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Viagra next day delivery Check out last nights Sports Media Watchdogs Podcast where Mike Silva and I talk about my day  at Highlander Stadium, viagra next day delivery Mike’s bet with Michale Kay, viagra next day delivery The Giants season preview and a look at the NHL Lockout.

Viagra next day delivery I haven’t had much time to post this weekend as the last holiday of the summer has been a whirlwind between having a big barbeque at my house, viagra next day delivery the up early to get to Highlander Stadium (more on the in a minute) and now today off to Coney Island to see and root for the Brooklyn Cyclones as they try to get the NY-Penn League Wild Card spot.

Viagra next day delivery Yesterday I was at Highlander Stadium for an event where the NY Highlanders were honoring young men who had achieved the status of Eagle Scout in the past year. Viagra next day delivery So with my son and nephew achieving this we were all invited to the game between the Highlander and Orioles.

Viagra next day delivery All the Scouts were brought on to the field for a pre-game ceremony and they too a group shot that was shown on the giant TV screen in centerfield but no player joined them to take a picture or shake their hands, viagra next day delivery oh well. Viagra next day delivery We were given seats in the terrace section of left field which is just below the upper deck. Viagra next day delivery Problem with that section is you can’t’ see left field or left/center field, viagra next day delivery so I missed Mark Reynolds two home runs which made my delayed cheering a bit awkward, viagra next day delivery oh yeah I was rooting for Buck’s Birds yesterday for sure.

Viagra next day delivery The stadium is massive, viagra next day delivery so big that to see everything there is from food and stores would take you all game to see. Viagra next day delivery If you sit up in the upper reaches of the stadium and would like to go all the way to the field level where they have a food court, viagra next day delivery you’re going to miss at least two innings getting down there another inning getting food and another couple of innings getting back upstairs. Viagra next day delivery  Not really worth it.

Viagra next day delivery The seats, viagra next day delivery especially the bleachers are so far back from the action that even when fans make noise they’re not a factor in making a difference. Viagra next day delivery I’ve heard louder fan noise at Shea/Citi Field after a 2 hour rain delay when maybe 1, viagra next day delivery500-2, viagra next day delivery000 fans were still in the park. Viagra next day delivery It could be the weekend crowd in the Bronx is different than the weeknight crowd as the upstate contingent of Highlander fans show up regularly on the weekend for day games (leaving the parking lot it’s funny to see the Major Deegan northbound bumper to bumper and the southbound entrance to the FDR south a breeze) but the stadium was monastery quiet most of the game and for a game that was crucial to the Highlanders it was a bit of a shock to me.

Viagra next day delivery Ok time to watch Collin McHugh take on the Cards for a few innings then head to Coney Island

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Cialis soft While the Mets were off yesterday they still made some news albeit bad news that Tim Brydak is suffering from torn capsule in his left shoulder, cialis soft same injury that Johan Santana and Chris Young suffered, cialis soft and is done for the season and maybe for good.

Cialis soft A real shame that Brydak has gone down injury and this one is devastating when you factor in his age (38) and he doesn’t have a contract for 2013. Cialis soft I would not count Brydak out from returning to pitching after rehabbing this injury but I doubt he’s come back to the Mets if he did.

Cialis soft If you are in the Tarrytown area today between 12 Noon and 1:30 PM, cialis soft head over to the Citi Bank branch at 2 South Broadway to meet John Franco and get a handshake, cialis soft picture and an autograph.

Cialis soft Ike Davis and country music performer Lee Brice will join in a benefit for Solving Kids Cancer at the City Winery on September 9th at 7 PM. Cialis soft City Winery is located at 155 Varick St in Manhattan. Cialis soft  Along with the concert there will be an open bar, cialis soft raffles and an auction.

Cialis soft The Mets will unveil a new concession tonight at Citi Field, cialis soft Pat LaFrieda’s Steak Sandwich. Cialis soft The sandwich is made with 100 % Black Angus Filet Mignon, cialis soft Monterey Jack cheese, cialis soft caramelized onions, cialis soft special au jus sauce on a toasted baguette. Cialis soft The only thing this sandwich doesn’t have is power and the abilty to play right field. Cialis soft The sandwich will be sold at the Taste of the City food court on the field level behind centerfield.

