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Female male viagra A few quick hits as my workload is piling up and next week is a real shorty for me:

Female male viagra I guess I’m numb to MLB screwing with the game that I’m not upset over the adding of a second wild card, female male viagra maybe as soon as this coming season. Female male viagra In fact as a Mets fan, female male viagra I should be ecstatic about it as it gives the team a better chance to reach the organizations goal of “meaningful games in September”.

Female male viagra  I would even go further even further with the destruction of what was once sacred the 162 games season and a true league champion, female male viagra and abolish the division structure and make two 15 team leagues and have the first 8 teams make the playoffs. Female male viagra I guess it’s the NHL/ (defunct) NBA fan in me that would like to see this. Female male viagra Cut the season to 148 or 150 games and start 1 plays 8, female male viagra 2 play 7 and so on, female male viagra 7 game series. Female male viagra  You’d have to have a balanced schedule, female male viagra which  you should anyway with a wild card spot in play, female male viagra and with 15 teams per league, female male viagra there has to be an interleague game every day. Female male viagra Hey can’t have anything but anything that gets the Mets closer to a post season berth gets my vote. Female male viagra  

Female male viagra Check out Ed “Rusty Jr.” at the Real Dirty Mets as he has posted video of the Mets bloggers talking with Howie Rose and David Wright.

Female male viagra I guess you heard that the Skill Sets have seven investors lined up to buy a minority share of the club for $20 mil. Female male viagra I am proud to say I have inquired about buying in and have 20 of these bills ready for delivery to get my piece of the Mets pie.  NYUCK! NYUCK! NYUCK!

Female male viagra As we get closer to Thanksgiving I just want to say how thankful I am that I am not a fan of the NY Jets. Being a Mets fan is agonizing enough but I really feel for the Mets/Jets fan of which they are plentiful. Female male viagra With that said, female male viagra Dirty Sanchez sucks, female male viagra Rex needs to shut the fuck up and Brian Schottenheimer makes the awful Kevin Gilbride look like Vince Lombardi in his heyday as NY Giants OC.  By the way, female male viagra for all the insults hurled at Tim Teabow, female male viagra he may not be a work of art and statistically unimpressive but the results are there as the Broncos are tied for the AFC West lead with Oakland. Female male viagra Who’da think it Teabow in the playoffs and Dirty Sanchez on the couch.

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Herbal v viagra study

Herbal v viagra study Blogging will be a bit spotty here next week as I’ll be heading down to Florida for a week of R & R, herbal v viagra study unlike the week I spent upstate in the woods camping this is a real vacation.

Herbal v viagra study Lots of positives for the Mets organization last night as the club swept a four game series from the Red Legs for the first time ever, herbal v viagra study Johan Santana pitched in a rehab game in St Lonesome and his arm did not fall off, herbal v viagra study and Daniel Murphy is now 3rd in the NL Batting race behind Ryan Braun and Jose Reyes. Herbal v viagra study No Mets player has ever won a Batting Crown and the way Reyes is playing this season there is a very good shot that he will be the first. Herbal v viagra study Who knows after that, herbal v viagra study maybe Zack Wheeler could be the first Mets pitcher to throw a no-hitter in 2013.

Herbal v viagra study Speaking of Mets pitching phenoms, herbal v viagra study Matt Harvey was on the mound last night for Bingo against Harrisburg and Nats phenom, herbal v viagra study Bryce Harper. Herbal v viagra study Harvey had a very strong showing and K’d the much hyped Bryce twice but the B-Mets went down in defeat 2-1 in 14 innings. Herbal v viagra study Harvey went 7 innings and K’d 10 and walked only 2.

