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Viagra usa Here is all you need to know about the state of pitching in the Mets organization. Viagra usa The Mets released Freddy Garcia today as his fastball couldn’t break a pane of glass. Viagra usa Taking his start tonight for the woeful Bisons will be The People’s Cherce , viagra usaNelly Figs who stood in the corner holding his breath and shaking his fist at Mets management for releasing him but then realized he’s not not as sexy as he thinks and came back home for two hots and a cot in Buffalo.

Viagra usa It just plays to the Ollie to the bushes talk that is utter nonsense (same something funny Mike) as there is no one to replace him from the upper reached of New York State.

Viagra usa If Tim Redding can come in a be decent (is it too much to ask to be league average?) then OP could be sent to remedial pitching school if not then OP stays because there is nothing better to replace him and that’s scarier than a fly ball to left field.

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The best move that John Maine made all spring was yesterday when he put the golf clubs back in the closet and went to Old Scholl Dan Werhten’ Remedial Pitching class at St. Viagra indigestion as a side effect Lonesome. Viagra indigestion as a side effect


Maine has been distraught over his sucky pitching this spring mostly due to apprehension from his arthroscopic shoulder surgery this past winter and from what you read it’s mostly a mechanical failure than anything physical that’s messing up Maine.


After viewing video of Maine’ delivery, viagra indigestion as a side effect Old School Werthen lengthened his stride to the plate and tweak his grip on his slider and worked on getting Maine to throw his change up with the same motion as his fastball which not only made a difference in his pitching but it seems to have eased Maine’ worried mind about his ability to be ready for the start of the season. Viagra indigestion as a side effect The proof will be on Thursday when Maine is schedule to pitch again.


If I’m Freddy Garcia I pray that the Mets allow me to stay in extended spring training and try to regain my pitching prowess. Viagra indigestion as a side effect As much as I’m a Garcia fan it’s time for a reality check for the Chief, viagra indigestion as a side effect his best bet is to sign that minor league deal and work out at St Lonesome and report to Buffalo as he still has to prove he can pitch in the big leagues and you can’t do that on the unemployment line.


If Kevin Burkhardt is going to succeed in having a larger role on SNY Mets telecasts this season he needs to learn one thing, viagra indigestion as a side effect you can’t tell fans how to act. Viagra indigestion as a side effect It’s a losing battle. Viagra indigestion as a side effect If people want to boo Luis Castillo they will until they are convinced that he is a productive player. Viagra indigestion as a side effect No one has killed Castillo more than me but he shown me this spring that he is determined to show he is worth keeping in the line up and the field. Viagra indigestion as a side effect Castillo has worked very hard this spring and has produced so I don’t know why anyone would boo him on opening day but then again I don’t why people who sit behind home plate on their cell phone and wave at the TV cameras like assholes either.


Wally Mathews has a column in NEWSDAY toady that held my attention for about four sentences and then I zoned out. Viagra indigestion as a side effect Isn’t there a Tribune Corp buyout package with his name on it?


Alexander Ovechkin scored his 50th goal the other night against the Tampa Bay Lighting and went into a pre-mediated celebration where he laid down his stick and put his hands over it like the stick was on fire. Viagra indigestion as a side effect Pretty funny stuff and very un-hockey like. Viagra indigestion as a side effect Well you would have thought he spit on a picture of Rocket Richard or took a dump in the Stanley Cup with all the outrage that has been thrown his way. Viagra indigestion as a side effect I like Ovechkin because he went after Cindy Crosby , viagra indigestion as a side effectthat whinny little bitch, viagra indigestion as a side effect and slapped him around a bit and reminded him that The Great 8 is the best in the game. Viagra indigestion as a side effect But the voice of the Northern Territoires  Don Cherry did not like the Ovechkin’ over the top antics. Viagra indigestion as a side effect This from a guy who wears Grandma’s drapes as a sports jacket. Viagra indigestion as a side effect Look , viagra indigestion as a side effect I’m a hockey fan and couldn’t a shit who likes the sport and who doesn’t but at least Ovechkin gives the sport a showman and someone who sparks passion in a league that fucks up more than it succeeds. Viagra indigestion as a side effect


I tried to watch the WBC Final last night but there were just too many things working against me getting involved in the game. Viagra indigestion as a side effect I worked a 9 hr shift and then came home and ate Chinese food, viagra indigestion as a side effect then I went over my Babe Ruth League team roster. Viagra indigestion as a side effect At that point it was 9 :15 and Joe Morgan, viagra indigestion as a side effect Jon Miller and Steve Phillips were in my living room and my head started hurting. Viagra indigestion as a side effect Then I made the biggest mistake, viagra indigestion as a side effect I lay down on the couch and took a 10 count. Viagra indigestion as a side effect