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Viagra message board For those of you who are still interested, viagra message board Mets single game tickets go on sale today at 10AM. When you click on the link you’ll see that opening day is still available. Viagra message board It wasn’t long ago that opening day was one of the toughest tickets of the season to obtain. Viagra message board You either had to be a season ticket holder, viagra message board of a partial plan holder to get a first game ticket and regular price. Viagra message board I remember some seasons paying a premium price on the secondary market to make sure I was in the ball park for the season opener. Viagra message board This year I bought my opening day ticket on a special pre-sale but not to worry if you haven’t purchased yours yet there should be plenty for sale.They’ll be plenty of concourse space to stroll around the ballpark on April 8. Viagra message board Sad. Viagra message board  

Viagra message board Mets management has come up with a very good move in making sections 338 and 339 the Mr. Viagra message board Mets Landing. Viagra message board Ticket for kids under 12 years old are 10 bucks and for adults $20. Viagra message board That’s well worth it. Viagra message board Now if the organization would just understand they are not in a real strong position to have price tiering and how it is an absolute turn off to fans and the fact they really need to stop catering to the fat cats who could care less if the Mets win or lose as long as the Chablis and brie is flowing and price their tickets to a more middle class fan friendly level, viagra message board it would be better for business. Viagra message board I see all these ads with the catchy slogans but I guess I missed the one that said all tickets 50 % off.

Viagra message board It’s very rare that I link to Phil Muschnick on this site but today(Thanks to Eagle for the link) he had a column that sums up what Citi Field, viagra message board Highlander Stadium on eventually Madison Square Garden have become, viagra message board a mall with sporting events going on.

Viagra message board No need to rehash my assessment of Citi Field as a food court with a baseball diamond but all the new stadiums in the area have become just that. Viagra message board There is no home field advantage anymore for any of the NYC teams, viagra message board they play in gentrified playgrounds where the emphasis is on the cuisine and drink rather than the home run, viagra message board touchdown or power play goal.

Viagra message board Another must read today is Larry Brooks column on the NY Rangers having no home ice advantage anymore at MSG. Viagra message board You need not be a hockey fan to read this article as it pertains to all the sports teams here in NYC. Viagra message board Back in the late 70’s and through the decade of the 1980’s if you were a visiting hockey team coming into MSG, viagra message board you were intimidated by who was in stands more than who was on the ice. Viagra message board  I sat in the late lamented Section 432 of the Blue Seats back then and every game night at the Garden was intense. Viagra message board When the Islanders came in the building during the National Anthem all you could here were screams of POTVIN SUCKS and banners were unfurled from the seats in the obstructed section of the Blues proclaiming Mike Bossy’ enjoyment of anal sex. Viagra message board (thanks to Blutto for that correction how could I forget “Bossy takes it up the ass doo dah doo dah”) Today if you yell too loud in MSG you’re looked at as someone strange.

Viagra message board Shea was the same way. Viagra message board Ask the Cubs of 1969, viagra message board the Astros and Red Sox of 1986. Viagra message board How many games did the Mets play at Shea that were either rain delayed or into extra innings or they were down double digits runs and all you could hear were the die hards screaming LET’S GO METS, viagra message board LET’S GO METS. Viagra message board How many LET’S GO METS chants have you heard at Citi Field? Not many, viagra message board Have you ever been to a game at Citi where  Johan  Santana, viagra message board Big Pelf or Frankie Rodriguez had a two strike count  and two outs and you got up from your seat the clap and encourage that third strike because as fans that’s what we do, viagra message board and be told to please sit down? I know you’re nodding your head because if it happened to me I know it has happened to you.

Viagra message board The Skill Sets made a deal with the devil catering to those they thought were kind of folks with deep pockets who would pay any price to sit in a suite or club seat at Citi Field but all they got was a pitch fork stuck in their ass.

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How much does cialis cost The big debate in our section today at Shea (Section 40 of the Upper Deck) was where was everyone ? It seems it wasn’t just our section asking the question? Don’t get me wrong there were a lot of fans at the game but not 54, how much does cialis cost000 plus as was reported maybe 45, how much does cialis cost000 or so which is a healthy number and a sell out at $iti Field but the lack of full house made me look like a idiot. How much does cialis cost I had my family up and out of the house by 10 AM “Hey, how much does cialis cost it’s Billy Wagner Bobble Head day  and the game is sold out (so said the Mets web site) and you want to stop to get lunch (SUBWAY on 108 St four sandwiches for the price of one at SUBWAY in the RF food court) and then <HORROR> WE HAVE TO FIND PARKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know if it’s all those “Take Mass Transit to Shea” ads or just the fact that one day we got to the stadium late and had to park near the tennis center that has me soiling my boxers over parking.

