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Viagra pills Have  I lost my mind? Nope it’s time to make a BOLD move and by trading for Jimmy Rollins is as BOLD a move as you can make. Viagra pills See my rational below. Viagra pills  

Viagra pills It’s been pretty lackluster spring training for the Mets. Viagra pills Aside from watching the bumper crops of young pitching prosper and which organization is going to hand over a big league shortstop, viagra pills the position battles we anticipated just haven’t happened.

Viagra pills The first baseman fight to the finish between Ike Davis and the new and improved Body by Lake Michigan, viagra pills Lucas Duda has been non-existent. Viagra pills Both players have gone down with injury for most of the spring with Ike dragging a walking boot around to ease his calf injury and Duda resting a cranky hamstring. Viagra pills  So instead of who has the best at bats winning the first base job, viagra pills the player who can walk to the batter box without a medical appliance will win that job.

Viagra pills We were all sold a bill of goods about the shortstop position as well. Viagra pills Ruben Tejada was also sent to Michigan boot camp and so far it seems like that was a big waste of time and money. Viagra pills Tejeda looks as bad as he did last season even with Grandpa Terry telling him how marvelous he is. Viagra pills While Grandpa Terry is trying to inflate Tejada’s self-esteem, viagra pills Big Daddy Sandy is dangling young virile pitchers to any team with a shortstop who can move laterally and at least bat .250

Viagra pills The best move to fill the shortstop spot would be to sign Stephen Drew but Drew doesn’t want to play baseball he wants to be paid millions and then play baseball. Viagra pills It’s easy to kill Drew’s agent Scott Boras but doesn’t the agent work for the player? If Drew really had the hot desire to play baseball he would have told Agent Boras to get him the best deal out there. Viagra pills  There is no market for Drew except for one team, viagra pills our beloved Mets, viagra pills so if the GM should offer a face saving 1 yr for $14 mil to Drew/Boras and if they balk, viagra pills lose their number. Viagra pills Then go into the contacts on your phone and dial Ruben Armaro Jr. Viagra pills and ask what it would take to deal Jimmy Rollins to the Mets.

Viagra pills Yeah you read that right, viagra pills I want to bring Jimmy Rollins to the Mets as their everyday shortstop. Viagra pills I could care less that he’s a Phillie and that he’s rub our noses in the big stink of defeat for years, viagra pills that’s exactly why I want him on the Mets. Viagra pills We need an everyday bad ass and since our every fifth day bad ass, viagra pills Matt Harvey is out for the season. Viagra pills With  Rollins we get an everyday shortstop who has been told by his rookie manager that “he ain’t the ballplayer he used to be” and will be doing everything he can to prove him wrong.

Viagra pills Rollins makes $11 mil for this season and has very reachable clause in his deal to guarantee him $11 mil for 2015. Viagra pills That’s $22 mil the geriatric Phillies could use to get a player or two under 35 years old. Viagra pills  Since our owners declare they have cash to spend why not spend it on a guy who has a World Series ring an MVP and a prickly attitude?

Viagra pills I’m not saying I’d expect the Jimmy Rollins of 2007 his MVP year but if the Mets get Jimmy Rollins of the 2012 vintage it would make the season a lot more interesting .

Viagra pills Now for all of you, viagra pills who are against this move remember not a single young stud pitcher will be moved in this transaction. Viagra pills That alone should get you on board the J-Roll Train.

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Viagra purchase This has got to be the most ho-hum spring training I’ve experienced as a Mets fan in a long long time.  I guess with the exception of Matt Harvey and to an extent Collin Cowgill have made me sit up and take notice. Viagra purchase It seems as if jobs are being given to players not on merit but because they are best of a mediocre at best lot. Viagra purchase In fact let’s look at who’s who on this team that should head North in 9 days:

Viagra purchase Ike Davis-Will this be the Summer of Ike? Is this THE breakout season we’ve been waiting for from the talented first baseman? Can he give us that 30 HR 100 RBI season we’ve dreamed of? I sure hope so.

Viagra purchase Daniel Murphy-hard not to root for Murph. Viagra purchase He gives you an honest effort every time out and while he’s not a home run hitter his 40 doubles is a-ok. Viagra purchase Since Murph is not a home run hitter he needs to get on base more so his walk total needs to improve. Viagra purchase Love to see him get that OBA back up to the .360 or better. Viagra purchase Since he turns 28 (and on the DL) on opening day this is the season Murphy needs to make his mark to stay a Met .

