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Herbal alternative viagra Ok, herbal alternative viagra Ok, herbal alternative viagra I get it the Mets are broke and the Skill Sets are in denial as their empire is crumbling all around them, herbal alternative viagra so can all the copycat writers stop with the regurgitation of the Skill Sets financial quagmire please. Herbal alternative viagra How the hell can anyone write about the rise and fall of Freddy and Saul after Howard Megdal , herbal alternative viagra  who has written extensively on this subject, herbal alternative viagra put all the pieces together in his book Wilpon’s Folly. Herbal alternative viagra Everything that has been dished out by other writers is just a total rip off of Howard’s hard work. Herbal alternative viagra There is without a doubt more honor amongst bloggers than there is among the main stream media.

Herbal alternative viagra Let’s set another record straight as well as we get closer to reporting date of spring training. Herbal alternative viagra The club that will report to St. Herbal alternative viagra Lonesome in a week is not the re-incarnation of the 1962 Mets. Herbal alternative viagra They are not the 1986 Mets either. Herbal alternative viagra  This is not the worst team in baseball either; right now the Mets are a middle of the pack team. Herbal alternative viagra Sure the Mets will be a disadvantage playing in the stacked NL East but after what we’ve seen of this club last year do you really think they are going to lay down or go through the motions? Do you think Terry Collins or Sandy Alderson will tolerate that? While on the subject of Sandy Alderson, herbal alternative viagra Twitter is all a twitter over the GM tweeting some self-depreciating humor about the club; some folks are outraged over the snarky tweets that Alderson has tweeted. Herbal alternative viagra I guess those folks just don’t get it, herbal alternative viagra Alderson possess an outstanding dry sense of humor and is using social media as a platform as satire on all the comments about the teams money situation. Herbal alternative viagra Got get with the program folks this is the thinking fans GM.

Herbal alternative viagra Look, herbal alternative viagra I’d be as happy as any Mets fan is the Skill Sets sold the club and moved on, herbal alternative viagra never to be heard from again but I’ve been rooting for this team for too long and my love of baseball too deep to let their difficulties spoil my summer. Herbal alternative viagra As I said in an earlier post I’m rooting for Daniel Murphy and R.A Dickey and after reading the piece in the NY Daily News on Jason Bay, herbal alternative viagra I’ll root hard for him as well. Herbal alternative viagra Sure this team pisses me off a lot, herbal alternative viagra I’m mad as hell that the team doesn’t have money for starting pitching depth or a decent left handed bat for the bench but as angry as I am, herbal alternative viagra I can’t wait for the first spring game out of St. Herbal alternative viagra Lonesome on SNY.

Herbal alternative viagra I have no right to tell people how to spend their money and no one has the right to do that to me, herbal alternative viagra if you feel not going to Citi Field or watching the team on SNY or buying Mets merchandise will drive the Skill Sets out of power, herbal alternative viagra that’s your right but for me not going to Citi Field or watching SNY or listening to games on WFAN or buying a Mets 50th Anniversary jersey  would just make me fucking miserable (or more fucking miserable than a normal day)it’s what I love to do.

Herbal alternative viagra If you want to root against the Skill Sets that’s fine but to root against the Mets and by the Mets I mean the players, herbal alternative viagra coaches and manager, herbal alternative viagra that’s just plain stupid.

Herbal alternative viagra Remember all your favorite MSM columnists in this town were ready to burry Tom Coughlin, herbal alternative viagra Jerry Reece and the coaching staff of the NY Football Giants  in December, herbal alternative viagra today they have Coughlin in the Hall of Fame, herbal alternative viagra Reece is a genius and the coaching staff was right to stay the course. Herbal alternative viagra Two weeks ago, herbal alternative viagra the media was running Mike D’Antoni out of town on a rail, herbal alternative viagra Melo was out with injury and Amare had a family tragedy to deal with so the Knicks were finished, herbal alternative viagra But, herbal alternative viagra out of nowhere came Jeremy Lin and now the media is ready to kill Melo and Amare if they don’t come back and mesh with the rest of their teammates as Jeremy Lin has brought his Harvard Chemistry Set to turn the 2012 Knicks into 1969 Knicks. Herbal alternative viagra  So take note of all the MSM folks who are predicting that the Mets will suck this coming season and when they become the surprise team in MLB, herbal alternative viagra remember who called bullshit first when the fish wraps start comparing Terry Collins to Billy Martin as his “gritty, herbal alternative viagra gutsy”  Mets win more games than they lose.

