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Viagra retail discount Time for a stream of semi-consciousness not all of it Mets related :

Viagra retail discount I’m as upset as most Mets fans with the inactivity so far by the front office in procurement of players but when you look at the list of free agents still available I’m hoping its Sandy Alderson playing the supply and demand game and not the We’re broke game. Viagra retail discount  There are still some good players and some serviceable ones still looking for employment and as every day goes by without these players signed to a contract I have to believe it’s a day closer to desperation.

Viagra retail discount One player on the free agent pitchers list is Scott Kazmir, viagra retail discount I’d love to see the Mets offer him a minor league deal and an invite to spring training.

Viagra retail discount I wish HBO’s Rangers-Flyers 24/7 could go on for the whole season. Viagra retail discount In the three weeks the show has aired, viagra retail discount I’ve gotten a better appreciation for Coach Tortorella and his work as a master motivator. Viagra retail discount The on ice stuff is unbelievably good as Brad Richards tells Flyers career minor leaguer Tom Sestito, viagra retail discount who is going off at the Rangers bench like a fucking moron on how he’s going to beat the shit out of every Ranger, viagra retail discount “Wow on day in the NHL, viagra retail discount it’s like fuckin’ fantasy camp” or Flyer Coach Peter Laviolette telling Dallas Stars to “go fuck himself” when Ott feels Laviolette disrespects his Stars teammates by using their exit to get to the locker room. Viagra retail discount  By the way, viagra retail discount how did the Islanders ever fire Laviolette?  Oh that’s right, viagra retail discount Mike Milburry was in charge.

Viagra retail discount I guess the euphoria over the NY Knickerbockers has died down a bit after back to back losses to Golden State and the Hollywood Fakers. Viagra retail discount It’s very hard to win in this league without a true point guard who can distribute the ball and keep Stoudimire and ‘Melo happy with dimes leading to points. Viagra retail discount  Some scoring off the bench, viagra retail discount especially at the 2 guard would be nice as well and of course playing defense, viagra retail discount especially in the interior is a must. Viagra retail discount But we know defense and Coach D’Antoni don’t mix, viagra retail discount which is why Jimmy Dolan will regret the day he didn’t can Coach D and hire Mark Jackson .

Viagra retail discount In my Blue heart of hearts, viagra retail discount I believe the NY Football Giants will beat the Dallas Cowgirls on Sunday night and win the NFC East but my stomach is still in knots thinking about the porous Giants secondary getting lit up by Tony Romo. Viagra retail discount  Just got to hope that JPP gets to Romo early and often.

Viagra retail discount The question Stephen A. Viagra retail discount Smith should have asked Rex Ryan was not if he’d take Peyton Manning over Mark Sanchez  but would Coach Big Mouth rather have Cam Newton over Dirty Sanchez? With all the Tebowing going on in the MSM, viagra retail discount they have of course missed the obvious that Cam Newton is the NEXT BIG THING in the NFL.

Viagra retail discount If it weren’t for the assholes who make up the New York Highlander hierarchy, viagra retail discount we NY Rangers fans would be getting ready to head to the South Bronx for Rangers-Flyers in the Winter Classic. Viagra retail discount But instead, viagra retail discount the House That AJ Burnett Built will host a small time bullshit college football game. Viagra retail discount I guess it hasn’t sunk in to the powers that be who run the Bronx Bastards that no one in NYC gives a rat’s ass about college football but I guess they will realize it today when about a quarter of the stadium will have ass’s in the seats as opposed to the full house they would have had if they were hosting the Winter Classic.

Viagra retail discount Plus you know the NHL wanted the Rangers to play either the Montreal Canadiens or the Toronto Maple Leafs at Highlander Stadium but will settle for Rangers-Flyers in Philly just so the NY fan can bring his deep pockets 90 miles south.

Viagra retail discount To one and all I want to wish a Happy and most importantly a Healthy New Year.

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Best viagra    20 days until pitchers and catchers

Best viagra Unfortunately  I missed Mets Hot Stove last night on SNY but from reading Mathew Cerrone’s MetsBlog this morning it looks like Omar did his best Alexander Haig impression to let us Mets fans know the “He is in charge” No wonder I had a restless nights sleep.

Best viagra From reading the Cerrone’s post, best viagra Omar seemed fixated on the lack of any good solid free agents this off season and Minaya is right about that, best viagra it was a weak crop. Best viagra The Mets did corral one of the better freebird players in Jason Bay and the Mets abstaining from any of the free agent pitchers may turn out to be the right move. Best viagra Time will tell. Best viagra But Omar is acting like the free agent way is the only way to fortify the team.

