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Cialis india pharmacy The KC Royals have designated RHP Philip Humber for assignment in order to make room for future first ballot Hall of Famer, cialis india pharmacy Jeff Francouer.

Cialis india pharmacy Looking at Humber’s numbers unless there is an outstanding FBI warrant or he’s been working with Julian Assange, cialis india pharmacy why in the world would you DFA Humber for Frenchy? There has to be a number of cadaviers on the ROyals 40 man that listed for expulsion before Humber.

Cialis india pharmacy I wouldn’t mind seeing Humber make a return to the Mets organization at worst he’s a  capable starter for the Bisons at best a contestant on Sandy Alderson’s Pitching Star Search

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Alternate to viagra If there is anyone in the Mets front office who feels Luis Castillo should remain a Met, alternate to viagra their opinion had to have changed after last night. Alternate to viagra I don’t care if you are a relative of Castillo’, alternate to viagra his actions after driving in Ike Davis for a come from behind walk off win proves he hates being here as much as Mets fans hate that he’s here. Alternate to viagra Talk about irreconcilable differences, alternate to viagra there is no reason to put Castillo or Mets fans through this loveless marriage anymore. Alternate to viagra Let’s do it for the kids. Alternate to viagra By the way check out Greg Prince’ post on last night’s game at FFIF and tell me you don’t feel like crying. Alternate to viagra Misery in Winning, alternate to viagra that’s Mets Baseball.

Alternate to viagra Is Wayne Hagin kidding with his gushing praise of Jeff Francoeur ? After Francoeur knocked in David Wright with a Sac Fly in the 2nd inning, alternate to viagra Hagin went Radio Ga-Ga over Frenchy. Alternate to viagra I’d have given Howie Rose $100 bucks if he slapped Hagin in the head after his ridiculous remarks.

Alternate to viagra A must read for all Mets fans is Adam Rubin’ 3 part expose of the failings of the Mets under the Skill Sets/Minaya regime.  From reading this series I take it that Jerry Manuel will be fired as soon as the team is mathematically eliminated from contention (even though we all know the season is over NOW)  Minaya will either be caned or reassigned and I’m leaning towards reassignment. Alternate to viagra John Ricco will be the GM and Wally Backman the manager. Alternate to viagra The organization will find a way to either deal off Oliver Perez and Luis Casitllo or just release them and that money ($18 mil) will the equivalent of a free agent signing. Alternate to viagra The organization will make Backman the focal point of the team in order to sell tickets. Alternate to viagra Will it work? We won’t know until this time next year.

Alternate to viagra In  Rubin’ report he mentions how little money the Mets have spent on draft picks and in the International market for free agents. Alternate to viagra I had the pleasure of speaking with Wilbur Miller, alternate to viagra a Pittsburgh Pirates fan and a fan poster on Bucs Dugout about the recent leaks of the financial statements of the Pittsburgh Pirates on my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Radio Show last night and one of the items we talked about was the Pirates under the ownership of Bob Nutting and Frank Coonley have spent $23 mil in 2008 and $21.2 mil in 2007 on player development.  The Mets in turn have spent a mere $14 mil the last three seasons on player development. Alternate to viagra That’s $4mil less than the money they will pay Perez and Castillo combined next season. Alternate to viagra  After listening to my interview with Miller you tell me who is more optimistic Miller the Bucs fan or me the Mets fan?

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Cheap canadian viagra So the great clubhouse chemist Jeff Francoeur has asked to be traded if he is not inserted into the everyday Mets lineup. Cheap canadian viagra Well, cheap canadian viagra Frenchy didn’t exactly make this demand on his own he had his agent Ms. Cheap canadian viagra Molly Fletcher make it for him. Cheap canadian viagra In fact Ms. Cheap canadian viagra Molly had some rather pointed words for the Mets and Jerry Manuel about her client:

Cheap canadian viagra In a telephone interview, cheap canadian viagra Fletcher indicated she would monitor Francoeur’s playing time over the next week, cheap canadian viagra interested in whether or not manager Jerry Manuel follows through on his amended plan to let Francoeur face right-handed pitchers, cheap canadian viagra a group he historically struggles against and is hitting just .217 against this season.

