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This is the lovely Coco Rocha modeling the latest in Mets apparel at Citi Field yesterday for more on Coco and the CFDA check out their website. Cialis 50 mg

Cialis 50 mg  

Cialis 50 mg My day at Citi Field started out with listening to Terry Collins spin the latest in what is now becoming the Mets annual swirly into the irrelevant baseball teams in MLB. Cialis 50 mg I like Collins but this “we’re a good team playing badly” mantra has got to stop as he is close to getting to the Rich Kottie/Art Howe territory of his Mets managerial reign where “we’re a good team playing badly” or “we battled out there” becomes manager speak for “we really suck but I can’t say we really suck”

Cialis 50 mg Collins then spoke about demoting Lucas Duda. Cialis 50 mg When asked how Duda took the news he was headed upstate New York, cialis 50 mg Collins answered the question with a question, cialis 50 mg another thing you shouldn’t do, cialis 50 mg but he expanded his explanation that Duda was upset, cialis 50 mg my question is “how can you tell”?

Cialis 50 mg Collins then went on a bit of a rant on how when he was a minor league manager the way he handled guys getting sent down after they have had led a major league lifestyle was “you have 24 hours to pout” and but after that you got go out and play. Cialis 50 mg The biggest surprise was when Collins said Duda will play left field and some first base in Buffalo as Collins, cialis 50 mg took responsibility for putting Duda in right field and made it seem like Duda is done as a right fielder

Cialis 50 mg To listen to the whole pre game presser click here.

Cialis 50 mg A definite required read to day is from The Bitter Bill who is 100 % spot on in his post.

Cialis 50 mg While myself and my fellow Mets bloggers were watching batting practice and taking in the whole pre-game scene at Citi Field, cialis 50 mg there was a lot of commotion as folks from the Council of Fashion Designers of America were showing off their line of Mets apparel which was modeled by a lovely young model named Coco Rocha. Coco came over to the group of Mets bloggers and we were requested to ask some questions about the fashion line and any quires for madam Coco. Cialis 50 mg  Now the extent of my fashion knowledge comes from shopping at Modells and Old Navy and I know every married man reading this knows anything that you look well in was picked out by your wife. Cialis 50 mg I’m not ashamed to admit that any suit, cialis 50 mg sport coat or pair of dress shoes I have ever owned was either picked out by my wife or my mother. Cialis 50 mg  So here I am standing next to this fashion metrosexual guy who is eying me up and down checking out my shirt from Khol’s , cialis 50 mg jeans and Converse All-Stars and we both kinda gave each other a look like “let’s just make the best of this” The Mets clothing line is available at the Mets Team store at Citi Field (check out these pics from Mets Police) and at on the web.

Cialis 50 mg One more thing about Coco Rocha, cialis 50 mg she is a beautiful young lady but way to skinny for my taste. Cialis 50 mg There were a couple of the Mets main stream press corps checking out Miss Rocha after myself and the bloggers were done talking to her. Cialis 50 mg I had some fun with Coco as I racked my mind to figure out what can I ask her I mean can ask her how she trains for modeling “So Coco what do you tip the Toledo’s at 90-92 lbs how do you maintain that”? Or “how many hours a day to you work on your runway walk? Do you feel you’re stronger as left foot or right foot first model”? So I asked the only thing I could think of “So Coco (as you can see I am infatuated with the name Coco, cialis 50 mg it is quite a cool name) what about this Mets bullpen what do you think is needed to straighten it out” Everyone laughed and I think Coco gave me a little wink (or maybe some of the infield dirt got in her eye) that’s when the Metrosexual felt it was time to break this up. Cialis 50 mg Best move all day.

Cialis 50 mg Back to the writers, cialis 50 mg one writer who shall remain nameless was asking about Coco, cialis 50 mg wanting to know who she was, cialis 50 mg what’s her name etc. Cialis 50 mg etc. Cialis 50 mg I said to him, cialis 50 mg “why don’t you go over and talk to her”? He gave me a look like we were back at a high school dance. Cialis 50 mg Look Miss Coco is not my type I mean if I took her out for dinner it would be so awkward me having a T-Bone steak with a baked potato and Coco with three peas and some bean sprouts. Cialis 50 mg Talk about awkward. Cialis 50 mg Again I chided the writer to go over and introduce yourself, cialis 50 mg hell, cialis 50 mg just make believe your writing something, cialis 50 mg don’t be intimidated Geez. Cialis 50 mg  He never went to talk to Coco. Cialis 50 mg So sad. Cialis 50 mg Why are some guys intimidated by beautiful women?  What is the worst thing in the world that could happen, cialis 50 mg she tells you to get lost? Big deal. Cialis 50 mg So the writer just stood there never getting a shot at sweeping Coco off her feet, cialis 50 mg all I could do was shake my head.

