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Spain female viagra I know it’s all the rage to kill David Wright for his lack of clutchness lately but after checking out Baseball Reference, spain female viagra it looks like that anger is misplaced. Spain female viagra Wright has a line of .290/.385/.581 with RISP. Spain female viagra The other three big hitters for the Mets haven’t come close to the numbers Wright has put up.

Spain female viagra Jason Bay with his .250/.370/.389 w/RISP has not been the run producer the club felt he would be. Spain female viagra The real busts in the clutch have been Jeff Francouer and Jose Reyes-.200/.237/.286 w/RISP- but in Reyes’ defense he has been misplaced as a #3 hitter. Spain female viagra It was an experiment by Jerry Manuel and I think we can say it’s a failed one and it’s time to put Reyes back in the 1hole. Spain female viagra Frenchy has been a total disaster when it comes to getting a hit in the clutch as his .200/.295/.257 line shows. Spain female viagra That bubbly personality of Frenchy’s will get him by for so long.

Spain female viagra Wright it seems is a victim again of non-support in the lineup for the second season in a row, spain female viagra with Wright down in the 5 spot, spain female viagra most times Reyes and Bay, spain female viagra hitting in front of Wright, spain female viagra they have not been getting the job done putting all the pressure on Wright. Spain female viagra It’s time to abandon the Reyes in the 3 hole and move Wright back to that spot.

Spain female viagra Jerry Manuel’ patients has turned to stubbornness and needs to shake the lineup up. Spain female viagra Oh by the way, spain female viagra Carlos Beltran will lace up a pair of running shoes today but its anyone’s guess if he will actually run in them though.   

Spain female viagra Now that Chris Carter has been recalled from Buffalo, spain female viagra as Frank Catalanotto gets his release (how in good conscious does Manuel put GMJ up to bat, spain female viagra it’s like J-Man is shoving the shityness of Mathews in Omar’s face, spain female viagra “You won’t cut him so I’ll keep playin’ him.”) This guy is very happy The Animal is up.

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Viagra with no prescription At the end of the day, viagra with no prescription you know what I mean, viagra with no prescription it is what it is, viagra with no prescription at the end of the day that is”

Viagra with no prescription From the Tao of Omar

Viagra with no prescription If you came here to day for an explanation on the moves made by Jerry Manuel, viagra with no prescription well, viagra with no prescription you came to the wrong place. Viagra with no prescription How do you explain taking out David Wright for Fernando Tatis ? By saying Tatis is the emergency 3rd catcher? Well, viagra with no prescription fine but how do you justify keeping GMJ in the game in left field? How do you justify GMJ being on this team?  

Viagra with no prescription The shame here is the waste of good pitching by the Mets with this anemic offense, viagra with no prescription The Jose Reyes experiment as the 3 hitter should end right now. Viagra with no prescription I don’t know if it’s a matter of not being comfortable in that spot or if it’s just that Reyes was rushed back, viagra with no prescription whatever it is something’s not right with Reyes. Viagra with no prescription So put him back on the top of the order. Viagra with no prescription I hate to go after Luis Castillo as he is the only one other than Wright who actually gets on base, viagra with no prescription but he’s not even a banjo hitter at this point, viagra with no prescription he’s more ukulele at this point, viagra with no prescription so drop him to 8th .  Rod Barajas has the hot power bat so keep in the 7 spot. Viagra with no prescription As for Jason Bay, viagra with no prescription there is no sense in benching him, viagra with no prescription this is a bad slump for sure but if you did give him a day or two off who do you replace him with ? The Mets bench sucks, viagra with no prescription except for Hank White.  So what to do, viagra with no prescription well here would be my lineup for Friday vs the Giants

Viagra with no prescription Reyes

Viagra with no prescription Pagan

Viagra with no prescription Wright

Viagra with no prescription Bay

Viagra with no prescription Davis

Viagra with no prescription Francoeur

Viagra with no prescription Barajas

Viagra with no prescription Castillo

Viagra with no prescription Pelfrey

Viagra with no prescription I know that Manuel likes to spilt up left/right but you don’t have personnel for that set up. Viagra with no prescription By letting Davis hit 5th that’s the best you can do to keep from tipping too much to the right.

