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Viagra alternative  I’m pretty sure the hold up in the R.A. Viagra alternative Dickey, viagra alternative David Wright contract negotiations is how to deal with the Sanity Claus  

Viagra alternative I’ve been off the blogging grid the past week so I missed out on commenting on some Mets news of the past few days. Viagra alternative So with sometime to pontificate let me do so without further ado.

Viagra alternative The $63 opening day Promenade Reserved ticket price was received by the Mets fan base as expected, viagra alternative with anger, viagra alternative vile threats, viagra alternative and calls for ownership to get the hell out of the baseball business also known as business as usual.

Viagra alternative Seriously, viagra alternative how did the policy makers of the Mets organization think this would go over?  I was SHOCKED when I clicked on the BUY TICKETS icon to secure a couple of opening day tickets as Christmas presents but when I saw the $63 price tag (that’s before the all-important handling charges and the fee that that you are charged to print your tickets at home using your own computer, viagra alternative printer and ink…I need more coffee….I’ll be right back….) I thought I clicked on the wrong section or was I suffering from a sudden case of dyslexia but low and behold that was the” outrageous inflated you’ve got to be fucking kidding me” price. Viagra alternative Thank you but I’ll pass.

Viagra alternative The Mets can charge whatever price they want for tickets and you and I as Mets fans/consumers can either buy or pass em’ by and from the reaction of sticker shock by Mets fans it seems they are ready to pass em’ by.

Viagra alternative Buying tickets for Mets games has become a real chore.  I would love to buy a weekend plan except you are not guaranteed the time of the game on your ticket is the time the game will start. Viagra alternative How many times have you bought a ticket for a 1PM Saturday afternoon game and thought this is great, viagra alternative I can go to the game and still have time to plan a late afternoon early evening date with friends or other event. Viagra alternative But then you find out that the game has been taken hostage by FOX and game time is now 4PM. Viagra alternative So now you have to rearrange your plans which as us married folks/parents know is a huge pain in the ass. Viagra alternative Even worse is buying a Sunday game that was advertised as a 1PM game only to be hijacked by ESPN for the very family unfriendly and extremely unpopular 8PM start time. Viagra alternative I don’t know about you but I’m fed up.

Viagra alternative No more buying tickets in advance for me, viagra alternative I’ll pick the games I want to see and I’ll go to Stub Hub on that day and buy my tickets. Viagra alternative It’s the beauty of supply and demand and I’m not going out on a limp when I say when it comes to Mets tickets they will be a huge supply and little demand in 2013.

Viagra alternative Jeffy Skill Sets strikes again. Viagra alternative Jeffy went out with Johan Santana to Coney Island  (word id Uncle Saul Katz was upset to find out that Nathan’s has not re-opened yet as he wanted Jeffy to bring back an order of frogs legs)  and with Matt Harvey to Far Rockaway to serve food to those still suffering from Hurricane Sandy (what? Staten Island wasn’t on the team’s radar? I would have personally squired young Jeffery down to South Beach for a photo op) a noble gesture indeed by the ball club. Viagra alternative But as usually happens when Jeffy is left alone without parental accompaniment, viagra alternative he starts talking “Wilponese” and makes everyone’s head spin:

Viagra alternative But chief operating officer Jeff Wilpon said Tuesday that trades would be only a last resort, viagra alternative and that if deals can’t be reached, viagra alternative he’d rather have both play out the final year of their deals. Viagra alternative The goal remains signing both to long-term extensions.

Viagra alternative  

Viagra alternative “That’s the first preference; that has been the first preference, viagra alternative” Wilpon said. Viagra alternative “Second preference is probably keep them and have them play out the season. Viagra alternative Third preference would be to trade them. Viagra alternative They’re both very important to the franchise; they’re both fan favorites, viagra alternative so we’d like to keep it that way.”

Viagra alternative Wilpon declined to elaborate on why he believes trades are the least desirable option.

Viagra alternative “We’re dealing in hypothetical now, viagra alternative” he said. Viagra alternative “So I don’t want to go there. Viagra alternative In terms of right now, viagra alternative the process is ongoing, viagra alternative and we want to get something done.”

Viagra alternative Oh brother!!!! I love the last paragraph as it seems Jeffy realizes that he is talking out of turn and knows that Big Daddy Fred has the Time Out chair waiting for him when he gets home. Viagra alternative The guy just can’t help himself, viagra alternative instead of telling the media at the event that he was here to give food and comfort to those whose lives have been affected by the storm and this was not the appropriate time or place to talk about baseball and his daddy’s line “Talk to Sandy about that” Jeffy did what Jeffy does, viagra alternative talk nonsense.

