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Every spring there are loads of baseball annuals at the newsstand but if you are a die hard Mets fan you need to pick up the 2009 Mets Annual published by Maple Street Press. The Annual is chock full of information for every Mets fans taste. You like numbers? There are your basic stats and there are in depth numbers like pitch selection and [] hit placement all from the Inside Edge scouting service. There are articles on Shea Staduim and our birthplace the Polo Grounds.   There are stories on the 40th annivseray of the 1969 Amazin's (by Greg Prince) and a great article by Howard Megdal on the Mets uncanny ability to finish in second place (that says it all about Mets fandom WE'RE #2!!!!) Greg Spira and Matt Silveman have but the best sports annual out there so look for it at newsstands, bookstores or at the

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