Viagra with no prescription The biggest knock I have with management is the lack of creativity. Viagra with no prescription As I stated , viagra with no prescriptionthe Mets bench is awful. Viagra with no prescription Mets fans want GMJ gone and I agree but Frank Catalanotto is just as bad and needs to go as well. Viagra with no prescription Daniel Murphy is a long way from getting back to Flushing so he’s not an option right now. Viagra with no prescription But Chris Carter is an option right now. Viagra with no prescription Carter can’t do anymore than he’s doing in Buffalo and with GMJ proving the Angles right in giving him away, viagra with no prescription it reeks of penny pinching that GMJ is not shown the door and Carter is not given a  shot with the big league team. Viagra with no prescription I have no problem keeping Tatis as he had value as a pinch hitter and can fill in any where on the field.

Viagra with no prescription How about going after Matt Stairs of the Padres ? or Mark Kotsay of the White Sox or Scott Podsednik and Willie Bloomquist of the Royals. Viagra with no prescription Time for Omar and Manuel to stop with all the double talk jive bullshit and shake this offense up. Viagra with no prescription If neither guy is up to the job then get out and let someone in who can. Viagra with no prescription No team is going to run away with the NL east nor the Wild Card, viagra with no prescription it’s time to get aggressive.

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Viagra levitra When it came time to step up, viagra levitra John Maine did just that. Viagra levitra Or maybe it was the fear of seeing Jerry Manuel yank Ollie Perez after 3.2 innings that scared Maine straight or should I say scared the movement out him as Maine, viagra levitra still unable to hit 90 mph on the radar gun with his fastball, viagra levitra had his fastball dancing like Bo jangles Robinson. Viagra levitra It was a fine piece of pitching by Maine.

Viagra levitra I’m sure we can all agree that it’s “the pitching stupid” that has set off this Mets revival, viagra levitra but don’t overlook the aggressive way the team plays on defense and on the bases. Viagra levitra The team is starting to figure out how to use the vast gaps of the $iti Field outfield. Viagra levitra The players have adopted this terrific bust your ass attitude when it comes to base running. Viagra levitra Balls hit in the gap are not taken for granted as before. Viagra levitra How many times last year did we see Mets batters hit one to gap and watch them jog into second base? Now the mindset is go for three. Viagra levitra This might backfire once in a awhile but most times this aggressive type of base running will pay great dividends. Viagra levitra At least once this year, viagra levitra Frenchy will throw someone out on at 1st base on one hopper to RF.

Viagra levitra I will concede that Daniel Murphy’ days as Mets first base man are over. Viagra levitra But what has me pissed is Mets fans acting like Murphy is a leper. Viagra levitra When Ty Wigington was a Met he was a folk hero and Murphy is cut from the same blue collar cloth as Wiggy. Viagra levitra When he gets healthy, viagra levitra Murphy will play in some extended spring games and then do some rehab games at Bingo or Buffalo. Viagra levitra I would think the plan is to make Murphy into a super sub where he can fill in at LF, viagra levitra or 2nd, viagra levitra 3rd or 1B. Viagra levitra Yes I know Murphy was awful in left field but working in the minors and with the work ethic he has I’m sure he could become serviceable in the outfield. Viagra levitra I guess all you Murphy haters enjoy watching Frank Catalanotto.

Viagra levitra Remember Mike Bacsik who pitched for the Mets back in 2001-2002 ? Bacsik came to the Mets as part of the Robbie Alomar deal with the Indians. Viagra levitra Bacsik had a nondescript career with the Mets and his claim to fame up until a few days ago was giving up Barry Bonds 756th home run. Viagra levitra I saw Bacisk’ name on Twitter so I started following him and found out that he was a sportstalk radio host and show producer, viagra levitra was is the key word as Bacsik was canned from his job at KTCK in Dallas. Viagra levitra Bacsik lost his job due to his rants on his private Twitter page during the Mavs-Spurs game the other night. Viagra levitra I saw some of Bacsik’ Tweets that night and they were quite amusing especially his complaints about the officiating of the Mavs-Spurs playoff series in which he Tweeted about NBA Commish David Stern and his refs sucking. Viagra levitra It was when Bacsik Tweeted about the “dirty Mexicans” in San Antonio that he got his ass in a sling. Viagra levitra Bacsik claims he was at a bar and drinking heavily while watching the game and Tweeting. Viagra levitra So if anything Bacsik is guilty of TUI, viagra levitra Tweeting Under the Influence. Viagra levitra Bacsik is hoping to get his job back though by playing the Rickey Bobby card, viagra levitra asking the little baby Jesus for forgiveness.