Viagra alternative There are only two options, viagra alternative re-signed Wright and Dickey or trade Wright and Dickey. Viagra alternative No way both players make opening day as Mets without new deals. Viagra alternative Now should both players get new deals? That’s the great debate. Viagra alternative  I’d love to have both players in the fold for the long term but what I’d like better is for Sandy Alderson to make a solid baseball decision. Viagra alternative If trading Dickey or Wright brings back pieces of solid value then make a deal. Viagra alternative  Sure I’d miss them and the fan out cry would be fierce but I want Alderson to do what is best for the NY Mets in the long term not appease the fan base and worry about selling tickets. Viagra alternative If Dickey and Wright can bring back a young power hitting outfielder, viagra alternative a front line catcher and some bullpen depth then pull the trigger.

Viagra alternative Congratulations to Ike Davis who will be honored at the 33rd Annual Thurman Munson Dinner on Tuesday February 5th at the Grand Hyatt Hotel. Viagra alternative Davis will be given an award for his work with charities that help children stricken with cancer. Viagra alternative For tickets and information about the dinner call (212) 249-6188

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Discount brand name cialis  

Discount brand name cialis The first person to respond to me via Twitter will win tickets to the great event on Saturday at Citi Field so hit me up on Twitter @kranepool to win:

Discount brand name cialis  

Discount brand name cialis Baseball Prospectus and the New York Mets invite you to join us for a great day of baseball on Saturday, discount brand name cialis June 2 at Citi Field. Discount brand name cialis Thanks to the fine folks in the Mets front office, discount brand name cialis we are proud to be able to offer our guests the following:

  • Admittance to a private “meet and greet” with special guests and Baseball Prospectus personalities 2 hours prior to game time (including Jason Parks, discount brand name cialis Jay Jaffe, discount brand name cialis Ben Lindbergh, discount brand name cialis Derek Carty, discount brand name cialis Dan Turkenkopf, discount brand name cialis John Perrotto, discount brand name cialis Steven Goldman, discount brand name cialis Joe Hamrahi, discount brand name cialis Jonathan Bernhardt, discount brand name cialis John Viola, discount brand name cialis Bill Skelton, discount brand name cialis and’s Cory Schwartz)
  • A question and answer session with New York Mets General Manager Sandy Alderson
  • Seat in the Big Apple section of Citi Field to watch the Mets take on the St. Discount brand name cialis Louis Cardinals with Baseball Prospectus fans and staff.
  • A $15 coupon to be used toward a new Baseball Prospectus Premium subscription or your next Premium renewal.
Festivities begin at 2:00 PM with a game start time of 4:10.
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Viagra professionsl The good folks over at Baseball Prospectus have set up, viagra professionsl in conjunction with the New York Mets, viagra professionsl a Baseball Prospectus Day at Citi Field on Saturday June 2 as the Mets take on the St. Viagra professionsl Louis Cardinals.

Viagra professionsl  The day will consist of a meet and greet with some of the fine writers at BP and the opportunity to participate in a Q & A session with Mets GM Sandy Alderson, viagra professionsl along with a ticket to the game (sitting in the area by the Home Run Apple I guess section 140 or 141) and a $15 coupon that can be used towards the purchase of a Baseball Prospectus Premium subscription or a subscription renewal. Viagra professionsl You get all this for the reasonable price of $45.01.

Viagra professionsl All the festivities get started at 2PM and game time is set for 4:10PM

Viagra professionsl Baseball Prospectus has authorized me to give away 2 free tickets to this event, viagra professionsl so let’s have a little contest to give away the tickets. Viagra professionsl The first two readers who e mail me at with the correct answer to the following question will win a ticket. Viagra professionsl 2 tickets 2 winners, viagra professionsl got it? Okay here we go:

Viagra professionsl Give me the name of the pitcher who holds the NY Mets record for the most innings pitched in a game in a relief role.