What do you do when you can’t Dictate anymore? You write about baseball of course and that is what Fidel Castro is doing these days with some fascinating stuff (sour grapes?) about the WBC. Viagra indigestion as a side effect He let’s his readers know that those Japanese players really, viagra indigestion as a side effect really train hard:


In relation to the Japanese I provided some details:


“Training sessions are incredibly rigorous and methodical.  They have devised technical methods to develop the reflexes required by every player.  Every day, viagra indigestion as a side effect batters practice with hundreds of balls pitched by left- or right-handers.  As for the pitchers, viagra indigestion as a side effect they are obliged to throw 400 balls every day.  It they commit any error during the game, viagra indigestion as a side effect they have to pitch another 100.   They do it with pleasure, viagra indigestion as a side effect as if it were a form of self-punishment.  In that way, viagra indigestion as a side effect they acquire a notable muscle control that obeys orders sent by their brains.  That is why their pitchers’ ability to place balls exactly where they want them amazes everyone.  Similar methods are applied to all of the activities each of the athletes must carry out in the positions that they defend and in their activities as batters


Shouldn’t the American Sports Medicine Institute open a branch in Tokyo?



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Cialis arterial fibrillation  

Cialis arterial fibrillation

Cialis arterial fibrillation  

Cialis arterial fibrillation Thanks to Tim Redding’s bed shitting performance last night coupled by Freddy Garcia, cialis arterial fibrillation the poster child for passage of the Pitchers With Disabilities Act, cialis arterial fibrillation and John Neise still not ripe yet, cialis arterial fibrillation the 5th starter spot in the Mets rotation is ready to fall in the lap of El Duque’ little half brother Livan, cialis arterial fibrillation that is unless a certian Jeri-Curled right handed who just finished pitching in the WBC and is getting rave reviews from his former teammate is serious about signing an incentive laden contract that fits the payroll of Payless Mets.  This could get very interesting

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Viagra generic (Twenty)Five to one, viagra generic baby, viagra generic one in (twenty) five, viagra generic
No one here gets out alive now.
You’ll get yours, viagra generic baby, viagra generic I’ll get mine, viagra generic
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Ken Davidoff is going to compile his 25 man Mets roster as if opening day was today so I thought I’d post mine here and the caveat is “if today was opening day” so of course this list is subject to change.




Johan Santana

Mike Pelfrey

Oliver Perez

John Maine

Tim Redding


The first four spots are locks the fifth spot I give to Redding not on merit but on the fact that he has a $2mil contract and that Freddy Garcia can be left in extended spring training. Viagra generic Livan Hernandez is an option which would shift Redding to the bullpen which is something I would be against doing but it would be the option the Mets would make if they had to finalize the roster today. Viagra generic Don’t forget the Jeri-Curl shadow of Petey lurking in the background and Joh Niese becomes the Bison Ace




Frankie Rodriguez

J.J. Viagra generic Putz

Sean Green

Pedro Feliciano

Ron Villone

Brian Stokes


The last spot goes to Stokes but I hope the Mets can work out something with the Angels to keep Darren O’Day and let him go to Buffalo. Viagra generic Mat DeSalvo has looked good this early spring but he’s a NRI so he’s have to be real charming to take at spot off the 40 man roster. Viagra generic




Brian Schneider

Ramon Castro


The Pudge to Mets talk is still strong as Rodriguez has looked good in the WBC and has made it no secret he’d love to be a Met. Viagra generic Two things could either happen here. Viagra generic The Mets find someone to take Castro and his $2 mil salary and in turn they sign Pudge or this is the swift kick in his fat lazy ass that Shriek needs desperately




Carlos Delgado

Luis Castillo

Jose Reyes

David Wright

Alex Cora

Fernando Tatis


Tatis is valuable not just for his righty bat but for his swingman status from infield to outfield. Viagra generic Cora will spell both Reyes and Castillo and could become a major payer for the team this season as I get the feeling that J-Man will being giving both Reyes and Wright more days off during July and August.