Cialis 50 mg  

Cialis 50 mg  

Cialis 50 mg  

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Cialis overnight delivery

Cialis overnight delivery  

Cialis overnight delivery What else is there to say about last night’s game than what Terry Collins said in his post-game presser :

Cialis overnight delivery “I haven’t the faintest idea. Cialis overnight delivery I don’t know if it’s fatigue. Cialis overnight delivery I don’t know what it is. Cialis overnight delivery We didn’t run the bases. Cialis overnight delivery We didn’t play good defense. Cialis overnight delivery We didn’t drive in the runs we needed to drive in. Cialis overnight delivery It was a combination of a lot of things. Cialis overnight delivery We didn’t pitch very goodl. Cialis overnight delivery It was the worst Dillon’s pitched probably in awhile… We’ve played two bad baseball games here. Cialis overnight delivery We are a better team than what we’ve played.”

Cialis overnight delivery I’m not buying the fatigue factor at all, cialis overnight delivery it’s not like Collins is running out the same eight guys game after game, cialis overnight delivery in fact everyday seems like there is a different lineup. Cialis overnight delivery  Two areas that were a big problem last year and are still a big problem this year, cialis overnight delivery the defense and the bullpen have to be addressed soon or the feel good first three months of this season will be forgotten fast.

Cialis overnight delivery As much as I love Daniel Murphy the leash on his 2nd base job is getting shorter and shorter. Cialis overnight delivery 28 is getting another start today against the Cubs but it could be Collins is ready to go to a platoon of Murph and Ronny Cedeno . Cialis overnight delivery Last time I was at Citi Field sitting in on Collins’ pre game press conference, cialis overnight delivery the question of Murhpy’s slump came up. Cialis overnight delivery What was interesting in Collins response was he and hitting coach Dave Hudgens had told Murphy to take a break with watching video and taking batting practice in the indoor cage, cialis overnight delivery which sounded to me like Collins was cryptically saying Murphy suffered from paralysis from analysis. Cialis overnight delivery  Collins also spoke on how Murphy keeps changing how he holds his hands from at bat to at bat along with his stance in the batter’s box. Cialis overnight delivery For all the hard work and dedication that Murphy puts in it seems like Collins is hinting that he’s overdoing it and needs to relax.

Cialis overnight delivery The one thing that should save Ike Davis from a fine and suspension is the incompetence of umpire Manny Gonzalez. Cialis overnight delivery Gonzalez blew the pick off call in the 8th inning last night and Ike just put his glove on the umps arm which is an automatic ejection but I’d hope Gonzalez apologies to Ike today for blowing that call.

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When will viagra be generic

When will viagra be generic Now I know how Anthony (See My ) Wiener feels, when will viagra be generic as my Twitter account must have been tampered with yesterday. When will viagra be generic Here I was in dark despair over Mike Pelfrey and his ineffective pitching performance but always holding out hope that my beloved NY Mets would overcome a 7 run deficit.

When will viagra be generic As always I was optimistic that the message Terry Collins sent his team on Wednesday night would wake up his team and it would lead to a late game surge even though some of the more pessimistic Mets fans thought was an insurmountable deficit , when will viagra be generic I never wavered from my support of my ball club. When will viagra be generic  That’s why whoever got into my Twitter account and wrote some nasty Tweets during the game yesterday infuriates me to no end, when will viagra be generic I mean I would never ever sent such Tweets:

When will viagra be generic  STUNNING!!!! Lick this Pelf!

When will viagra be generic how about re-location? #MoveTheMets

When will viagra be generic How about Terry Collins comes into post game presser with suit case and says I’M DONE

When will viagra be generic Does Winnipeg want a baseball team too #relocatetheMets

When will viagra be generic Maybe Old School Dan Werthan is discussing candle stick holders with Pelfrey

When will viagra be generic If I’m Terry Collins I leave Pelfrey out there to take the beating make him grow up god damnit

When will viagra be generic Can you believe those Tweets? I will not rest until I find the fiend you got to my Twitter account and wrote such blasphemous ranting’s. When will viagra be generic Unlike Rep. When will viagra be generic Weiner I KNOW these are not my Tweets! Seriously this is much worse than having your pee-pee displayed in public. When will viagra be generic  I am quite confident that the my attorney’s that I have retained from the highly respected “White Shoe” law firm Beatum, when will viagra be generic Cheatum and Fuckum will find the scalawag responsible for this invasion of my Twitter account.

