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Cialis delivered overnight I’ve got to tip my Mets cap to Tim McCarver for stepping up for Shannon Forde during Game 1 of the World Sereis with his Stand Up For Cancer shout out. Cialis delivered overnight Remember to vist Hope Shines For Shannon  

Cialis delivered overnight So whatever mechanical adjustment Madison Bumgarner made (he wouldn’t share his thoughts with Erin Andrews after the game as Bumgarner seems to be like the rest of us, cialis delivered overnight wondering why Andrews has been asking to FOX’s  World Series coverage) it sure helped him gain command of his slider as that pitch gave the Tigers fits last night.

Cialis delivered overnight As far as Jim Leyland’s playing his infield at double play depth in the 7th inning, cialis delivered overnight I agree that he made a mistake in judgment there, cialis delivered overnight that situation called for infield in play get the out at home . Cialis delivered overnight If it were one inning earlier then Leyland would have better argument for playing for double play.

Cialis delivered overnight Same with Gene Lamont sending Prince Fielder home from 1 st base on Delmon Young’s double in the 2nd inning. Cialis delivered overnight The only thing I could think that ran through Lamont’s mind is the fact that Buster Posey has been told by the Giants not to block the player anymore and the sight of a freight train sized Fielder would reinforce that line of thinking but if Fielder had made his slide a bit more outside of home plate he may have gotten a hand across the plate before Posey’s tag.

Cialis delivered overnight Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins were in Las Vegas to officially announce the Las Vegas 51’s as the Mets newest Triple A team.  Alderson was up front saying that the marriage between the Mets and Las Vegas was made out of necessity  but he hope that it’s fruitful for both sides. Cialis delivered overnight Honestly I can’t see this affiliation lasting for that the two season deal both sides agree to. Cialis delivered overnight Having your Triple A team stationed on the other side of the country is truly one big pain in the ass.

Cialis delivered overnight By the way, cialis delivered overnight maybe some in the Mets fan base have overstated how great a manager that Wally Backman has become. Cialis delivered overnight With no interviews for the few openings we’ve seen so far, cialis delivered overnight and no prospects of any in the near future, cialis delivered overnight Backman has agreed to be the skipper of the 51’s for 2013. Cialis delivered overnight Still, cialis delivered overnight it’s safe to say if the Mets have a rerun of last season, cialis delivered overnight or the season before that or the season before that…..Wally Ball could be at Citi Field in 2013.

Cialis delivered overnight I don’t know what has me more in panic mode Hurricane Sandy or the fact that David Wright and R.A. Cialis delivered overnight Dickey have not signed contract extensions yet?

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Buy prescription viagra Man, buy prescription viagra 25 years ago. Buy prescription viagra So where was I 25 years ago tonight when the most famous ground ball in baseball history went through the wickets of Bill Buckner?

Buy prescription viagra I wasn’t at the game, buy prescription viagra I was home watching with my wife as we were in month seven of our marriage. Buy prescription viagra The only game of the series I attend was Game 1, buy prescription viagra the game that turned on a ball getting through the legs of Tim Teufel, buy prescription viagra a play that gets lost in the Buckner Blunder, buy prescription viagra ruining a beautifully pitched game by Ron Darling with help from Roger McDowell. Buy prescription viagra  

Buy prescription viagra One of the issues with watching Mets games on TV back in ’86 was Bay Ridge Brooklyn was NOT wired for cable television back then. Buy prescription viagra There was a whole quagmire with franchise rights by the cable companies, buy prescription viagra if you wanted the lucrative Bay Ridge, buy prescription viagra Dyker Heights account you had to take the less desirable East New York, buy prescription viagra Flatbush area as well. Buy prescription viagra So after all the graft and bribes were dished out, buy prescription viagra I think it wasn’t until 1988 when we Bay Ridgeites  got  hooked up to Time-Warner Cable, buy prescription viagra so back in ’86 I spent most of my time in the numerous bars of Bay Ridge that were equipped with these enormous satellite dishes on their roofs to watch Mets game televised on SportsChannel. Buy prescription viagra  So when games were on “free TV” I’d give my wallet and liver a break and stay home.