Viagra levitra The Mets and NY Water Taxi have brought back the service to $iti Field after a one year hiatus. Viagra levitra This was my favorite mode of transportation to Shea. Viagra levitra It took a bit longer than by car but it was much more enjoyable. Viagra levitra When I saw they were bringing the service back and it was free I was jumping for joy but then I read the fine print, viagra levitra the boat is a one way trip. Viagra levitra Why? The best part of the ride was the return trip. Viagra levitra You could sit outside have a cold drink and just chill. Viagra levitra My guess is the free one way trip is a way to gauge interest in fans taking the water taxi to the game and maybe after a few trips one way and having to fight the crowds of the 7 train back to the city, viagra levitra fans will clamor for round trip service and not mind paying a fee. Viagra levitra I hope it happens as I’d be a frequent sailor.

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Viagra experiences Ike Davis was pulled from the Buffalo Bison line up today and is en route to Flushing. Viagra experiences Is he the Savior? No and no one is claiming he is what he is, viagra experiences is a player to get excited about watching as the rest of the team flounders.

Viagra experiences If you prefer Mike Jacobs or Fernando Tatis at first base or Frank Catalanotto batting clean up then you deserve to have Jeffey Skill Sets as your owner and Omar Minaya as your GM.

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Herbal alternatives to viagra Trying to write something creative this morning and it’s just not happening so I’ll just throw some shit on the wall see what sticks:

Herbal alternatives to viagra If Jose Reyes is 100 % healthy then why not let him start on opening day? Why is it even a question? His legs don’t seem to be any problem so if his thyroid levels are fine then why wouldn’t Jose be at shortstop on Monday?

Herbal alternatives to viagra I would love to be in the room when soon to be Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov and Jay-Z sit down and talk to LeBron James about joining the Brooklyn Nets. Herbal alternatives to viagra Mr. Herbal alternatives to viagra Prokhorov is going to be the most newsworthy sports owner this town has seen since a big blowhard ship builder from Cleveland rolled into town.

Herbal alternatives to viagra This Monday has been renamed Monumental Monday. Herbal alternatives to viagra Opening day at $iti Field. Herbal alternatives to viagra The NCAA Final and two hour episode of 24. Herbal alternatives to viagra  I’m busting sweat just thinking of how the Jack Bauer, herbal alternatives to viagra Dana Walsh  interrogation scene will play out.

Herbal alternatives to viagra Major tip of the BLUE Mets cap to Shannon Shark over at Mets Police for uncovering the Fanwalk faux pau naming Sid Fernandez the winner of Game 7 of the’86 World Sereis when it was actually Roger McDowell who earned the win. Herbal alternatives to viagra At the time that game was over, herbal alternatives to viagra we really didn’t give a rats ass who go the winner to tell the truth all I remember is pandemonium in the streets of Queens and that for one on the dozen or so times in my life I woke up the next day in my bed having no recollection of how I got home.  Ahhhhhh good times. Herbal alternatives to viagra Also Mets Police is recruiting for the Blue Cap Army to meet up Monday at $iti Field.

Herbal alternatives to viagra It’s a three man race to grab the 25th spot on the Mets roster. Herbal alternatives to viagra The candidates are Mike Jacobs, herbal alternatives to viagra Frank Catalanotto and Chris Carter. Herbal alternatives to viagra Very tough choices. Herbal alternatives to viagra The first one I’d dismiss in Jacobs who is a hit a home run or miss guy and a not very good first baseman. Herbal alternatives to viagra It was commendable of Jacobs to put on the catcher gear and volunteer to be the emergency catcher. Herbal alternatives to viagra How often do you need an emergency catcher? Carter has earned the name The Animal for Jerry Manuel and Catalanotto is a savvy vet who can play just about any position on a baseball field. Herbal alternatives to viagra If I had to make the choice, herbal alternatives to viagra I’d take Frankie The Cat.

