who feel that Philly cop was WRONG to Tased that little jerk off who ran on the field the other night. That video was priceless. Where to buy cialis Just to watch that little shit head, where to buy cialis prancing around the field with his  “LOOK AT ME, where to buy cialis  “LOOK AT ME” attitude and when he wouldn’t stop, where to buy cialis the cop zapped him and he goes down like the sack of shit he is was outstanding. Where to buy cialis By the way the reason the guy last night wasn’t Tased is that whales are protected spices and by the way you fat fuck, where to buy cialis Uncle Floyd called and he wants his pants back.

Where to buy cialis Game time see ya later!

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Cialis brand I wonder who Mother Nature was more sick of, cialis brand home plate umpire Mike Esterbrook or the inane droning of Joe Morgan but whoever it was, cialis brand Mets fans thank her for the heavy rain that ended last nights Mets game and Big Plef’ heavy lifting pitching performance with a rain shortened win over the struggling Braves. Cialis brand For the Mets it’s about time they got a positive break and lost in this awful game was the fact the Mets swept the Braves, cialis brand which should be big time news around these parts.

Cialis brand Pelfrey was not as bad as his line indicates; he was mostly the victim of Esterbrook’s tight as a fly’s asshole strike zone. Cialis brand If the game was on SNY instead of the steady in decline WWL (ESPN’s 2010 NFL Draft wasn’t even public access quality) we would have gotten the overhead view of home plate to see just where Pelf was missing. Cialis brand On the ESPN telecast it looked to me he was hitting the corners consistently. Cialis brand  

Cialis brand Of his 106 pitches, cialis brand Pelf threw 61 of them in the first two innings, cialis brand from the third to fifth it took him only 45 pitches to get through those frames. Cialis brand The ability to locate his fastball low in the strike zone and mix in the slider as well has been key for Pelf in getting ground ball out after ground ball out.

Cialis brand I haven’t verified this yet, cialis brand but the rumor is when the game was called last night, cialis brand Jerry Manuel sent Fernando Nieve to the bullpen to throw a simulated game. Cialis brand J-Man said he wanted to keep Nieve “sharp”.

Cialis brand A tip of the solid blue Mets cap to Caryn Rose (a/k/a Metsgrrl) for not only going to the game last night but for letting us know though her Tweets on Twitter, cialis brand that the game was well attended even though on TV it looked like there was a major evacuation in Flushing. Cialis brand Seems now that we have a new fancy pants ball park, cialis brand there are plenty of places to get high and stay dry. Cialis brand Whereas Shea, cialis brand during a game in the rain your choice was get wet sitting in your seat or get wet standing in the concourse. I give anyone who went to the game last night a ton of credit as it was so cold and misserable last night in NYC, cialis brand that I broke down and put the heat back on last night.  

Cialis brand The Hollywood Bums come to town starting tonight and the very hittable Hiroki Kuroda will start the first game of the series tonight against Ollie Perez. Cialis brand This game has the potential for both teams to hit double digits.  The Dodgers are statistically the best team in the NL but fall to the bottom in just about every pitching category in the league. Cialis brand The Mets have smacked around Kuroda every time they’ve faced him (0-2 one no-decision 10.1IP 23H 10.45 ERA) Ollie Perez has been OK Ollie so far this season but lets hope the outstanding pitching the starters have shown this past week or so rubs off on OP.

Cialis brand I hope you can join me tomorrow night at 10PM ET for THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN on BLOG TALK RADIO. Cialis brand My guest will be Steve Slowinski of the DRAYSBAY site as we talk about the Tampa Bay Rays and their surge to the top on the AL East. Cialis brand I’ll have a recap of the Mets-Dodgers game as well and a look ahead to what is now a big weekend series with the Phillies. Cialis brand If you can’t join me live you can hear a replay of the show right here at Kranepool Society or at my show page on BLOG TALK RADIO.   