Daniel Murphy

Carlos Beltran

Ryan Church

Jeremy Reed

Bobby Kielty


This will be interesting to watch. Viagra generic J-Man has taken a shine to Kielty and I’ve been a fan of his as well he has that “somethin’ somethin’ that you like in a ball player. Viagra generic The problem here is Marlon Anderson and his contract. Viagra generic Anderson is guaranteed  $1.5 mil for 2009 and pre-Madoff that would be chump change now that Omar is on a strict budget this salary will be tough to swallow as Anderson at that price (or any price to be honest) is untradable



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Types of viagra I think I’ve given up on trying to figure out the ways and means of Omar Minaya. Types of viagra I see where he has signed Livan Hernandez and even though it’s a minor league deal and in order to cash in he has to make the team, types of viagra I still don’t get it. Types of viagra Wouldn’t that money be spent on something the Mets need like a lefty reliever? I don’t know how much Will Ohman is looking for but it can’t more than the $1 mil they Mets set aside for Hernandez, types of viagra by the way if Ohman is looking for more than that he needs to wake up and smell the disinterest from the other 29 teams in baseball for his services.

Types of viagra  

Types of viagra The Warlord is in camp and dropped a bombshell that he is thinking of using Gimp Castillo in the 1 hole and dropping Jose Reyes to the 3 hole, types of viagra in order to get Gimp’s bat going. Types of viagra I got to think Jose, types of viagra Jose, types of viagra Jose will be not be pleased with this.

Types of viagra  

Types of viagra Freddy Garcia had some bold words about gaining a spot in the starting rotation. Types of viagra If he’s as healthy as he says and can walk the walk his signing could be a huge coup for Omar and the Mets as a healthy and effective Chief is ace material.

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Oh man am I ever tired and cranky today as opposed to every other day when I’m just cranky. The truth about cialis So today I don’t want to do shit or be bothered by shit because I really don’t give a shit (see where I’m going here, the truth about cialis it’s not pretty and I’m sure it’s going to get worse so if you step out at this point in the post I understand for those of you decide stay on, the truth about cialis then get on with reading this fucking post. The truth about cialis See, the truth about cialis I ain’t lying about being cranky) so today is officially LAZY ASS BLOGGING DAY where I read all the other bloggers out there, the truth about cialis link to there stories and make wise ass remarks, the truth about cialis so on we go:


Ed Barkowitz at the Philly Daily News has a quick synopsis of the NL East. The truth about cialis He also posts the odds of each team to win the division, the truth about cialis pennant and World Series and the Mets and Phillies are at the same numbers:


 Division: 3-2


NLCS: 9-2


World Series: 9-1


The team that worries me as much as the Phillies are the Marlins (A big thank you to Craig Strain of FISH STRIPES for joining Joe McDonald and myself last night on Pro Baseball Central check out the podcast here)


Why is Big Pelf driving a golf cart?  Shouldn’t that be a job for Jay Horowitz?


For those of us who watch Bradley Holt pitch on Coney Island last summer we understand that awe of watching his fastball explode. The truth about cialis Holt is on the fast track to Flushing


Will Ohman was ready to sign with the Mets until he learned he was going to get paid with a Dunkin Dounts gift card


I’m happy Tim Redding has a burr in his saddle when asked if he is in contention for the 5th spot in the rotation. The truth about cialis We need a few more “red ass’s” in that clubhouse. The truth about cialis That being said I am rooting hard for Freddy Garcia to grab that spot.


Note to self: I must go to the Mets Clubhouse store today and buy a MURPHY 28 shirt!!! He’s just dreamy!!!!!!!!


Mike Steffanos of Mike Mets thinks the Used Car Salesman has been derelict of duty as baseball commissioner during the steroids scandal and as usual Mike is 100 % right. The truth about cialis Feel better Mike.


Dave Singer at NY Sports Dog gives us the vile and nasty lowdown of Alex Rodriguez weekend in the Bahamas. The truth about cialis I know when things are getting me down I look for some three way canoodling too.


That’s it for me I’m done as I am now hungry and still very tired and cranky so all of you “GET OFF MY LAWN”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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Some interesting linkage today dealing with our Mets and other baseball topics also remember tonight at 9PM EST its Pro Baseball Central with our guest tonight Craig from the Marlins blog FISH STRIPES as we continue our segment of keeping the NL East enemy close.


Looks like Omar has decided to solidify the pen by offering LOOGY extraordinaire Will Ohman a contract, viagra canda who if he signs would be the final pieced in the pen.  I liked Omar’s idea of having some spots up for grabs as to infuse some competion in camp but after two seasons of bullpen malaise Minaya wants to build the best bullpen he can and by adding Ohman (.197/.285/.318 vs. Viagra canda LH) he would do just that.


