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Pharmaceuticals female viagra It would be a boon to SNY’s Mets coverage to add Bobby Valentine to the pre and post game show. Pharmaceuticals female viagra IN fact I hope SNY takes it further and adds Bobby V to the broadcast booth when either Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling are not scheduled. Pharmaceuticals female viagra Talk about must see TV. Pharmaceuticals female viagra

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Buy pfizer viagra online Just learned of the passing of Dick Clark of a heart attack at the age of 82. Buy pfizer viagra online Manny know Clark your hosting game show or bloopers specials but first in foremost in my mind when hear the name Dick Clark is rock n roll and American Bandstand

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Viagra cookies There is nothing better than watching your favorite team come from behind to win a game, viagra cookies then to top it off, viagra cookies one of your favorite players not only makes a game saving defensive play but then comes up to the plate with the winning run in scoring position and comes through with the game winning hit.

Viagra cookies There is something different about Daniel Murphy so far this season. Viagra cookies I saw some of it this off season when I got the chance to interview him at the Thurman Munson dinner with other writers and media people but when the main streamers moved on, viagra cookies it was just me and Murph. Viagra cookies I shut off my recorder so I could have an “off the record” conversation with Murphy as we talked about some stuff other than baseball, viagra cookies mostly how the weather in NYC this winter was almost as nice as his native Jacksonville, viagra cookies where he worked out all winter and his getting a kick out me trying to sell him on living in Brooklyn as I brought up his short stay as a Cyclone. Viagra cookies  We also spoke of the negativity that from outside forces that was surrounding the team and Murphy gave me a smirk and told me that stuff doesn’t bother him or his teammates as the players, viagra cookies coaches and especially the manager won’t let negativity enter the clubhouse. Viagra cookies  So far Murph was right this team as the club seems to have stayed below the noise with this hot start.

Viagra cookies I agree 100 % with what Bobby Ojeda said in the post-game show though, viagra cookies everyone is sky high happy as they’re winning ball games, viagra cookies what you want to look at is if this attitude remains during the first 4 or 5 game losing streak as Bobby O pointed out, viagra cookies in the past this team would wilt and get real quiet during the tough times. Viagra cookies That will be the real test for the 2012 Mets, viagra cookies their reaction to adversity.

Viagra cookies I’ve said it before that sometimes I enjoy seeing a pitcher who is struggling try to find himself during a game and righting himself than watching a guy dominate a line up and last night Mike Pelfrey gave one of those find yourself performances. Viagra cookies  His first inning had me squirming in my chair after three straight hits by Danny Espinosa, viagra cookies Ryan Zimmerman and Adam LaRoche as it looked like it was going to be an early Big Pelf meltdown but only one Nat crossed home plate so disaster averted. Viagra cookies Pelf threw a lot of pitches and it seemed he was getting squeezed by home plate ump Todd Tichenor especially in the 6th when it looked like he stuck out Xavier Nady to end the inning but Tichenor blew the call and gave Nady life and on the next pitch Nady singled to center, viagra cookies prolonging the inning and ending Pelfs night and his attempt to go 6 full innings.

Viagra cookies Pelf threw strikes and walked only one but he was tagged for ten base hits. Viagra cookies He relied a lot on his sinker and slider most of the night but cranked up his four seamer to 90+ MPH when he needed it. Viagra cookies It wasn’t a great start or an awful start but it was better than normal Big Pelf start.

Viagra cookies I want to see the Mets get into a bench clearer this season just to see who is dumb enough to take on Jon Rauch, viagra cookies that’s one guy I’d hate have mad at me.

Viagra cookies Ed Marcus a/k/a Rusty Jr over at Real Dirty Mets has a great review of R.A. Viagra cookies Dickey’s book. Viagra cookies If you haven’t bought Dickey’s yet shame on you.

Viagra cookies By the way I will have a special announcement of a contest I will be running here on Friday that you won’t want to miss.   