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Viagra gel I hope Frankie Rodriguez can pick up a fork and knife this morning to eat his breakfast, viagra gel I mean the guy had to come in to pitch in the 8th inning last night instead of his customary 9th inning to get a (GASP!!!!) 5 out save!!!!!! Rodriguez had to throw 25 pitches to complete this unbelievable test of endurance and I’m hopping the 6ft 200lbd K-Rod is not just totally exhausted from that heavy duty work load.

Viagra gel All sarcasm aside here, viagra gel when did baseball lose its way when it comes to pitching? Sure we could throw this all on The Genius as he reinvented bullpen use with the A’s and Denis Eckersley in the late 80’s but why did the rest of the sport follow suit and turn TLR into the baseball version of L. Viagra gel Ron Hubbard? Why hasn’t any organization stepped  up and denounced LaRussa-ology ? I know Nolan Ryan has as he is going about changing the mind set of the Texas Rangers organization into developing starting pitchers to go deep into there starts, viagra gel but why are other organization so scared to follow The Express’ as an example?

Viagra gel As far as I know, viagra gel TLR was a marginal journeyman player and as much as I can’t stand his hide behind his Foster Grants ass, viagra gel he knows baseball. Viagra gel Just ask him he’ll tell you but when it comes to pitching if it comes down to TLR or even his top disciple Dave Duncan, viagra gel or Nolan Ryan, viagra gel I’m going with the Hall of Famer fireballer.

Viagra gel Watching Jerry Manuel work this bullpen drives me up a fucking wall. Viagra gel Fernando Nieve pitches in every game, viagra gel as does Vitamin Pedro. Viagra gel Jenry Mejia, viagra gel the kid who Manuel told management he needed desperately is being totally misused. Viagra gel Now that Ryota Igarhasi is on the DL look for Ruben Valdes to become an everyday pitcher.

Viagra gel Manuel manages his pen like he still in the American League, viagra gel it’s excruciating to watch. Viagra gel But back to my original question, viagra gel why does it have to be this way?

Viagra gel Yesterday I wrote about the 40th anniversary of Tom Seaver’ 19 K game against the SD Padres. Viagra gel That year the 25 year old Seaver threw a baseball in 290 innings. Viagra gel That’s almost two seasons worth of innings in today’s game. Viagra gel Seaver threw for the fourth most innings that season in the NL as Bob Gibson was third with 294 IP, viagra gel Fergie Jenkins was second with 313 and Gaylord Perry led the league with 328.2 IP.

Viagra gel In 2009 Justin Verlander led MLB pitchers in innings pitched with 240. Viagra gel In 1970 that would have ranked him 29th overall (Dick Drago of the Royals threw 240 IP in 1970) Bronson Arroyo was10th overall in IP last year with 220.1 IP. Viagra gel In 1970 Rick Wise of the Phillies threw for 220.1 IP good for 40th overall.

Viagra gel One would think with the advancements today in the physical training and with all the computer and video that teams have they could come up with some kind of pitching program that would get more length and production out of starting pitchers. Viagra gel Instead of paying tens of millions of dollars to a guy to come in and work one inning and throw 15-20 pitches wouldn’t it make sense to spend those millions on cultivating an organizational pitching program to train pitchers go deeper into games they’ve started ? Call it Reverse-LaRussa-ology.

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Cheap viagra online   21 days until pitchers and catchers

Cheap viagra online It looks like Fernando Tatis is retuning for a third season with the Mets. Cheap viagra online Please hold your applause until the end, cheap viagra online thank you. Cheap viagra online If you look at the offensive numbers on Tatis’ Baseball-Reference page you might be inclined to say this is a good deal for the Mets.  I’ll go as far as say I’m happier with Tatis coming back just for the fact that it means that Carlos Delgado’ career as a Met is done.  Last night on Twitter I was angry about the Tatis return but by this morning I’m more, cheap viagra online “eh, cheap viagra online whatever”. Cheap viagra online I’m tired of ranting about the off season and the mish-mosh ways of the organization, cheap viagra online that has both the fan base and media baffled, cheap viagra online I guess it’s time we just let it play out, cheap viagra online we’ll have all summer to scream and yell.   