Viagra purchase Ruben Tejada-This may be one of those “it’s not you it’s me” situations when it comes to Tejada as he doesn’t stoke my excitement when I watch him play. Viagra purchase He can’t lead off since he doesn’t get on base enough and his defense is acceptable. Viagra purchase I hope he gains a little toughness this season and learns the difference between being hurt and being injured. Viagra purchase I can’t wait for the Gavin Cecchini Era.

Viagra purchase David Wright-So the organization decided to name David Wright Captain. Viagra purchase This is the equivalent of turning on a facet and seeing water come out. Viagra purchase Wright has gone above and beyond for this organization from the first day he arrived in Flushing.  The one player on the roster that Mets have no worries that he will produce.

Viagra purchase Justin Turner-Like Billy Martin was Casey Stengel’s boy, viagra purchase Turner is Terry Collins boy

Viagra purchase Jordany Vladespin-I never thought there was a question about JV1 making the big league team. Viagra purchase Now that he has a lock on a roster spot he needs to grow up this year. Viagra purchase If you’re going to be a pain in the ass you better be a productive pain in the ass. Viagra purchase I think Valdespin will finally realize he needs to man up and will have a solid season as an outfielder/infield fill in.

Viagra purchase Brian Bixler-I think he makes the team because of Murphy hitting the DL to start the season. Viagra purchase He could make a case to say if he can be a productive right handed bat off the bench

Viagra purchase Omar Quintanilia-solid infielder also makes it North  to back up Tejada.

Viagra purchase Lucas Duda-Please, viagra purchase please, viagra purchase please let this offensive surge that Duda has had of late carry over into the season. Viagra purchase I don’t think it’s an over statement when I say a breakout season at the plate from Duda is the difference from another play out the string season  and being the most interesting Mets season in five years.

Viagra purchase Colin Cowgill-Cowgill has done what guys like Cowgill need to do, viagra purchase impress the brass with solid hitting fielding and balls to the wall hustle. Viagra purchase He’s not only done that but it looks like he’s won the right handed hitting spot of the center field job (JV1 or MDD the left handed hitting spot) and looks like he will be a Citi Field fav.

Viagra purchase Matt Den Dekker/Mike Baxter-Already a first class defender, viagra purchase question is will his bat be potent enough to keep him in the line up? Kirk Nieuwenhuis injury open the door for MDD that and the dearth of outfield completion in this spring camp as well. Viagra purchase Baxter has had a dreadful spring it will interest to see if he stays and MDD goes to LV which is a distinct possibility since MDD has options and Baxter doesn’t.

Viagra purchase John Buck-number one catcher for now as Buck holds the spot for Travis d’Arnaud. Viagra purchase Buck seems to have meshed well with the pitching staff this spring and he does hit home runs and is an obvious upgrade over the woeful backstops of last year. Viagra purchase  Once d’Arnaud  comes up to the team he and Buck will form a catching tandem that will be one of the Mets strengths after years of being a major liability.

Viagra purchase Anthony Recker-I’ve got nothing

Viagra purchase  

Viagra purchase Jon Niese-Congratualtion on the opening day start. Viagra purchase As good as Niese is this will probably be the first and last OD start of his Mets career.  That’s not a knock on Niese it just shows that the Mets will have 3 top flight pitchers leading them to years to come with Matt Harvey and Zack Wheeler. Viagra purchase Niese gets the nod as Johan Santana will start the season on the DL and I’ve already placed Santana in my mind as a former Met.

Viagra purchase Matt Harvey-Harvey’ starts will be must see events. Viagra purchase Looks like the total package a physical specimen and tough as nails mentality. Viagra purchase Could there be a wine vineyard in his future?

Viagra purchase Dillon Gee-good solid 3-4 starter who looks to be recovered for blood clot in his arm he suffered from last year. Viagra purchase Gee if 100% should give the Mets hopefully he stays sound, viagra purchase them 190+ innings pitched

Viagra purchase Jeremy Hefner-good guy to root for as he’s one of these bang around the bushes type that realizes how lucky he is to make a big league start.  Just needs to be serviceable to be an asset.

Viagra purchase Shaun Marcum-what can we expect from Marcum? He’s got a sore shoulder which he claims is not a big deal, viagra purchase nothing a little cortisone can’t cure.  Let’s hope the Mets get 2011 Shaun Marcum and not 2012’s version.

Viagra purchase Bobby Parnell-Meet the new closer. Viagra purchase With Frank Francisco on the DL Parnell gets another shot of closing out games for the Mets. Viagra purchase I hope he succeeds and I hope he has found that sumthin’ sumthin” that all successful closers have.

