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Viagra online shop As a baseball fan you can’t ask for more that this first round division series has given us. Viagra online shop Four series all going five games is a baseball fans nirvana especially for those of us who detest the NY Highlanders. Viagra online shop It’s a good thing I have unlimited texting in my phone plan since my Highlander fan pals were relentless in their venting to me even though they know I’m rooting hard for the Orioles.

Viagra online shop All season my Highlander buddies spoke about how the power display their team put on this season was good for plenty of oooo’s and ahhhhhhh’s but come the post season they will have to be able to manufacture some runs. Viagra online shop Now me as a Mets fan rooting for a team that has the power of a 10 watt bulb, viagra online shop andwith the distain I look at customers at the bank who complain that the teller gave them all $100’s and $50’s when cashing a check, viagra online shop  just wants to say why you no good greedy bastards. Viagra online shop  But what do you know; the Highlanders have had a world of trouble pushing a run across the plate with good old fashion small ball. Viagra online shop The long ball though has saved their season and when you get past the dramatic way Raul Ibanez went about tying and winning Game 3, viagra online shop if not for those two knocks, viagra online shop the fish wraps and social media would be in a three alarm tizzy over the demise of the Highlanders. Viagra online shop     

Viagra online shop Even if the Bronx Bastards win today and I think they will as CC Sabathia is only second to Derek Jeter on this team to show up when needed (sorry Ibanez still has a Philadelphia  size horse shoe up his ass) and I think both of them will find a way to win this game, viagra online shop it safe to say those of the Highlander persuasion need to reflect on this series and if they are honest and clear thinking which is hard to find in that demographic , viagra online shop they will admit the days of champagne baths and championships the next few years will be few and far between. Viagra online shop I have news for those of you in denial Highlander fans, viagra online shop the team you love to mock; the NY Mets are in better shape organizational wise than your Highlanders and that’s counting our broke ass ownership.

Viagra online shop Hal Steinbrenner is no chip off the block, viagra online shop where Daddy George would spend to mask mistakes and take on contracts no matter what; Prince Hal has one goal in mind, viagra online shop to bring the payroll down to where he’s no longer paying into the MLB welfare system known as revenue sharing. Viagra online shop  With a minor league system barren of talent what will the Highlanders do? Does ownership have confidence in Pee Wee Cashman that he can rebuild the talent base a la Stick Michael and Buck Showalter? Why do I give a shit? Well, viagra online shop until this post season is done with, viagra online shop the Mets won’t be making moves so I guess I have nothing better to do but to eavesdrop on my neighbors who I thought had it all and find out they just might have less than me.

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Generic viagra uk supplies I was invited out to Citi Field today by the Mets to get a tour of the new Party City Deck in Left Field and also to get a gander at the new outfield dimensions and the beautiful BLUE walls. Generic viagra uk supplies I was impressed by all three.

Generic viagra uk supplies The ball park looks great as the black outfield walls are now Mets blue. Generic viagra uk supplies As I walked into the Part City Deck I was totally amazed how bringing in the left field fence by 12 ft could make such a difference in my perception of the distance from the outfield to home plate. Generic viagra uk supplies I’ve stood on the warning track at Citi Field before the alterations and felt home plate was located in Jackson Heights, generic viagra uk supplies same thing with the height of the outfield wall, generic viagra uk supplies which have been chopped in half from 16 ft. Generic viagra uk supplies to 8 ft. Generic viagra uk supplies Looking up from the left field warning track I felt like a Chilean miner.

Generic viagra uk supplies The Party City Deck looks like a great spot to see a game, generic viagra uk supplies the section can accommodate groups of 25 to 102. Generic viagra uk supplies The seating is a combination of padded stadium seats along with barstool with a ledge where you can sit and enjoy classic ball park food (hot dogs, generic viagra uk supplies burger, generic viagra uk supplies chicken tenders, generic viagra uk supplies popcorn, generic viagra uk supplies peanuts and homemade potato chips) and soft drinks, generic viagra uk supplies water and beer, generic viagra uk supplies starting two hours before first pitch. Generic viagra uk supplies After the second hour of the game, generic viagra uk supplies cookies will be served right up to the ninth inning. Generic viagra uk supplies All of the food and drink are brought right to your seat waiters and waitresses, generic viagra uk supplies so there is no standing in line and missing the action on the field.

Generic viagra uk supplies The price of a ticket to The Party City Deck ranges from $100-$200, generic viagra uk supplies depending on the opponent. Generic viagra uk supplies The area is for group sales but for the final five games of the opening home stand (April 7-11) individual tickets will be on sale.

Generic viagra uk supplies It’s good to see the Mets  realize that the dimensions of the outfield were a problem and made the alteration along with ditching the black wall along with the overwhelming  use of black (or soot as I believe is the official name of the color so predominate throughout the ball park)  throughout the park. Generic viagra uk supplies It was the first time I walked into Citi Field and felt it was the home of the NY Mets. Generic viagra uk supplies Amazing what a little paint can do eh?

Generic viagra uk supplies Can’t wait for Thursday. Generic viagra uk supplies Let’s Go Mets!!!

Generic viagra uk supplies  

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