Herbal alternatives to viagra Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes Who? Raul Valdes

Herbal alternatives to viagra Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new and improved LMILLZ

Herbal alternatives to viagra I don’t look at Darryl Strawberry as being a quitter for leaving The Apprentice, herbal alternatives to viagra it’s more like he was bored and tired of the stupid tasks he was asked to do. Herbal alternatives to viagra Whoever signed off on making this show two hours should BE FIRED! Thank God for TiVO. Herbal alternatives to viagra By the way as soon as Cyndi Lauper and Summer Sanders are fired I’ll be done with The Apprentice.

Herbal alternatives to viagra So long Chris Coste, herbal alternatives to viagra Don’t let the door hit you in the ass on your way out!

Herbal alternatives to viagra It looks like the new McFadden’s at $iti Field is going to be THE place to be.

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Viagra next day The worst part of the Reyes Thyroid melodrama is not the illness as it appears with rest and proper diet, viagra next day Reyes can get his overactive Thyroid under control, viagra next day it’s the fact that the front office now has to make some very important personnel moves and that alone should set all our Thyroids into overdrive.

Viagra next day As a fan I’m petrified about Jerry Manuel getting his way, viagra next day having Jenry Mejia thrust into the set up role, viagra next day and of Alex Cora becoming the everyday shortstop, viagra next day and Cora can crow with all his bravado about grabbing the shortstop job until Reyes comes back but in the words of Harry Callahan, viagra next day “A man’s got to know his limitations” you are what you are an overpaid backup. Viagra next day Now Manuel has another problem, viagra next day trying to put together a lineup without two major pieces, viagra next day a leadoff hitter and three- hole hitter.

Viagra next day The way it looks now the lineup for opening day would be this:

Viagra next day Pagan

Viagra next day Castillo

Viagra next day Wright

Viagra next day Bay

Viagra next day Murphy

Viagra next day Francouer

Viagra next day Barajas

Viagra next day Tejada

Viagra next day However, viagra next day with the current situation the Mets find themselves in now and the way Ike Davis is hitting, viagra next day the Mets may be forced into brining Davis up and letting him be the everyday first baseman. Viagra next day Now you may be saying, viagra next day “Aren’t you the big time Murphy Fanboy” yes, viagra next day yes I am, viagra next day the problem is though, viagra next day Murphy is not a 5 hole hitter, viagra next day he is more a 2 or a 7 but with Wright and Bay both hitting from the right side, viagra next day to have Frenchy got to 5, viagra next day I would not be comfortable with three consecutive right handed batters plus Davis is showing that he could be ready and having that lefty power bat early on not only would boost the lineup but it would re-invigorate the fan base.

Viagra next day Murphy early on would be a lefty bat off the bench and by the time Beltran comes back (talk about a guy who has fallen off the radar screen, viagra next day is Beltran working out in camp? at home?, viagra next day at the mall ? where’s Carlos B ?)   along with Cora and either GMJ (switch-hitter) or Frank Catalanotto or Chris Carter with Fernando Tatis and Henry Blanco ready from the right side.  Then when Beltran and Reyes do come back, viagra next day reassess the situation and move accordingly.

Viagra next day The biggest gripe I have and most Mets fans have is the lack of a strong leader in management. Viagra next day There is no one in the Mets organization that can stepped to a podium that makes me feel like they are in control of any situation. Viagra next day It’s sad. Viagra next day Every time a situation arises with this team it turns into embarrassment, viagra next day we want to believe, viagra next day we want to look at the ownership with confidence that there is a plan, viagra next day we want to see the manager and players hold their heads high and play tough physically and mentally but all we get is a bunch of guys with high water pants and eye glasses held together with scotch tape. Viagra next day Not very inspiring is it?

Viagra next day I’d go into the pitching situation but my Morphine drip is almost empty.