Viagra purchase Brandon Lyon-solid pick up for the Mets as Lyon has closed and should be perfect set-up man for Parnell. Viagra purchase  No secret the bullpen was the major reason for the awful season the Mets had last year. Viagra purchase Last year’s pen was right at the bottom of every stat there was for pitching and who knows, viagra purchase if they were a middle of the road pen maybe Mets fans wouldn’t have the miserable attitude they have towards this team.

Viagra purchase Scott Atchinson-As Collin Cowgill will be the position player fan favorite, viagra purchase Atchinson could be the pitching fan favorite. Viagra purchase When was the last time the Mets fan embraced a reliever? Jesse Orosco and Roger McDowell???? If Atchinson can duplicate his 80 % stranded base runner rate this season, viagra purchase this team could have a better result than we all expect.

Viagra purchase Josh Edgin-needs to get batters to chase that slider out of the strike zone and get that LOB% to at least 75% to become more than a LOOGY

Viagra purchase Robert Carson/Pedro Feliciano –one of them is making this team as Terry Collins has stated he will go with two lefties in the pen. Viagra purchase Feliciano hasn’t pitched in year and Mets have to make decision to either keep him or pay him $100K to take a trip to Vegas, viagra purchase which could be the move allowing Carson to make it North as the LOOGY.

Viagra purchase LaTroy Hawkins-here for veteran leadership and direction to his pen mates

Viagra purchase Greg Burke-got to love a guy who pitches from the land down under.

Viagra purchase There is more pessimism with this Mets team for the coming season than I’ve seen in a long time. Viagra purchase The 2013 Mets are far, viagra purchase far from being one of the worst I’ve ever seen; the Joe Torre years of the late 70’s still give me night sweats.  Those teams were not just a disaster but the whole organization was in a downward spiral. Viagra purchase Sure The Skill Sets money woes are still prevalent but at least there is some serious talent on the horizon.

Viagra purchase Two things will make this season better than you and I think it will be. Viagra purchase The bullpen has to become a strength and the corners have to produce some power. Viagra purchase If that happens this summer will be much better that we all think it’ll be. Viagra purchase YA GOTTA BELIEVE! I guess.

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Generic viagra The” Ol’ Perfeser” knew how to hold a presser 

Generic viagra  

Generic viagra I’m really starting to feel sorry for Terry Collins. Generic viagra No matter how he tries to construct a lineup, generic viagra he can’t find a 1-8 that can provide any offensive punch. Generic viagra  He tries to match right vs. Generic viagra left and vice versa, generic viagra he tries to move the parts around in different slots of the lineup and still nothing works.

Generic viagra If I have an issue with Collins it’s in his post-game press conference after losses which are coming at a rapid pace this second half, generic viagra when he talks about competing, generic viagra repeating the mantra “we have to compete”. Generic viagra Why settle for being competitive, generic viagra why not say we need to find ways to win and find players who are winning ballplayers because right now the Mets are devoid of such animal.

Generic viagra Collins last night spoke of finding out who is willing to give his all to winning baseball games and who is here to just get a couple of hits, generic viagra throw 6 innings and be happy with personal achievement. Generic viagra  This is the fourth straight season I’ve heard this late season lament. Generic viagra The problem is the Mets are a passive bunch. Generic viagra The one time a player shows any kind of fight, generic viagra he’s ridiculed.

Generic viagra Last night Jordany Valdespin batted for Scott Hairston in the 8th inning with 2 on and 2 out and the Mets down 2-1. Generic viagra Valdespin hitting a little roller, generic viagra runs down first base and seeing it’s going to be a foot race between him and Rockies first baseman Tyler Covin, generic viagra decided to dive head first into the bag, generic viagra something that is not encouraged, generic viagra and was out by an eyelash. Generic viagra Valdespin jumped up and got in umpire Adrian Johnson’s grill even though  the replay proved Johnson’ call correct, generic viagra it was good to see a Mets player upset enough to go nose to nose with a man in blue.

Generic viagra Sure, generic viagra Valdespin head first slide into first base wasn’t the smartest move but if you listened to Gary Cohen, generic viagra you’d have thought it was a pre-meditated plan by Vladespin. Generic viagra I’m a big Cohen fan, generic viagra he’s one of the best play by play men around, generic viagra but his treatment of Valdespin is over the top. Generic viagra I understand that Valdespin is not the most like player in the Mets organization, generic viagra I’ve yet to meet anyone connected with the team that has a nice thing to say about JV1 but I’ve never heard Cohen go after players who have been under performers like Jason Bay. Generic viagra In fact, generic viagra bring Bay’s name up to anyone in the organization and they start every conversation with “what a great guy…..”  in fact I would have like to have heard Cohen take Ike Davis to task for his lousy at bat in the 8th inning where he struck out and looked badly doing so.