Buy prescription viagra Game 6 was on a Saturday night, buy prescription viagra I remember we went for an unusually early dinner (my kids have a hard time believing that the same couple who fall asleep on the couch at 9PM used to go out until 4 or 5 the next morning on a regular basis. Buy prescription viagra It’s the same way their stare at our wedding picture in which I have this incredible crop of curly brown hair. Buy prescription viagra The tilt their heads from side to side like it’s some abstract painting in a gallery trying to figure out who the guy is with their mom. Buy prescription viagra Lovely.) and then came home. Buy prescription viagra Before getting home I stopped at the deli on 5th Ave to pick up some Molson Golden for my game libation. Buy prescription viagra My wife sat with me for the first few innings (she is not big on watching Baseball or any sport on TV, buy prescription viagra she’ll go a games in person and enjoy it but to sit and watch on TV? Ain’t happening) then decided she go to the bedroom and watch something else. Buy prescription viagra Of course she fell asleep, buy prescription viagra so it was just me, buy prescription viagra Vin Scully (Mets fans were very upset with Scully’s critiques of the Mets during this series)  Joe Garagiola and my six bottles of Molson.

Buy prescription viagra Everyone knows about the bottom of the 10th inning of this game but the inning that gets lost in history is the bottom of the 8th where the Mets were down a run. Buy prescription viagra Former Met, buy prescription viagra Calvin Schiraldi comes in for the Red Sox to help preserve the lead and bridge to Bob Stanley, buy prescription viagra the Boston closer. Buy prescription viagra After a Lee Mazzilli (pinch hitting for Jesse Orosco) leadoff single, buy prescription viagra Davey Johnson went against the Earl Weaver book he was weaned on, buy prescription viagra to play small ball. Buy prescription viagra Lenny Dykstra comes up (by the way after six Molson on top of the cocktails I had at dinner, buy prescription viagra I’m now talking to the TV like I’m sitting with Scully and Garagiola. Buy prescription viagra I wish there was Twitter back then, buy prescription viagra my drunked Tweets would have been memorable) and lays down a sac bunt that he beats out, buy prescription viagra so now the Mets have 1st and 2nd no outs. Buy prescription viagra  Wally Backman comes up and he lays down a sac bunt that moves Maz to 3rd and Nails to 2nd after an Intentional Walk to Keith Hernandez to set up a double play at any base, buy prescription viagra up stepped Gary Carter.

Buy prescription viagra Here is why Mets fans love Gary Carter, buy prescription viagra nobody loves a pressure situation and came through in those situations like Kid. Buy prescription viagra  That’s why when you sit in Citi Field and the Get Well Soon video comes on the screen, buy prescription viagra everyone stops and watches. Buy prescription viagra That’s why when I see Ron Darling in the Stand Up For Cancer PSA, buy prescription viagra with his I Stand Up For My Catcher sign, buy prescription viagra I get a lump in my throat. Buy prescription viagra Gary Carter was a great Met, buy prescription viagra retire his #8 PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Buy prescription viagra I digress, buy prescription viagra Kid comes though with a Sac Fly scoring Maz and we are tied at 3.

Buy prescription viagra After the top of the 10th where Rick Aguilera gave up 2 runs, buy prescription viagra all I need is a hand gun as I’ve turned into Elvis Presley , buy prescription viagra looking to shoot my TV. Buy prescription viagra After two quick outs in the bottom of the 10th I am one ornery intoxicated Mets fan, buy prescription viagra with my TV remote in my hand I was ready to turn off the set as there was no way I was watching the Red Sox celebrate this World Series (the pain of 1973 was flashing through my mind) but then, buy prescription viagra he comes that man again, buy prescription viagra Gary Carter with the base hit but here I was pissed at Kid for that hit. Buy prescription viagra Please put me out of my misery already but my misery turned to ecstasy.


Buy prescription viagra My wife thought I’d lost my mind, buy prescription viagra I told get up and get dressed we got to go out. Buy prescription viagra She looked at me like I was nuts but then she heard all the commotion coming from 5th Ave and then the phone started ringing as friends and family wanting to talk about the most improbable win in Mets history. Buy prescription viagra There was no sleep that night/early mornings, buy prescription viagra bars and clubs of Bay Ridge were hoppin’ till sunrise and so was I.

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Viagra on line canadian pharmacy I hope it will stop raining today for a couple of reason, viagra on line canadian pharmacy I’d like to harvest the robust crop that has blossomed in the rice paddy that used to be my back yard lawn and I want to see Chris Schwinden pitch in game 1 of today’s Mets-Braves double header.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Schwinden is another of these out of nowhere Mets stories that have been making the team interesting to watch. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Schwinden, viagra on line canadian pharmacy drafted in 2008, viagra on line canadian pharmacy has never been considered a prospect by those who follow and report on the Mets minor leaguers. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Even though Schwinden has been a pitcher who throws strikes and rarely walks a batter, viagra on line canadian pharmacy although this season with the Bison, viagra on line canadian pharmacy his walks are up more than they have in his three year Minor League career (3 per 9IP from 2 per 9IP) but his hits to innings pitched was less for the first time in his career.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Schwinden has been compared closely to Dillion Gee as both have a pretty good grasp on how to pitch by staying ahead in counts and moving their pitches to different areas of the strike zone. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Neither has a real out pitch but again Schwinden like Gee, viagra on line canadian pharmacy seems to have a good head on his shoulder and a game plan going into each start.

