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Viagra from india Remember back about a month ago when the Mets were proving the critics wrong by playing hard nose balls to the wall baseball that translated into winning games and had the beaten down fan base thinking of crisp cool evenings in October at Citi Field ? What happen?
It’s hard to pinpoint but this Mets team that looked to be tougher and more resilient that in the past has lost its mojo. Viagra from india Or has it? Are the Mets like water and have found their level?
The level of frustration with the Mets is not just relegated to the fan base. Viagra from india The more I see Ron Darling on SNY the more frustration with this team I see. Viagra from india Keith Hernandez is almost there but Darling, viagra from india he’s arrived. Viagra from india It started with watching the Mets relievers just kill the enthusiasm of the season with poor performance and poor performance. Viagra from india It intensified when Andres Torres with a chance to pay back Roger Bernadina for spiking Ruben Tejada bailed out, viagra from india a play Darling called Torres out on and a few days later was still pissed about the nonpayment by Torres.
My frustration is with Terry Collins and his nightly “we have to give Jason Bay at bats to get him going” Terry, viagra from india Please stop! My leg is full of piss! I don’t know whose call it is that Bay stays in the lineup, viagra from india but someone in authority has to say stop already, viagra from india and I’ll tell you this, viagra from india Bay has not gotten anything close to venom spewed on Luis Castillo and Oliver Perez by the Mets fan base. Viagra from india What he gets booed? Big deal! Yes, viagra from india I know Bay is a swell guy and is loved by all who meet him, viagra from india and I’m not advocating the fan base go all asshole on him but I’m just pointing out the criticism of Bay is tame to what other non-performers in Flushing have endured.
Ike Davis knocks three baseballs out of the park and the Mets still loses. Viagra from india I’m speechless!

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Canadian viagra I have to say I am more than a little surprised that some Mets fans have made Terry Collins the bad guy for being totally, canadian viagra and in my mind justifiably, canadian viagra pissed off over the rash of injuries that have hit the Mets this spring. Canadian viagra Two of Collins “Must Do’s” on his list of things to work on this spring were improve the defense and work on baseball fundamentals, canadian viagra two of the biggest deficiency of the 2011 Mets. Canadian viagra It’s very hard to do when the players you are counting on for the season are sitting in the trainer’s room.

Canadian viagra I don’t understand why some folks feel that Collins tirade yesterday meant he wanted players to spit on the injury or rub some dirt on it, canadian viagra no it’s more frustration as to why are these players are suffering  pulled muscles and how does the training staff help prevent these nagging hurts.

Canadian viagra Collins is a realist he knows his team is projected by many to be awful this season add in that the same people feel Citi Field will be a ghost town as well, canadian viagra so he knows it’s his job to get this team off to a fast start. Canadian viagra That’s why he gets giddy talking about Johan Santana’s performance so far this spring.

Canadian viagra Sitting Ruben Tejada yesterday was the right thing to do, canadian viagra but put yourself in the managers shoes. Canadian viagra He makes out his lineup and is set to go but then he finds out his shortstop can’t go, canadian viagra what is he supposed to do laugh and make jokes like Jerry Manuel? You all detested Manuel for his clown act and now you’re all pissed that Collins is intense. Canadian viagra Your all are sick of being the laughing stock of baseball but you don’t want the players challenged?

Canadian viagra David Wright is starting to annoy me as well, canadian viagra not because he’s hurt but he’s supposed to be the leader here but when he makes statements like this I shake my head a bit:

Canadian viagra As for the frustration Terry Collins expressed the previous day about the litany of Mets injuries, canadian viagra Wright said: “It’s OK to be frustrated. Canadian viagra But at the end of the day it’s spring training. Canadian viagra You have to err on the side of caution. Canadian viagra We spoke to Terry about it. Canadian viagra Terry will be the first one to tell you that if you feel something, canadian viagra come right in. Canadian viagra It’s frustrating, canadian viagra obviously, canadian viagra because you want all of your guys out there. Canadian viagra But if you look around the league, canadian viagra every team is going to be banged up and every team is going to be more cautious than trying to push guys out there in spring training.

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Canadian viagra “I think sometimes a guy gets a day off or two and things get a little overblown. Canadian viagra Spring training, canadian viagra it’s not about trying to go out there and push yourself. Canadian viagra We’ll do that during the season. Canadian viagra We’ll go out there and play banged up. Canadian viagra Everybody has done it. Canadian viagra But spring training you have to be a little more smart about it.”

Canadian viagra First I don’t care what other teams are doing I care about that the Mets season not being done by Memorial Day. Canadian viagra I care that this team is nowhere near good enough to flip a switch on April 4th and play good baseball. Canadian viagra The margin of error for this team is slimmer than the Olsen Twins standing sideways.

Canadian viagra The injury to Wright has me worried because what happens if the injection he received doesn’t work, canadian viagra what if this becomes chronic like Ryan Zimmerman last season and he misses more than a month or two? What is Plan B if Wright can’t make opening day?

