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Viagra non prescription Last night watching the Celtics-Thunder game, viagra non prescription midway into the game during a break in the action, viagra non prescription the Celtics gave tribute to Thunder center Kendrick Perkins, viagra non prescription who was a major player in the C’s Championship run back in 2008. Viagra non prescription Perk wasn’t just a major part of the C’s on court rotation, viagra non prescription he was a huge fan favorite for his toughness, viagra non prescription hustle and desire and it was Perkins first game in the Garden since he was traded. Viagra non prescription Perk was clearly touched as his teammates stayed on the bench while he stood at center court thanking the Celtics and fans for a very classy tribute.

Viagra non prescription It got me to think, viagra non prescription what will the Mets do for Jose Reyes when he makes his first appearance as a former Met with the Marlins on April 24th. Viagra non prescription  They have to have some kind of Reyes career retrospective on the video board unlike the way they club never acknowledge the existence of Reyes during the video presentation at the new uniform unveilings a couple of months ago at Citi Field.

Viagra non prescription You have to figure, viagra non prescription as Reyes comes up to lead off the game, viagra non prescription there will be a raucous and long standing ovation so maybe when Reyes goes out to his shortstop position in the bottom of the first, viagra non prescription before first pitch the Mets announce for everyone to turn their attention to video board for a tribute to Reyes.

Viagra non prescription You would think it’s a no brainer that the Mets honor Reyes some way but then again these are the Mets we’re talking about.

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Pharmacie canadian viagra First thing I read this morning pissed me off to the point I had to fire off an angry Tweet to the author, pharmacie canadian viagra Rob Parker of See when you lack the creativity gene, pharmacie canadian viagra you end up writing shit like this. Pharmacie canadian viagra What the Mets have to do with the current mess on Yawkey Way is more than puzzling, pharmacie canadian viagra in fact even with all the happy horseshit going on in Flushing, pharmacie canadian viagra the Mets are in much better shape than the Old Town Team.

Pharmacie canadian viagra Speaking of that piece in the Boston Globe yesterday, pharmacie canadian viagra the worst part of the story wasn’t that the team disintegrated down the stretch to where the majority of the players flat out quit, pharmacie canadian viagra the worst part was the ownership taking personal pot shots at Terry Francona and the admitting that they had no idea how bad the situation was with the club. Pharmacie canadian viagra The attacks on Francona were as vile as could be bringing up his marital problems and use of pain killers for his destroyed knees, pharmacie canadian viagra but to bring up the fact that Francona was concerned about his son and son in law, pharmacie canadian viagra stationed in Afghanistan as a reason he wasn’t focused on his job, pharmacie canadian viagra just showed the lack of class that trio possesses.

Pharmacie canadian viagra As angry as I was this morning, pharmacie canadian viagra when I clicked on Metstradamus to check on todays, pharmacie canadian viagra Hall of Hate matchup between the #1 seed The Wilpons vs. Pharmacie canadian viagra play in winner Matt Cain, pharmacie canadian viagra I was greeted by one of the great paragraph’s I’ve seen on any Mets blog in a long, pharmacie canadian viagra long time:

Pharmacie canadian viagra Oh, pharmacie canadian viagra come on. Pharmacie canadian viagra I really gotta explain it to you? If I have to explain to you why you should hate Mets owner Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, pharmacie canadian viagra then this is obviously your first visit to any Mets blog, pharmacie canadian viagra ever. Pharmacie canadian viagra This is the Wilpons’ first appearance on the hate list vote and they debut as a one seed. Pharmacie canadian viagra Honestly, pharmacie canadian viagra the Wilpons can hang out in the clubhouse eating chicken, pharmacie canadian viagra drinking beer, pharmacie canadian viagra and playing MLB The Show on Playstation, pharmacie canadian viagra and win this vote by a hefty margin.