Generic viagra There is nothing better than listening to Bobby Ojeda go off on the SNY post-game show. Generic viagra Ojeda pulls no punches and tells the truth is not afraid to hurt some feelings of either players or coaches. Generic viagra SNY is missing the boat by not giving Ojeda and Ray Lucas a show on the network.

Generic viagra Isn’t it time to just shut Johan Santana down for the season? Let him take this MRI and then put him on the 60 day DL so you free up a spot on the 40 man for Collin McHugh.

Generic viagra Let’s play guess the lineup, generic viagra here is the lineup I’d use for tonight’s game:

Generic viagra Tejada

Generic viagra Murphy

Generic viagra Wright

Generic viagra Davis

Generic viagra Hairston

Generic viagra Baxter

Generic viagra Valdespin

Generic viagra Shoppach

Generic viagra Young

Generic viagra  

Generic viagra  

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Age of viagra users <

Age of viagra users  

Age of viagra users Had a great time last night  at the World Financial Plaza enjoying the premiere of Knuckleball!, age of viagra users at the Tribeca Film Festival’s Drive-In Theatre.  Before the movie there was plenty of activity on the plaza on what turned out to be a nice comfortable, age of viagra users rain free evening downtown. Age of viagra users There were tents set up with different activities and free popcorn for movie goers but the area that had the biggest swarm of folks was the make shit bullpen where fans could line up and enter and get free instruction on how to throw a knuckleball.

Age of viagra users As we stood off to the side (I was joined by my son and Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest for the evening’s movie viewing we also met up with Tayrn Cooper and her husband Ed Leyro as well as having a fine chat with Shaun Clancy the proprietor of Foley’s NY) we were witness to a grand entrance by the Four Horseman of Knuckleballing, age of viagra users Jim Bouton, age of viagra users Charlie Hough, age of viagra users Tim Wakefield and our own R.A. Age of viagra users Dickey. Age of viagra users The four headed to the make shift pen where a line snaked around the plaza for the opportunity to learn the secrets of throwing a knuckleball. Age of viagra users Bouton, age of viagra users Hough and Wakefield were going in and out of the pen but Dickey stayed there for the full hour showing kids and some adults, age of viagra users the grip and release of the mysterious pitch, age of viagra users and seemed to be having a great time doing so.

Age of viagra users The movie itself was very, age of viagra users very good. Age of viagra users Even if you are not a baseball fan, age of viagra users you could still appreciate the stories of these players who with the exception of Phil Neikro, age of viagra users took on learning the knuckleball a last ditch effort to make it in the big leagues, age of viagra users so you get all the baseball footage and story line to keep the baseball junkie like me interested but you also get the human interest story for the non-fan. Age of viagra users That is great movie making.

Age of viagra users Tim Wakefield and R.A. Age of viagra users Dickey are feature most prominently in the film, age of viagra users with great footage of Wakefield as a Pittsburgh Pirates as a minor league first baseman and R.A. Age of viagra users Dickey as a Tennessee Volunteer but my favorite scene in the film was a golf outing with Niekro, age of viagra users Dickey, age of viagra users Wakefield and Hough and the sit down they have afterwards discussing how each pitcher was introduced to the knuckleball.

Age of viagra users The film will be showing during the Tribeca Film Festival and it will be out in DVD form as well, age of viagra users I know this because I was approached by someone from the film who was looking to get some material to add as extra footage for the DVD, age of viagra users so I was filmed talking about the knuckleball and R.A. Age of viagra users Dickey and what he has meant to the Mets (the film crew loved my Mr. Age of viagra users Mets cap) so hopefully I’ll make the director’s cut of Knuckleball!

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Viagra pfizer canada Last night was one of those games that even the witty repartee of Gary Cohen and Keith Hernandez couldn’t keep me interested. Viagra pfizer canada  I read the paper and trolled Twitter while waiting for my favorite pawn shop owners to come on at 9PM. Viagra pfizer canada  That doesn’t mean there isn’t meaningful Mets news (as opposed to meaningful games) to peruse.

Viagra pfizer canada Ike Davis is running, viagra pfizer canada hitting and fielding, viagra pfizer canada not pain free but feeling much better than he has since what is still the most ridiculous Mets injury I’ve ever seen. Viagra pfizer canada  Davis is trying very hard to stay away from the surgeon’s scalpel as he claims the ankle while not 100%, viagra pfizer canada feels much better. Viagra pfizer canada Ike will stay with the team in Miami and then return with them to NY to see team doctors, viagra pfizer canada at which time the decision will be made on whether surgery is needed. Viagra pfizer canada Again, viagra pfizer canada how Davis has gone from what looked like a non-injury, viagra pfizer canada to what now will be something that will affect Davis for the rest of his career is stunning.

