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Alternate to viagra With Time Warner and Comcast reaching in to their deep pockets to help out their SNY partner the Skill Sets , alternate to viagra it has all the earmarks of the old 3 Card Monte games you used to see around the ol’ Forty-Duce back in the day. Alternate to viagra Instead of having a kid yell out “5-0!! 5-0!!” to warn that the cops were in route, alternate to viagra I picture Jeffey standing on the corner playing chickey yelling “PICARD!! PICARD!!

Alternate to viagra I guess it makes sense for TW and Comcast to help bailout the Skill Sets as the Mets are the main TV programing on SNY, alternate to viagra speaking of SNY do you watch any of their programing other than the Mets or any Mets related programing? I didn’t think so. Alternate to viagra I’m waiting for them to broadcast Classic Giuseppe Franco commercials. Alternate to viagra Wouldn’t that be the kicker if old Joey ended up buying a share of the Mets?

Alternate to viagra The Kid toughed it out last night as he headed out to see his Palm Beach Atlantic University baseball team open it’s season. Alternate to viagra  A very bittersweet night is was as Carter hasn’t made any public appearances since his fight with cancer and with the tumors retuning who knows if he ever will again. Alternate to viagra If you were shocked by the Carter’s appearance then I guess you have never had a friend or family member stricken with this insidious disease. Alternate to viagra Consider yourself fortunate. Alternate to viagra   

Alternate to viagra Sunday is shaping up to be one of the great sports viewing days in a long, alternate to viagra long time. Alternate to viagra Start off the morning with Chelsea-ManU at Stamford Bridge at 10AM; follow that up with Grizzles-Celtics at Noon with a switch over to Rangers-Flyers at 1PM then a little break and head over for a Super Bowl party with some friends-A Giants fans only party I might add-for Giants-Patriots. Alternate to viagra  Good thing I’ve been training for years for this kind of endurance test.

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Buying viagra This photo is paid for by the Twisted Citizens Committee To Bring Back The Old Forty-Duce, buying viagra

Buying viagra Steve Keane, buying viagra President.

Buying viagra Hey Bed-Stuy, buying viagra Park Slope, buying viagra St Albans and Eastchester, buying viagra Mayor Moneybags is sorry your streets have not been plowed but there are more important areas of the city that need to be cleared of snow before you folks get relief.  The first tourist in NYC that wishes me a Happy New Year will get a punch in the face.

Buying viagra Exhausted from shoveling snow? Sick of the holidays?  Depressed that this is the beginning of a long cold winter? Here’s a name that will make you smile and warm your heart, buying viagra Benny Agbayani.

Buying viagra Add another name to the Mets search for a low risk/high reward pitcher, buying viagra Chris Capuano .

Buying viagra Adam Rubin’ snitches in Mexico report on Oliver Perez getting lit up again in the Mexican Winter League. Buying viagra Before you say “cut his sorry ass” a caveat, buying viagra Ollie is holding left handed batters to a .163 BA. Buying viagra He could be one very expensive LOOGY.

Buying viagra So Brett Farve gets a $50K fine for sending pics of his tallywhacker to Jenn Sterger. Buying viagra Sterger’s attorney is outraged, buying viagra OUTRAGED that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell handed down such a light sentence. Buying viagra  After looking at the evidence, buying viagra Goodell suggested to Sterger to take Farve to small claims court.

Buying viagra See what happens when you become Mike Francesa’s butt boy, buying viagra as Jon Heyman has become, buying viagra you make stupid statements that shreds your credibility.

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