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Happy Easter to one and all. Buy real viagra It’s a great day to head to Citi Field to watch the suddenly hot NY Mets. Buy real viagra I have a bunch of family coming over or else I’d head to the ballpark. I’d sneak out but with my luck I’d end up on TV like George Costanza with chocolate ice cream all over my face.

Buy real viagra You hear the rumblings, buy real viagra how can the Mets send Dillon Gee back to Buffalo. Buy real viagra In fact Ron Darling said during the telecast yesterday that Gee has nothing to prove at Triple A that he belongs in the big leagues and I concur. Buy real viagra But if he stays, buy real viagra who goes to either the pen or Buffalo?

Buy real viagra The names Chris Young and Chris Capuano come up as bullpen squatters which I think is ridiculous. Buy real viagra One of the traits you need to be a reliever is the ability to warm up quickly and sometimes as in Tim Brydak’s case, buy real viagra often. Buy real viagra With the pedigree and injury history neither pitcher fits the profile of a reliever.

Buy real viagra For some reason today’s starter, buy real viagra Jon Niese’ name doesn’t come up when it comes to removal from the rotation or bullpen relegation and I can’t understand why it doesn’t?

Buy real viagra Since a fine start on April 2nd against the Marlins, buy real viagra Niese has not been very effective getting blown up by the Phillies and Rockies and allowing 7 hits and 5 BB in 6 innings to the Astros in his last start a 6-1 Mets loss. Buy real viagra I hope Niese throws a gem today at Citi Field but if he has another of these more hits than innings pitched along with 4 or 5 BB, buy real viagra then maybe Gee takes Niese’ spot in the rotation and Jon take a turn or two or three in Buffalo.

Buy real viagra The St. Buy real viagra Lonesome Mets of the FSL are 15-2 after another win last night and another outstanding pitching performance. Buy real viagra After rising star Matt Harvey pitched himself closer to Binghamton on Friday, buy real viagra RHP Jeurys Familia tossed 7 outstanding innings for the baby Mets.

Buy real viagra I know the strikeouts make fans crazy but really, buy real viagra how in the world do some Mets fans hate David Wright? There are some of you who think Wright is a JAG (just another guy) but with Bay back in the lineup and Ike on fire and Beltran back to being a solid everyday mainstay in the lineup, buy real viagra Wright will have the protection in the lineup that will make him not only more productive but getting it out of his head that he needs to hit 6 run home runs to get the Mets a win. Buy real viagra It just seems to me all the Wright haters are just lazy louts who parrot what they hear on talk radio.

Buy real viagra The Murph giveith and the Murph takeith away. Buy real viagra Daniel Murphy is a work in progress at 2nd base to say the least but the boy can swing a baseball bat.

Buy real viagra It’s tough to say anything bad about R.A. Buy real viagra Dickey but Bobby Ojeda went off on The Dickster for his interview with Matt Vagisil and Tim McFullofshit last Saturday. Buy real viagra Dickey was asked about his trip to Mt. Buy real viagra Kilimanjaro that he will partake in in the off season. Buy real viagra Bobby O filliped his rug  about R.A. Buy real viagra talking about an off season endeavor in April. Buy real viagra I can see Ojeda’s point, buy real viagra in fact I hate all these in game interviews and I’m sure the players and managers dislike them as well but Dickey was asked specifically about the trip and it is for charity so what was The Dickster to do?

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Death by viagra

Death by viagra Day/Nighter today and I was sooooo ready to cut work and head to Flushing to watch Santana do his magic, death by viagra but my desk is piled as high with cases as thick as Fernando Martinez’ medical folder, death by viagra  So I’ll pass on going to the game to spend the afternoon with Howie, death by viagra Wayne and my un-fucking-believable case load. Death by viagra So while you wait for Game 1 some great links to peruse:

Death by viagra Ed Ryan at Mets Fever feels the time is right to bring back Bobby Parnell and his high heat to bolster the bullpen. Death by viagra I agree as it my be time to send Ryota Igarhashi down and when John Maine comes back, death by viagra stick him in the pen as well. Death by viagra To make room for Maine, death by viagra the Mets can put Fernando Nieve on the DL saying he is suffering from exhaustion. Death by viagra No one will dispute that.

Death by viagra Nice gesture by the Mets to draft John Franco’s son JJ in the first year draft even though he is headed off to Brown University. Death by viagra I watched JJ play at Staten Island Little League when I was managing a team and John would come to the complex whenever the Mets were off and his son played. Death by viagra Another young man from Staten Island Little League, death by viagra Bobby Lanigan has been very impressive pitching for the Ft. Death by viagra Myers Miracle of the FSL.

Death by viagra Ike Davis is a rare species of Met 

Death by viagra When David Wright can slap Big Pelf in the mush with his batting gloves and live to tell about it, death by viagra then you know all is right in Metsland.

Death by viagra I swear the guys over at Amazin’ Avenue get up with the roosters (or they just stay up all night) and I for one am glad they do as their Daily Mets Farm Report is a must read for me every morning.

Death by viagra Congratulations to the Chicago Blackhawks for ending their 49 year drought by winning the Stanley Cup last night on one of the strangest goals in hockey history. Death by viagra Patrick Kane scored in OT but it wasn’t until the video review verified it. Death by viagra Kane and his teammates were celebrating but the Flyers and their fans just stood around like “now what” even the great Doc Emrick was a bit flustered. Death by viagra Anyway it’s nice to see an Original Six team win the cup. 

Death by viagra Memo to David Stern: Your thieving bastard refs are ruining the NBA Finals. Death by viagra When they are not gambling and throwing games or trading first class airline tickets for coach seats and pocketing the difference, death by viagra they all but destroy the flow of the game and are so inconsistent with their calls that I don’t know what is and isn’t a foul anymore. Death by viagra And to you Mike Breen, death by viagra your lucky I’m not working with you as I’d have punched you in the head by now you referee toady suck up.

Death by viagra Here’s your lineup for game 1:

Death by viagra             Reyes SS

Death by viagra •           Pagan CF

Death by viagra •           Bay LF

Death by viagra •           Davis 1B

Death by viagra •           Wright 3B

Death by viagra •           Francoeur RF

Death by viagra •           Cora 2B

Death by viagra •           Blanco C

Death by viagra •           Santana P

Death by viagra Will there be a Jesus sighting in game 2 ? How about the Animal?

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