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Viagra success stories I know we are a day away from opening day, viagra success stories and believe me if it were up to me I’d camp out in the Citi Field parking lot tonight, viagra success stories but others in my family don’t share my overzealous Mets fandom, viagra success stories but I must digress from the Mets for a moment to revel in the NY Rangers clinching the #1 seed in the NHL Eastern Conference (some fans are a bit confused, viagra success stories the Rangers are not the Eastern Division Champs, viagra success stories at least not yet) with a rockem’-sockem’ win over the Filthadelphia Flyers last night.

Viagra success stories It’s been awhile since I enjoyed a Rangers season as much as this one and I can not wait for the Stanley Cup tournament begins . Viagra success stories The Rangers have a great shot at wining the Stanley Cup and yet it won’t be easy but no matter what all Rangers fans know one thing, viagra success stories this team will not be out work or out prepared.

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Can teens take viagra Just would like to take the time to wish you all and Happy and Healthy New Year in 2012. Can teens take viagra I hope we can get back to some important Mets on the field news in the coming weeks but for now I’m watching Sunderland try to pull off a second stunner in the EPL this weekend (Man U’s loss to Blackburn Rovers a SHOCKER! but good for Blackburn’ under fire manager Steve Kean, can teens take viagra us Steve Kean(e)’s got to stick together) trying to beat Man City while waiting for the big Giants-Cowgirls game tonight and then the Rangers-Flyers tomorrow in the Winter Classics. Can teens take viagra In between that we have a couple of invites from friends so I’ve told my wife to coordinate this as one sitting for the 1PM games and the other for the 4 PM games.

Can teens take viagra For the Giants-Cowgirls I have to be here at the Kranepool Society World Headquarters and not a neutral site.

Can teens take viagra I also informed  my family if they ever trot me out that way Dick Clark has been put on display the last few New Years Eve’s since his stroke, can teens take viagra I will haunt then for eternity. Can teens take viagra I wish Clark’s family would stop ruining his legacy and his dignity like this every year.

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Viagra capsules gotta love Hank and the Broadway Hat

Viagra capsules Most under-rated athlete in NYC

I’m soooo happy Danny Ainge didn’t my favorite Celtic RAAAAAAJJJJOOOONNN RONDOOOOOOO    

Viagra capsules It’s tough to spend time on Mets minutia today with trying to finish up loose ends at work and get ready for what should be one of the best nights Madison Square Garden has seen in quite a while as the Rangers and Flyers meet tonight and the Giants-Jets get together tomorrow and the Knicks-Celtics start the NBA season on Christmas, viagra capsules it’s hard to get worked up over Rob Johnson signing a minor league deal to fight for a backup catcher spot with the Mets .

Viagra capsules I am pumped up for tonight’s Rangers-Flyers match up at MSG. Viagra capsules Between the way the Rangers have been playing along with all the hype of HBO’s 24/7 (I need to tape Coach Tortorella’s between periods ass ripping of his team against the St Louis Blues last week  “Fucking screw it on straight, viagra capsules screw it on and let’s get ready to go each shift” has become my new mantra I’ve been using it at work all day the non-hockey fans think I’ve lost my mind but then again most of them don’t know what to make of me anyway)  and Winter Classic and first place (though very early in the season ) on the line, viagra capsules I can’t wait to get to the Garden tonight.

Viagra capsules For as long as I can remember as a NY Football Giants fan, viagra capsules I have never given the NY Jets much thought. Viagra capsules Sure I have friends who are Jets fans but there has never the animosity like I have with buddies and relatives who root for the Bronx Bastards. Viagra capsules The Jets were…. Viagra capsules Well just the Jets. Viagra capsules They played in the other conference and since they played each other, viagra capsules except for every 4 years, viagra capsules only in the preseason there really hasn’t been any reason to have an opinion positive or negative on the Jets. Viagra capsules Until now.

