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Statistics on viagra Is this Mets team what its record says it is? Is this one of the worst teams in baseball?  The manager and the players talked up in spring that the Mets would be a team that would surprise a lot of people but I don’t think they meant it in a negative form.  I bought into it, statistics on viagra I thought this was going to be a team that the headlines would be “HOW ‘BOUT THOSE METS”? but the headlines lately have been “HOW ‘BOUT THOSE METS, statistics on viagra THEY REALLY SUCK”.

Statistics on viagra Thursday I was in Philadelphia as a chaperone for my son’s school for a trip to the Franklin Institute. Statistics on viagra It was beautiful day so for lunch we got sandwiches and sat in the park. Statistics on viagra My son of course had to bring a Mets drawstring bag and that drew attention from the Phillies fans. Statistics on viagra But the funny (or tragic really) thing was the Phillies fans felt sorry of us Mets fans. Statistics on viagra Imagine that. Statistics on viagra  One by one as we chatted with some folks the question asked over and over was “what the hell has happened to the Mets” Wow you have about 12 hours? The one thing though that each person we talked to mentioned was the Skill Sets and everyone asked the same question, statistics on viagra “when are they going to sell” A question we all have been asking.

Statistics on viagra The bullshit play on the field and the owners problems are two different items. Statistics on viagra I found that out talking to various people on Wednesday at Citi Field, statistics on viagra the players have no idea about the owners money woes and could  care less when told about it. Statistics on viagra The only way they would care is if their paychecks didn’t clear.

Statistics on viagra Terry Collins has done a nice job of keeping a stiff upper lip during this awful stretch of baseball and he’s trying to stay positive but there comes a point where he and Sandy Alderson and the baseball ops team might say this isn’t working and blow the place up. Statistics on viagra The question is when is that time?

Statistics on viagra If it comes that by the end of the month or early May and the Mets continue on this pace are 8-20 or 12-25 does the fire sale commence? It might even be earlier if the baseball ops feel a bold move must be made. Statistics on viagra It’s a lead pipe cinch that Carlos Beltran will be dealt and I wouldn’t be surprised if that happens sooner but what of Jose Reyes? That is the multi year , statistics on viagraseven figure question.

Statistics on viagra When talk of Reyes was bantered about on Wednesday between bloggers and main streamers, statistics on viagra there was no definite consensus except that there will be a massive fall out from the fan base when Reyes leaves. Statistics on viagra  To that I say, statistics on viagra so what? If Alderson can make a deal say with the Giants and can get back Madison Bumgardner and say second base prospect Charlie Culberson as the focal points of a deal that would a coup for the Mets.

Statistics on viagra This not be taken as an ant-Reyes position as I am a Reyes fan but the fact of the matter is for all the talk I’ve heard about Reyes being the catalyst of the team and as goes Reyes, statistics on viagra so goes the Mets, statistics on viagra well the team has made the post season once in Reyes nine year Mets career, statistics on viagra so maybe it’s time to bury the myth.

Statistics on viagra So what if the fan base gets piss off by dealing Reyes, statistics on viagra it’s not like anyone is flocking to Citi Field to begin with and I doubt if Alderson is looking to sign Reyes to a long term deal  so why not get it over with and make a deal using one of the few trade chips you have. Statistics on viagra It’s time to do what’s best for the Mets rather than fans.

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