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Cheap link suggest viagra Again it’s one of those days where the minutia in my head is overflowing so the floodgates are now open:

Cheap link suggest viagra As any Mets fan I am concerned for the health of Jose Reyes but I’m trying to get a handled on the hysteria over the revelation of Reyes having an overactive thyroid . Cheap link suggest viagra I guess it’s due to the fact that my wife has had problems with her thyroid for years and takes Synthroid for an under active thyroid and it hasn’t been a huge hindrance to her so that leads  me to think Reyes will be fine. Cheap link suggest viagra You want something to worry about, cheap link suggest viagra worry about the bullpen.

Cheap link suggest viagra I’m getting worried that the manger and the front office are going to screw up on Jenry Mejia big time. Cheap link suggest viagra Yesterday Mejia gave the team a dominant performance in relief and with the bunch of  JAG’s (just another guys) roaming the pen, cheap link suggest viagra how much temptation is there for Jerry Manuel, cheap link suggest viagra with April now a job/career saving month, cheap link suggest viagra  to put pressure on the front office to bring the 20 year neophyte north at the end of spring training ?

Cheap link suggest viagra Am I in the minority about this air traffic controller at Kennedy Airport letting his kid talk to the pilots? I know he just told the kid what to say and if this was little air field in the Midwest, cheap link suggest viagra I wouldn’t give a shit but to do this at one of the busiest airport in world, cheap link suggest viagra to me is the height of irresponsibility. Cheap link suggest viagra I don’t want to see the controller lose his job but a suspension and fine seems to be in order here and maybe a rule like NO KIDS IN THE FUCKING TOWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cheap link suggest viagra Sometime Marty Noble can come off as big fat windbag but in his Noble Thoughts column today he has some good nuggets like Frenchy breaking Ike Davis’ balls over an error he made at 1st base and then turning the tables on himself by proclaiming he will take three base on balls today and maybe win the leadoff spot in the bullpen. Cheap link suggest viagra Also Frank Catalanotto and Jason Pridie are making heads turn early in camp.

Cheap link suggest viagra Victor Rojas has been named as the TV play by play man for the Angels thus his leaving MLB Network. On his blog, cheap link suggest viagra Rojas details his taking the Angels job, cheap link suggest viagra it’s a great read and I wish Victor all the best with the Angels. Cheap link suggest viagra Oh and a Happy Brithday to Victor’s dad Cookie

Cheap link suggest viagra It’s hard to imagine how corrupt and out of control the sate government of New York is right now. Cheap link suggest viagra It doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or Democrat an Upstater or Downstater as tax payers and residents of the state, cheap link suggest viagra the way we are treated by these bunch of bungling assholes in Albany is fucking disgrace. Cheap link suggest viagra Should Governor Patterson resign? No, cheap link suggest viagra he should thrown in jail! along with every fucking member of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Cheap link suggest viagra I am a fan of Bill Simmons and have been from as far back as his days at AOL as the Boston Sports Guy but his take on Tiger Woods coming back to golf and comparing it to Muhammad Ali’s comeback after being banned from boxing for not joining the military is so ridiculous that there is no way in hell you could defend that opinion. Cheap link suggest viagra But of course Keith Olberman not only has to make the point that Simmons’ opinion is so off base but he has to attack him personally. Cheap link suggest viagra That’s what Olberman does. Cheap link suggest viagra I know first hand. Cheap link suggest viagra When I started doing Kranepool Society, cheap link suggest viagra I had e mailed Olberman a few of my posts (I got his e-ail address for the SABR members list as I’m a member as well) just to see what he thought of my work. Cheap link suggest viagra All I got back was a nasty e-mail from him stating how dare I send him these post and then commanded to never send him anything again. Cheap link suggest viagra To say the least I was a bit upset. Cheap link suggest viagra As time went on and I saw that Olberman has a problem in work and social settings so I didn’t feel so bad. Cheap link suggest viagra So now that he ripped Simmons a new asshole, cheap link suggest viagra I feel like a little camaraderie with The Sports Guy. Cheap link suggest viagra Olberman is not the Worst Person in the World just the biggest douche bag.

Cheap link suggest viagra Ooops I’m late for my anger management class!

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