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Again it’s a great move by the front office promoting Schwinden and rewarding his outstanding season in Buffalo with a major league start. Viagra on line canadian pharmacy Knock ‘en dead Chris!      

Viagra on line canadian pharmacy  

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Real viagra pharmacy prescription Greetings from Kissimmee, real viagra pharmacy prescription Florida where the humidity  is a rude as the European tourists at Disney World.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription One of the best features of the condo we’re staying in is it has wi fi which is something the Disney hotels don’t , real viagra pharmacy prescription which always shocked me. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Everything Disney’s does is first class you would think adding free wi fi would be a no brainer. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Oh well.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription The Mets season could be summed up by the just completed Nats series. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Just when you get a burst of enthusiasm that this team has couple be a major player down the stretch and maybe have turned that corner to being relevant again, real viagra pharmacy prescription you get games like yesterday that make you think there is much more work to do. Real viagra pharmacy prescription Base running errors (seems the manager blames Jon Niese for not tagging and going home on Wright’s fly ball that doubled up Murphy but the Murph-haters out there don’t agree) and the closer in training again not showing a closers mentality to finish out a game.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription If Bobby Parnell wants to show the Mets brass that he is THE GUY, real viagra pharmacy prescription to be the closer in 2012, real viagra pharmacy prescription he can blow games like yesterday. Real viagra pharmacy prescription A real closer comes in after a go ahead home run in the 9th and closes the game 1-2-3. Real viagra pharmacy prescription With a 100MPH fastball, real viagra pharmacy prescription Parnell should have come into the game breathing fire. Real viagra pharmacy prescription His makeup as much as his pitching will be on display for the next two months.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription Is anyone upset that Sandy Alderson didn’t make any more moves at the trade deadline? Scott Hairston, real viagra pharmacy prescription Willie Harris or Izzy could be moves through waivers but as Terry Collins said there is anyone in Buffalo to bring up in their place.

Real viagra pharmacy prescription That’s enough for today, real viagra pharmacy prescription back to my R & R

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Usa generic viagra How lucky are the NY Highlanders? If it weren’t for Ron Washington not going with his best relievers in Game 1, usa generic viagra we could be seeing the Bronx Bastards down 2 games to none and facing Cliff Lee with AJ Burnett  going in a do or die Game 4? Oh well, usa generic viagra I’ll be rooting hard for Cliff Lee to continue his magic and I’ll keep my Pete Broberg baseball card close by as well.

Usa generic viagra As the Phuck Phaces evened their series with the Giants, usa generic viagra Phuck Phace Phans celebrated by acting like assholes by beating the shit out of each other. Usa generic viagra The disturbing part of the video is not the front running drunks acting the way front running drunks do, usa generic viagra but check out the guy holding the little girl, usa generic viagra now that’s a royal asshole.

Usa generic viagra Sandy Alderson will be back at $iti Field for a second interview, usa generic viagra this time with Freddy Skill Sets and Uncle Saul. Usa generic viagra I guess Freddy wasn’t kidding about not having and office at $iti since Alderson was there last week and Freddy and Saul couldn’t meet with them then? Freddy and Uncle Saul should demand that Jeffey move all the beer cans and soda bottles he’s collected all season and cash in the nickels so they can have a bit of space for them to call home.

Usa generic viagra Ok, usa generic viagra can we wave the “must interview a minority” rule with the Mets ? The Tigers refused the Mets request to meet with Asst. Usa generic viagra GM  Al Avila, usa generic viagra who by the way has a good rep as a talent evaluator. Usa generic viagra If any team in baseball has gone above and beyond with minority hires it’s the NY Mets .

Usa generic viagra Looks as though the Mets and Francisco Rodriguez will avoid speaking to an arbitrator and will settle their contract differences between themselves.  Most likely outcome is Rodriguez will forfeit the cash owed while on restricted list for his full guaranteed contract and his back breaking team option in 2011. Usa generic viagra That option kicks in if Rodriguez finishes 55 games next season. Usa generic viagra Let’s see if the new man in charge has the stones tell K-Rod he’s not the closer anymore this way it will be easier to keep him above that 55 game landmark.