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How much does cialis cost Well even with the usual bullshit traffic jam on the Gowanus (my next car will have a fucking rocket launcher on the hood just to take out the assholes who drive allllllllllll the way down to the BQE/Brooklyn Bridge merge and cut in)  and the non-English speaking counterperson in SUBWAY (in the immortal words of the great Sheepshead Bay philosopher Andrew Dice Clay, how much does cialis cost “If you want to live here, how much does cialis cost LEARN THE FUCKIN’ LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!) and the unsyncnized traffic lights, how much does cialis cost we get to Shea, how much does cialis cost park the car in the MTA lot across from that Stadium and get our Billy Wagner Bobblehead dolls all by 11:45AM. How much does cialis cost WHOOP-DEE-DOO After that the afternoon went down hill.

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How much does cialis cost Not only did most of ticket holders not show up but neither did the Mets. How much does cialis cost For a team that should have been primed to put the hammer down on a team they are neck and neck with, how much does cialis cost the Mets played like it was a late March afternoon in St. How much does cialis cost Lonesome. How much does cialis cost The only one who showed up for work was Daniel Murphy who is Dave Magadan with pop. How much does cialis cost So much for all the “experts” who said the Mets have a weak farm system and no depth as we have seen the last three weeks or so this team does have some players in the system and some are potential stars. How much does cialis cost So a tip of the Mets cap to Omar Minaya and the much maligned Tony Bernazard for that.

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How much does cialis cost Big Pelf was rolling along until the fifth when he suddenly lost command of the strike zone. How much does cialis cost He got Hanley Ramirez to fly to Chavez in right but then walked “Roids Gonzalez to set up a big inning for the Fish. How much does cialis cost Cantu grounded out allowing Gonzo to advance to second with two out setting up a decision for Pelf and the Mets. How much does cialis cost Old School Dean, how much does cialis cost Dan Warthen came out and it looked like the question would be “pick your poison” Mike Jacobs the lefty or go after Dan Uggla?  Uggla has cooled off since the All Star break so it looked as if Pelf and the Mets decided to pitch around Jacobs and go after Uggla. How much does cialis cost Jacobs walked and Uggla made the Mets pay with a two run double to the gap in right/center. How much does cialis cost Big Pelf clearly was pissed off about the what just transpired and took it out on Cody Ross by hitting him square in the back (Ross is an annoying little prick in the Shane Victorino annoying little prick mold so seeing him take one in the back was the Mets Highlight of the Day. How much does cialis cost Give Big Pelf a Croton watch for that)   and with the pitcher spot to come to bat next inning for the Mets, how much does cialis cost they   needed Pelf to get out the inning but after walking Jeremy Hermidia that was it for Big Pelf and Eddie Kunz came in and gave up a walk before K’ing Josh Johnson to end the inning. How much does cialis cost  While most of the game the fans eyes were fixated on the sky as we all watched the weather reports this morning about the end of the world rain that was coming (it didn’t rain until the 9th inning by the way thank you local meteorologists YOU SUCK!!!) it seemed the Mets were wishing for a big gully washer to end their miserable day.

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How much does cialis cost Two things that made me smile at Shea toady besides a great parking space:

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How much does cialis cost While filling out my scorecard, how much does cialis cost the Shea PA system played “Everyday is like Sunday “ by Morrissey  and then Jane Jarvis took down Number 24 on the Shea Countdown off the outfield wall.

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How much does cialis cost The saddest thing I experienced at Shea today:

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How much does cialis cost I was the only person in my section who not only knew who Jane Jarvis was but actually stood and applauded her. How much does cialis cost My kids were embarrassed (not as much as my son was when we met Jerry Remy in Hyannis as my son called me a “fan-girl” not even a fan-boy but a girl as he said I went way over the top in talking the Rem-Dog ) then when I tried to explain to them how we would clap to the Mexican Hat Dance when Lady Jane played the Thomas Organ between innings they all wanted to crawl under their seats. How much does cialis cost Nasty little kids! 

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How much does cialis cost Back to work for me tomorrow after two weeks off and I am dreading the amount of work that will be on my desk. How much does cialis cost If I post anything tomorrow it will be in the PM or I’ll be in Central Booking for shredding government documents to lessen my work load. How much does cialis cost  

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