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Order viagra no prescription Is it over yet? Last night’s game will not be in the rotation of Mets Classics on SNY, order viagra no prescription between the rain delay, order viagra no prescription Big Pelf’s throwing batting practice, order viagra no prescription Jose Reyes and Angel Pagan forced out of the lineup with injuries, order viagra no prescription and Gary Cohen admitting in public he was a fan the Mama’s and the Papas, order viagra no prescription the only reason to keep watching the game telecast was to see if Keith Hernandez’ head would explode.

Order viagra no prescription I can’t wait for Saturday’s Mets-Nationals game with the most bizarre pitching match up I ‘ve ever seen. Order viagra no prescription R.A. Order viagra no prescription Dickey for the Mets vs. Order viagra no prescription The Sensational Strasburg. Order viagra no prescription Just think, order viagra no prescription you could add up the velocity of three of Dickey’s pitches and that total is still lower than one Strasburg fastball. Order viagra no prescription The only drawback to the game is it’s on FOX, order viagra no prescription so I’m guessing we get stuck with Doofus Joe and Tim McFullofshit UGH!!!!!

Order viagra no prescription Sam Page has a great post on Amazin’ Avenue on what is a fair trade for Cliff Lee. Order viagra no prescription When you look it over the Mets do have the chips to pull this off without giving up Jenry Mejia. Order viagra no prescription I would hate to lose Reese Havens in a deal as well but if a package of Fernando Martinez, order viagra no prescription Josh Thole, order viagra no prescription Nick Evans and Eric Niessen brings Cliff Lee to the Mets, order viagra no prescription it’s a steal, order viagra no prescription even if Lee leaves after the season as a free agent. Order viagra no prescription Ike, order viagra no prescription Niese, order viagra no prescription Mejia and Wilmer Flores would be untouchables, order viagra no prescription Mark Cohoon too, order viagra no prescription so anyone else is fair game to get dealt for a pitcher of Lee’s pedigree.

Order viagra no prescription Leonard Davis of the Syracuse Chiefs was the prick who took out Daniel Murphy at second base to break up a double play that put Murph out of action for the season with a knee injury. Order viagra no prescription The play was a scumbag move by Davis. Order viagra no prescription Tues day night the Bison met the Chiefs and Dillon Gee was on the mound and had a 4-0 lead when Davis came up to bat. Order viagra no prescription Gee proceeded to drill Davis in the back with a pitch as payback for the take out of Murphy. Order viagra no prescription I hope Dillon Gee is a Met forever!

Order viagra no prescription The Phuck Phaces are getting hit hard by injuries. Order viagra no prescription HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA! HA!

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If you are a fan of college football and are in favor of a playoff system instead of the ridiculous BCS bullshit rankings then you have two things going in your favor, buying generic viagra mexico rx the NHL Winter Classic and MLB Network because after what used to be college football’s showcase day New Years Day is dominated with news of the Blackhawks-Red Wings game at Wrigley Field and the launch of MLB Network.

The only drawback last night for the debut of MLBN was the mug of the Nutty Professor on the screen at 6PM. Buying generic viagra mexico rx The 30 second countdown, buying generic viagra mexico rx a montage of players with the numbers 30 (Nolan Ryan) to 1 (Ozzie Smith) was great with the exception of number 3 (Evan Longoria) how could it not be the Bambino? The Hot Stove Show was terrific (even with Rosalita Leiter on the dais and a cameo by Jimmy Rollins) Harold Reynolds was close to Dickie V like in his enthusiasm and Victor Rojas (Cookie’s kid) looked very comfortable as a host. Buying generic viagra mexico rx You can see that MLBN come spring training will be destination TV and every night during the season as the network has cameras at all 30 ball parks so post game interviews with players and a mangers will be plentiful. 

Watching the Larsen Perfect Game was a late Christmas/New Year’s treat but it took a bit to get used to. Buying generic viagra mexico rx No centerfield camera in those days and no replays were the biggies for me. Buying generic viagra mexico rx One part of the telecast that should still be implemented in today’s game telecast was the lack of crowd shots. Buying generic viagra mexico rx The camera was focused on the field the whole game making for a more enjoyable watch. Buying generic viagra mexico rx  Big contrast in pitching styles by Sal Maglie and Don Larsen. Buying generic viagra mexico rx Maglie had that windmill windup that was popular back then but Larsen had more of a step and throw approach and no real wind up. Buying generic viagra mexico rx Both teams seemed to have issues with home plate ump Babe Parrelli’s strike zone.  When 28 year old Vin Scully was on the screen the first thing I thought of was how he looked just like Conan O’Brien. Buying generic viagra mexico rx No chatter between pitches by either Scully or Mel Allen. Buying generic viagra mexico rx Talk about a game of inches, buying generic viagra mexico rx Sandy Amoros and Duke Snyder just missing home runs to right field could have altered history.  Also Mickey Mantle with a running catch in left center and notice the 457 sign in that gap at Old Highlander Stadium. Buying generic viagra mexico rx Also the monuments in centerfield and the scoreboard on the left field wall. Buying generic viagra mexico rx  For the most part, buying generic viagra mexico rx the batters stayed in the batter’s box between pitches but I thought Larsen was like the Steve Trachsel of his day in his very deliberate way he worked.