Usa generic viagra Oh I forget, usa generic viagra Freddy’s Dead, usa generic viagra not our Freddy but Freddy Sez of the Mall of the South Bronx fame. Usa generic viagra Freddy will be buried in a casket made by T-Fal and the Highlanders will wear frying pan patches on their uniforms. Usa generic viagra First the Voice of God, usa generic viagra then the Bronx Robber Baron and now Freddy, usa generic viagra will Freddy’s monument be made out of Teflon?

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Buy viagra without a prescription What the hell is going on in Flushing ? Did Frankie Rodriguez mistake his father in law for Jerry Manuel ? I mean if KO-Rod was going to yoke someone, buy viagra without a prescription Manuel would have been the best target for not brining him into the game in the 8th inning. Buy viagra without a prescription How do you justify leaving your best reliever with his ass nailed to a seat in the bullpen in big spot late in the game?

Buy viagra without a prescription So today KO-Rod will be arraigned in Queen Criminal Court on domestic violence charges and no matter if his father in law doesn’t want to press charges it’s out of his hands as in NYC the law is the City of NY is now the plaintiff in this case.  This could be the best news the Mets get all year, buy viagra without a prescription maybe Rodriguez gets two years in the slammer and the Mets get to void his contract. Buy viagra without a prescription Props to the Pops for taking one for the team.

Buy viagra without a prescription I have a very funny feeling that David Wright will go to management very very quietly this winter and ask to be traded.

Buy viagra without a prescription I’m leaving the Cape tomorrow and heading back to NYC and what I’ll miss most besides the beach and Main St in Hyannis is the great baseball I’ve seen here the last 10 days. Buy viagra without a prescription  Yesterday in Game 1 of the Cape League Finals I saw one of the best pitching performances of the year as  RHP Matt Andreise out of Cal-Riverside pitched a complete game shutout to give the Cotuit Kettlers a 3-0 win over the Y-D Red Sox. Y-D is an offensive power house and that makes this game more special.

Buy viagra without a prescription Then I’ve been watching some Red Sox games as you can’t help it they are on every TV in every bar and restaurant on the Cape. Buy viagra without a prescription  For all the injuries the club has suffered this year they keep on playing good hard fundi baseball and are still on the Highlanders tail.

Buy viagra without a prescription There is a ton of good baseball and well run baseball teams out there just don’t go looking on 126th St and Roosevelt Ave in Queens for it though.

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Cialis no rx  

Cialis no rx On Pro Baseball Central tonight at 9PM EDST on Blog Talk Radio we will discuss the surging Mets and Johan Santana’s performance in Game 1 of the day/nighter plus we’ll keep an eye on Jon Niese in Game 2. Cialis no rx We will tie up the loose ends on the Omar/Tony B fiasco and we will have as our guest Shannon Shark from The Mets Police. Cialis no rx We’ ll cover those topics plus Mets uniforms, cialis no rx Old Timers Day and a day at $iti Field and you can join in the conversation as well at (646) 595-4462  

Cialis no rx If you can’t join us live you can listen to the podcast at our Pro Central Baseball site or right here at TEKS.

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Uk pharmacies cheap viagra All-Stars, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Shmall Stars to day is Game 1 of the 13 year old division of our Babe Ruth League and my team takes on the top team in the division in a best 2 of 3. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra We have won 4 of our last 6 and have been tabbed as the team “no one wants to play” this is the most excited I’ve been about a baseball game all year so much so I can’t even concentrate on work. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I’ve gone over my line up for about two hours and finally settled on one after about four drafts so pardon me today for being distracted as I watch the clock waiting for 3 PM so I can get out of work and get to the field.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra What’s the big deal about Johan Santana pitching in the All Star Game? I know he threw 114 pitches on Saturday but com’on if he gets in the game he’ll only toss one inning anyway which is maybe 17-20 pitches tops. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Nolan Ryan shakes his head in disgust.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I’m piss at Petey for the fact that he is signing with the Phillies. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra If he signed any place else even the South Bronx I would be as pissed. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I defend Petey here as I’ve been a fan since his Expo days and looked at his signing as a big jump in creditability. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Petey for the most part never lived up to his contract with the Mets but was always received like a King by the fans. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra But the Phillies?  Petey you disgust me!!!!!