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Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage It was nice to see Terry Collins get pissed off last night even if it wasn’t a total tirade I mean the way Collins acted at his post-game presser was the kind of demeanor Earl Weaver had ordering breakfast, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage but it was nice to see a Mets manager show passion instead of the “hey, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage shit happens” attitude of Jerry Manuel and the deer in the headlights way of Willie Randolph.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Collins said there will be changes, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage but really what changes can be made? The easiest move would be to release Willie Harris as he has lived up to his rep as a Mets killer even while wearing the Mets colors. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Harris made a grave mistake when he said he pined for the days of the camaraderie of the Nationals clubhouse. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage He should have been cut that day. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage  It’s bad enough that Harris can’t hit for shit, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage his baseball IQ is as minuscule as his OPS. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Not getting the force at third base and not knowing to go home on a sharp groundball with the bags juiced are the stupid baseball plays that have been tolerated around here for too many years. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Good bye Willie Harris.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage If Collins really wanted to send a message he’d go to Sandy Alderson and ask for Lucas Duda or F-Mart to come back up and make left field a platoon with either player and Jason Bay. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Remember when we heard player salary wouldn’t be taken into account when making on field personal decisions? Well it’s time for Bay to grab some pine and if he has a problem with that either have his agent find a team to take him off the Mets hands or work out a buyout. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage I’ve seen enough of Bay, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage nice guy but he’s spooked by Citi Field to the point that he stands so far off the plate he might as well try to hit from the dugout steps.

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Not much you can do with the bullpen. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage As Bobby O said last night, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage this runs in cycles, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage the pen has gone from sugar to shit the last couple of weeks so hopefully they can sweeten themselves in the right direction. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage At this point though, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage you could send Bobby Parnell back to Buffalo as he’s closer to driving a UPS truck as he is to being the closer of the future. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage It’s one thing to throw 95+ mph but to throw that hard and straight over the plate you get your tits lit up in the big leagues. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Problem is who comes up? Manny Acosta has been great out of the Bison pen and John Lujan, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage who looked good in spring training, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage would be a nice candidate but really Alderson is at the bottom of the minor league pitching barrel. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage    

Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage You have to feel for Terry Collins. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage He’s trying so hard to stay confident with his Buffalo Soldiers and maybe they are just not up to the task. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage No matter what level of baseball you’re talking about, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage if you give the opposition 4, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 5, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage 6 outs in an inning you will lose the majority of your games no matter what. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Then add in an impotent offense that can’t get past 3 runs in a game, viagra canadian pharmacy dosage well then you have nights like last night. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage Collins’ Buffalo Soldiers are starting to crumble as badly as Saddam Hussein Republican Guard. Viagra canadian pharmacy dosage I hope Collins has a better luck than ol’ Saddam

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50 mg viagra A few observations on last night Mets win over the NY Highlanders:

50 mg viagra Reports of the demise of R.A. 50 mg viagra Dickey and his knuckleball have been greatly exaggerated. 50 mg viagra The Dickster was spot on with his Dance of the Sphere With 108 Stitches, 50 mg viagra that floated through the Bronx night. 50 mg viagra The Highlanders got to R.A. 50 mg viagra for one run, 50 mg viagra on a home run by Mark Texiera that just nudge itself over the right field wall of Cheap Knock Off Stadium. 50 mg viagra  At Citi Field, 50 mg viagra Ruben Tejada gets a P4 in the score book on that bloop.

50 mg viagra I haven’t watched many Highlander games this season but after watching them last night, 50 mg viagra my question to Highlander fans is “do they always look this feeble”?