Pharmacie canadian viagra O-o-o-o-o MY GOD!!!!!! Fred Wilpon and his son Kim Kardashian, pharmacie canadian viagraO-o-o-o My God!!!!!! My side still hurts from that one, pharmacie canadian viagra

Pharmacie canadian viagra Great news today on Gary Carter’s health Keep Fighting Kid.

Pharmacie canadian viagra The Cleveland Indians are trying to figure out what to do with centerfielder Grady Sizemore and RHP Fausto Carmona as both have expensive option up coming. Pharmacie canadian viagra Sizemore has been racked with injuries the last three seasons and last week underwent knee surgery, pharmacie canadian viagra has a club option for $9mil that will not be picked up but the $500K buyout most likely will. Pharmacie canadian viagra I would take a flyer on Sizemore if I were the Mets and sign him to an incentive laden deal along with signing David DeJesus to patrol centerfield for the club. Pharmacie canadian viagra As for Carmona, pharmacie canadian viagra he’s a Mike Pelfrey clone so that would be a NO!

Pharmacie canadian viagra The Pirates are in the same boat with LHP Paul Maholm who the Bucs owe $9.75M but have $750K buyout. Pharmacie canadian viagra Maholm would look nice in a Mets uni but is the price prohibitive?

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Buy viagra line Obviously I’m extremely happy with the win last night especially with Livan Hernandez pitching like a prehistoric pitcher actually finishing a game, buy viagra line who does he thinks he is Roy Halliday? But we all need to remember that the opponent was one of the worst baseball teams to call it’s self a major league team since the Mets played in the Polo Grounds. Buy viagra line I really didn’t want to piss on the parade here as I really enjoyed watching Livan Hernandez pitch as he couldn’t break a pane of glass with his fastball but his breaking ball had so much movement it looked like the ball was made of J-ELLO so it was a real pleasure watching that performance but it was the Nationals.

Buy viagra line Hard to rate the first appearance of Fernando Martinez as the kid went from Buffalo to a plane trip to NYC to $iti Field in a matter of hours so you can just imagine the type of out of body experience he was going through but at least we know that he will be stationed in right field for at least the next two weeks so we can gauge him better by then.

Buy viagra line From what I ‘ve read about Wilson Valdez he is all glove no stick which is fine as the Mets need to shore up the middle of the infield and all he cost was money. Buy viagra line Being that it’s Johan against the Nationals tonight does Valdez get the start over Ramon Martinez tonight? I’d say so.

Buy viagra line I better see Daniel Murphy at first base tonight. Buy viagra line The kid can’t get out of his slump sitting on the bench.

Buy viagra line Ollie Perez did nothing in Buffalo last night that would rush his return back to Flushing. Buy viagra line The one thing in OP’s favor is that Tim Redding has been underwhelming to say the least .Interesting that the Mets have not announced the starting pitcher for Sunday game in Florida as with the day off Thursday they could skip Redding and go with Livan.

Buy viagra line Great post by Ken Davidoff on his evaluation of Omar Minaya. Buy viagra line I don’t want to say Minaya is an enigma but my mood on him changes almost weekly. Buy viagra line Omar handling the DL infuriates me. Buy viagra line Omar the talent evaluator is a plus in my book. Buy viagra line Omar the public speaker makes my ears bleed. Buy viagra line Omar the dumpster diver is without peer. Buy viagra line When it comes time to seal the big deal, buy viagra line even the most anti Omar detractors will agree he has always closed the deal which brings me back to Daniel Murphy.

Buy viagra line I really like Murphy and I want him to show what’s in that bat of his and the fact that he looks so comfortable at first base has me hoping he will break out with some big hits . Buy viagra line J-Man and Omar need to sit down and decide to either let Murphy play everyday at first for the next two three weeks and then decide if he stays at the big league level or goes to Buffalo. Buy viagra line As I say I like Murphy a lot but this is the big leagues and if it’s a question of the league having caught up to Murphy or the fact that he has been scared by playing left field then the brain trust has to make the determination if Murphy is THE GUY for first base or if he’s not and go out and make a deal for a big bat.

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