Nothing angers me more than errors. I HATE ERRORS! When you give the opposition 4, 5, 6 outs in an inning you’re just putting the game on a platter for your opponent and saying “here, help yourself to a victory”. Nothing demoralizes a team more than errors. Pitchers lose faith in their fielders, the acid in the managers stomach boils and the players on the bench start to question “why is he out there and I’m sitting here”? The Mets are the worst fielding team in baseball and it’s a testament to the players and to Terry Collins that between that bad defense and shoddy relief pitching, that this team hangs in as it does and is still four games over .500 but if last night starts a trend that mood will change quickly.  The Mets need to give the Cubs an ass whippin’ tonight.

Jason Bay is ready to begin baseball activity, he’ll ride the stationary bike today if he survives that without a setback he should be able to go down to St. Lonesome and begin hitting and fielding. Last time Bay was on a rehab assignment, Terry Collins felt he came back to quickly as his bat was slower than usual, which for what we’ve seen so far in his Mets career means it moved at glacial speed, so I’d think his time in St. Lonesome will be weeks instead of days.

So what happens when Bay comes back? Well as we seen that past couple of weeks, a little bit of Scott Hairston is fine, a lot of Scott Hairston well, you get to see the imperfections that have makes him more valuable as a bench player than a starter.  Bay gets his left field job back but it still leaves the team woefully short of a right handed bat that has some potency. The guy I’d love to get to fill that right handed hitting void is Cody Ross, Ross would make a huge difference in the Mets line up with his power and the guy has a World Series ring so you’re adding a guy who has won which is huge in my book.

I don’t know if the Red Sox would deal Ross off but it seems with the trade of Kevin Youkilis to the White Sox, the Old Town Team is ready to rebuild so if Ross is available Sandy Alderson should jump on a chance to add him to the Mets. Here’s how much I want Ross on the Mets, I’d offer Daniel Murphy as part of the deal.

I hope Justin Hampson becomes the reliever the Mets need to hold late inning leads but I wish he was wearing a different number. You cannot give a journeyman pitcher 45 com’on Kevin Kierst find Hampson a number in the fifty-somethings will ya!

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I wanted desperately to go to bed but I was I got to involved in last night’s late night with the Used Car Salesman and now I have to scramble as if it’s  Sunday it must be High School Open House Day as I have to go with my son to two more schools on his list.  So ‘ll be brief. Very sloppy game on both sides with bad base running and errors with the Rays not living up to their rep of top fielders and strong bullpen and the Upton run scored reminded me of little league but the game was compelling and I guess MLB had no choice but to start the game at 10PM but I doubt to many people stayed up for the end unless they were coming home from a night of partying.

Saw this today that the Fish are looking to deal Kevin Gregg and though tif not a closer for the Mets a great 8th inning guy and the Mets and Fish have worked deals before so I’m sure Omar will be dialing Larry Beinfest. Or one would hope

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The Mets are rolling. Since July 1 to today the boys in Orange and Blue are 32-15 and winners of 14 of their last 18. With a 2 ½ game lead over the Phillies and a macho performance by Johan Santana last night Metsdom should be as giddy as Jeffey Skill Sets when he’s opening up the season ticket renewals. But of course there always has to be a turd in the punch bowl.

Gimp Castillo who has been a way from the team for what seems like three months has bogarted his way back into the starting lineup in what looks to be the first power struggle loss under the rule of Warlord Jerry. This is Omar Minaya pulling th “I’m the boss” card out on J-Man as Manuel knows he’ got a good thing going here and doesn’t want it disturbed. It’s not so much that Gimp is back in action, it’s more who gets the furlough to NOLA that is disturbing.

Look we can all read and the number that Gimp has over both Argenis Reyes and Damien Easley is his OBP of .365 which is superior to Reyes (.297) and Easley (.312) so if it were a question of the Mets needing an offensive shot in the arm then Gimp coming back would be greatly anticipated. But offense has not been a problem for the team since Gimp went out in fact the resurgence of Carlos Delgado and the LF platoon of the Gold Dust Twins added to the resurgence of Fernando Tatis makes the Mets offense one of the deepest and most productive in baseball. Sure the offense has helped the Mets-troliner get back on track but the biggest ingredient to the surge has been starting pitching and defense which always go hand in hand.


When you have a strong up the middle defense like the Mets have now with the Reyes-Reyes/Easley-Beltran tag team, it gives your pitching staff a little more confidence to pitch to contact because of the great faith they have in their fielders. That’s what Argenis and Easley have brought to the table that Gimp hasn’t. Gimp is shell of himself in the field and like the Visa commercial where everyone on line has a Visa check card and then one guy stops the line by writing a check that’s what Gimp will bring when he comes back. The baseball term on offense is when your down by a lot runs and you need a big inning when guys get on base you will hear from the bench”Just keep the line moving” and that’s what J-Man wants for his defense to keep the outs coming and he knows with Gimp out there that could be a problem.

But J-Man like most of us has a boss and his boss is Omar Minaya and not only is J-Man limited in his taking on the boss as he still has the”interim” tag next to his name he also has to know the burden Omar has with the albatross contract around his neck that is Gimps ridiculous deal. As bad as that signing has been for Omar and the Mets it’s unfair to kill him on it as so far Minaya has made many more positives moves than bad during his rein as Mets boss. If he could have just found a way to keep Gimp away from the team until September 1, that would have been another check maker in the positive column for him.

Meanwhile with all the bloviating I just got finished doing I will still be cheering for Gimp tonight as he is a Met and we have something very special going on here at Shea, that’s why I leave all my “hatein’” here and not at the ball park.

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