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5 mg cialis There is a growing segment of the Mets fan base that have quite the thick craniums, 5 mg cialis they have a problem of figuring out fact from fiction and if they are not directly told the facts about something they have a tough time comprehending events that go on in the Mets front office.

5 mg cialis Terry Collins is Jason Bay’s Kevlar vest; question after question to Collins at his press conferences deal with answering questions about Bay and the bullpen but now Bay is the beat the dead horse subject of the week. 5 mg cialis Collins has tried and tried to resuscitate Bay’s offensive game even though it flat lined a long time ago. 5 mg cialis From where I sit, 5 mg cialis I can see the baseball ops folks telling Collins it’s time to cut bait on Bay but Collins asked for more time with the front office saying Bay has the end of the road trip to show a pulse or he’s done.

5 mg cialis Back from a 6-5 trip Collins was met at the door by Sandy Alderson with his hand up saying here is how we will deal with Jason Bay, 5 mg cialis he will now play against left handed pitching only. 5 mg cialis No discussion. 5 mg cialis  Now fast forward to the afternoon and the quote by Alderson pertaining to Bay:

5 mg cialis “Certainly, 5 mg cialis there are times when it is appropriate to eat a contract; there are other times when it is not. 5 mg cialis Jason Bay is not going anywhere, 5 mg cialis nor is his contract.”  

5 mg cialis Does that mean you will see Jason Bay in LF for the Mets in 2013?  Of course not. 5 mg cialis As Alderson stated there are times to eat a contract when it’s appropriate, 5 mg cialis on August 8th it’s not the time to chow down on dead presidents. 5 mg cialis Why would you? The plan going forward is to platoon Bay with Jordany Valdespin in left and I’d guess Mike Baxter and Scott Hairston will spilt the time on right, 5 mg cialis which is the best game plan available right now.

5 mg cialis If you are a Mets fan who wants Jason Bay out of town, 5 mg cialis you had better root hard that he shows some ability to produce some offense against left handed pitching so it makes him a more attractive trade chip.

5 mg cialis So today Alderson explains that Bay is still a Met and will be a Met for the rest of the season, 5 mg cialis he will try hard to deal Bay to save some Skill Sets cash but please don’t tell me you are that naive to think that plan C, 5 mg cialis buying out Bay’s contract has not been discussed. 5 mg cialis You don’t believe the GM should tell you today “yeah Bay looks done as Sunday dinner and no one is ringing my phone to obtain him. 5 mg cialis Can you blame them? Yup we are up the creek without a paddle”

5 mg cialis Do not be shocked and dismayed if Bay reports to St. 5 mg cialis Lonesome in February if he’s not dealt its part of the plan but I would bet Jason Bay won’t be on the opening day roster in 2013.

5 mg cialis  

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Viagra discussion board I love the outrage from Highlander fans that Mets fan and other non-believers in the Pinstripe religion have the gall to mock the former World Series champs as they went down in flames to a team from a football mad state. Viagra discussion board Maybe the Flock form the Bronx will now realize that there are 29 other fan bases out there all deserving of their slice of the World Series pie. Viagra discussion board Nah, viagra discussion board those who don the “look at my 27 TIME WORLD CHAMPION jacket” or the my favorite the big gas guzzling SUV with the huge NY on the back window, viagra discussion board a staple for Highlander fans from Staten Island, viagra discussion board only care about winning, viagra discussion board as rooting for the Highlanders makes up for some deficiency in their lives.  Now I’m not saying all Highlander fans are like that and not even the majority but mostly the younger 20-30 year old fans are that way. Viagra discussion board There whole grasp of Highlander history is the organization has won 27 World Series titles and that’s it. Viagra discussion board So maybe with their team out of the post season they could sit down and do some research on the history of their team ? Nah never happen all they want to here is Cliff Lee and Carl Crawford are signed for a quarter of a million dollars, viagra discussion board because it’s not scouting or sabermetric analysis that fuels the Highlanders it’s dead presidents baby.

Viagra discussion board Congratulations to the SF Giants for winning the 2010 NL Pennant and for playing in one of the best baseball games I’ve seen a long time. Viagra discussion board I have to tip my Mets cap to Bruce Bochy, viagra discussion board who I’ve never been a fan of, viagra discussion board for bring in The Freak to pitch the 8th inning. Viagra discussion board What a concept, viagra discussion board bringing in your best pitcher to win a game. Viagra discussion board Even though Lincecum got in trouble with two on and one out, viagra discussion board Brain Wilson came in and did what he did a lot of this season, viagra discussion board get a 5 out save.

Viagra discussion board As a Mets fan it’s tough to root for Cody Ross who as a Fishhead killed the Mets and rubbed their noses in it but to go from cast off to NLCS MVP is impressive.

Viagra discussion board How about Bengi Molina? No matter what he gets a World Series ring and a check.

Viagra discussion board The one thing that has me skittish about Sandy Alderson taking over as Mets GM, viagra discussion board is his philosophy of hiring non-descript managers. Viagra discussion board Alderson like the guy in the white short sleeve dress shirt with the blue tie and tie clip. Viagra discussion board Mets fans are looking for more of an aggressive Carhartt wearing type of dock boss as field general. Viagra discussion board Maybe that’s why this process is dragging out and that Josh Byrnes is getting a call back interview. Viagra discussion board Could it be the guy who says, viagra discussion board he’s cool with Wally Backman being the manager gets the job?

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