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How much is viagra There is a segment of this fan base that really needs to stop listening to sports talk radio for your own good. How much is viagra There are too many of you that take the word of the gasbags on WFAN and WEPN as sports gospel. How much is viagra The biggest offender seem to be the wanna- be shock jock on WFAN in the early AM who threw out a line that a Mets “official” said the club was going to honor Chipper Jones during the Braves last visit to NYC. How much is viagra I guess the fact that the wanna- be shock jock’ partner, how much is viagra the fair haired Norman Esiason has been taking days off here and there (maybe NFL Norman is trying to tell wanna- be shocks partner Norman that this morning gig is bad for you imagine and credibility) left the wanna-be shock with nothing to talk about since his scope of sports knowledge seems to be whatever is in the daily fish wraps and what he reads on blogs, how much is viagra so with no partner to banter with he decided to join in on every media types favorite target of belittlement, how much is viagra the NY Mets.

How much is viagra After it was broadcast over the biggest waste of 50, how much is viagra000 watts in radio, how much is viagra that the Mets were thinking about honoring Chipper Jones, how much is viagra the lunatic fringe of Metsopotania flew into a Tweeting rage. How much is viagra If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a lifelong Mets fans I’d have laughed my ass off over the over reaction by some fans but instead I’m left shaking my head and letting out a great big “sigh”.

How much is viagra The Mets are not going to hold a “Larry Jones Night” at Citi Field. How much is viagra If anything they will have a short and sweet pre-game annoucemnt that no one will even see as it will be so far from game time you will still be on the Shake Shack line. How much is viagra The will give Jones a plaque and acknowledge his Hall of Fame career and wish him the best on his retirement. How much is viagra It will take you longer to decide what dipping sauce you want with your Box Frites Belgian fries.

How much is viagra Yes I understand that Jones was a one man wrecking crew against the Mets for his career but I also understand the he thoroughly enjoyed competing on the New York stage and he appreciates the rich history of New York baseball. How much is viagra  As I’ve mentioned many times, how much is viagra he loved to interact with Mets fans and always found time to sign autographs. How much is viagra Ask David Wright about Jones and how he has helped Wright with encouragement or a batting tip here or there.

How much is viagra I guess if you haven’t been witness to Jones’ mingling with Mets fans all you would see is a guy who beat our brains in but if you’ve seen Jones up close at Shea or Citi dealing with Mets fans you know he’s a classy guy. How much is viagra The Mets are just acknowledging that class.

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Buy viagra mexico Sorry for the lack of posting at the site the last couple of days. Buy viagra mexico I spent my weekend at Camp No-Be-Bosco just outside of Blairstown, buy viagra mexico NJ on a camping trip that had everything you’d want in winter camp out, buy viagra mexico snow, buy viagra mexico cold and a 2AM run to the latrine, buy viagra mexico ahhhh……… yes the great outdoors. Buy viagra mexico The camping trip and the New York Football Giants incredible post season (not to mention the best New York Rangers regular season in many an year and trying to come to grips that the great run of the Big 3 of the Boston Celtics looks over) run has greatly distracted me from the comings and goings of the New York Mets .

Buy viagra mexico Again Eli Manning has proven you can be tough, buy viagra mexico fearless and a leader without being a rah-rah screamer.

Buy viagra mexico I guess Tom Coughlin can make that big purchase he’s been putting off as he is the Giants head coach until he deiced he doesn’t want to be Giants head coach anymore. Buy viagra mexico Who knows what move TC will make if the G-Men win the Super Bowl?

Buy viagra mexico I’ll admit it, buy viagra mexico I never thought the Giants would go on this roll especially after the loss to the Redskins on December 18th  but thanks to the Jets and the 99 yard Victor Cruuuuuuuuuzzzz TD, buy viagra mexico which TC said was the turning point, buy viagra mexico I started  with the “what if’s” in my mind. Buy viagra mexico But of course that dominant Mets fan gene that I possess always makes me brace for the worse.

Buy viagra mexico With all the analysis that goes on about the NFL to the point you’re numb by game time, buy viagra mexico last night’s game broke it down to the games simplest form. Buy viagra mexico If you turn the ball over multiple times and can’t convert 3rd downs on offence, buy viagra mexico good chance you’re going to lose. Buy viagra mexico If you are plus in the takeaway column and convert those takeaways into points, buy viagra mexico chances are you’ll win the game. Buy viagra mexico  

Buy viagra mexico Like a baseball team that is strong defensively up the middle is most successful, buy viagra mexico in the NFL you’re only as strong as your offensive and defensive lines. Buy viagra mexico The Giants offensive line has been very good for the most part in keeping Eli Manning upright, buy viagra mexico but last night they allowed him to take a beating. Buy viagra mexico Plus this OL has a tough time getting the running game going, buy viagra mexico albeit Brandon Jacobs could do better than he does. Buy viagra mexico What has been the big push in this playoff run is the DL especially a star is born, buy viagra mexico Jason Pierre-Paul. Buy viagra mexico  Without that DL playing at the level it has, buy viagra mexico which has taken the pressure off an injury riddled secondary, buy viagra mexico has led to a defensive resurgence that Giants love and cherish.

