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With the word that Cody Ross has signed with the Boston Red Sox with the Mets in contention for his services, the question of the day is whom would you rather  have as your 4th outfielder, Cody Ross or Scott Hairston? Ross put a . Probaseballcentral 240/. 325/. 405/. 730 line last season with the Giants in 461 plate appearances. Hairston, stepped into the batter’s box, a sporadic 145 times to fill a line of . 235/. 303/. 470/. 773. while Ross banged out 14 home runs last season Hairston put seven baseballs over the outfield walls in [probaseballcentral] his limited action. When you look at FB/HR rate Hairston’s beats out Ross 13. 0% to 9. 3 %. Ross hits lefties very probaseballcentral well especially for power with a . 912 lifetime OPS to Hairston’ . 813 OPS which is impressive as well making it even more a head scratcher on why Terry Collins didn’t use Hairston more before a rib injury at the end of August ended his season. I would bet that Hairston re-signed with the Mets with the promise of more playing time, especially in CF against RHP unless Andres Torres can repeat his 2010 season. But between CF and spelling Lucas Duda in RF and staying healthy probaseballcentral, Hairston could be a very productive 4th outfielder for the Mets. Cody Ross would have been a nice choice as well for the Mets but with the Red Sox offer of $3mil plus incentives the Mets will get as much value from Hairston as they would from Ross and Hairston only cost $1. 1 mil. No way Cody Ross is worth $2mil+ more than Jerry Hairston.

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