Best viagra I don’t know if the Mets ever called the Reds or Royals to engage in talks for one of my favorite trio of pitchers I’d like to see, best viagra the pitching firm of Harang, best viagra Arroyo and Meche, best viagra but I just find it very odd that Omar feels the only way to add talent to this team is through free agents and diving in the ballplayers with disabilities dumpster.

Best viagra If you really want to know what a Mets fan is really like, best viagra you must read Faith and Fear in Flushing. Best viagra Greg Prince has a post out this morning that deals with the identity of our team. Best viagra This part of the post says it all:

Best viagra Little wonder the Mets’ identity is frayed. Best viagra No wonder the Metsosphere is continuously and maybe justifiably staticky, best viagra jittery and expressing discontent. Best viagra We are, best viagra by nature, best viagra a gaggle of nervous crosstalkers when we don’t have an actual season to dissect. Best viagra Right now it’s all nervous crosstalk for Mets fans. Best viagra We, best viagra collectively, best viagra remind me of the middle-aged ladies who’d set up card tables in front of somebody’s cabana at the beach club to which my parents belonged when I was little. Best viagra (That’s the Sun Life I remember.) Those ladies indulged in nervous crosstalk, best viagra too, best viagra just like us. Best viagra All we’re missing is four floppy hats, best viagra a carton of Tareytons and a few hands of canasta.

Best viagra  

Best viagra Just walking by them made me jittery, best viagra and I was only six.

Best viagra  

Best viagra After reading that passage, best viagra I can’t get the image of the Brighton Beach Baths out of my mind.

Best viagra Fernando Tatis has resigned with the Mets and for less than the $1.7 mil he made last year. Best viagra Nice hometown discount eh? Tatis will also change is uniform number from 17 (that he should never ever have been given) to 6 4 3.

Best viagra

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Buy viagra china As you know I made reference to Joe Mc Donald proclaiming on PRO BASEBALL CENTRAL last Thursday that the Mets will be a 90+ win team in 2010. Buy viagra china His reasoning was that Oliver Perez will revert to his Good Ollie personality. Buy viagra china I did say, buy viagra china it was encouraging news that OP, buy viagra china under the urging of both Scott Boras and Carlos Beltran, buy viagra china has spent the off season in Arizona, buy viagra china training hard to lose both the stigma of bring mentality and physically inept to pitch in the big leagues.

Buy viagra china I’ve been looking around at the team as it now is constructed and have tried to make the case for 90 wins. Buy viagra china It all starts of course with the pitching staff:

Buy viagra china #1 Santana 15-17 wins

Buy viagra china #2 Pelf/Joel Piniero/Bronson Arroyo/Aaron Harang/Gil Meche 10-12 wins

Buy viagra china #3 Pelf/OP/Maine/Doug Davis/Jon Garland 8-10 wins

Buy viagra china #4 one of the above at #3  8-10 wins

Buy viagra china #5 Maine/Neise/Neve/Holt/Stoner/(Gulp!) Smoltz 8-10 wins

Buy viagra china That comes to 49-59 wins from your starting rotation

Buy viagra china Now from the seven relievers you figure will be in the pen:

Buy viagra china Frankie Rodz

Buy viagra china Ryoto Igarashi

Buy viagra china Bobby Parnell

Buy viagra china Kelvin Escobar

Buy viagra china Sean Green

Buy viagra china Pedro Feliciano

Buy viagra china Lefty to be named later

Buy viagra china You figure you can and average of 4 wins from each. Buy viagra china That’s an additional 28 wins, buy viagra china brining my projection to 77 to 87 wins.

Buy viagra china Now say I leave the bullpen projection alone but I up the ante on the #2 pitcher to 12-14 wins and the #3 to 10-12 wins, buy viagra china that would put the team’ record between 81-91 wins. Buy viagra china Of course all this is predicated on the Mets signing one of the remaining free agent pitchers, buy viagra china of which just Joel Piniero is desirable if he comes cheap or can trade for the one of the Arroyo/Harang/Meche troika.

Buy viagra china So what do you think? Am I out of mind thinking there is a way the Mets could be a 90 win team and contend? Am I drinking the Omar/Jeffey Kool Aid? Has Joe Mac brainwashed me?  Or am I just tired of freezing my ass off this winter and dying for spring and summer and baseball season? Could be the cold has made me delirious.

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