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra So the question is, uk pharmacies cheap viagra have we seen the best of A-Rod? Welcome to the post PED Baseball Era. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra This is why sure I’d love Roy Halliday on my team but I’m not giving him a new contract and Halliday is last player the Mets need. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Your seeing the shift already with younger, uk pharmacies cheap viagra faster players taking center stage in baseball hopefully Omar takes notice.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra “Who lives in a pineapple under the sea”……….. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Maybe Spongebob Square Pants could buy the Mets?

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra The Mets Police has a clip from NEWSDAY on the Mets making adjustment to $iti Field like a video board in RF, uk pharmacies cheap viagra more Mets-centric memorabilia throughout the park and getting the thumbs up from MLB to show the game live on the video scream to help those with obstructed views. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Now if they can find a way to mange the line at the Shake Shack where you don’t have to get into a fist fight when some asshole tries to cut the line I’ll be happy.

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I watched the Home Run Derby last night and here are some thoughts that ran through my head:

  • It’s too bad Michael Jackson is dead as he could have put the Home Run Derby on a continuous loop to help him with his sleeping problems. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra In fact next year I’m going to take drugs before watching the HRD again

Uk pharmacies cheap viagra  

  • Can someone get Erin Andrews a meal? Christ, uk pharmacies cheap viagra she is so gaunt she could star in her own After School Special. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra I don’t get the fascination with Andrews, uk pharmacies cheap viagra I can walk out right now on West Broadway and find 20 women way hotter than her, uk pharmacies cheap viagra guys who need to put on pants and get out of Moms basement.
  • I had this awful nightmare, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Steve Phillips, uk pharmacies cheap viagra Joe Morgan, uk pharmacies cheap viagra and Chris Berman were announcing the Home Run Derby, uk pharmacies cheap viagra then Doofus Joe Buck showed up and all the did was talk about Doofus Joe’s dead father. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Then Berman kept using these tired old nicknames and calls and he was sitting in this huge container that was collecting the cascade of sweat that was pouring off him that was used like generated the electricity back to Bristol. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra Then Joe Morgan started speaking in tongues and all kinds of snakes and serpents were flying out of his ears, uk pharmacies cheap viagra and Steve Phillips was having sex with a midget who was toweling off Albert Pujols. Uk pharmacies cheap viagra WHOA that was scary…….what that wasn’t a dream? It was real? AGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
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Viagra uit india Trying to watch both the Mets-Pads game and Rangers-Caps Game 1 sticking mostly with the Rangers (who are up 3-2 after 2 periods and without a doubt if Alexander Ovechkin played at the 53 rd St park in Brooklyn, viagra uit india he’d get his ass kicked every game.

Viagra uit india Looks like Good Ollie has made his 2009 debut tonight so far it’s 2-1 Mets after 5 hopefully Good Ollie can last until the 7th so the firm of Putz & Rodriguez can close this one out.

Viagra uit india Long day today as my kids are still home on Easter break so we had to hit the city for the day of theatre lunch and shopping so I’m beat and broke ( a bad combination ) so after reading my e-mails I’m ready for baseball and hockey for the evening.

Viagra uit india Back in the A.M

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Best natural viagra When the Mets unveiled the model of $iti Field not only did the envision a state of the art ball park but they also were of the belief that there would be so much money flowing through it’s coffers Freddie Skill Set could afford to buy Jeffey a personality but lo and behold the economy tanked and Bernie Madoff ripped off the Skill Sets fortune leaving the club not exactly swimming in currency. Best natural viagra As opening day approches what we thought was a tough ticket, best natural viagra the first game at $iti Field, best natural viagra are as plentiful as the AM/NY give away newspapers at a Subway station. Best natural viagra So what’s a team to do?

Best natural viagra Well, best natural viagra first you try and bribe the fan base by offering a ticket to game 1 of the $iti Field era for the purchase of 5 more games. Best natural viagra This is head spinning because the Mets wanted to be rid of us Seven-Pack ticket buyers as we were a nussience as it wasn’t worth the time and trouble to keep us on because the ticket demand at $iti would be off the charts. Best natural viagra Well for the cheaper seats they were but the high rollers who wouldn’t know a curve ball from a High Ball are now hurtin’ for certain in this weak economy.

Best natural viagra So becasue of that the Mets are now auctioning off opening day tickets in the exclusive Stuff Shirt section of the ball park so if you have an extra $525 laying around the couch cushions log on and put your bid in or better yet keep that cushion cash, best natural viagra order a pizza and watch the game on TV.

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