Cheap canadian viagra “Talk to me is just that: It’s talk, cheap canadian viagra” Fletcher said. Cheap canadian viagra “What matters is what happens and is he in right field every day. Cheap canadian viagra And that’s what we’re watching.”

Cheap canadian viagra How does Mets management put up this bullshit? Who the fuck is Jeff Francoeur and Ms. Cheap canadian viagra Molly Fletcher to tell the Mets who to play and when they play? The Skill Sets cannot be this yellow bellied that they that take this from some agent not named Scott Boras? I hate to tell you this Mets fans but shit like this would never ever fly in the South Bronx. Cheap canadian viagra Could you imagine a player as sucky as Frenchy sending his female agent in to the Bronx Robber Baron with demands such as these?

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Uk deals cheap viagra Now that the most important road trip of 2010 is over, uk deals cheap viagra and really who’s shocked by the results, uk deals cheap viagra it’s time for finger pointing and scapegoating to begin.

Uk deals cheap viagra First up is Carlos Beltran who looked anything like the premier Gold Glove centerfielder and offensive force we’ve seen. Uk deals cheap viagra  Beltran has been blamed for this mid summer collapse and the inability of the New York State Senate to pass a balanced budget  but lost in all the hyperbole is the fact the organization bungled the medical handleing of his leg injury to where he had to go outside the organization to get the treatment he needed.  This left a bitter Beltran and Omar Minaya once again having to use flash cards to explain the situation to Jeffey Skill Sets. Uk deals cheap viagra The biggest mistake Beltran made was rushing his rehab to tru to help this mess of a baseball team he should have been selfish and thought of himself and stay out until September. Uk deals cheap viagra When the organization fucks you over, uk deals cheap viagra and the fans and MSM can’t stand you, uk deals cheap viagra then it’s time to think of you and your future because no matter what Carlos Beltran does, uk deals cheap viagra he can’t win around here.  So the Mets front office needs to do anything it can to move Beltran to another team this offseason. Uk deals cheap viagra It’s a move that benefits both sides.

Uk deals cheap viagra The Klapper writes a column today saying what we all have been saying for about a year now that Jerry Manuel needs to be fired. Uk deals cheap viagra If you need more proof of this, uk deals cheap viagra he and Jeff Francoeur had a sit down yesterday where Manuel retracted his stance that Frenchy and F-Mart would form a platoon in right field. Uk deals cheap viagra The “Me First” Francoeur (funny how Francoeur is portrayed as this rah-rah team guy but in reality is a selfish prick and Beltran who is portrayed as the less than team guy, uk deals cheap viagra shows more of a team first attitude by coming back from serious injury to early to help the team) cmae out of the meeting laughing and back slapping with Manuel with the news that I won’t be a strict platoon, uk deals cheap viagra that Frenchy will play bulk of the time in RF. Uk deals cheap viagra If Omar Minaya were a real GM after hearing this, uk deals cheap viagra he’d cut Francoeur on the spot.

Uk deals cheap viagra Hey Mets are back home tomorrow night against the Rockies, uk deals cheap viagra I’m guessing there are seats available?

Uk deals cheap viagra Want to feel old? Lee Mazzilli Jr. Uk deals cheap viagra is playing for the Wareham Gatemen in the Cape League, uk deals cheap viagra so is Michael Yazstremski the GRAND SON of Carl Yazstremski

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Generic viagra on line cheap Do we really hope that Carlos Beltran comes back this season? This is not an anti-Beltran post, generic viagra on line cheap I like Beltran and I am in no means joining the Beltran contract worst in Mets history club just the contrary, generic viagra on line cheap he was the player the Mets needed to have at the time he signed his deal and he has produced offensively and defensibly to be the best center fielder in baseball. Generic viagra on line cheap The reason I’m in no hurry to see him back is, generic viagra on line cheap I don’t see where he fits in with this Mets team.