Viagra pfizer canada Even with or without surgery, viagra pfizer canada Davis claims his ankle will never be the same. Viagra pfizer canada He talked about it becoming arthritic but he feels it will not hurt his plate production. Viagra pfizer canada That remains to be seen. Viagra pfizer canada What about his defense? Davis was ready to blossom into a perennial Gold Glove first baseman who know how this affect his play around the bag, viagra pfizer canada as first base is all about foot work. Viagra pfizer canada From what looked like an innocent trip and tumble on an infield fly has turn out to be maybe a career changer for Ike.

Viagra pfizer canada As much as my stomach churns watching Jason Bay’ at bats, viagra pfizer canada I’m starting to really feel bad for him even with the knowledge that the team is on the hook for two more seasons and $35 mil. Viagra pfizer canada Bay has played a better left field than we all thought; he hustles (last night he ran out a ball that was clearly going into the first base stands foul) and from the scuttlebutt around Citi Field, viagra pfizer canada he works to the point of being obsessive compulsive in finding his hitting stroke. Viagra pfizer canada You can see after every unproductive at bat, viagra pfizer canada it is eating him up that he has not stepped up and provided the big veteran bat this team sorely needs. Viagra pfizer canada It would be best for both Bay and the Mets to part company but the $35 mil price tag hanging his toe makes moving to a new team almost impossible. Viagra pfizer canada ALMOST. Viagra pfizer canada Maybe I have too much faith in the power of Sandy Alderson since the trade of Frankie Rodriguez and his unsightly option that no one thought the Mets could get out from under. Viagra pfizer canada  Maybe there is a team out there (West Coast? SF, viagra pfizer canada Seattle, viagra pfizer canada Angels maybe) that sees Bay’s work ethic and thinks a change could do him good if the Mets eat half or little more of the deal? Never say never.

Viagra pfizer canada Welcome back to the big leagues Val Pascucci. Viagra pfizer canada Pascuicci’ 21 HR and 91 RBI at Buffalo earned him a promotion, viagra pfizer canada perhaps for the last time, viagra pfizer canada to the big leagues. Viagra pfizer canada Don’t think the promotion of Passcuicci will go unnoticed in the Mets clubhouse and throughout the Mets minor league system along with the call up of RHP Chris Schwinden, viagra pfizer canada it shows that this front office will promote and reward players who produce. Viagra pfizer canada Not only that, viagra pfizer canada with all the talk about the Mets money woes, viagra pfizer canada all the players the Mets have added to the list of call ups have to be paid on a pro rated basis on the ML minimum. Viagra pfizer canada Schwinden looks like he will get to start one of the games of Thursday’s DH vs. Viagra pfizer canada the Braves, viagra pfizer canada I bet Valentino gets a start in one of those games as well.

Viagra pfizer canada Mike Silva of NY Baseball Digest mentioned that the Highlanders Triple A team in Scranton/Wilkes Barre will need a place to play in 2012 as the ball park will be undergoing a big renovation project. Viagra pfizer canada One of the spots they are looking at is Staten Island, viagra pfizer canada home of the Baby Highlanders. Viagra pfizer canada The move to SI makes sense as the Bronx Bastards own the stadium in St. Viagra pfizer canada George and the team, viagra pfizer canada as well as owning the Wilkes/Barre team. Viagra pfizer canada The problem they will have besides getting the Mets to allow them to do this (like a scene out of Goodfella’s I can see Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul listening to Randy Levine’s pitch for this project and Uncle Saul interrupting “Yeah, viagra pfizer canada Yeah, viagra pfizer canada Yeah, viagra pfizer canada Fuck you pay me”) is finding a better management team to run the stadium that will have two tenants.

Viagra pfizer canada The SI Highlanders are very poorly run. Viagra pfizer canada The team has no sponsors and the majority of their tickets are sold to groups with the added attraction of all you can eat concessions. Viagra pfizer canada My wife bought tickets for every game SI played Brooklyn as a Fathers Day gift for me and those games draw the most fans, viagra pfizer canada the majority rooting for the Cyclones. Viagra pfizer canada I’ve noticed that the fans that attend games on SI are there for social reasons, viagra pfizer canada not many people pay attention to the game they are more involved in the all you can eat buffet and how unfair it is that they cannot grab a burger, viagra pfizer canada hot dog and chicken sandwich all at the same time. Viagra pfizer canada  Staten Islanders are not fond of walking and taking stairs so to take just one item and then go back again is a huge crimp in their lifestyle.