Canadian viagra Wright seems to think he can just go over to the minor league camp to make up missing at bats which is fine but as much as his offensive game has slipped the last two seasons his play at 3rd base has deteriorated even more and I worry about that part of Wrights game than his offense.

Canadian viagra When you’ve been as bad as the Mets have been the last few years and with all the negative off the field bullshit that surrounds the team, canadian viagra I would hope the so called face of the franchise would have more of an edge to him.

Canadian viagra  

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Buy cheap viagra in uk Just finished up the conference call with Sandy Alderson and here are a few observations:

Buy cheap viagra in uk From a bloggers stand point Alderson treated us with a lot of respect and said he will try to meet with us in this forum as often as he can, buy cheap viagra in uk which is smart as he is bringing his message to the fans and not to some wind bag on talk radio or MSM-types with hidden agendas.

Buy cheap viagra in uk I asked him about the urgency of putting together the starting pitching staff and Alderson agreed that it is a top priority. Buy cheap viagra in uk The FO is not looking at guys who will pitch for low salary but he is looking at low risk/high reward types. Buy cheap viagra in uk More to the fact, buy cheap viagra in uk he is looking at doctors reports on pitchers (obviously Chris Young and Jeff Francis) He will not sit back and wait to see who falls in his lap and by the end of the month he hopes to have acquired some arms for the rotation.

Buy cheap viagra in uk Alderson understands the frustration and the passion of the fan base and he enjoys the feedback from the Mets fans. Buy cheap viagra in uk He seems to be tired of all the Moneyball questions and said if ownership wanted him to run team as a small market club he would not have taken the job. Buy cheap viagra in uk He is well aware that this is the major of major markets which reads to me that Alderson will run the Mets similar to how the Red Sox are run.

Buy cheap viagra in uk The best part of the conference call was when Alderson addressed the minor league system and how he wants it run. Buy cheap viagra in uk He hit on every issue I have screamed about here for years. Buy cheap viagra in uk The minor league managers and coaches will hold to strict set of guidelines on how to play the game, buy cheap viagra in uk this way as the minor leaguers move up the ladder, buy cheap viagra in uk there are no surprises. Buy cheap viagra in uk Everything you worked on and learned in Rookie Ball will be implemented in A, buy cheap viagra in uk AA and AAA. Buy cheap viagra in uk Alderson then said that everyone players, buy cheap viagra in uk coaches, buy cheap viagra in uk mangers, buy cheap viagra in uk instructors etc. Buy cheap viagra in uk will be given field manuals on how the Mets Way will be followed. Buy cheap viagra in uk Excuse me I think I need a moment (Deeeeeeeeep Breeeeeeeeeeeath) I’m sorry, buy cheap viagra in uk I’m just so happy!!!!!!

Buy cheap viagra in uk The naming of the coaching staff is being held up due to administrative paper work but it seems all the names we’ve heard, buy cheap viagra in uk Obie as bench coach, buy cheap viagra in uk Mookie at 1st base, buy cheap viagra in uk Chip Hale at 3rd, buy cheap viagra in uk Warthen PC, buy cheap viagra in uk Dave Hudgens hitting coach and Jon Debus as bullpen coach. Buy cheap viagra in uk Official announcement will be made Monday or Tuesday.

Buy cheap viagra in uk For a more in depth view of the call check out Mets Blog.

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Natural viagra No THIS CALL TO THE BULPEN tonight as my self and Evan Riney of Rhino Rants will be host the weekly Baseball Bloggers Alliance BBA Talk podcast tonight at 11pm ET. Natural viagra The show is always available on the BBA Talk page on Blog Talk Radio and as a download in iTunes.

Natural viagra I think Keith Hernandez speaks for all Mets fans when he vents his frustration about Big Pelf. Natural viagra You have to wonder if Pelfrey will ever cross that bridge from potentially a front line pitcher to a real Ace of the staff. 

Natural viagra Is there any reason why Jose Reyes needs to comeback this season? What’s the point?

Natural viagra So now I see where the Mets made a mistake with Oliver Perez. Natural viagra Instead of insisting that OP go to Buffalo or St. Natural viagra Lonesome, natural viagra they should have just loaned him out the Mexican League. Natural viagra He’d of left in a heartbeat.

Natural viagra I’ll be shocked, natural viagra SHOCKED!!!!! If Wally Backman is not the next manager of the NY Mets

Natural viagra  

Natural viagra Another former Brooklyn Cyclone makes his debut tonight as Dillion Gee makes his Major League debut tonight in DC

Natural viagra FREE JUSTIN TURNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Natural viagra All is well in NYC, natural viagra there was life found on Revis Island.