Buy viagra mexico Saturday night the NY Chapter of the BBWAA held their annual dinner and Gary Carter was the recipient of the “You Got To Have Heart” Award which was accepted on his behalf by his children. Buy viagra mexico Thinking of you Kid.

Buy viagra mexico Lots of chatter about what cap Mike Piazza will wear on his Hall of Fame plaque. Buy viagra mexico Piazza himself has said he wants to enshrined as a Met. Buy viagra mexico Since he played more games as a Met (972) than a Dodger (726) it’s only right he wears a Mets cap on his plaque. Buy viagra mexico I’m sure with Freddy Skill Sets being Uncle Bud’s favorite nephew the word will get to those in Cooperstown to etch that Mets cap on Piazza’ head.

Buy viagra mexico As for the writers not voting Piazza into the Hall on the first ballot, buy viagra mexico I think they know if they don’t vote Piazza, buy viagra mexico they will end up like Murray Chass, buy viagra mexico just a broken down old bitter blogger grazing on a farm.

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Best price for generic cialis Last night I had a great time talking to Rob Castellano of Amazin Avenue about the Mets farm system on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN. Today Rob has a great Q & A with Jim Calis of Baseball America.

Best price for generic cialis Last night, best price for generic cialis under the steady hand of Dave Jauss, best price for generic cialis the Mets continued their Home Sweet Home ways with a great 8-2 win over the Cards. Best price for generic cialis Before the game, best price for generic cialis Jerry Manuel was informed he was to take the night off for banging brims with umpire Doug Endings in LA on Friday. Best price for generic cialis Manuel asked if he could delay his suspension until today so he could name me the Manager for the night, best price for generic cialis as a nice birthday present, best price for generic cialis but Bob Watson nixed the idea.

Best price for generic cialis You know it’s your birthday when……..Your family has a smile on their faces when you say you’d like to leave at 2PM for a 7PM game at Citi Field. Best price for generic cialis I just love to see them grit their teeth in a big grin saying “Sure Dad no problem, best price for generic cialis we love going to games 4 hours before game time”

Best price for generic cialis We all know the Mets have a bad record when it comes to dealing with concussions but it seems hard to kill them over Jason Bay head injury. Best price for generic cialis Bay did not show concussion symptoms after smacking into the left field wall at Chavez Ravine and he was checked out by Dodger team doctors. Best price for generic cialis In fact Bay himself thought he was just dehydrated on the flight home to NY. Best price for generic cialis Hopefully after a couple or three days Bay will be fit to play.

Best price for generic cialis Don’t forget to check out my THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN store at Cafe Press

Best price for generic cialis

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Buy low price viagra

Buy low price viagra A couple of notes from last night:

Buy low price viagra On last night’s THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN I had a great time talking to Dave Payne and Aviv Blasbalg of the website Sox vs. Buy low price viagra Stripes as we talked about the Red Sox, buy low price viagra Yankees and the AL East. Buy low price viagra  When I gave their site a plug of the broadcast, buy low price viagra I gave out the wrong web address and for that I apologize to Dave and Aviv for that. Buy low price viagra Check out Sox vs Stripes for your Yankees and Red Sox information.

Buy low price viagra All of baseball is sadden by the death of Ernie Harwell. Buy low price viagra A must read today is Joe Posnanski’s reminisces of Harwell, buy low price viagra and this video of Vin Scully talking about Harwell during the Dodgers-Brewers game last night. Buy low price viagra Scully tells a great story about Ernie and does not miss a beat of the play by play.

Buy low price viagra I’m sure Fernando Nieve can file an unfair labor grievance against Jerry Manuel, buy low price viagra give the guy a day off J-Man.

Buy low price viagra At what point do Phillies fans stop embarrassing themselves?  For me, buy low price viagra I hope never. Buy low price viagra I can’t believe there are people who feel that Philly cop was WRONG to Tased that little jerk off who ran on the field the other night. That video was priceless. Buy low price viagra Just to watch that little shit head, buy low price viagra prancing around the field with his  “LOOK AT ME, buy low price viagra  “LOOK AT ME” attitude and when he wouldn’t stop, buy low price viagra the cop zapped him and he goes down like the sack of shit he is was outstanding. Buy low price viagra By the way the reason the guy last night wasn’t Tased is that whales are protected spices and by the way you fat fuck, buy low price viagra Uncle Floyd called and he wants his pants back.