Viagra pfizer canada There are ushers and security people employed by the team and it is a great job as you get to see a ball game, viagra pfizer canada do absolutely nothing and get paid. Viagra pfizer canada  No one sits in his or her assigned seat. Viagra pfizer canada If there is a seat open behind home plate you can mosey on down and sit in it. Viagra pfizer canada If you see friend or neighbor at the game just go a sit in the seat next to them, viagra pfizer canada no problem. Viagra pfizer canada “Oh wait, viagra pfizer canada this is your seat? And what you wanna sit here?” “Uhh yeah” with that you get the eye roll and the nasty look.

Viagra pfizer canada If the SWB Highlanders were to call SI home for 2012 I would definitely  go to their games, viagra pfizer canada especially when they play Buffalo but I don’t know how many Highlander fans would support the team, viagra pfizer canada in fact I don’t think many Highlander fans know who the Triple A team is. Viagra pfizer canada If they do play here and want to draw fans just make sure you have an all you can eat plan and add delivery to your seat as an option, viagra pfizer canada you’ll sell the place out every game.

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Viagra non prescription Here is the press release from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance announcing the BBA’s selections for the NL an AL starters for the 2011 All Star Game:

Viagra non prescription


Viagra non prescription  

Viagra non prescription Outfielders Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays and Matt Kemp from the Los Angeles Dodgers led their respective leagues in balloting for Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game as conducted by members of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and announced today.

Viagra non prescription Bautista, viagra non prescription who has an American League-leading 1.133 OPS to go along with his 24 home runs, viagra non prescription was named on 50 ballots, viagra non prescription not including one ballot that placed him at third base. Viagra non prescription  Bautista was joined in the outfield by Curtis Granderson of the New York Yankees, viagra non prescription who received 48 votes, viagra non prescription and Jacoby Ellsbury of the Boston Red Sox, viagra non prescription who tallied 23 votes.

Viagra non prescription There were few close races in the AL voting by the BBA. Viagra non prescription  The tightest was at third base, viagra non prescription where Yankee Alex Rodriguez outpolled Adrian Beltre of the Texas Rangers 30-16. Viagra non prescription  All other races were decided by at least twenty votes save the nod for starting pitcher. Viagra non prescription  Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander won that 16-6 over Jered Weaver of the Los Angeles Angels, viagra non prescription but many bloggers did not designate a specific starter so fewer votes were cast in that category.

Viagra non prescription Other American League nods were to Tigers catcher Alex Avila, viagra non prescription first baseman Adrian Gonzalez of the Boston Red Sox, viagra non prescription Yankee second baseman Robinson Cano, viagra non prescription and shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera of the Cleveland Indians. Viagra non prescription  Red Sox designated hitter David Ortiz was selected at that position.

Viagra non prescription Over in the National League, viagra non prescription Kemp’s stellar first half–he sits second in batting average, viagra non prescription first in home runs, viagra non prescription second in RBI and has 21 stolen bases to boot–earned him mention on 54 ballots. Viagra non prescription  Accompanying him in the outfield was Ryan Braun of the Milwaukee Brewers and Lance Berkman of the St. Viagra non prescription Louis Cardinals.

Viagra non prescription As in the junior circuit, viagra non prescription the closest race in the NL was at the hot corner. Viagra non prescription  Philadelphia Phillies third baseman Placido Polanco edged out Chase Headley of the San Diego Padres 21-14, viagra non prescription with Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones receiving 10 votes.

Viagra non prescription The other races were not a contest, viagra non prescription as Braves catcher Brian McCann, viagra non prescription Brewers first baseman Prince Fielder and second baseman Rickie Weeks, viagra non prescription and New York Mets shortstop Jose Reyes all won their slots by at least 25 votes.

Viagra non prescription Starting the contest for the NL was Roy Halladay, viagra non prescription who easily outpolled his Philadelphia teammate Cole Hamels for the honor.

Viagra non prescription The Baseball Bloggers Alliance was formed in 2009 with the purpose of encouraging collaboration and communication among bloggers from across baseball. Viagra non prescription  As a secondary goal, viagra non prescription they vote on various awards throughout the year. Viagra non prescription  In January, viagra non prescription they recommended Roberto Alomar and Bert Blyleven for the Baseball Hall of Fame and in March, viagra non prescription they created a new award to honor the top internet writer and then named it after the first recipient, viagra non prescription Sports Illustrated’s Joe Posnanski. Viagra non prescription  You can find the BBA at their website or on Facebook. Viagra non prescription  You can follow the Alliance at @baseballblogs on Twitter or via the hashtag #BBBA.