Viagra capsules It really hurts me to write this but there are four teams in NYC that are sports royalty, viagra capsules The Highlanders, viagra capsules Giants, viagra capsules Knicks and Rangers. Viagra capsules The Mets are the closest of the underling teams that could break into the big four, viagra capsules but not these days. Viagra capsules For all the bluster that comes from Rex Ryan, viagra capsules the Jets are not close to being in the same stratosphere as the NY Football Giants. Viagra capsules I don’t dislike Rex Ryan although he really, viagra capsules really needs to shut the fuck up, viagra capsules I do respect his coaching acumen but it’s too bad he has to take the personality of his dad Buddy because all this hot air he spews sooner or later has to be backed up with something. Viagra capsules Sure he has had success as HC of the Jets but he needs to mind his coaching manners.

Viagra capsules Head coaches, viagra capsules no matter what always show respect to one and other in public (look at the fall out from the Jim Schwatrz, viagra capsules Jim Haurbugh brew ha ha earlier this season) it’s great that Rex thinks that he is better that Bill Belichick or Tom Coughlin but when you disrespect these men who have accomplished more than you ever had in this game, viagra capsules you come off like a fucking buffoon.

Viagra capsules Neither team in this contest has much to crow about this season. Viagra capsules Both teams are huge disappointments with flaws a plenty and as much as Tom Coughlin has told his players to let the Jets do the talking and keep their mouths shut, viagra capsules when you have motor mouths like Antrell Rolle and Brandon Jacobs it’s a hard to rein them in. Viagra capsules   

Viagra capsules Like I say I never gave the Jets much thought but thanks to Rex’s big mouth not only do I want to see the Giants beat the living shit out them, viagra capsules if the Jets make the playoffs, viagra capsules I’ll be rooting hard against them. Viagra capsules By the way, viagra capsules all Giants fan should be thanking Rex and his players for doing what Coach Coughlin has had trouble with so far this second half of the season, viagra capsules motivating the Giants players. Viagra capsules Rex should have gone with the let sleeping dogs lay but after seeing how the Jets put a picture of a bleeding Eli Manning on the cover of their defensive play book, viagra capsules I hope JPP knocks Mark Sanchez out of the game on the first offensive play from scrimmage. Viagra capsules   Oh and Fireman Ed is an asshole.

Viagra capsules Celtics-Knicks is a great way to start off Christmas Day and as a fan of the C’s, viagra capsules it’s good to see the Knickerbockers relevant again. Viagra capsules I am my Celtics have one more run left in them and a good start would be by beating up the Knicks on Sunday. Viagra capsules   

Viagra capsules  

Viagra capsules  

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Viagra sale buy Different day some ol’ Mets news which means there is nothing to talk about. Viagra sale buy If not for the Rodriguez signing and the Putz trade this would be the worst off season since I started writing this blog which is going on seven years.

Viagra sale buy Derek Lowe is still on the ‘Ho Stroll, viagra sale buy Petey wants to come back (I love you Petey but no, viagra sale buy no , viagra sale buyno- time to move on with the Mets life and yours)  and there is still is a big need for a right handed corner outfielder but today and the next three days I am putting all that to the side as it’s time ot concentrate on football as the New York Football Giants get to defend their Super Bowl Championship with a play off game Sunday against the Philadelphia Pigeons.

Viagra sale buy Here’s is what we know about the Pigeons, viagra sale buy they are Philly’s answer to the Mets as they never fulfill their fans desire with a Championship and know this too about Philadelphians They would trade 20 Phillies World Series Championships for One Pigeons Super Bowl Trophy. Viagra sale buy Philliy is a Pigeons Town first and foremost (with the Flyers second) but it’s too bad that Philly is running into the One NY team that has balls in the Football Giants.

Viagra sale buy Key to the game is Brandon Jacobs establishing his ball running prowess and the G-Men D-Line harassing the living shit out D-McMahon to the point he pukes (which he seems to do in big games)

Viagra sale buy This is a REAL NY-Philly rivalry and this time NY will come out on top

Viagra sale buy NY Football Giants 28

Viagra sale buy Philly Pigeons 17

Viagra sale buy GO BIG BLUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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