It would set the pen up to look like quite strong:


Frankie Rodriguez

J J Putz


Sean Green

Duaner Sanchez

Tim Redding


Pedro Feliciano L

Will Ohman L


The back end with Rodriguez and Putz is solid. Viagra canda Green could be the guy that guy that breaks out big if Old School Dan Werthen can get him to keep his fastball down and work his slider as when he does he gets ground ball out. Viagra canda He doesn’t give up a lot of extra base hits but he needs to work on his control as his BB/K rate of 36/62 needs improvement. Viagra canda Hopefully Duaner returns to his Dirty days after battling injury and bad attitude. Viagra canda Redding will compete for the 5th spot with the Chief but I have confidence that Freddy Garcia will win that battle and Redding will be the long/swing man. Viagra canda That leaves Feliciano and maybe Ohman as two top lefties in the pen. Viagra canda On paper it’s a pretty impressive pen and one Omar should be proud of putting together but let’s see how it plays out on the field.


Brain Schneider doesn’t want to be a part of a platoon at catcher. Viagra canda That’s fine but for that to happen he needs to do three things, viagra canda (1) Stay healthy, viagra canda last year he pulled a hammy in spring training and that hurt him in more ways than one (2) Tell Team USA thanks but no thanks if they call for him at the WBC and (3) Don’t suck. Viagra canda Not just with the bat even though that was a problem but more so with his glove and calling a game, viagra canda the two areas he was a big disappointment with last year. Viagra canda Schneider needs to understand he’s not here for his stick.


Welcome to the MIKE FRANCESA IS A BIG BLOW HARD CLUB, viagra canda  Ryan Church. Viagra canda The club meets Monday-Friday from 1-6 at this location.


The more the Used Car Salesman opens his mouth the more he proves my point that he is a total asshole.


Neil Best of the outstanding WATCHDOG blog (some day Neil will reciprocate a link) has a transcript of Ron Darlings appearence on MLB Network. Viagra canda I was intrigued about this quote:




“The leaders were Hernandez and Carter, viagra canda guys who had come over and learned winning baseball from where they played, viagra canda but I think even more importantly you say ‘had fun’ and you’re right, viagra canda it is a different time [now], viagra canda a lot of the stuff that happened in ’86 certainly couldn’t happen now in 2008 and 2009 but that team was so solid and I’ll tell you the nature of that team. Viagra canda We were coming back we had lost a 4 game series in Chicago, viagra canda we get into St. Viagra canda Louis about 8 o’clock at night and Davey Johnson pulls the bus over at a Morton’s Steakhouse. Viagra canda He rushes the entire team in and we all go in there and sit, viagra canda after a 4 game loss, viagra canda heads down, viagra canda the whole team sat in there for 3-4 hours and just kind of discussed how the game went. Viagra canda That’s how close they were.”


I can’t imagine what this site would be like if I was bloging back in the day. Viagra canda I’d would have started a blog just on the comings and goings at Rusty’s as that was the place to be back in the day.



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Cheapest online viagra If we are to believe Jon Heyman the signing of Oliver Perez back to the Mets is eminent. If Omar goes over anything more than a 4yr/$42mil deal for OP he’s out of his mind. Cheapest online viagra At this point I’d rather take a chance with Ben Sheets with a 2yr/$20 mil deal with incentives than give a big deal to OP, cheapest online viagra but it does seem like it’s Ollie to the Mets and that makes the rotation look like this:

Cheapest online viagra  

Cheapest online viagra Santana

Cheapest online viagra Maine

Cheapest online viagra Perez

Cheapest online viagra Pelfrey

Cheapest online viagra Garcia/Redding/Neise/Petey?

Cheapest online viagra  

Cheapest online viagra Take a look at this post by Dan Graziano’ on his NY Baseball Hack site as he lays out the question marks that make up this starting rotation. Cheapest online viagra The only three that are durable are Santana, cheapest online viagra OP, cheapest online viagra and Tim Redding. Cheapest online viagra Maine coming off surgery to remove a cyst on his shoulder tends to get fatigued and Big Pelf is still a blooming pitcher that for some reason, cheapest online viagra even though he is a big strapping young fellow Mets followers treat him like Grandmas Wedgworth china. Cheapest online viagra I listed the Chief first in the 5th starters spot because I’m a big Freddy Garcia fan and I’ll be rooting my ass off for him this spring to make the big club. Cheapest online viagra Redding could be the missing Darren Oliver link that hasn’t been discussed as much as it should have been and John Neise will be on the Buffalo/Flushing shuttle. Cheapest online viagra That leaves Petey and there is a remote possibility that the Mets bring him back. 

Cheapest online viagra  

Cheapest online viagra Am I a little more optimistic than I was on Thursday night about the Mets chances? Maybe a little but those Marlins are still dancing in my head as the team that will give the Mets and Phillies fits all season.