Generic viagra on line cheap The Mets have gone from a collection of talent to a cohesive team. Generic viagra on line cheap Whereas the organization went out and brought in big names who made those names elsewhere (Glavine, generic viagra on line cheap Delgado, generic viagra on line cheap Martinez, generic viagra on line cheap Beltran to name four biggies) that Mets fans never warmed up to, generic viagra on line cheap now the fan base is giddy over the homegrown infield of Wright, generic viagra on line cheap Reyes, generic viagra on line cheap Tejada and Ike. Generic viagra on line cheap Mets fans are also rooting harder for Jon Niese to make his mark and are glowing over once removed Met farmhand, generic viagra on line cheap Angel Pagan who has played not only productive baseball but smart baseball as well.

Generic viagra on line cheap Even when it comes to who is the Ace of the Mets pitching staff, generic viagra on line cheap as much as we respect and hold Johan Santana in high regard to where he is his almost near home grown adulation, generic viagra on line cheap lots of Mets fans have anointed Mike Pelfrey as THE MAN for the Mets. Generic viagra on line cheap We have watched Pelfrey go from a gawky pitcher who likes to lick his hands and sometimes space out on the mound to a stud pitcher who’s starts are now a reason to either make it to the TV or drop all plans and head to $iti Field.   

Generic viagra on line cheap Jason Bay and Jeff Francouer have been big in this hot streak the Mets have been on this month but when you ask Mets fans about Bay they nod like “he’s ok” and Frenchy before this hot streak of his, generic viagra on line cheap Mets fans had him top of the non-tender list for this off season. Generic viagra on line cheap As for Frankie Rodriguez, generic viagra on line cheap just check out Twitter when he comes in to close a game, generic viagra on line cheap it’s like someone in the car farted and the windows are all locked.    

Generic viagra on line cheap Then we have Jenry Mejia who has been abused by the Mets to the point that Mets fan have been calling Child Services to have him removed from Jerry Manuel Torture Chamber (a/k/a The bullpen) That Mejia has not been allowed to grow in his craft in the Mets minor league system is a serious crime to all Mets fans, generic viagra on line cheap as we want Mejia to grow strong and add that 97 mph fastball to the rotation of Pelfrey and Niese. Generic viagra on line cheap The handling of Mejia this season is the baseball equivalent of the 2 year old kid smoking two packs of cigarettes a day in Indonesia STOP THE ABUSE!!!!    

Generic viagra on line cheap Back to Beltran for a moment, generic viagra on line cheap the Mets have a nice little run going here and if or when Beltran comes back where does he play? If he goes back to his home in centerfield then does that move Pagan to the bench? Or does the mean a platoon of Frenchy and Pagan in RF? Can Beltran cover the ground he used to now that he will wear a knee brace to play? If he can’t then does he move to right field knocking Frenchy to the bench? Loads of questions here and that’s why maybe for the good of the team, generic viagra on line cheap it’s better that Beltran is taking his time coming back and if you’re the Mets front office do you secretly hope he doesn’t come back?

Generic viagra on line cheap don’t forget to check out my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Shop at Cafe Press

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Viagra canada I want to thank Jerry Manuel and David Wright for throwing me under the bus last night. Viagra canada Yesterday I posted on NYB Blogs telling Mets fans to relax and not give up on this team and especially on Wright who I defended big time. Viagra canada So how do they repay me?

Viagra canada Well J-Man had a managerial night that makes you wonder just how long he has as the leader of the Mets. Viagra canada It’s one thing to be hard headed and not see the experiment to bat Jose Reyes third in the lineup is an out and out failure, viagra canada but then to have him bunt in the 9th inning with Luis Castillo the go ahead run on 2nd base was just stupid baseball. Viagra canada If you put Reyes in that spot in the order, viagra canada you’re saying you have total faith in him as a hitter as the 3 hitter is usually the teams’ best hitter. Viagra canada So why would you make Reyes bunt in an obvious RBI situation. Viagra canada Reyes barely can bunt for a base hit never mind a sac bunt but also what message are you sending him? I’m batting you 3 but I don’t have faith in you to get a big hit, viagra canada just move Castillo to third and let someone else get the job done.