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Cheap viagra from uk Just when you thought you’ve seen it or heard it all when it comes to how the Mets do business comes word that team has denied Journal News Mets blogger Howard Megdal’ request for a media credential for the upcoming season. Cheap viagra from uk Megdal’s crime? Telling the truth.

Cheap viagra from uk According to Megdal, cheap viagra from uk the Mets VP of Media Relations Jay Horowitz reason for reneging on the credential  was that “they don’t like his reporting” Megdal has tried to get a further explanation from the club but so far his request has fallen on deaf ears.

Cheap viagra from uk When the Mets claim that they don’t like the way Megdal reports they mean they don’t like the truth of their financial difficulties being made public. Cheap viagra from uk Megdal has written a book, cheap viagra from uk Wilpon’s Folly” that looks in depth how the Wilpon’s have gotten themselves into a mess of debt that they may not be able to get out of, cheap viagra from uk that could cost them ownership of the Mets. Cheap viagra from uk  It bothers the Mets greatly that Megdal, cheap viagra from uk through hard work and dogged investigating, cheap viagra from uk has laid out in full view, cheap viagra from uk how the Wilpon’s were duped by Bernie Madoff and swindled out of the family fortune. Cheap viagra from uk What’s most bothersome about the Wilpon’s is they have not been forthright in telling how this great swindle has affected the operation of the Mets and Megdal with his thorough investigative work has uncovered the truth.

Cheap viagra from uk To call Megdal a blogger is like calling Martin Scorsese a guy who makes movies, cheap viagra from uk Megdal is an accomplished author and freelance writer who has been credentialed by all the pro sports team in the area and his work has been published on, cheap viagra from uk New York Times and MLB Trade Rumors. Cheap viagra from uk  I could see if Megdal wrote a book that was not factual and that the Wilpons could prove it but he hasn’t and they can’t so they’ve decided to go take the bully route and not allow Howard to have a credential thus not allowing him to enhance his livelihood. Cheap viagra from uk See Megdal does not do this for fun, cheap viagra from uk this is his job, cheap viagra from uk it’s how he puts food on his table and because he did what no other writer had the guts to do, cheap viagra from uk and give Mets fans and the other readers the truth behind the crumbling Wilpon Empire he’s being punished.

Cheap viagra from uk I do not believe this edict came from anyone in the media or public relations department; it had to come from only one place, cheap viagra from uk the owner’s office. Cheap viagra from uk The folks who work in the Mets PR department know how badly they need sell this product that is Mets baseball. Cheap viagra from uk The fan base not only has disdain for this ownership but distrust as well, cheap viagra from uk banning Megdal from obtaining a media credential is not only petty, cheap viagra from uk it’s stupid. Cheap viagra from uk Beyond his talents as a writer, cheap viagra from uk Megdal is as passionate a Mets fan as there is which makes this even more of an underhanded nasty move by the club. Cheap viagra from uk  He’s not a go for free guy, cheap viagra from uk no; he’s a paying customer and a frequent customer of the Mets product I might add.

Cheap viagra from uk The Wilpon’s just don’t get it, cheap viagra from uk if they would have come out and told  the truth from day one about getting had by Madoff and that it would affect the operation of the team to where they’d have to adjust the way they do business, cheap viagra from uk Mets fans would have embraced them. Cheap viagra from uk There is no more forgiving fan base than Mets fans. Cheap viagra from uk Ask Keith Hernandez about the standing ovation he received after he testified in the Pittsburgh drug trials? Or ask Dwight Gooden and Darryl Strawberry about the way Mets fans treated them after their bouts with drugs and alcohol. Cheap viagra from uk Mets fans and Mets bloggers are good people and should be treated with more respect by this ownership, cheap viagra from uk none more than Howard Megdal.

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Herbal v viagra study I’m sure most Mets fans are like me when it comes to trying to make sense of the Mets finances in fact most fans talk about finances in pro sports  like it’s a penny ante poker game (what is team A offering $1.2 mil? You know what? Make our offer $2mil even, herbal v viagra study fans throw $850K around like its $8.50) So it was with great anticipation that I awaited Howard Megdal’s latest tome, herbal v viagra study “Wilpon’s Folly” (Bloomsbury USA) that not only gives a time line of the events and devastation that Bernie Madoff brought to the Skill Sets and to the Mets franchise but how much of this angst could have been avoid, herbal v viagra study if the Wilpon’s, herbal v viagra study specifically Saul Katz listened to confidants they were close to about the warning signs.