Herbal v viagra study Sad news about Hideki Irabu taking his own life yesterday in California. Herbal v viagra study As Mike Silva points out, herbal v viagra study Irabu’s downfall in coming to the U.S. Herbal v viagra study to pitch was his insistence to pitch for the Highlanders. Herbal v viagra study The San Diego Padres held his rights and after a contentious back and forth with Padres ownership, herbal v viagra study Irabu forced a  trade Irabu to the Bronx where the pitcher thought it would be just like in the movies. Herbal v viagra study He soon found out the myth of the Bronx Bastards failed to mirror the reality of playing for an overheated blow hard  self-promoting owner, herbal v viagra study who didn’t give a shit about anyone but himself. Herbal v viagra study  Maybe Irabu life would have been different if he stayed in San Diego or Japan. Herbal v viagra study We’ll never know but playing for the Highlanders did not improve his quality of life. Herbal v viagra study    

Herbal v viagra study Lost in the euphoria of the Mets four game sweep of the Red Legs and the fact they have been road warriors all season, herbal v viagra study is that the dreaded black uniform top and cap has been making many more appearance the last month or so than it did during the early part of the season. Herbal v viagra study  I’ll never understand this fixation with the black jersey and hat when the Mets road greys are one of the best looking uniforms in all of baseball. Herbal v viagra study Now that Sandy Alderson has put this organization in his vice-grip hands, herbal v viagra study I am begging him to order all the black uniforms gathered up for an end of the season bon fire at Citi Field. Herbal v viagra study I sure this guy will bring the gasoline and matches. Herbal v viagra study   

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Sildenafil citrate soft tabs So  much for the big boost that Frenchy’s home run was supposed to bring to the Mets, sildenafil citrate soft tabs that was another smoke screen to hide the suck that is Jeff Francoeur. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs At least he’s well liked by his teammates. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs I’ve worked with guys like Frenchy, sildenafil citrate soft tabs they are so personable and charismatic that you love being around them but when it comes to getting the actual work done they’re utter failures. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs I’ve worked with guys like Carlos Beltran as well, sildenafil citrate soft tabs guys who have the personality of Elmers Glue, sildenafil citrate soft tabs not only can’t you get a word out of them when they do speak, sildenafil citrate soft tabs the words are nothing of substance. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs However when it comes to getting the job done they’re much more productive than the jovial good time Charley guy. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs  So if your job is on the line and a deadline to get your assignment done who do you want, sildenafil citrate soft tabs the dull producer or the happy jack off? In this case dull wins.

Sildenafil citrate soft tabs A must read for you today is Greg Prince’ piece on his Faith and Fear in Flushing site where he lays it all out about this season and about who we, sildenafil citrate soft tabs as Mets fans are. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs   Remember Mets fans, sildenafil citrate soft tabs “we’ve got no place else to go” Classic Greg, sildenafil citrate soft tabs Classic!

Sildenafil citrate soft tabs I’m in the middle of Red Sox Nation here on Cape Cod as many Bostonians are here on vacation. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs They are all hopped up for the four game series this weekend with the Highlanders which as a Mets fan puts me at a big disadvantage. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs Just a about every  reastaurant here shows Red Sox games on tv and I mean from big formal places to the fish joints on the side of the road the “Sawx” are a way of life out here. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs I’ve been wearing my Mr. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs Cap and I get some looks, sildenafil citrate soft tabs some head shakes and some “we’re sorry’s” as well. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs I’m thinking of sitting outside a store on Main St in Hyannis with a cardboard sign that says METS FAN PLEASE HELP with my Mr. Sildenafil citrate soft tabs Met cap on the ground and see how much money I can make.

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Order viagra 1

Order viagra 1 You can excuse Mets fans for not getting all wrapped up in King Narcissism’ defection to South Beach as we have the most important 3 game series of the season starting tonight against our old nemesis the Atlanta Braves. Order viagra 1 But first a few words on LeBron.

Order viagra 1 LeBron James is the basketball equivalent of Alex Rodriguez, order viagra 1 phenomenal talent but not a leader and not the type of player to carry a team or make his teammates better. Order viagra 1 LBJ will never be put in the pantheon of players like Bill Russell, order viagra 1 Magic, order viagra 1 Bird, order viagra 1 or Kareem he proved that in Game 5 of the East Semi-Finals against the Celtics.