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Heart attack viagra Oakland A’s getting ready for a trip to Citi Field

Heart attack viagra Anyone else upset that the riveting Mets-Angels series is over? The Mets sure played yesterday like it was an exhibition game to the point where I feel Terry Collins pulled Jon Niese the way a hockey coach pulls his goalie to wake up his team. Heart attack viagra Granted, heart attack viagra Niese was far from sharp yesterday as he had no feel for his curve, heart attack viagra leaving the Angels running to the batter’s box for that first pitch fast ball, heart attack viagra the Mets defense especially the Ginger Turner, heart attack viagra let Niese down and the rest of the team looked sluggish. Heart attack viagra I’m sure the club will perk up when those  Swingin’ Oakland A’s come to town tomorrow. Heart attack viagra Thank God the Mets miss Vida Blue and Ken Holtzman this time around.

Heart attack viagra David Wright was out early at Citi Field playing catch and taking ground balls while kneeling down. Heart attack viagra Wright should be ready by February when he reports to Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter FL

Heart attack viagra At least there was a Wright sighting, heart attack viagra where in the world is Ike Davis?

Heart attack viagra Went to Cyclones-Baby Highlanders game yesterday with the added attraction of Phil Hughes making a rehab start. Heart attack viagra Kevin Kernan was there too; in fact he sat a section over from me. Heart attack viagra   

Heart attack viagra First impression of some of the Cyclones, heart attack viagra I like what I saw in Daniel Muno both at bat but he made. Heart attack viagra Third baseman Richard Lucas for a guy with some heft played some nice “D” and first baseman Luke Stewart reminds me of Lucas Duda with his size, heart attack viagra hopefully as the season goes on he’ll show some power.

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Over the counter viagra I feel bad for Texas Rangers 3rd Base coach Dave Anderson who was called for touching a runner at third base to end yesterday’s Twins 6-5 win over the Rangers.

Over the counter viagra I had the same exact call called out on me this season while managing my 14-15 year old team. Over the counter viagra I had a runner at 2nd 2 outs down 1 run as well but this was in the 4th inning. Over the counter viagra The runner was my first baseman who at 14yrs old is about 2 inches taller than my 6 ft frame. Over the counter viagra The area around the third base coaches box (this is like the minors where the manager also coaches 3rd base) does not have a lot of ground as you are up against a chain link fence in very tight foul territory.

Over the counter viagra We get a solid base hit to RF and I know my runner has very good speed and is tall so he has long strides so as soon as the ball goes over first base, over the counter viagra my arm is moving like one of those wind turbines as I want the runner from 2nd to score but I also keep an eye on my batter/runner to see if can get from 2nd to 3rd. Over the counter viagra My runner on 2nd gets a great secondary lead and his charging like a linebacker to 3rd. Over the counter viagra He then make an extreme wide turn where I have to make like the old linesman in the NHL before plexy glass was installed on the boards and I try to leap up on the fence but I wasn’t fast enough and we clip each other. Over the counter viagra Right away the field umpire calls out.

Over the counter viagra And of course I go ape shit. Over the counter viagra Now the two umpires know me and do a lot of my games so they know I don’t usually go all Billy Martin over calls but this one had me in a rage. Over the counter viagra The home plate ump grabs me and says “ Steve, over the counter viagra calm down, over the counter viagra calm down you know better than any one what the rule is” I sure do. Over the counter viagra Rule 7.09 (h) of the MLB rule book states:

Over the counter viagra It is interference by the runner when:

Over the counter viagra

Over the counter viagra In the judgment of the umpire, over the counter viagra the base coach at third base or first base, over the counter viagra by touching or holding the runner physically assists him in returning to or leaving third base or first base

Over the counter viagra

Over the counter viagra The key here is the judgment of the umpire and in my case and Rangers 3rd base Coach Dave Anderson’ case we both got screwed by the umpire. Over the counter viagra In my case I was trying not to get run over by my runner and I made every attempt to get out his way. Over the counter viagra In Anderson’s case from the video it looked like he had his arms out to get out of the way of the runner, over the counter viagra Michael Young but Angle Marquez in his (bad) judgment call Young out.

Over the counter viagra Twins TV voice John Gordon keeps saying over and over that “the rule is the rule” the rule is not set in stone it’s the umpires judgment and in my case and Dave Anderson case the umpires used bad judgment

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Generic cialis As we sit here waiting for the Ike Davis Era to begin, generic cialis let’s look at the trickle down effect of the promotion of Davis to everyday first baseman’s job with the Mets.