Cheapest online viagra  

Cheapest online viagra As someone who is left handed, cheapest online viagra I always say you can never be to thin, cheapest online viagra to rich or to lefty and it seems Omar Minaya feel the same way  as he has signed Rob Mackowiak to a minor league deal. Cheapest online viagra I love this signing by the Mets as Mackowiak is the definition of a super-sub as he plays just about every position on the field except pitcher. Cheapest online viagra Think Super Joe McEwing but with talent.

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With 21 days until pitchers and catchers open the gates at St. Problems with viagra Lonesome, problems with viagra FINALLY, problems with viagra there is some Mets news:


Last night on Pro Baseball Central Joe McDonald and I got into a spirited conversation that started out as a positions by position comparison of the Mets and Phillies and then morphed into a debate of whether Carlos Delgado is a Hall of Famer. Problems with viagra Joe says “Yes of course” and I say “No way”


Am I the only one reading the words of Jeffey Skill Sets as a cryptic message that Manny could be a Met? I’ve seen where Omar has soured on Manny about how he acted in Boston last year but I have to think that Scott Boras is on the phone right now with Omar to talk Manny.  Am I just getting my hopes up? Am I just so delusional that I’m holding out hope? Maybe but unlike when Cliff Floyd played under the Art Howe reign of error I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m happy with the Freddy Garcia signing and I hope he makes his $9mil which he would get if he meets all the incentives in his minor league deal.


Great story on D Wright in the NY Daily News and I like this statement by Wright:


Wright is ready to be more vocal in team meetings – he says he started to feel right about speaking up only last year – and active in uniting the factions of a diverse clubhouse.


“I try to reach out to the free agents we sign, problems with viagra and the players we trade for, problems with viagra” he says. Problems with viagra “When young players come up, problems with viagra I will try to steer them toward doing things the proper way. Problems with viagra . Problems with viagra . Problems with viagra . Problems with viagra I grew up in a military town, problems with viagra where there is a ton of diversity, problems with viagra so I’m used to talking to different people. Problems with viagra I’m getting more confident in that as the years go by.”


It’s time for Wright to take over the team, problems with viagra there is no need to name him Captain-it should be accepted already in the clubhouse- but J-Man should just let it known that Wright is THE MAN. Problems with viagra This is why I’m still holding out hope on Manny as a Met because Wright has made it known he is on board with Manny.


Then there was this little nugget that needs some clarification:


While he worked, problems with viagra Wright was the subject of much scrutiny and criticism. Problems with viagra He says that none of the post-collapse chatter affected him as much as his own disgust.


“Nobody enjoys hearing they should be traded, problems with viagra” he says, problems with viagra shrugging. Problems with viagra “You never want to be disliked, problems with viagra but I understand that with the position I’m in, problems with viagra in the market I’m in, problems with viagra it’s not going to be happy-go-lucky all the time, problems with viagra like it was it ’06. Problems with viagra You have to take the bad with the good.”



I know of no Mets fan that ever said D-Wright should be traded and I know some of the Shea disdidents have booed Wright which is ignorant but Wright has to know that the only person in this town that even utter the word trade with Wright’s name was the mid day blow hard in Astoria and no one gives a rats ass about his opinion when it comes to the Mets.


Are the Phillies serious about this?


The site Amazin’ Avenue has a great post of Mets on the cover of Sports Illustrated from 1962-1985. Problems with viagra WOW brings back memories.





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What Is Cialis Professional

New day same old non Mets news except for a few interesting items:


Brooklyn Mets Fan is 100 % right on about the new Apple that is being constructed for $it Field. I love the Apple and I’m happy that a new one will be built and installed in the new house but why is it being built in MINNESOTA? So much for the promise of using local business for work at $iti Field.


Jeff Kent has called it a career so let me bid farewell to one of the biggest jerk offs to wear at Mets uniform. Get viagra fast The times I had any contact with Kent at Shea he was just the most miserable nasty redneck  you could meet. Get viagra fast As opposed to Wally Backman who is one of the nicest and most friendly rednecks you could meet. Get viagra fast But Kent’s douchebaggery aside he will be in the Hall of Fame. Get viagra fast I doubt he will have a Mets cap on his plaque though.


This reminds me I need to call my two brothers today to make sure we’re cool and all.


I’m a fan of the Chief (Freddy Garcia) and I’m glad it has come down to the Mets or Highlanders for his services but I hope he is not THE starting rotation piece that Omar feels is the missing link.





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