Cheap viagra online Look at this from John Smoltz point of view, cheap viagra online what was good for Pedro Martinez could be good for him as well. Cheap viagra online Why sign with a team this early when you can workout on your own, cheap viagra online play golf, cheap viagra online even do some TV if you like and then wait to see the pitching landscape during the season and make the best deal you can.

Cheap viagra online As much as I can’t stand the way ownership and the front office fuck up and the on field personnel play like amateurs, cheap viagra online there is no way I could ever, cheap viagra online ever root against the Mets. Cheap viagra online I don’t care if a loss meant that the Jeffey, cheap viagra online Omar, cheap viagra online and J-Man all get the boot, cheap viagra online I would never and have never rooted against the Mets. Cheap viagra online If I didn’t root for the Cincinnati Reds when Tom Seaver was traded and pitched against the Mets, cheap viagra online I’m sure as hell not going to root against them now. Cheap viagra online Root against the Mets? Never in a million fucking years !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheap viagra online I don’t understand J-Man saying that Fernando Nieve is the front runner for the 5th spot in the pitching rotation? Not to get to worked up over the 5th spot (when spots 2-4 are not exactly the Rocks of Gibraltar) but where does Jon Niese or Nelly Figs fit with this team? How about Bradley Holt or Dillon Gee? Why is J-Man so against competition? Why am I full of questions?

Cheap viagra online No matter what happens this season, cheap viagra online I’m rooting hard for my boy Daniel Murphy to put up big time numbers. Cheap viagra online No one on this team works as hard as Murphy and I just hope his hard work pays off and he just hangs in there until Wally Backman gets the job with the big club. Cheap viagra online Am I a Daniel Murphy fanboy? Yes. Cheap viagra online He is everything we Mets fans want in a player. Cheap viagra online Shows up for mini-camp when he’s not required to (Jose? Jose Reyes? Are you here? Come out, cheap viagra online come out , cheap viagra onlinewherever you are!) will be the first guy at St Lonesome waiting for the gates to open for spring training (it will be neck and neck with him and D-Wright) and is working hard to improve at the fourth positions the Mets have assigned him to. Cheap viagra online How can you as a Mets fan not root for this kid?    

Cheap viagra online No Pro Baseball Central tonight but I will be on the with Kenrick Thomas and his Real Sports Talk Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio tonight at 10PM ET.

Cheap viagra online There is a group NYRNation that is planning a FIRE GLEN SATHER rally outside of Madison Square Garden on Sunday March 7th  at 5PM before the Rangers-Sabres game. Cheap viagra online It is getting very ugly at MSG as the Rangers find themselves in the middle of 10 teams look at the 7 and 8 spot in the NHL playoffs. Cheap viagra online In fact the Rangers are a mirror of the Mets. Cheap viagra online Underachivers, cheap viagra online Bad Management, cheap viagra online Clueless Owner!

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Buy cialis online uk Nice bounce bacDDk by the Mets with Fernando Nieve throwing another gem. Buy cialis online uk I would have liked to see him come out for the 7th inning last night but apparently he was suffering form a stomach aliment that had him tossing his cookie or soup in this instance.

Buy cialis online uk If I’m Ed Wade I’d make my self scares over at Minute Maid Park. Buy cialis online uk How could let this guy Nieve get away for nothing? 

Buy cialis online uk I think  Bobby Parnell could use a day or two off. Buy cialis online uk Maybe join A-Rod in South Beach for some R & R

Buy cialis online uk Brian Schneider had a big 3 run HR last night good for him but he stinks behind the plate More Santos please!!!

Buy cialis online uk Keith Hernandez was talking about Daniel Murphy’s foot work at 1st base as he looked a little awkward on a 4-3 ground ball. Buy cialis online uk Has anyone in the Mets front office asked Mex to work with Danny Boy before a game? I’m sure Keith could take time out from trimming his ‘stache to help the kid out?