The interviews with Yogi and Larsen by Bob Costas were good although I think I’m Yogi-ed out by now with all his Yogi-isims and the fact that Berra has slowed down a lot and maybe it’s time he stopped giving interviews. Buying generic viagra mexico rx Larsen seemed a little embarrassed when Costas went over the litany of Hall of Famers that were on hand that day as if to say if it weren’t for this perfecto Larsen would have drifted in to obscurity. Buying generic viagra mexico rx It was surprising that Larsen admitted he didn’t realize he pitched a perfect game but then it was brought out that the last perfect game in baseball was over 30 years before this one.

I loved the ads and I nearly fell off the sofa when I saw that pocket size Baseball Encyclopedia that came with the Gillette razor because I have a copy of it. Buying generic viagra mexico rx When my mother was moving and I was cleaning out her apartment I found it in a draw and I never knew whose it was or where it came from. Buying generic viagra mexico rx After seeing the ad I have to figure it was my father’s as he always used a Gillette razor and blades. Buying generic viagra mexico rx That makes the book even more special now.

MLBN is running the Larsen Perfect Game all day today but I guess starting next week there will be more diverse programming but either way MLBN is on my favorites list.


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With the World Series a day away from starting MLB invokes its gag order on the other 28 teams so as the spotlight can be shown on baseball’s showcase event. Viagra pills If your FOX this match up is a nightmare as neither team has a national following and most of the local yokels who claim to be long suffering fans of both teams are really bandwagoners but if you are a die hard baseball fan and put aside your allegiance to your favorite team and check your hatred for the NL champs at the door (Even if your a fan of the Highlanders and the Old Town Team, viagra pills you can’t hate the Famous Rays as they helped pad your win totals for years so let them enjoy some national face time, viagra pills besides most of the Famous Rays are future Mets, viagra pills Highlanders or Red Sox anyway) this series has the makings of a great one.


Both teams are on a roll, viagra pills both have excellent bullpens, viagra pills both have engaging managers and both teams love to hit the long ball. Viagra pills The only draw back to this series besides not having our beloved Metropolitans in it is, viagra pills FOX is televising it and that means Tim Mc Fullofshit and Doofus Joe Buck both of which are having a horrible post season. Viagra pills To make things worse FOX’ game telecast will give you motion sickness because their production team either hates sports or hates sports fans because after every pitch they cut to the stands, viagra pills then the mangers, viagra pills then the pitcher, viagra pills then the batter, viagra pills then back to the fans in the stands, viagra pills then to the pitcher making the pitch an if the ball is not in play the repeat the sequence again. Viagra pills By the 5th inning you’re searching for your Mr. Viagra pills Met Puke Bucket that you thought you were finished with after the last J-Man pitching change of the season.


With all that I like the Famous Rays in 6. Viagra pills The Famous Rays have met each and every challenge this season whether it was going into to Fenway to take two of three during the season to hold on to first place or overcoming the Game 5 collapse and Game 6 loss to win the AL Pennant this team is now officially battle tested. Viagra pills As for the Phillies, viagra pills Fuck them. 


Instead of tipping $100 bucks as the titie bar where Joba Chamberlain got his groove on the other night, viagra pills he should have paid one of his buddies to be the designated driver plus get him a lap dance although you have to wonder the talent caliber in a Nebraska titie bar.


Here we have Mr. Viagra pills Sodom and Mr. Viagra pills Gomorrah meeting to work out a partnership to poison their fans with Mad Cow burgers, viagra pills beak & toe Chicken Fingers and Snout Sausage.


Again the Mets are missing out on a great opportunity to add an edge to the organization if they don’t reach out Larry Bowa for their third base coaching job.


Sean Avery added spice to a very bad hockey game last night as the dull as dish water Rangers lost 2-1 to a Stars team that has given up goals by the ton so far this season but of course the Rangers or as they are known “The Wide of the Net Rangers” couldn’t hit the ocean with a puck off a pier again last night. Viagra pills  Avery talked shit to back up goalie Steve Valiquette during warm-ups and to King Henrik during the game. Viagra pills Brandon Dubinsky skated over to Avery to get him to move on and later in the game Avery was leveled by Dan Giradi and Paul Mara. Viagra pills The Garden Faithful let Avery know he is no longer a favorite of theirs as well. Viagra pills I read this today that Avery and MSG Networks John Gianone got into a very nasty altercation outside the Ranger locker room but Avery was his charming self when he was interviewed by the Maven after the game. Viagra pills I will say this about the on air staff of MSG especially Al Trautwig who has been talking non stop bullshit about Avery since Saturday night but when Avery was a Ranger and doing his ball breaking routine no one on the network had a discouraging word about the Avery Antics but now that he’s not a Ranger anymore he’s a prick with ears. Viagra pills

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