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Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Even the self-hating Mets fans are happy today. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Happy that David Wright will be a Met for the next 8 seasons and beyond taking the reins from Tom Seaver as the Mets Ambassador of Goodwill   . Uk pharmacies cheap viagra If you want to bitch and moan about length of contract or the amount of money that’s your prerogative, uk pharmacies cheap viagra but for me today is to sit back and smile and enjoy that Wright will continue his career as a Met and hopefully more moves will be made to get this team back into the post season.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra So far Sandy Alderson has rid the club of the albatross that was Jason Bay (the Alderson bashers never mention that he has had no problem getting ownership to cut all the deadwood he has inherited ) and re-signed Wright and seems he’s also on the verge of finalizing a deal with R.A. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Dickey. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra For some, uk pharmacies cheap viagra his moves aren’t coming fast enough but it looks as if his plan is in motion. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Hopefully we will hear more news out of Nashville next week with either the Mets landing a catcher and power hitting outfielder or at least laying the ground work to obtain those two vital pieces for the team. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Alderson’s work is far from done as positive as it is to have Wright signed long term, uk pharmacies cheap viagra he still needs to be protected in the lineup to be effective and I’m sure Alderson knows that and has sat with Wright to explain what he is working on doing to bring that to fruition. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  Sure Wright took the money and security but I’m sure if he didn’t hear a positive outlook from the Mets GM he wouldn’t have signed this deal so quickly. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra By the way, uk pharmacies cheap viagra I have to tip my Mets cap to Ed Coleman who broke this story early this morning. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I’ve been a critic of Coleman’s but I have to give credit where it’s due.

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Cost of viagra David Wright held his Vegas Night charity event in Virginia Beach last night and gave some quotes to the media about the upcoming season. Cost of viagra  I don’t know if this means much of anything but Wright it seems, cost of viagra has spent a lot of time back home in Virginia that I can remember in an off season. Cost of viagra He was at Citi Field for the unveiling of the new uni’s but since then there hasn’t been much site of Wright around town.

Cost of viagra Wright seems already agitated about hearing about trade rumors and being quizzed on a daily basis about his next baseball destination. Cost of viagra He’s quoted as seeing Jose Reyes getting grilled about relocation last season and he doesn’t want to go through that. Cost of viagra I wonder what that says about Wright? Maybe I’m being too critical of Wright but maybe it’s time he grew up and realized he’s not going to be a Met 4 Life.

Cost of viagra Doesn’t Wright see the handwriting on the wall? First, cost of viagra he plays for a team whose owner is like a co-worker who lives pay check to pay check and for a GM who has no emotional ties to him. Cost of viagra Just like the GM had none to Jose Reyes. Cost of viagra He will make $15 mil this season and has a $16mil team option for 2013 with a club buyout of $1mil. Cost of viagra You know how many bargain basement pitchers you can buy for $16 mil?

Cost of viagra Wright should take a page from Reyes and Carlos Beltran, cost of viagra especially Beltran who knew his Mets days were numbered and used it as motivation to bounce back and get sent to a contender. Cost of viagra Wright needs to get in the same mind set, cost of viagra stop worrying about being traded (for Christ sake Babe Ruth, cost of viagra was dealt away) and not worry about the Mets and just worry about himself.

Cost of viagra Between the Wilpon’s money woes and Sandy Alderson’s distain for long term contracts, cost of viagra it’s easy to see that these are the final days of David Wright as a member of the NY Mets. Cost of viagra Is it sad? Sure it is. Cost of viagra We all wanted to see Wright play his full career as a Met with a couple of championships and Hall of Fame credentials on his resume but neither is going to happen. Cost of viagra Maybe the fan base needs to grow up a bit as well.

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