Herbal v viagra study Megdal put in exhausting research into this book and gives Mets fans insight into the people who run our beloved New York Mets. Herbal v viagra study  One of the main conclusions I took away with after reading Wilpon’s Folly’s is the Wilpon’s have a hard time taking good advice. Herbal v viagra study They got some very good advice that could have protected themselves and their finances but chose to ignore the warning signs that Madoff was trouble, herbal v viagra study specifically Saul Katz whose own son, herbal v viagra study begged for him to diversify from Madoff but Saul Katz had bought into the Madoff way of business hook, herbal v viagra study line and sinker that has me wonder what goes on in Katz’ mind when he sits and reflects on this calamity.

Herbal v viagra study As you read Wilpon’s Folly you just wonder where is the end game, herbal v viagra study when does it hit rock bottom for the Wilpon’s and what happens with the Mets when it does. Herbal v viagra study Megdal comes up with a plan that makes sense and makes you wonder if someone close to the Wilpon’s would pitch to them in order to save whatever assets they can.

Herbal v viagra study As much as Freddy Skill Sets wants to be Mets owner for life, herbal v viagra study that looks like a pipe dream and just goes to show you that Mets fans are “we-be’s” We be here when they got here and We be still here when they’re gone.

Herbal v viagra study  

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Drug sample viagra You always tell kids in Little League (as Ron Darling stated) when a ball goes under a fence, drug sample viagra raise both your arms straight up in the air. Drug sample viagra Willy Taveras  must have missed that lesson when he was seven but his folly is Omir Santos gain with an inside-the-park-grannie.

Drug sample viagra Ollie Perez threw strikes today and the Nationals and most of them were tattooed by Nationals batters. Drug sample viagra The Mets will spin OP performance like a Maytag washer. Drug sample viagra Don’t worry he still feels great and looks very fit in his snow white’s.

Drug sample viagra On the other hand, drug sample viagra Hisanori Takahashi was incredible punching out 6 in 3 innings of work. Drug sample viagra That’s NON-ROSTER LHP Hisanori Takahashi. Drug sample viagra LHP Pat Misch also was stellar in his 3 innings at work. Drug sample viagra Sometimes the solution to your problems are right under your nose.

Drug sample viagra Frenchy loves to show off that cannon he has throwing out Kevin Mench and Pete Orr at the plate. Drug sample viagra Each play was no contest.

Drug sample viagra Big Pelf took a shot off the leg yesterday but and X-Ray didn’t show any damage. Drug sample viagra Surgery is scheduled for Tuesday.

Drug sample viagra Everybody Loves Ike

Drug sample viagra Has Charlie Samuels lost his mind? How the hell does Chris “The Phuckin’ Phillie” Coste get uni number 3 ?

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Cheap viagra Happy Easter to all even though the weather in NYC feels more like Christmas. Cheap viagra Tomorrow morning should be the last of the 30 degree temps in the morning so says Megan Glaros the weather honey on Ch 2. Cheap viagra I think she said that but I’m not quite sure because every time I watch her give the weather reports I fall into a daze and just picture her telling me the forecast naked. Cheap viagra Is Glaros hot? Muy caliente muchachos, cheap viagra muy caliente

Cheap viagra Livan Hernandez may be just and innings eating back of the rotation pitcher but last night he was an artist. Cheap viagra Hernandez proved everything that is the art of pitching. Cheap viagra It doesn’t matter how hard you throw, cheap viagra if you have command of your pitches that you can hit whatever spot you want, cheap viagra then you’re a Master.

Cheap viagra Jerry Manuel, cheap viagra Ryan Church has accepted your challenge

Cheap viagra Two things went against Marlon Anderson, cheap viagra he hit left-handed and he wasn’t a pitcher so the Mets had to let him go. Cheap viagra He shouldn’t have been with the team anyway as signing him to a two year deal was another Omar folly but Anderson did leave an impression on D-Wright and it seems he was more valuable to the team than most fans (me) felt:

Cheap viagra  

Cheap viagra “He was probably one of the most unselfish players that I’ve ever played with, cheap viagra”  

Cheap viagra said. Cheap viagra “He was always looking out for what he thought was the best thing for the team.”

Cheap viagra  

Cheap viagra That’s it for today. Cheap viagra It’s Easter and I’m dining at my in laws today and want to get a good seat at the table so I can scarf down some lasagna (you can keep the lamb and the ham) and bogart the TV to watch the Mets . Cheap viagra Later

Cheap viagra  

Cheap viagra David Wright

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