Viagra canada Wright didn’t help me either with his two K’s, viagra canada the biggest one in the 9th inning. Viagra canada Maybe I’m just not seeing or maybe I don’t want to see the decline in David Wright but when I look at his digits they are right there with all the league leaders but it just seems like the big spot is a tough spot for DW. Viagra canada I’m not jumping ship though, viagra canada I’m still loyal to D-Wright      

Viagra canada Manuel said in his post game presser that he’s thinking of making some lineup changes, viagra canada gee ya think Jerry? It seems the only one who favors Reyes in the 3 spot is Manuel. Viagra canada As Ralph Kiner said the other day, viagra canada Reyes belongs as a leadoff man. Viagra canada When Gary Cohen asked who should bat third, viagra canada Kiner replied “The Mets don’t have a 3 hitter” He’s 100 % right. Viagra canada The Mets 3 hitter is jogging in St Lonesome. Viagra canada They have a leadoff hitter but he bats third. Viagra canada If Manuel doesn’t bat Reyes leadoff tonight and bench Frenchy for The Animal then he’s just telling Mets fans and management he wants to be fired.   

Viagra canada I didn’t watch all of this game as I spent most of my evening watching the Boston Celtics send LeBron James and the Cavs packing (more on that in a minute) but couldn’t Manuel have given Johan Santana another inning of work? I know he batted second in the top of the 8th but he seemed to be pitching his best game of the season and was far from tired (just 98 pitches) and even though Fernando Nieve got a DP to get out the 8th how many days can Manuel go to him or Feliciano or Takahashi? Those three have become everyday players.

Viagra canada I still stand by my the Mets are still in this stance but I’m starting to feel a shake up in the mangers office needs to be made. Viagra canada The Royals, viagra canada who are going no where, viagra canada fired Trey Hillman so you would think a team that is in a playoff hunt should be looking around as well. Viagra canada Something is missing here. Viagra canada When the team is 0-6 in rubber games of series and the same stale lineup gets trotted out there every day and the bullpen is getting run into the ground, viagra canada maybe the Mets have reached that fork in the road and as Yogi said “when you get to the fork in the road, viagra canada take it” It may be time to stick the fork in Jerry Manuel.

Viagra canada A big tip of my Celtics cap to Bill Simmons who started a Celtics Chant account on Twitter which got that “NEW YORK KNICKS” chant going at the TD Garden was the best fan participation since the days of the C’s fans telling the 76 ers in 1982 Conference Final to “Beat LA”. Viagra canada Get ready Knicks fans the LeBron era is coming.

Viagra canada To all the Celtic haters on Twitter who right after the C’s beat the Cavs were crowing that the Celtics will be buried by the Magic. Viagra canada First you all can kiss my green, viagra canada white and 17 NBA Champiosnship banner ass. Viagra canada The Celtics have done what we all say can’t be done in sports, viagra canada they turn the on switch on when the playoffs started and now are in full UBUNTU mode.

Viagra canada Metsradamus has what is now the Post of The Year dealing with that fell off the turnip truck turd, viagra canada Cholly Manuel who has dragged the Mets into this sign stealing brouhaha with the Colorado Rockies, viagra canada Metstradamus also reflects on the Skill Sets looking to by the Fishsticks and moved them to the brand new Chop Shop Arena. Viagra canada Not only does Metstradamus invoke the New York Amerks but when was the last time you heard about Newsy Lalonde?

Viagra canada So all of a sudden the Skill Sets are flush with cash that they can talk about buying the Fishsticks and build a new arena in Queens but the can’t release Oliver Perez and eat his deal.

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Low cost viagra I know it’s all the rage to kill David Wright for his lack of clutchness lately but after checking out Baseball Reference, low cost viagra it looks like that anger is misplaced. Low cost viagra Wright has a line of .290/.385/.581 with RISP. Low cost viagra The other three big hitters for the Mets haven’t come close to the numbers Wright has put up.

