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Viagra sale online So who do you believe Johan Santana and the Mets or the Bergen Record? Hard choice. Viagra sale online See I’m skeptical of both of them. Viagra sale online  

Viagra sale online This past winter Carlos Beltran told a gaggle of Mets bloggers that he felt great his knee felt great and he couldn’t wait to get to training camp. Viagra sale online How has that turned out so far?

Viagra sale online The one problem that Sandy Alderson needs to fix right away is the leak that’s in the organization. Viagra sale online Someone with enough juice on this team told Steve Popper and The Klap the bad news about Santana and they ran with this story. Viagra sale online Now the player, viagra sale online pitching coach and GM are all calling BULLSHIT on this report. Viagra sale online I call BULLSHIT as well.

Viagra sale online One thing I do believe in all this is why the rush to get Santana back in the rotation? Where are the Mets going that Santana needs to accelerate his rehab? Why not just let him work on his rehab try to get that shoulder stronger and healthier and look towards 2012? Even then who knows what kind of pitcher Santana will be. Viagra sale online His last two seasons have been halted by injury; his velocity has decreased on his fastball which affects his changeup greatly. Viagra sale online With two full seasons and a buyout left in his contract, viagra sale online it would be best to point at 2012 for Johan’s return than this summer. Viagra sale online This type of surgery is tough to come back from as we see with Mark Prior and Chen Ming- Wang who have not come close to getting back in the baseball swing of things. Viagra sale online So maybe slow and steady is best for this race.

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Viagra cheap prescription    20 days until pitchers and catchers

Viagra cheap prescription Unfortunately  I missed Mets Hot Stove last night on SNY but from reading Mathew Cerrone’s MetsBlog this morning it looks like Omar did his best Alexander Haig impression to let us Mets fans know the “He is in charge” No wonder I had a restless nights sleep.

Viagra cheap prescription From reading the Cerrone’s post, viagra cheap prescription Omar seemed fixated on the lack of any good solid free agents this off season and Minaya is right about that, viagra cheap prescription it was a weak crop. Viagra cheap prescription The Mets did corral one of the better freebird players in Jason Bay and the Mets abstaining from any of the free agent pitchers may turn out to be the right move. Viagra cheap prescription Time will tell. Viagra cheap prescription But Omar is acting like the free agent way is the only way to fortify the team.

Viagra cheap prescription I don’t know if the Mets ever called the Reds or Royals to engage in talks for one of my favorite trio of pitchers I’d like to see, viagra cheap prescription the pitching firm of Harang, viagra cheap prescription Arroyo and Meche, viagra cheap prescription but I just find it very odd that Omar feels the only way to add talent to this team is through free agents and diving in the ballplayers with disabilities dumpster.

Viagra cheap prescription If you really want to know what a Mets fan is really like, viagra cheap prescription you must read Faith and Fear in Flushing. Viagra cheap prescription Greg Prince has a post out this morning that deals with the identity of our team. Viagra cheap prescription This part of the post says it all:

Viagra cheap prescription Little wonder the Mets’ identity is frayed. Viagra cheap prescription No wonder the Metsosphere is continuously and maybe justifiably staticky, viagra cheap prescription jittery and expressing discontent. Viagra cheap prescription We are, viagra cheap prescription by nature, viagra cheap prescription a gaggle of nervous crosstalkers when we don’t have an actual season to dissect. Viagra cheap prescription Right now it’s all nervous crosstalk for Mets fans. Viagra cheap prescription We, viagra cheap prescription collectively, viagra cheap prescription remind me of the middle-aged ladies who’d set up card tables in front of somebody’s cabana at the beach club to which my parents belonged when I was little. Viagra cheap prescription (That’s the Sun Life I remember.) Those ladies indulged in nervous crosstalk, viagra cheap prescription too, viagra cheap prescription just like us. Viagra cheap prescription All we’re missing is four floppy hats, viagra cheap prescription a carton of Tareytons and a few hands of canasta.

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Viagra cheap prescription Just walking by them made me jittery, viagra cheap prescription and I was only six.

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Viagra cheap prescription After reading that passage, viagra cheap prescription I can’t get the image of the Brighton Beach Baths out of my mind.

Viagra cheap prescription Fernando Tatis has resigned with the Mets and for less than the $1.7 mil he made last year. Viagra cheap prescription Nice hometown discount eh? Tatis will also change is uniform number from 17 (that he should never ever have been given) to 6 4 3.

Viagra cheap prescription

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