50 mg viagra If you thought I was a Terry Collins fanboy, 50 mg viagra how about the Mets TV announcing team? Gary, 50 mg viagra Keith, 50 mg viagra Ron and Bobby O were gushing about the job that TC has done with this team. 50 mg viagra If you’re still not convinced that this team is in tune with the manager, 50 mg viagra then how about this. 50 mg viagra Last week after a Mets win, 50 mg viagra in his post game presser, 50 mg viagra Collins out of the blue singled out the struggling Josh Thole for a great job he did behind the plate and for some great at bats. 50 mg viagra Last night when Kevin Burkhardt spoke to Daniel Murphy after the game and wanted to know about the HR he hit that proved to be the game winner, 50 mg viagra all Murph wanted to talk about was the outstanding job Dickey and the bullpen did. 50 mg viagra The Mets are starting to take on the manager’s personality.

50 mg viagra All this Rapture, 50 mg viagra end of the world talk we’ve been hearing is pure bullshit. 50 mg viagra Nothing will happen until Justin Turner says it happens.

50 mg viagra After watching Jose Reyes last night all I kept think was the Skill Sets better sell whatever else the own to raise money to keep Jose. 50 mg viagra If that means selling all their homes, 50 mg viagra cars and boats and moving into the Queensbridge Houses, 50 mg viagra then so be it.

50 mg viagra Frankie Rodriguez has been so good so far this season that I only eat two Tums and one teaspoon of Maalox when he comes into a game .

50 mg viagra The one big drawback tonight is the game is on FOX

50 mg viagra Felt bad for F-Mart and Ruben Tejada last night as they were disrespected   by home plate ump Tim Timmons last night. 50 mg viagra F-Mart motioned to Timmons for time as Freddy Garcia went into slow down mode in the 7th and his request was denied and a strike was called as Garcia threw a pitch after Martinez stepped out of the box. 50 mg viagra Timmons then called a third strike on Tejada in the 9th inning to halt the Mets attempt  to get an insurance run.

50 mg viagra  

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50 mg cialis dose It’s time like these where I like to sit back and watch Mets fans devour each other and the organization. 50 mg cialis dose Mets fans can go from JOSE-JOSE-JOSE to YOU SUCK REYES! In a bi-polar second.  These are the same Mets fans who told us all winter that the Mets were not going to any good this season and would avoid Citi Field like it was a Japanese nuclear plant. 50 mg cialis dose That’s fine and I don’t blame you but what I don’t get is how some fans are killing Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson and his baseball operations for this horrendous start. 50 mg cialis dose What exactly would you like them to do?

50 mg cialis dose Every report that came out of St Lonesome was how Collins was working this team hard on the fundamentals of the game  and how there will be no spectators on the field when the ball is put in play. 50 mg cialis dose Not one story came out negative of Collins camp, 50 mg cialis dose all you heard from players, 50 mg cialis dose media and fans was “it’s about time” The impression portrayed to Mets fans was this team will be ready, 50 mg cialis dose willing and able to play solid baseball, 50 mg cialis dose they seem ready and willing but the able to play solid baseball part still needs work. 50 mg cialis dose    

50 mg cialis dose If you think the shitty play of this team is bothering you just think how Collins feels. 50 mg cialis dose Same for Alderson, 50 mg cialis dose you think he wants any part of failure or ridicule this team is going through? He has never settled and has never sat back and let shit like this fester. 50 mg cialis dose  Let’s not forget one tiny little fact here, 50 mg cialis dose he inherited a total mess and if you want to criticize him for anything it’s that maybe he underestimated what a mess this organization is. 50 mg cialis dose  

50 mg cialis dose You could tell from listening to Terry Collins in his post game presser when asked about worrying about Bobby Parnell, 50 mg cialis dose he made it known he’s not concerned about Bobby Parnell his concern is the NY Mets and that should be music to Mets fans ears. 50 mg cialis dose  Parnell I’m sure is a fine young man but if he can’t handle the bullpen role then see ya later. 50 mg cialis dose  All the work he put into his drills with the players have gone for naught. 50 mg cialis dose It’s one thing for pitchers to be ineffective but when you can’t execute a 1-2-3 double play, 50 mg cialis dose you’ll pay a price.

50 mg cialis dose Bobby Ojeda sees it as well. 50 mg cialis dose He has become a must watch on the post-game show. 50 mg cialis dose  Ojeda laid out the same scenario as Collins it’s time to take the diapers off some of these players such as Pelfrey and Parnell. 50 mg cialis dose It’s not about their feelings or their mental wellbeing; it’s about wins and loses. 50 mg cialis dose  Players have been coddled enough in Flushing it’s time to put up or pack a bag for Buffalo or other destinations. 50 mg cialis dose   

50 mg cialis dose Big Pelf wasn’t great but he was better than the last two starts.  He showed more velocity but he still gave up more fly balls than ground balls and that’s not his game. 50 mg cialis dose His command was lacking as well. 50 mg cialis dose What gets me is the fans and media who ordained Pelfrey as the Ace of the Staff are the same folks who now kill him for being ineffective and not Ace worthiness.