Low cost viagra Jason Bay with his .250/.370/.389 w/RISP has not been the run producer the club felt he would be. Low cost viagra The real busts in the clutch have been Jeff Francouer and Jose Reyes-.200/.237/.286 w/RISP- but in Reyes’ defense he has been misplaced as a #3 hitter. Low cost viagra It was an experiment by Jerry Manuel and I think we can say it’s a failed one and it’s time to put Reyes back in the 1hole. Low cost viagra Frenchy has been a total disaster when it comes to getting a hit in the clutch as his .200/.295/.257 line shows. Low cost viagra That bubbly personality of Frenchy’s will get him by for so long.

Low cost viagra Wright it seems is a victim again of non-support in the lineup for the second season in a row, low cost viagra with Wright down in the 5 spot, low cost viagra most times Reyes and Bay, low cost viagra hitting in front of Wright, low cost viagra they have not been getting the job done putting all the pressure on Wright. Low cost viagra It’s time to abandon the Reyes in the 3 hole and move Wright back to that spot.

Low cost viagra Jerry Manuel’ patients has turned to stubbornness and needs to shake the lineup up. Low cost viagra Oh by the way, low cost viagra Carlos Beltran will lace up a pair of running shoes today but its anyone’s guess if he will actually run in them though.   

Low cost viagra Now that Chris Carter has been recalled from Buffalo, low cost viagra as Frank Catalanotto gets his release (how in good conscious does Manuel put GMJ up to bat, low cost viagra it’s like J-Man is shoving the shityness of Mathews in Omar’s face, low cost viagra “You won’t cut him so I’ll keep playin’ him.”) This guy is very happy The Animal is up.

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Viagra female u k There are losses and there are losses but then again THERE ARE LOSSES and last night was one of those LOSSES.

Viagra female u k You will read and hear a lot today about last nights Mets 11-5 loss to the Phillies some will say it’s much to early to worry and losing a series in the beginning of May is not the end of the world and Johan Santana himself said “it was just one those games” but to me and many Mets fans it wasn’t just one of those games, viagra female u k quite frankly it was a major embarrassment.

Viagra female u k It all started when the lineup was posted, viagra female u k the Mets Twitter Nation was up in arms over seeing GMJ and Fernando Tatis, viagra female u k two players who could not play on any other major league team, viagra female u k playing instead of Angel Pagan and Ike Davis. Viagra female u k Supposedly the numbers that Tatis and GMJ have against Jamie Moyer favored the move but I would hope that the manager would have thought, viagra female u k “I have a chance to take the series from my top rival that is reeling a bit, viagra female u k I have my Ace pitcher going so I need to play my best eight guys today” But Jerry Manuel decided he could play his best six and win and after the first inning he looked like a prophet. Viagra female u k To be honest this loss had nothing to do with GMJ and Tatis in the line up (even though it is very interesting that the Mariners cut Eric Byrnes after their game yesterday but GMJ keeps on keepin’ on with the Mets even as Chris Carter is more deserving of his spot, viagra female u k by the way when was the last time Omar Minaya made an in season trade to help the team? Don’t say Ryan Church for Frenchy as Minaya stated that John Rico was responsible for that move) it was more of Johan Santana not stepping up in the first big spot of the season.

Viagra female u k I don’t want to kill Santana because I really like and admired him. Viagra female u k He proved his mettle in the next to last game in 2008 against the Marlins but I am so disappointed over last nights game that anything I write here will be pure emotion, viagra female u k but as I watched the Santana come up small a few things whirled around in my head.

Viagra female u k When reporters ask you who the best pitcher is in the NL East, viagra female u k I would hope Johan Santana now knows to shut the fuck up. Viagra female u k Just say, viagra female u k “it’s not for me to say who’s the best and all that, viagra female u k let the records speak for themselves”. Viagra female u k Roy Halliday said nothing in spring training but on Saturday, viagra female u k I don’t care how big a Mets fan your are or how big a Phillies hater you are, viagra female u k Halliday made his statement on Saturday on who is the best in the NL East.