Generic cialis Mike Jacobs was DFA’d and for a guy who was cut by the KC Royals and NY Mets within a few months, generic cialis he still has a high opinion of himself. Generic cialis Jacobs has made it known that he will not accept a job with the Buffalo Bisons if it means grabbing some pine. Generic cialis Jacobs is hardly in a position to dictate when and where he’ll play, generic cialis but with Davis coming up there is an opening for first base and Jacobs fits fine there, generic cialis if that’s not good enough for Jacobs, generic cialis well then good riddance.

Generic cialis Now if Jacobs takes the assignment to Buffalo, generic cialis how long will it last ? It all depends on how Davis fits in Queens. Generic cialis If Ike is what we think he’ll be, generic cialis then when Daniel Murphy comes back from his knee injury, generic cialis then Murph needs to go to Buffalo to become a super.  What a better place and time for Murph to work on playing outfield, generic cialis 2b and 1st base, generic cialis hell you might as well grab a catchers mitt and learn that position to as an emergency catcher. Generic cialis Hey you never know when your team will play a 20 inning game your versatility will come in handy.

Generic cialis With the front office finally realizing that this is the dawning of the age of Ike Davis, generic cialis there needs to be a few more moves to that would show that the front office is serious about getting this sink ship right. Generic cialis Please enough of Gary Mathews Jr. Generic cialis I don’t care how cheap his labor costs are enough is enough. Generic cialis Angel Pagan should be planted everyday in CF case closed. Generic cialis Bring up Chris Carter. Generic cialis Send down Jenry Meija for the good of the organization and let him start so at least by the All Star break you could put him in the rotation.

Generic cialis While were making alterations why not bring up Bison’s pitching coach Rickey Bones and reassign Old School Dan Werthen some where in the organization. Generic cialis It’s time for a shake up.

Generic cialis You want to fire Jerry Manuel ? I won’t shed a tear especially when you bat Frank Catalanotto clean up (rumor has it Ron Washington called Manuel while watching the game last night to ask him if he was high) but if you tell me Bob Melvin is the replacement, generic cialis I say why bother. Generic cialis Bob Melvin is just J-Man without the jokes. Generic cialis We all know who should be given the job.

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Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Trying to write something creative this morning and it’s just not happening so I’ll just throw some shit on the wall see what sticks:

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery If Jose Reyes is 100 % healthy then why not let him start on opening day? Why is it even a question? His legs don’t seem to be any problem so if his thyroid levels are fine then why wouldn’t Jose be at shortstop on Monday?

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I would love to be in the room when soon to be Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z sit down and talk to LeBron James about joining the Brooklyn Nets. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Mr. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Prokhorov is going to be the most newsworthy sports owner this town has seen since a big blowhard ship builder from Cleveland rolled into town.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery This Monday has been renamed Monumental Monday. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Opening day at $iti Field. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery The NCAA Final and two hour episode of 24. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery  I’m busting sweat just thinking of how the Jack Bauer, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Dana Walsh  interrogation scene will play out.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Major tip of the BLUE Mets cap to Shannon Shark over at Mets Police for uncovering the Fanwalk faux pau naming Sid Fernandez the winner of Game 7 of the’86 World Sereis when it was actually Roger McDowell who earned the win. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery At the time that game was over, cheapest cialis overnight delivery we really didn’t give a rats ass who go the winner to tell the truth all I remember is pandemonium in the streets of Queens and that for one on the dozen or so times in my life I woke up the next day in my bed having no recollection of how I got home.  Ahhhhhh good times. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Also Mets Police is recruiting for the Blue Cap Army to meet up Monday at $iti Field.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery It’s a three man race to grab the 25th spot on the Mets roster. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery The candidates are Mike Jacobs, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Frank Catalanotto and Chris Carter. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Very tough choices. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery The first one I’d dismiss in Jacobs who is a hit a home run or miss guy and a not very good first baseman. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery It was commendable of Jacobs to put on the catcher gear and volunteer to be the emergency catcher. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery How often do you need an emergency catcher? Carter has earned the name The Animal for Jerry Manuel and Catalanotto is a savvy vet who can play just about any position on a baseball field. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery If I had to make the choice, cheapest cialis overnight delivery I’d take Frankie The Cat.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new and improved LMILLZ

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery I don’t look at Darryl Strawberry as being a quitter for leaving The Apprentice, cheapest cialis overnight delivery it’s more like he was bored and tired of the stupid tasks he was asked to do. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery Whoever signed off on making this show two hours should BE FIRED! Thank God for TiVO. Cheapest cialis overnight delivery By the way as soon as Cyndi Lauper and Summer Sanders are fired I’ll be done with The Apprentice.

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery So long Chris Coste, cheapest cialis overnight delivery Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Cheapest cialis overnight delivery It looks like the new McFadden’s at $iti Field is going to be THE place to be.

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