50 mg cialis dose Me and Mike Ganci of The Daily Stache  used the photo of Willie Harris on scoreboard on opening day to amuse ourselves on Twitter last night during the latest Mets meltdown.  #WILLIEHARRISFACE will scare you straight.

50 mg cialis dose The one bright spot in the pen was the work of Jason Isringhausen making his return to Flushing. 50 mg cialis dose His curveball was working very well so maybe this is the light at the end of the Cliff Floyd Tunnel.

50 mg cialis dose Please Jon Niese gives 7 innings tonight please!

50 mg cialis dose I’m not crazy about this year’s model of Angel Pagan.

50 mg cialis dose I’m shocked that the bullpen failures have not been pinned on Carlos Beltran.

50 mg cialis dose Dear R.A. 50 mg cialis dose Dickey, 50 mg cialis dose

50 mg cialis dose I will be at the game tomorrow night and I have a request, 50 mg cialis dose could you please throw strikes as I cannot endure a three hour plus game as I have to go to Philadelphia on Thursday morning and I have leave very early. 50 mg cialis dose Thank you in advance.

50 mg cialis dose All the best, 50 mg cialis dose

50 mg cialis dose Steve

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Viagra buy in uk online I’m sitting today out and not because the NY Football Giants offered up one of the great choke jobs of all time, viagra buy in uk online no it’s due to a head cold that has inflamed my sinus to the point I feel like I got cracked in the face with a Louisville Slugger.

Viagra buy in uk online I have never been a Tom Coughlin fan and even if the Giants win another Super Bowl with him as HC I still won’t be a fan, viagra buy in uk online the guy just comes off as a hard ass jerk. Viagra buy in uk online That was evident after he berated punter Matt Dodge after Dodge didn’t follow orders and punt the ball out of bounds. Viagra buy in uk online  Look, viagra buy in uk online I’d cut Dodge today as he’s very inconsistent and he suffers from the yips too many times to be a pro athlete and if Coughlin wants to rip him a new asshole that’s fine by me, viagra buy in uk online but do it in the clubhouse and don’t show up at your post game presser and take all the blame and then throw your punter under the bus. Viagra buy in uk online  How about alerting your kick off team to the possibility of an on side kick? How about not dropping Justin Tuck into coverage? How about not abandoning the aggressive defensive style that had you dominating the game by going into a turtle defense (a/k/a Prevent D)

Viagra buy in uk online As bad as that loss was, viagra buy in uk online it couldn’t ruin my evening as I had a great dinner and saw a tremendous show last night. My kids claim that from singing and dancing in the aisles is why I’m sick today, viagra buy in uk online as I’ve heard all morning that “I’m not a kid anymore” Thanks but I know what my birth certificate says, viagra buy in uk online but in my heart I’m still 17 years old.

Viagra buy in uk online I’m out time for sinus meds and a nap

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What is cialis Some observations from last night:

What is cialis The first couple of innings were rough to watch as Big Pelf was throwing and throwing and the Twins were fouling off and fouling off pitch after pitch. What is cialis Pelf said after the game that it was a tough game from him as he threw 77 of his 117 pitches for strikes but the twins must have fouled off 50 of them as he has done all season, what is cialis the Season of Big Pelf.

What is cialis Uhh anyone still want to deal off Daivd Wright and Jose Reyes?  Anyone? Com’on you haters show your faces.

What is cialis Let’s also end the hate for Carlos Beltran. What is cialis If he is ready and can play center field then that’s where he’ll play. What is cialis It is much easier for Angel Pagan to shift over to right field and he and Frenchy can form a nice little twosome there, what is cialis plus Beltran, what is cialis when he does make it back, what is cialis will need maybe two days off a week to help with that knee so don’t worry all you Pagan fans, what is cialis Angel will get playing time. What is cialis Don’t over think this folks just enjoy the fresh bat in the lineup.

What is cialis I can’t figure out Jerry Manuel. What is cialis When the Mets lose his post game presser is like a night at the Laugh Factory, what is cialis when they win it’s like he’s planning a wake. What is cialis Strange.