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Viagra pfizer 50 mg Last night I tuned into the Mets post game show right in the middle of a Bobby Ojeda rant. Viagra pfizer 50 mg It seems Bobby O feels the Mets should  (if I heard this right) forget about re-signing Jose Reyes to a big contract and instead focus on obtaining pitching both starting and relievers that the team sorely lacks. Viagra pfizer 50 mg With Reyes latest revelation that his hammy is still tight and the comments by Ojeda, viagra pfizer 50 mg where I was once sure the Mets and Reyes would find a way to make a deal, viagra pfizer 50 mg I’m not as optimistic now and I’m kind of leaning in Bobby O’s direction.

Viagra pfizer 50 mg There is not a stronger lighting rod subject among Mets fans that the status of Reyes and David Wright. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Even in the MSM and amongst the bloggers, viagra pfizer 50 mg if you take the names of Reyes and Wright in vain, viagra pfizer 50 mg expect a shit storm of negative comments to come your way. Viagra pfizer 50 mg We love them same as we love R.A. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Dickey and Daniel Murphy and Nick Evans and every single prospect from Bingamton down to Kingsport. Viagra pfizer 50 mg There is no in between with Mets fans toward Mets players we either love you or loath you.

Viagra pfizer 50 mg But we are also sick of losing, viagra pfizer 50 mg of being mocked and for being treated like this is the worst organization in baseball. Viagra pfizer 50 mg With all the mismanagement and gullible owners, viagra pfizer 50 mg this organization is not the disaster it’s portrayed to be. Viagra pfizer 50 mg But maybe there comes a time where a GM has to make the decision that the fan base will not only be unhappy with but claim they will secede from the fan base, viagra pfizer 50 mg maybe Sandy Alderson should tell Reyes and his reps that the two draft picks the Mets get are worth more than five years of sore hammy’s and second division finishes. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Maybe Alderson has to make it known that Wright can be had in the right deal? Maybe it’s time to blow this up and stop fooling ourselves the Mets will contend ion 2012. Viagra pfizer 50 mg For what , viagra pfizer 50 mg the top pick in the armature draft in 2013? Surely not a pennant.

Viagra pfizer 50 mg All you hear is fans saying “if Reyes is not re-signed I’ll never set foot in Citi Field again” Same thing if Wright is dealt. Viagra pfizer 50 mg But these same “fans” stay away because the team falls out of contention but the middle of August. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Ok which is it?

Viagra pfizer 50 mg Fans are not going to Mets games now as it is, viagra pfizer 50 mg when you have to have a night for cancer awareness, viagra pfizer 50 mg Star Wars, viagra pfizer 50 mg a salute to the Philippines and set aside a section for people to come knit, viagra pfizer 50 mg yes I said KNIT then your problems are deep and need a serious attention.

Viagra pfizer 50 mg This is not at all a rant against Reyes or Wright as they are not at all to blame for the last few years of dreck in Flushing, viagra pfizer 50 mg but if your team has awful pitching and defense and a stagnant offense is it worth it to have a $20 mil a year shortstop with sore hamstrings and a $15 mil 3rd baseman you has lost his way offensively and defensively?  If you say yes, viagra pfizer 50 mg then get your Darth Vader suit and knitting needles ready for 2012 and beyond.

Viagra pfizer 50 mg Here it is September when pennant races should be the topic of conversation but we as Mets fans have a Star Wars night and old ladies knitting in the ¼ filled stands. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Well, viagra pfizer 50 mg I’m fucking sick of it and another thing , viagra pfizer 50 mgwhat the hell is Terry Collins thinking having Willie Harris bunting with Angel Pagan on 1st with no outs in the 6th inning of a 2-2 game? Are you serious? That was right out the Jerry Manuel Too Cool For Baseball School Handbook. Viagra pfizer 50 mg  Agggggggggggggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrr who cares. Viagra pfizer 50 mg Knit one, viagra pfizer 50 mg Pearl two.

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Canadian viagra 50mg Happy Highlander Elimination Day to ya! I can’t wait to see Michael Kay’s head explode on the YUCK post game show if Bronx Bastards lose game five. Canadian viagra 50mg I hope Joe Girardi studied that binder of his and found the page where it says, canadian viagra 50mg “when a suck ass pitcher like AJ Burnett gives you five innings, canadian viagra 50mg take it an run”

Canadian viagra 50mg No Mets news today except for Frankie Rodriguez getting a mere $3mil deduction from his personal worth for his altercation and embarrassment of himself and of the Mets organization. Canadian viagra 50mg Hopefully who ever takes the reigns of the baseball operations let’s K-Rod know his days as a Mets closer are done. Canadian viagra 50mg Welcome to a setup role K-Rod.