Order viagra 1 After losing to the C’s who were supposed to be too old and too broken down to beat the Cavs, order viagra 1 LBJ, order viagra 1 Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh, order viagra 1 plotted a way to join forces. Order viagra 1 Bosh and Wade let it be known there was no way in hell they’d play in Cleveland. Order viagra 1 Chicago could not pay all three, order viagra 1 neither could the Knicks, order viagra 1 the only place that could handle all three monetarily was Miami, order viagra 1 so that’s where the three ended up.

Order viagra 1 The fans of Cleveland have a right to be pissed as LBJ was not just a Cav but he is a born and bred Ohioan but he couldn’t take the pressure of being the “Man”. Order viagra 1 Same reason why he wanted no part of NYC, order viagra 1 too much pressure. Order viagra 1 In South Beach, order viagra 1 the pressure is on Pat Reilly, order viagra 1 who has three superstars and no other players. Order viagra 1 The Heat, order viagra 1 after dealing off Michael Beasley to Minnesota has to find 10 or 11 players at bargain basement price to build around the 3 stars. Order viagra 1 That’s why calling the Heat the favorite to win the NBA Championship in 2011 is so premature. Order viagra 1  In fact even though my Celtics are old and hurt, order viagra 1 I can guarantee you this is the exact motivation the Celtics needed to come in to camp with the goal of kicking the living shit out of Miami.

Order viagra 1 LeBron James can never call himself “King James” ever again hell he is not even a Duke or Earl, order viagra 1 he’s more of Surf. Order viagra 1 As much as this kills me to say, order viagra 1 he will never be the Black Mamba either.

Order viagra 1 Looks like Cliff Lee is headed to NY but the wrong side of town and let’s face it, order viagra 1 this is where Lee wanted to go and he’ll most like sign a long termer with the Bronx Bastards. Order viagra 1 What has me nervous is after this deal is complete the Highlanders are talking about sending Javier Vasquez to the Phuck Phaces for Jayson Werth.

Order viagra 1 Mets look like they will add a much needed right handed bat for the Braves series and he is a familiar face.

Order viagra 1  Don’t forget to check out my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN store at Cafe Press

Order viagra 1 This is the statement weekend for the Mets, order viagra 1 anything less than 2 of 3 is a failure. Order viagra 1 KICK SOME BRAVO ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Woman and cialis

Woman and cialis Rough one last night in San Diego. Woman and cialis Kevin Corria connected twice to Jerry Hariston Jr in the end zone for 2 TD’s and David Eckstein kicked two extra points to lead the Padres over the Mets 18-6. Woman and cialis Adrian Gonzalez had a big night of defense as he sacked Raul Valdes and Ryota Igarashi in the end zone for safeties. Woman and cialis The Mets scored on a Jose Reyes punt return but the 2pt conversion failed.  

Woman and cialis If I’m Ollie Perez or Scott Boras I’d welcome a trip to Buffalo as to not have to face the media and a very angry fan base when the Mets get back to NYC to open a three game series with the Fish on Friday. Woman and cialis I’d love to get a press pass for the Friday game just to ask Ollie on question:

Woman and cialis “Oliver? Steve Keane from the Eddie Kranepool Society” How does it feel that Mets front office, woman and cialis players and fan base are so disgusted by your selfishness that they would rather see you hogtied with an athletic cup shoved in your mouth stuffed in the trunk of a car parked on Fountain Avenue in East New York Brooklyn”

Woman and cialis Ollie: “Brooklyn? Shit I don’t want to go to Buffalo what makes you think I want to go to Brooklyn”

Woman and cialis Hey while you’re watching Big Pelf lose 1-0 to the Padres tonight how about joining me on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN as I open the phone lines to the listeners tonight to talk Mets and all things baseball at 10PM ET on Blog Talk Radio. The call in number is (646) 727-2465. Woman and cialis No hands waves or being told You’re Lawst on this show, woman and cialis we’re caller friendly

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As we get ourselves ready for the big three game series with the Cheesesteakers let’s take a look at some of the Mets news of the day:


John Harper has become the P.R. Viagra high blood pressure agent for Warlord Jerry as he has for the second day in row wrote a story giving us the feel that Randolph was out of touch with his players and didn’t know what buttons to push to motivate his team. Viagra high blood pressure Also there are more quotes from Tony Bernazard who is taking on a much more public persona. Viagra high blood pressure Now I don’t know if that is for the better but if you think this turnaround is not in part due to the change on manager your, viagra high blood pressure delusional. Viagra high blood pressure The players like Delgado and Reyes won’t come out and say it but Ron Darling had no problem on the post game show last night saying that the Mets clubhouse is a much more relaxed place with J-Man. Viagra high blood pressure The facial hair ban, viagra high blood pressure the music ban and not having the ability to interact with his players led to the charge that Randolph didn’t have the feel or pulse of his clubhouse which is one of the biggest thing a manager needs to be successful. Viagra high blood pressure The x’s and o’s are not as big as some of us think but the ability to connect with your players is something Randolph via his Highlander training couldn’t do. Viagra high blood pressure After awhile Rick Peterson couldn’t do it either. Viagra high blood pressure What you hear about J-Man is that he is a straight shooter that we tells his players up front what their role will be and what he is doing. Viagra high blood pressure He looks them in the eye and let’s them know the deal which it seem is something Randolph and a hard time doing. Viagra high blood pressure J-Man is as cool as the other side of the pillow whereas Willie was in meltdown mode as we saw with his race comments and ripping SNY coverage sent a message to his team that he was losing it. Viagra high blood pressure


So Mets fans instead of ripping Tony Bernazard you should be praising him for being adamant in his stance that a managerial change had to be made. Viagra high blood pressure Omar wanted to be more patient but it looks as if Jeffey Skill Set was siding with TB but Full Autonomy Omar wanted to keep his guy Randolph as he felt is was his failure that Randolph wasn’t working out but TB prevailed and that makes me think that’s why the Randolph axing was handled so badly.


When the off season comes at what point do the Mets drop out of the Oliver Perez Sweepstakes?  Does OP let that dictator of an agent Scott Boras sell his service to the highest bidder or does OP uses his brains and works out a deal with the Mets and stays where he’s comfortable? Remember OP was a throw in the Roberto Hernandez deal and was a mess when he arrived in NY. Viagra high blood pressure But with extensive work by Rick Peterson, viagra high blood pressure Dan Warthen and Randy Neiman Perez has emerged as a top line starter. Viagra high blood pressure Sure he is still an enigma especially when he gives up walks after walk but still LHP like OP are a valuable commodity. Viagra high blood pressure So if you’re the Mets what is your first offer? He’s not getting Ace money or even #2 starter money so I’d start off with a 3yr/$36mil which of course Boras will be insulted by. Viagra high blood pressure My counter would be still 3 yrs but sweeten up the money to $37.5 mil with incentives that boost it over $40mil. Viagra high blood pressure Now Boras will want at least 5 yrs I figure but I don’t see the Mets going for 5 yrs with OP but then again he is only 27 years old but 5 yrs to a pitcher who is not a 1 or a 2 is tough pill to swallow. Viagra high blood pressure So how about a 4 year deal for $40mil with incentives that could bring the deal to $50mil total with a mutual option for a fifth year. Viagra high blood pressure If OP produces in those four years he could again be a free agent at the age of 31 and if he doesn’t produce, viagra high blood pressure well at least he’ll have a very nice nest egg to fall back on. Viagra high blood pressure


Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest not just for his great interviews and all around insight on baseball but he has a great piece on the Ford C Frick Award and is looking to get out the vote for our own Gary Cohen. Viagra high blood pressure


The Brooklyn Cyclones are taking a page out of the parent club’s book as they are making a surge to the NY-Penn League playoffs.


Where O’ where has Aaron Heilman gone? O’ where O’ where can he be?  Right now the pecking order of the pen in the late innings is the hybrid Felicano/Smith, viagra high blood pressure Brian Stokes as the set up and Luis Ayala as the closer. Viagra high blood pressure Billy Wags could be back next week and if healthy goes back to closer and that drops each releiver down a peg. Viagra high blood pressure    



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