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Viagra cialis levitra

Viagra cialis levitra The big story coming out of last nights Mets game is what is the reaction of the other 24 players to the the handling of John Maine. Viagra cialis levitra After getting lifted last night after 5 pitches Maine looked like a guy praying for a life line. Viagra cialis levitra When the cavalry came to the rescue in the persons of Jerry Manuel and Old School Warthen, viagra cialis levitra instead of being thankful for saving him, viagra cialis levitra Maine gets all pissy with the manager.

Viagra cialis levitra

Viagra cialis levitra After the game and let me say SNY you suck! Why can’t we see Jerry Manuel’s post game presser live? Why do I have to wait through the insufferable Garry Apple to hear the John Maine pitty party that you promoed as must see, viagra cialis levitra if it’s must see then let me fucking see it! I’ll say this, viagra cialis levitra it was worth my wait but I shouldn’t have to wait and after I see and hear Maine’ melt down, viagra cialis levitra  I want to hear Bobby O break it down not Gary Fucking Apple!

Viagra cialis levitra Back to Maine, viagra cialis levitra finally J-Man and Old School are starting to take no prisoners with this team and the pitching staff. Viagra cialis levitra If J-Man is going to get the boot he’s not going down without a fight. Viagra cialis levitra You, viagra cialis levitra David Wright take the day off. Viagra cialis levitra What, viagra cialis levitra you don’t agree with that? Too fucking bad, viagra cialis levitra grab some pine.  John Maine, viagra cialis levitra there is either something wrong with your arm or your head and since you couldn’t break a pane of glass in any of your last starts and your delivery was in slow motion so badly that  Old School Warthen asked you if your ok and  you say yeah even though your mechanics and body language say different. Viagra cialis levitra In other words John Maine your are a selfish prick. Viagra cialis levitra Your whole post game rant was me-me-me-me and that has been a problem around here for too long. Viagra cialis levitra Even the golden boy David Wright acted a like a me-me guy when Manuel told him he needed a day off. Viagra cialis levitra I think we can all thank Fredi Gonzalez for mangers finally standing up to players and setting them straight.

Viagra cialis levitra I also think that closed door meeting with the Mets brass had something to do with this as well. Viagra cialis levitra Maybe J-Man told Jeffey and Omar “look if I’m going down then I’m going down with a fight and I’ll do it by any means necessary”

Viagra cialis levitra First Manuel pulled Ollie Perez from the rotation then sat Wright down now he’s called out Maine and how about Old School with his quote on Maine being a “habitual liar” when it comes to his health? The gloves are off Mets fans, viagra cialis levitra if J-Man and Warthen are going down then they going down fighting with bare knuckles. Viagra cialis levitra It’s about time.

Viagra cialis levitra Manuel and Old School know the next six games will decided their fate. Viagra cialis levitra 0-6 and it’s over, viagra cialis levitra 4-2 their safe, viagra cialis levitra 3-3 a toss up, viagra cialis levitra 6-0 then we may look back at that meeting in Atlanta might as the turning point of the season .

Viagra cialis levitra Tonight the Mets will honor the 2000 NL Champs. Viagra cialis levitra  There will be a pre game ceremony attended by Mike Piazza, viagra cialis levitra Edgardo Alfonzo, viagra cialis levitra Turk Wendell, viagra cialis levitra John Franco and Rick Reed. Viagra cialis levitra One other player will make an appearance, viagra cialis levitra Mike Hampton. Viagra cialis levitra I’m just hoping the fans attending tonight’s game don’t embarrass themselves and the fan base by booing Hampton. Viagra cialis levitra I wasn’t happy when he decided to leave after one year as a Met but he was the MVP of the 2000 NLCS and by leaving the draft pick the Mets received was used to draft David Wright, viagra cialis levitra so just for those two contributions he should get applause.  

Viagra cialis levitra How Bobby Valentine is not invited to tonight’s game is a disgrace and shows the short sightedness and pettiness of the Mets ownership. Viagra cialis levitra What are they afraid of Mets fans actually cheering at $iti Field?

Viagra cialis levitra Castillo to the Rox? Does that mean Daniel Murphy to second base? HELL YEAH!!!!

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Advice viagra I want to thank Jerry Manuel and David Wright for throwing me under the bus last night. Advice viagra Yesterday I posted on NYB Blogs telling Mets fans to relax and not give up on this team and especially on Wright who I defended big time. Advice viagra So how do they repay me?

