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You know what? All you LMillz haters out there you may be on to something. Cialis low price Check out this post from the Chico Harlan’ Washington Journal.


A part of me loves the rebellious attitude that Milledge has but a another part of me the baseball fanatic in me, cialis low price takes away from this interview that Milledge really has no passion to excel at playing big league baseball.  You read how Milledge didn’t take to being told to come out to the ball park three to four hours before a game to do game preparation. Cialis low price In fact the way Milledge prepares for a game is down right disturbing:


 LM: Because nobody else can play the game for you. Cialis low price Nobody else is going to give you the money. Cialis low price Nobody is going to give his spot up for you. Cialis low price If I was to walk away from this game today or I wasn’t able to compete at this level anymore, cialis low price then I have no regrets. Cialis low price I did it my way. Cialis low price Nobody else told me what I need to do. Cialis low price I didn’t try nobody else’s way. Cialis low price I tried my way. Cialis low price And if I just couldn’t play this game, cialis low price I can live with that. Cialis low price But I couldn’t live with failing by trying somebody else’s way.


Q: OK, cialis low price you keep talking about ‘your way, cialis low price’ but what does that mean?


LM: You know, cialis low price there’s always a thing where, cialis low price oh, cialis low price rookies have to be here 2-1/2 or three hours before stretch. Cialis low price No. Cialis low price I’m not gonna be here three hours before stretch. Cialis low price If you’re here and you get your work in, cialis low price it shouldn’t matter how early you’re at the field. Cialis low price You know what you need to do. Cialis low price That’s fine. Cialis low price You don’t have to be at the park three, cialis low price four hours before the park if you don’t want. Cialis low price You don’t see nobody clocking in three or four hours before they have to show up to work. Cialis low price So, cialis low price I mean, cialis low price some people feel like they have to get here to read the newspaper or do crossword puzzles or get their mind ready. Cialis low price I feel like I come to the park, cialis low price I have 45 minutes of stuff I have to do to get prepared for practice and get ready for the game. Cialis low price Five minutes might be watching videos. Cialis low price Fifteen minutes might be going in the cage. Cialis low price And then getting whatever other work I need.


I have always been on record here as a Milledge fan but I have to say the way Milledge portrays his pre game habits tell me he will be out of baseball in about a year or two. Cialis low price 5 minutes of video? 15 minutes in the cage? Are you fucking kidding me? Where is your passion to play baseball? Milledge has none. Cialis low price This kid (and that could be an insult to children) has more talent but is lacking the work ethic and determination to take that talent to the next level. Cialis low price The biggest crime here is there are guys toiling in the minors would do just about anything to have the talent that Milledge is wasting.


It’s shocking really when you look at Dan Murphy who would sleep at the ball park if he were allowed to and D-Wright who was Cliff Floyd’s personal man servant in his rookie year and has gained the admiration of the vets and formed a life long bond with Floyd. Cialis low price I feel sad for Milledge because unless he has an Epiphany and changes his thinking, cialis low price all he’ll turn out to be is some overweight ex-player who when Wright goes into the Hall of Fame will go around telling people that he once played on the same team as Wright and no one will believe him.


Tip of the Mets cap to Mack’s Mets and Baseball Musing for the links.  

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