Buy cialis online uk We have a 12PM game and it is getting darker and darker my the minute and if we don’t get this one in today that will make 6 rain outs and looking at radar it doesn’ t look good. <sigh!>

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Lot’s of Mets news today and I have to peruse my brackets. Ladies viagra I miss the days of the great NCAA Tournament contest at Jody’s on Forest Ave in Staten Island. Jody ran a pool where you played a ticket for 10 bucks and you had to pick the Final 4, ladies viagra the Championship game. Ladies viagra The tie breaker was the total combined score of the championship game. Ladies viagra The pool started out as something for the barflies to do while wiling away their time at the bar and through word of mouth on the Island kept growing and growing. Ladies viagra Friends and relatives started sending in picks and before you knew it there were over 100, ladies viagra 000 entries and the cash prize went over $1mil bucks. Ladies viagra


But of course some dumb fuck who one a boat load of dough reported this on his Income Tax which got the attention of the IRS and due to the hot spot light on the US Government the pool is no more. Ladies viagra Sad so so sad.


Who’s better than Toby Hyde when in comes to knowing the baseball farm hands? No one. Here is his write up on newest Mets chucker, ladies viagra Fernando Nieve.


Nick Evans has been an after thoughT all off season and early spring as the right handed bat the Mets need off the bench but with a very productive spring due to increased playing time with the Wright, ladies viagra Delgado and Tatis off playing in the Patriot Games, ladies viagra Warlord Jerry is starting to think that Evans will head to Cincinnati with the team come April 6. Ladies viagra I still feel the same about Evans as did the first time I saw him play, ladies viagra he looks and plays like Dave Magadan clone


On this date in 1961 the State of NY voted to approve a bond issue to develop a parcel of land that was used for the 1939 Worlds Fair in Flushing Meadow for the construction of a new multi sports stadium. Ladies viagra That stadium would become <bows head> Shea Stadium


Speaking of ball parks, ladies viagra Paul Goldberger has a piece in the March 23rd issues of New Yorker magazine looking at $iti Field and that ornate piece of shit they are building in the Bronx. 


I’m close to the point where I’m ready to demand the Mets give Jon Niese the 5th spot in the rotation and tell everyone else to go the fuck home. Ladies viagra That includes Petey as well. Ladies viagra Enough already with the retreads and old men give the kid the job show him some confidence and guidance and bet the results will be better than anything Livan, ladies viagra Freddie, ladies viagra or Rotund Redding will give you.



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Buy cheap viagra online uk  

Buy cheap viagra online uk Busy day as I drafted my 13 year old Babe Ruth team this morning and I’m very happy that I got to pick my top three prospects and now I’m dealing with a nasty head cold that’s sucking the energy out me. Buy cheap viagra online uk I was going to stay away from the computer but after a looking at few stories a few items caught my eye:

Buy cheap viagra online uk John Maine had a very shaky first inning but then settled in to pitch three very strong ones (0 BB 5K) and it looks like it’s not a matter of Bobby Parnell making th team as a reliever but he figures to a major player in the back end of the pen so says Warlord Jerry

Buy cheap viagra online uk Jeopardy Contestant “I’ll take FREE FALL for 100 Alex”

Buy cheap viagra online uk Alex Trebeck: “The Stock Market, buy cheap viagra online uk Republican Party, buy cheap viagra online uk Team USA

Buy cheap viagra online uk Jeopardy Contestant: “What is American institutions that are not worth shit

Buy cheap viagra online uk Trebeck: “Correct”

Buy cheap viagra online uk I’ve got to do a little homework on RHP Fernando Nieve who was picked up by the Mets off waivers from the Astros. Buy cheap viagra online uk I know he was signed by the “Stros at 16 and is now 26 and is a year removed from Tommy John surgery. Buy cheap viagra online uk No risk- high reward pick up by the Mets at best he comes up mid season to bolster the pen worst case he’s filler for the Buffalo pen

Buy cheap viagra online uk I’m done. Buy cheap viagra online uk Time for a hit of Sudefed

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