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Is viagra legal Yesterday I pulled a Mike Francesa as I was “In da cawh” listening to Howie and Wayne doing the Mets game on radio. Is viagra legal I don’t listen to the Mets radio team very much as I’m either glued to the TV or at the game (I’m not one to listen to the game when I’m there I never understood that as everything you need to know is right in front of you) so I tend to forget how much Howie is one of us. Is viagra legal Gary Cohen, is viagra legal of course is one of us as well and he sometime shows his frustration during a telecast or two but Howie was beside himself watching Ollie Perez throw a baseball yesterday (I refuse to call what he did pitching)

Is viagra legal It was very cold and very windy yesterday and Howie and Wayne made a point to let us know how much the elements plus Perez’ inability to throw a strike, is viagra legal was putting the Mets defense in an uncomfortable spot. Is viagra legal Howie painted a picture of infielders walking around the dirt between pitches to keep warm and to kill the boredom of long counts and walks, is viagra legal and of Ike Davis sticking both hands under his arms to stay warm. Is viagra legal Both announcers made it known that the were fed up watching and detailing the play by play of another start of suckitude by Perez. Is viagra legal From the derisive cheers when an actual strike was tossed by OP, is viagra legal I’d say the paying customers felt the same way. Is viagra legal So what to do with Ollie Perez.

Is viagra legal Well, is viagra legal forget about The Skill Sets releasing OP, is viagra legal not with a $12 mil salary for this season and (GULP!) next and there is no one in the baseball world stupid enough to take on that contract since the only dumb ass that would pay Perez that kind of money is already his employer. Is viagra legal The easiest move is to replace OP with either Hisanori Takahashi or Raul Valdes in the rotation and move OP to the pen. Is viagra legal The best move would be to just put Perez on waivers, is viagra legal let him go unclaimed and then assign him to Buffalo. Is viagra legal That move would work if we knew when Ryota Igarhashi is coming back from a hammy strain but there’s been no info on his progress.

Is viagra legal Whatever way it’s handled, is viagra legal nothing with Perez falls in the Mets favor. Is viagra legal Management talks about “it’s all about winning” well, is viagra legal if that’s the case prove it, is viagra legal put Perez on waivers, is viagra legal when he clears, is viagra legal assign him to Buffalo. Is viagra legal It’s the only way, is viagra legal Perez just sucks the life out of the team, is viagra legal the fans and the announcers. Is viagra legal He has GOT TO GO!!!!!!

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Problems with viagra The current state of the New York Mets is abysmal. Problems with viagra The long term state of the New York Mets is very promising. Problems with viagra This is a tale of two states.

Problems with viagra  

Problems with viagra As a fan base we Mets fans need to come to grips that the only place we will see post season baseball is on our televisions. Problems with viagra I hate to break this news to Freddie Skill Sets that the only meaningful games being played in Flushing in September will be the Bingo games at St Andrew Avelino Church and until Freddie and Jeffie come to grips with this the organization can move forward and re-organize the goal of building a contending team.

Problems with viagra  

Problems with viagra The upper reaches of the farm system is bankrupt of immediate talent as we have seen this season but when you look at the lower end that’s where the future lays and the word we hate to hear “patience” will have to be practiced.

Problems with viagra  

Problems with viagra I’ve heard calls for the team going out on a spending spree in the off season and that is the exact wrong approach to take. Problems with viagra As much as I kill the Skill Sets, problems with viagra it’s hard to call them cheap when they have a $140 mil payroll. Problems with viagra It’s not cheapness it’s cluelessness. Problems with viagra The Skill Sets have absolutely no baseball acumen, problems with viagra they are real estate men, problems with viagra and would serve the team best if they did what they do best, problems with viagra collect rent.

Problems with viagra  

Problems with viagra Is Omar Minaya a great GM? NO! Is he an awful GM? NO! Is he a good GM? Ahhhhh here is where the debate begins. Problems with viagra There is a ground swell in the fan base to FIRE OMAR and I admit that even though I’m an Omar fan, problems with viagra the thought has run through my head would the team be better served with a new GM? Most of this thinking is out of frustration that the team keeps crying about injuries which have nothing to do with lack of hustle and overall retarded baseball the team has played of late. Problems with viagra The biggest indictment of Omar regime as the head of the baseball ops is when F-Mart did not run out a ball in his first game as a Met. Problems with viagra The excuse that he is “only 20” holds no water as he has been in the Mets farm system since he was 16 years old so to me it shows that the farm system is broke. Problems with viagra Now does it just need some repair or does Omar need to clean house and bring in some new blood with new ideas? Tony Bernanzard seems to be a polarizing force in the organization as he has Jeffy’s ear (maybe he tells him that Shemp Howard hair cut is becoming) and that goes back to the problem of Jeffy being way to close to the baseball operation and until he stays out of personnel moves, problems with viagra the better for the organization.

Problems with viagra  

Problems with viagra I guess the whole Mets organization is like the Home Run Apple yesterday it’s not ready to go when we want it but after a little bit of  patience it could function nicely.

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