Advice viagra Well J-Man had a managerial night that makes you wonder just how long he has as the leader of the Mets. Advice viagra It’s one thing to be hard headed and not see the experiment to bat Jose Reyes third in the lineup is an out and out failure, advice viagra but then to have him bunt in the 9th inning with Luis Castillo the go ahead run on 2nd base was just stupid baseball. Advice viagra If you put Reyes in that spot in the order, advice viagra you’re saying you have total faith in him as a hitter as the 3 hitter is usually the teams’ best hitter. Advice viagra So why would you make Reyes bunt in an obvious RBI situation. Advice viagra Reyes barely can bunt for a base hit never mind a sac bunt but also what message are you sending him? I’m batting you 3 but I don’t have faith in you to get a big hit, advice viagra just move Castillo to third and let someone else get the job done.

Advice viagra Wright didn’t help me either with his two K’s, advice viagra the biggest one in the 9th inning. Advice viagra Maybe I’m just not seeing or maybe I don’t want to see the decline in David Wright but when I look at his digits they are right there with all the league leaders but it just seems like the big spot is a tough spot for DW. Advice viagra I’m not jumping ship though, advice viagra I’m still loyal to D-Wright      

Advice viagra Manuel said in his post game presser that he’s thinking of making some lineup changes, advice viagra gee ya think Jerry? It seems the only one who favors Reyes in the 3 spot is Manuel. Advice viagra As Ralph Kiner said the other day, advice viagra Reyes belongs as a leadoff man. Advice viagra When Gary Cohen asked who should bat third, advice viagra Kiner replied “The Mets don’t have a 3 hitter” He’s 100 % right. Advice viagra The Mets 3 hitter is jogging in St Lonesome. Advice viagra They have a leadoff hitter but he bats third. Advice viagra If Manuel doesn’t bat Reyes leadoff tonight and bench Frenchy for The Animal then he’s just telling Mets fans and management he wants to be fired.   

Advice viagra I didn’t watch all of this game as I spent most of my evening watching the Boston Celtics send LeBron James and the Cavs packing (more on that in a minute) but couldn’t Manuel have given Johan Santana another inning of work? I know he batted second in the top of the 8th but he seemed to be pitching his best game of the season and was far from tired (just 98 pitches) and even though Fernando Nieve got a DP to get out the 8th how many days can Manuel go to him or Feliciano or Takahashi? Those three have become everyday players.

Advice viagra I still stand by my the Mets are still in this stance but I’m starting to feel a shake up in the mangers office needs to be made. Advice viagra The Royals, advice viagra who are going no where, advice viagra fired Trey Hillman so you would think a team that is in a playoff hunt should be looking around as well. Advice viagra Something is missing here. Advice viagra When the team is 0-6 in rubber games of series and the same stale lineup gets trotted out there every day and the bullpen is getting run into the ground, advice viagra maybe the Mets have reached that fork in the road and as Yogi said “when you get to the fork in the road, advice viagra take it” It may be time to stick the fork in Jerry Manuel.

Advice viagra A big tip of my Celtics cap to Bill Simmons who started a Celtics Chant account on Twitter which got that “NEW YORK KNICKS” chant going at the TD Garden was the best fan participation since the days of the C’s fans telling the 76 ers in 1982 Conference Final to “Beat LA”. Advice viagra Get ready Knicks fans the LeBron era is coming.

Advice viagra To all the Celtic haters on Twitter who right after the C’s beat the Cavs were crowing that the Celtics will be buried by the Magic. Advice viagra First you all can kiss my green, advice viagra white and 17 NBA Champiosnship banner ass. Advice viagra The Celtics have done what we all say can’t be done in sports, advice viagra they turn the on switch on when the playoffs started and now are in full UBUNTU mode.

Advice viagra Metsradamus has what is now the Post of The Year dealing with that fell off the turnip truck turd, advice viagra Cholly Manuel who has dragged the Mets into this sign stealing brouhaha with the Colorado Rockies, advice viagra Metstradamus also reflects on the Skill Sets looking to by the Fishsticks and moved them to the brand new Chop Shop Arena. Advice viagra Not only does Metstradamus invoke the New York Amerks but when was the last time you heard about Newsy Lalonde?

Advice viagra So all of a sudden the Skill Sets are flush with cash that they can talk about buying the Fishsticks and build a new arena in Queens but the can’t release Oliver Perez and eat his deal.

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