Baseball’s garage sale begins tonight A/K/A the non-tendered players go on the free agent market and there are some players on the list that would help the Mets immeasurably like:

RHP Kevin Corriea

The Padres are trying to have the lowest payroll since the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings started paying players so a very good #4 pitcher like Corriea will be sitting out there to the highest bidder. Right now Corriea would be better than anyone other than Johan Santana in the Mets rotation.

Garret Atkins/Ryan Garko

Either player would be an excellent compliment to Daniel Murphy as a right handed hitting tag team partner at first base.

RHP Chien-Ming Wang

Yes he is coming off injury and yes he is a Highlander but Wang is perfect for the Mets if sound as a ground ball pitcher, Wang won’t be ready to pitch until May but Omar has signed bigger question marks than Wang so he’s worth an incentive laden contract. I’ll be surprised if the Highlanders let him go though.

Alex Cora is in mid season form. I guess the Mets will extend his contract now.

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I’m having my living room torn apart and a massive redesign so between the noise, the clutter of furniture, debris and taking down Christmas decorations I’m sneaking in a post before the workers come back from lunch so just a quickie for today

Looks like the free agent market is starting to flow a bit with word that Omar and Scott Boras will sit down for lunch today and discuss Derek Lowe and Ollie P (you would think with all the fan pressure and media pressure even the Great Bloviator Francesa is on our side that the  Mets should find a way to get Manny Ramirez that the Skill Sets would let Omar even discuss it with Boras.) It looks like Omar wants to get his pitching in a row as he has offered deals to Tim Redding and is getting ready for Randy Wolf as the word is Mets pitchers and catchers are to report to St Lonesome on Feb 13.

A must read today is Curt Schillings 38 Pitches blog where he destroys Dan Shaughnessy of the Globe even using his “CHB” (Curly Haired Boyfriend) nickname. I hope Bob Ryan can give Shaughnessy some help getting the broom stick Schilling stuck up his ass removed

Remember tomorrow night at 9 EST Pro Baseball Central back on the air with the first show of ’09

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So how was Christmas? Mine was outstanding but I have to work today so that sucks. I got a new NY Rangers jacket that I wanted. It has the big NEW YORK RANGERS crest on the back with the Stanley Cup years on the sleeve and was thrilled to open that on Christmas morning. So with all the hoopla yesterday I’m tired today and not really feeling like doing anything but I have work to do so I’ll just have this thought for the day.


The longer Manny Ramirez sits out on the free agent market the more anxious I get wanting the Mets to go out and grab him. I know the Skill Sets have said “No Way” and now it seems Omar is still interested in grabbing him but is finding resistance from the owners. Now if that is the Skill Sets position that the Mets are not players for Manny’s service I feel they have an obligation to Mets fans to explain as to why they are against this move.


Is it due to the monetary obligation? So far the best public offer has been the Dodgers 2yr/$44mil. So if you offered Manny/Boras say 2yr/$50mil with an option on a third year would the Dodgers top that? I doubt it. The only other serious bidder would be the Angels (although the Highlanders could bid just to show how they feel they are better than everyone else, “Hey, Pee Wee Cashman why do you wash your car with Evian”? Because that’s how us Highlanders roll motherfucker!) and even with their financial problems if the Skill Sets can’t afford to pay Manny that kind of coin then maybe Bernie Madoff should own the team.


If it’s Manny’s Manny Being Manny attitude then I call bullshit, because right know the attitude of the New York Mets sucks as they have been labeled as “chokers”, “losers” and “frauds” and no matter what you think of Manny Ramirez he is none of those. In fact if he would sign with the Mets a collective “OH SHIT” would be heard through out the National League none louder than in the Land of Cheesesteaks. Everyone on the Mets can be intimidated (except of Johan Santana) but Manny is never intimidated. In fact Manny is feared and no one on the Mets (except of Johan Santana) is feared


The longer Manny is on the market the more the pressure is on the Skill Sets to back up their words. Didn’t Jeffey Skill Sets say there is no budget and that even with the Madoof rip off didn’t he boast that the Skill Sets still had plenty of scratch? (go look it up like I told you I’m tired and now the more I write this post the more fucking cranky I’m getting) So back it  up Jeffey, Back it the fuck up and show me some balls and sign Manny Ramirez. The Mets are in dire need of a right handed bat and right in front of you is the best righty bat in the world and all it takes is money, money that you bragged about is still flowing into your pockets, that can secure this much needed bat. Manny is not a luxury item he is a neccisity.


I’m not on a rant because of the Highlander spending spree as my sights are on the  Phillies. That’s the team to beat and not only do I want to beat them I want them to pay for mocking the Mets and Mets fans. Yeah that’s right. Holiday sprit my ass. I want teams to look at that 2009 schedule and swallow hard and say “OH SHIT THE METS ARE COMING TO TOWN”.   You want to hate the Mets? Let’s give them something to hate a middle of the batting order with Manny-Beltran-Wright how’s that for hate?

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The movers and shakers of MLB are setting up shop in Las Vegas and hopefully there will finally be some kind of movement via free agent signings or trades as the tedious off season is killing me. I can’t read any more stories about closers and where C C will land and corner outfielders I need something of substance and hopefully something will break and and we will be all over it here at the Kranepool Society and of course with our nightly broadcast at Pro Baseball Central beginning tomorrow night at 10 PM click the link on the upper right hand corner of this page or go to Pro Baseball Central or to blogtalkradio.