Viagra female u k The 4th inning was one of the worst innings I have endured in a long time but the big picture here is what happened in the bottom of the 1st. Viagra female u k David Wright just gave Santana a 3-0 cushion and Mets Twitter-verse were popping champagne corks. Viagra female u k But Santana broke a cardinal sin of pitching, viagra female u k when your team puts up a crooked number in your half of the inning, viagra female u k you need to pitch a scoreless inning in the oppositions half inning, viagra female u k Santana failed that. Viagra female u k There were some stupid Tweets about if the game was at “Citi Field those wouldn’t be home runs” bottom line Santana needed a 1-2-3 inning there and he failed.

Viagra female u k The other thoughts I had after this disaster was about Tom Seaver and Doc Gooden and Jerry Koosman  those three guys would not have lost that game yesterday, viagra female u k in fact all three  would have stepped off the mound and adjusted there cups to show the Phillie fans just what they thought of them. Viagra female u k  I even thought of Frank “Sweet Music “ Viola or Rosalita Leiter and Petey, viagra female u k they would not only not walk Jamie Moyer, viagra female u k they would have attacked Carlos Ruiz. Viagra female u k Neither would have Sid Fernandez or Craig Swan. Viagra female u k Or Ron Darling or Bobby Ojeda. Viagra female u k Or John Matlack or David Cone. Viagra female u k Or Orel Hershiser or even T-t-t-t-o-m G-g-g-g-lavine (God forgive me!)

Viagra female u k If Santana pitches like the Ace he says he is last night and the Mets win, viagra female u k I leave my house this morning without pants on as my arousal couldn’t be contained, viagra female u k instead I’m as flaccid as Johan Santana’ fastball.

Viagra female u k Johan Santana has lost me right now, viagra female u k and I think he’s lost his teammates a bit as well. Viagra female u k After the 4th inning the Mets bench was dead. Viagra female u k Their top pitcher just got his ass handed to him and all the good cheer of the last homestand and the game on Friday went out the window. Viagra female u k Of course the players won’t say so and all would deny it loudly, viagra female u k but actions speak louder than words. Viagra female u k Forget Mets fans trust, viagra female u k Santana needs to regain his teammates trust more.

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Overnight delivery cialis Not much to get your nuts twisted over after yesterday’ game , overnight delivery cialis Roy Haliday did what he’s been doing his whole career, overnight delivery cialis keeping hitters off balance and dominating. Overnight delivery cialis 10-0 loss mark it down to shit happens. Overnight delivery cialis If Jose Reyes and Alex Cora make a couple of plays (both balls hit them in the glove tough plays but it’s the big leagues ‘fellas gotta catch those) maybe the game takes a different spin.

Overnight delivery cialis Win the game tonight with our Ace, overnight delivery cialis who has a 4-1 lifetime record against the Phuck Phaces and all is right with the Mets world again.

Overnight delivery cialis The thing to watch after this game is how Big Pelf responds in his next start, overnight delivery cialis most likely next Friday at home against the Giants. Overnight delivery cialis  Will it be old Pelf, overnight delivery cialis less focused or ne Pelf, overnight delivery cialis confidant and secure that he is a top echelon pitcher ?  Can’t wait for Friday to find out.

Overnight delivery cialis Sometimes it’s the little things that tell you about a player and a team. Overnight delivery cialis Jerry Manuel told Jeff Francoeur he was sitting out yesterday’s game due to getting plunked on the elbow with a pitch and crashing into the wall to make a catch. Overnight delivery cialis When told of this decision, overnight delivery cialis Frenchy respectfully told the manager, overnight delivery cialis hell to the no, overnight delivery cialis I’m playing. Overnight delivery cialis So Manuel put him in. Overnight delivery cialis Big props to Frenchy.

Overnight delivery cialis Yes I know Alex Cora is a clubhouse leader and will be a big league manager and adopts Haitian orphans, overnight delivery cialis is working a cure for cancer and feeds the homeless, overnight delivery cialis but he has look so bad at bat and in the field so far this season that I get pissed when he plays instead of Luis Castillo. Overnight delivery cialis Hard to believe but I pray for Castillo’s good health.