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As we get ourselves ready for the big three game series with the Cheesesteakers let’s take a look at some of the Mets news of the day:


John Harper has become the P.R. Real cialis online agent for Warlord Jerry as he has for the second day in row wrote a story giving us the feel that Randolph was out of touch with his players and didn’t know what buttons to push to motivate his team. Real cialis online Also there are more quotes from Tony Bernazard who is taking on a much more public persona. Real cialis online Now I don’t know if that is for the better but if you think this turnaround is not in part due to the change on manager your, real cialis online delusional. Real cialis online The players like Delgado and Reyes won’t come out and say it but Ron Darling had no problem on the post game show last night saying that the Mets clubhouse is a much more relaxed place with J-Man. Real cialis online The facial hair ban, real cialis online the music ban and not having the ability to interact with his players led to the charge that Randolph didn’t have the feel or pulse of his clubhouse which is one of the biggest thing a manager needs to be successful. Real cialis online The x’s and o’s are not as big as some of us think but the ability to connect with your players is something Randolph via his Highlander training couldn’t do. Real cialis online After awhile Rick Peterson couldn’t do it either. Real cialis online What you hear about J-Man is that he is a straight shooter that we tells his players up front what their role will be and what he is doing. Real cialis online He looks them in the eye and let’s them know the deal which it seem is something Randolph and a hard time doing. Real cialis online J-Man is as cool as the other side of the pillow whereas Willie was in meltdown mode as we saw with his race comments and ripping SNY coverage sent a message to his team that he was losing it. Real cialis online


So Mets fans instead of ripping Tony Bernazard you should be praising him for being adamant in his stance that a managerial change had to be made. Real cialis online Omar wanted to be more patient but it looks as if Jeffey Skill Set was siding with TB but Full Autonomy Omar wanted to keep his guy Randolph as he felt is was his failure that Randolph wasn’t working out but TB prevailed and that makes me think that’s why the Randolph axing was handled so badly.


When the off season comes at what point do the Mets drop out of the Oliver Perez Sweepstakes?  Does OP let that dictator of an agent Scott Boras sell his service to the highest bidder or does OP uses his brains and works out a deal with the Mets and stays where he’s comfortable? Remember OP was a throw in the Roberto Hernandez deal and was a mess when he arrived in NY. Real cialis online But with extensive work by Rick Peterson, real cialis online Dan Warthen and Randy Neiman Perez has emerged as a top line starter. Real cialis online Sure he is still an enigma especially when he gives up walks after walk but still LHP like OP are a valuable commodity. Real cialis online So if you’re the Mets what is your first offer? He’s not getting Ace money or even #2 starter money so I’d start off with a 3yr/$36mil which of course Boras will be insulted by. Real cialis online My counter would be still 3 yrs but sweeten up the money to $37.5 mil with incentives that boost it over $40mil. Real cialis online Now Boras will want at least 5 yrs I figure but I don’t see the Mets going for 5 yrs with OP but then again he is only 27 years old but 5 yrs to a pitcher who is not a 1 or a 2 is tough pill to swallow. Real cialis online So how about a 4 year deal for $40mil with incentives that could bring the deal to $50mil total with a mutual option for a fifth year. Real cialis online If OP produces in those four years he could again be a free agent at the age of 31 and if he doesn’t produce, real cialis online well at least he’ll have a very nice nest egg to fall back on. Real cialis online


Check out Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest not just for his great interviews and all around insight on baseball but he has a great piece on the Ford C Frick Award and is looking to get out the vote for our own Gary Cohen. Real cialis online


The Brooklyn Cyclones are taking a page out of the parent club’s book as they are making a surge to the NY-Penn League playoffs.


Where O’ where has Aaron Heilman gone? O’ where O’ where can he be?  Right now the pecking order of the pen in the late innings is the hybrid Felicano/Smith, real cialis online Brian Stokes as the set up and Luis Ayala as the closer. Real cialis online Billy Wags could be back next week and if healthy goes back to closer and that drops each releiver down a peg. Real cialis online    



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