Greg Prince and I are in the same boat so to speak as we loved K-Rod but now find ourselves leaning toward Kerry Wood.

Why trade for Jason Marquis when the free agent market is full of Jason Marquis? Good move by Minaya turning that deal with the Cubs down as he wants to use Heilman as a chip to pry Houston Street from the Rockies. The way the closer market is playing out how about if Omar were to land Fransisco Rodriguez, Houston Street and Brian Fuentes? Not only would that bring the bullpen up to championship level it’s not so far fetched that it couldn’t happen.

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Just wanted to wish all of you a very happy Thanksgiving and hope you are all surrounded by friends, family and food on this day. Even with the latest economic problems that we have in this country we are still blessed to be Americans and hopefully our new president will bring us the much needed change and hope we have been looking for.

Not much time to comment on the rumors such as Brian Fuentes asking for a 3yr/$30 mil deal which would be double the money per year he made last year. What did you expect as Fuentes and his agent know the Mets must sign a closer so why not shoot for the moon. Now it’s Fransisco Rodriguez turn to bid and it looks like who ever signs for less will be the Mets closer (I think Kerry Woods is the dark horse candidate here)

Interesting that the Mets supposedly turned down the Rockies bid of Houston Street for Aaron Heilman and Pedro Feliciano. Why would Omar turn this deal down if he didn’t have plans to use Heilman as a fall back pick in the rotation or if he has a bigger deal in the works? I can’t imagine that putting Felicano in the trade was a deal breaker, not when you still have Scott Schoenwies as the house LOOGY still on payroll and an other LOOGY Brian Shouse is on the free agent market to more than make up for a Feliciano departure.

Got to run as I have to travel a whole 6 blocks to my in laws for the day, got to beat that traffic.

Posting will be a bit spotty the next two or three days as my family talked me into a weekend trip to the Catskills but the laptop will be in tow so again enjoy your Thanksgiving and the weekend go get those sales!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It looks like the Comeback Player of the Year in baseball is Scott Boras. First he gets his newest client Manny Ramirez to jake his way out of his contract so he can go free agent in November and a nice commission check for Agent Boras. And now the resurrected Ollie Perez is looking at a boat load of cash as he hits the free agent market as well.   About a month, month and a half ago, it looked like the Mets would rid thenselves of this enigmatic pitcher and use the money saved else where but the since the change in pitching coach and a new KISS system put in place by Dean of Old School Werthen in dealing with OP, it looks like the Mets have to hope that OP wants to stay a Met and maybe won’t bend them over too far and give them a bit of a “hometown” discount. With Agent Boras doing the negations that won’t happen as he’ll plow the Mets until they bleed.


The first seven innings went along as well as a Mets fan could expect last night  but like a kid afraid of the dark, Mets fans are afraid of the last three innings as that means time to go to the B-B-B-ULLPEN!  I’m sure I speak for the majority of Mets fans that when we see the sixth inning roll around our stomachs grumble and the pain starts from the bottom of our belly to around the chest area. The pain gets more intense as to who walks out though the right field fence. If the game is one sided either way then Carlos Muniz or Ruddy Lugo come out and your relatively pain free. In a close game and the Mets need to get a lefty out Pedro Feliciano comes in and it starts to get uncomfortable. If it’s a righty that needs to be retired then Joe Smith comes in and while not Feliciano uncomfortable , you squrim a bit. Now in a close game just the shot of Scott Schoenwies on the screen warming up gives you a sharp pain in the abdomen. Now in a close game -two, three runs or less-no matter who is warming up brings on nausea, headache, and overall muscle soreness.  Last night when Aaron Heilman came on in the eighth all those symptoms came over me. Then when he came out for the ninth, I dialed 911 and kept my finger on the call button as I was sure I would need medical assistance. WWWWHHHEEEEEEWWWW!!!!!!!! Glad I didn’t have to push that button but I don’t know if I can go two more months of this.


Hopefully Ryan Church is symptom free and gets in a few rehab games and is fit to fight in about two weeks. It seems like Church is annoyed with the Mets for being over cautious and wants back in and that’s a good sign but Church  has to realize that the organization screwed up with the handling of his case and now wants to make sure when he gets back in the lineup he stays there the rest of the season. With Dan Murphy and Fernando Tatis doing more than hold the fort, Church needs to get to as close to 100 % as he can before coming back.  


I watched a replay of Highlanders Old Timers Day the other night and Willie Randolph looked like the happiest guy in the world being around his Highlander family. Good for him in fact Randolph should just take any job Pack A Day Hank gives him as it shows his heart never left the South Bronx and that it cements his firing was justified.


I read my calendar wrong I’m going to the game tomorrow not today so instead of a fleece blanket I’ll be receiving a Billy Wagner bobble head doll. I’m going to bring a little sling for the bobble heads left arm.


With Brian Stokes going tonight for the Mets OP’s start will look even bigger when Stokes is knocked out by the 5th inning. I just hope he doesn’t have a case of the big league yips like Brandon Knight had a couple of weeks ago. This start should have gone to Aaron Heilman case closed.


The J-E-T-S  JETS-JETS-JETS are always on top in April and August it’s December and January where they have problems. Brett Farve does not  guarantee even a playoff spot no less a Super Bowl berth but maybe they can get 10 wins tops. And why was Farve at NYC City Hall yesterday don’t you think he should have been burning the midnight oil at Hofstra?

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