Overnight delivery cialis I’m looking forward to the HBO Broad Street Bullies presentation this Tuesday night. Overnight delivery cialis  I’m sure this clip will be shown prominently during the show.

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Original viagra When it came time to step up, original viagra John Maine did just that. Original viagra Or maybe it was the fear of seeing Jerry Manuel yank Ollie Perez after 3.2 innings that scared Maine straight or should I say scared the movement out him as Maine, original viagra still unable to hit 90 mph on the radar gun with his fastball, original viagra had his fastball dancing like Bo jangles Robinson. Original viagra It was a fine piece of pitching by Maine.

Original viagra I’m sure we can all agree that it’s “the pitching stupid” that has set off this Mets revival, original viagra but don’t overlook the aggressive way the team plays on defense and on the bases. Original viagra The team is starting to figure out how to use the vast gaps of the $iti Field outfield. Original viagra The players have adopted this terrific bust your ass attitude when it comes to base running. Original viagra Balls hit in the gap are not taken for granted as before. Original viagra How many times last year did we see Mets batters hit one to gap and watch them jog into second base? Now the mindset is go for three. Original viagra This might backfire once in a awhile but most times this aggressive type of base running will pay great dividends. Original viagra At least once this year, original viagra Frenchy will throw someone out on at 1st base on one hopper to RF.

Original viagra I will concede that Daniel Murphy’ days as Mets first base man are over. Original viagra But what has me pissed is Mets fans acting like Murphy is a leper. Original viagra When Ty Wigington was a Met he was a folk hero and Murphy is cut from the same blue collar cloth as Wiggy. Original viagra When he gets healthy, original viagra Murphy will play in some extended spring games and then do some rehab games at Bingo or Buffalo. Original viagra I would think the plan is to make Murphy into a super sub where he can fill in at LF, original viagra or 2nd, original viagra 3rd or 1B. Original viagra Yes I know Murphy was awful in left field but working in the minors and with the work ethic he has I’m sure he could become serviceable in the outfield. Original viagra I guess all you Murphy haters enjoy watching Frank Catalanotto.

Original viagra Remember Mike Bacsik who pitched for the Mets back in 2001-2002 ? Bacsik came to the Mets as part of the Robbie Alomar deal with the Indians. Original viagra Bacsik had a nondescript career with the Mets and his claim to fame up until a few days ago was giving up Barry Bonds 756th home run. Original viagra I saw Bacisk’ name on Twitter so I started following him and found out that he was a sportstalk radio host and show producer, original viagra was is the key word as Bacsik was canned from his job at KTCK in Dallas. Original viagra Bacsik lost his job due to his rants on his private Twitter page during the Mavs-Spurs game the other night. Original viagra I saw some of Bacsik’ Tweets that night and they were quite amusing especially his complaints about the officiating of the Mavs-Spurs playoff series in which he Tweeted about NBA Commish David Stern and his refs sucking. Original viagra It was when Bacsik Tweeted about the “dirty Mexicans” in San Antonio that he got his ass in a sling. Original viagra Bacsik claims he was at a bar and drinking heavily while watching the game and Tweeting. Original viagra So if anything Bacsik is guilty of TUI, original viagra Tweeting Under the Influence. Original viagra Bacsik is hoping to get his job back though by playing the Rickey Bobby card, original viagra asking the little baby Jesus for forgiveness.

Original viagra The Mets and NY Water Taxi have brought back the service to $iti Field after a one year hiatus. Original viagra This was my favorite mode of transportation to Shea. Original viagra It took a bit longer than by car but it was much more enjoyable. Original viagra When I saw they were bringing the service back and it was free I was jumping for joy but then I read the fine print, original viagra the boat is a one way trip. Original viagra Why? The best part of the ride was the return trip. Original viagra You could sit outside have a cold drink and just chill. Original viagra My guess is the free one way trip is a way to gauge interest in fans taking the water taxi to the game and maybe after a few trips one way and having to fight the crowds of the 7 train back to the city, original viagra fans will clamor for round trip service and not mind paying a fee. Original viagra I hope it happens as I’d be a frequent sailor.

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