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Pfizer soft viagra Ahhhhhhhh Home Sweet Home and was I ever happy to leave camp, pfizer soft viagra in fact I’ll take watching our hitless (and witless) wonders over staying up all night on bear patrol.

Pfizer soft viagra  

Pfizer soft viagra Friday nights at camp has always been about celebrating the accomplishments of the boys and the camaraderie of the troop and the Leaders. Pfizer soft viagra The Scout Leaders chip in and buy pizza and soda for the scouts and we also buy for the staff who helps us make our week run smooth.

Pfizer soft viagra So myself and leader went and got 14 pizza’s and a couple of cases of soda. Pfizer soft viagra After filling our bellies, pfizer soft viagra my son and I take a walk up to the medic to get the dressing on his injured finger changed. Pfizer soft viagra As we come out of the medic office we see two of our leaders running up with one of our Scouts holding a blood soaked hand. Pfizer soft viagra The young man sliced his finger sawing wood for the evening camp fire and had to go to the hospital to get 6 stitches. Pfizer soft viagra As they leave, pfizer soft viagra the rest of the troop and four other leaders are headed to the field for the closing ceremonies so my son and I join in.

Pfizer soft viagra As we join the formation the site commissioner grabs my arm and tells me that a bear has just gone through our site. Pfizer soft viagra It seems the remaining troop did not police the area before leaving and a full pepperoni pizza was left on a table.

Pfizer soft viagra When one of the site guides was walking through the back of our site, pfizer soft viagra he spotted the bear. Pfizer soft viagra From his account, pfizer soft viagra the bear walked past the site and suddenly stopped and lifted up his head, pfizer soft viagra pointing his snout toward the sky and it seems the scent of the pizza appealed to him. Pfizer soft viagra The bear hopped up on the table and grabbed the box and proceeded to enjoy a slice (no word on if he used proper Brooklyn pizza etiquette by folding the slice in half) While this went on, pfizer soft viagra the site guide radioed the Park Ranger who was tracking the bear and alerted him to the bear’s whereabouts. Pfizer soft viagra The Ranger has a gun with rubber bullets and he then shot the bear in the ass causing the bear to yelp and run off toward the lake.

Pfizer soft viagra So for the rest of the evening we kept the camp well lit and cleaned the camp like it was a hospital emergency room. Pfizer soft viagra But I didn’t go to sleep until about 3AM when my relief took so I could get 3 hours sleep until it was time to get up and break camp.

Pfizer soft viagra As great as it is to have a bear story it’s even better that I packed and extra pair of underwear. Pfizer soft viagra They came in handy.

Pfizer soft viagra Oh yeah about the deal, pfizer soft viagra The whole “Francoeur is a great defensive player” and now the spin from Flushing is we are going to turn this team into a pitching and defense first kind of squad to fit $iti Field is admirable but the fact is this was a deal for two guys neither team wanted around anymore. Pfizer soft viagra But I’m fine with Frenchy even though is numbers have decreased each season since his rookie year and he is a very good right fielder with a plus arm. Pfizer soft viagra Church never “wowed” me but he was done in by bad medical advice and a manager who had not faith in him so I wish him luck and good health in Atlanta. Pfizer soft viagra Another plus for Francoeur is his nickname “Frenchy”

Pfizer soft viagra

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