Buy low price viagra Game time see ya later!

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Viagra next day I was able to go to last night’s game on one of those spur (or as Archie Bunker used to say “sperm” ) of the moment deals. Viagra next day My son was with his friends when one the boys’ dads called and said he had gotten tickets to the game from his job. Viagra next day My son called me and asked if we could go and I said “Giddy up! Let’s go”

Viagra next day First it was the latest I’ve ever left for a game, viagra next day 90 minutes before first pitch. Viagra next day I’m usually in the ball park at least two hours before game time, viagra next day but when the folks we were going with had to get home from work so, viagra next day you do what you can do.

Viagra next day Now from my shack on Staten Island to $iti Field it’s approximately 23 miles. Viagra next day In a place like say, viagra next day Bismarck North Dakota, viagra next day a 23 mile trip may take 15 minutes but in the Greatest City on Earth at rush hour it takes close to 90 minutes. Viagra next day We got our seats just before first pitch.

Viagra next day Needless to say, viagra next day I did not get to inspect my brick in the Fan Walk, viagra next day but I did get a glimpse of the old Home Run Apple which looks like it has found the perfect home. Viagra next day We passed by the new McFaddens which looked awfully dark. Viagra next day The bouncers at the door, viagra next day one really big dude who had a chin like a Jai-Alai Cestna, viagra next day scared the shit out of me so I didn’t look sideways at the place or ask a question but I’ll pose it here to any of y’all who have been inside the place. Viagra next day I believe it’s open all year round and on non game days? If so, viagra next day who in that neighborhood is going to frequent the place? Do they serve food or is it a joint just to get a load on?

Viagra next day We sat in Section 106 down the right field line, viagra next day close to the field but we had these annoying Asian tourists in the five rows in front of us who felt the urge to take photographs during game action. Viagra next day In the first inning the crowd in the section just called out “Yo sitdown” but by the third inning it was the whole section screaming “SIT THE FUCK DOWN” which I guess were the magic words as all cameras were finally put away.

Viagra next day By the third inning I had seen enough of John Maine and decided it was time for the Shake Shack and Box Frites. Viagra next day Seeing that I was comped tickets and a ride to the game, viagra next day the least I could do was offer a Shack Burger, viagra next day Fries and a beer to my host. Viagra next day Even though the crowd was as large as any I’ve ever seen for a second game of the season, viagra next day 90 degrees in April will do that (remember when the Mets used to do Second Opening Day ? Rodney Dangerfield was a guest one year when they did this promotion as the second game of the season gets “no respect, viagra next day no respect at all”) and I’ll be honest if it were 35 degrees and windy, viagra next day my ass would have been on the couch at home watching this game, viagra next day but I digress. Viagra next day It only took an inning and a half to get my Shake Shack order and beer but to cart the provisions back, viagra next day I looked like a contestant on “Minute To Win It”. Viagra next day It’s not easy balancing four burgers, viagra next day four fries and two beers from the center field food court to section 106. Viagra next day But here is the best part of the night, viagra next day as get to the steps of the section and feeling a great sense of accomplishment that I have not dropped nor spilled any of this fine fare, viagra next day the usher…..opps excuse me…the Hospitality Attendant, viagra next day seeing me struggle to get to my row has the balls to ask to see my ticket. Viagra next day I give this dolt a look and say to him “Are you fuckin’ kidding”? Now get this? This asshole is offended by my language. Viagra next day I tell him call a supervisor or a cop and as soon as I put this food down I’m coming back up to show you my ticket. Viagra next day  He then says “no that’s all right”.

Viagra next day After I eat my burger I go back up to tap a kidney, viagra next day on the way back I find Mr. Viagra next day Hospitality Agent ( I wish I wrote down this guys name as I’d put it in this post, viagra next day in fact because of this guy, viagra next day for now on, viagra next day whoever pisses me off at $iti Field will have their named printed on this site) and I ask him, viagra next day “let’s look at the logic here, viagra next day I have two arms full of food and drink, viagra next day you know my ticket is in my pocket. Viagra next day Since my hands are occupied, viagra next day how did you think I was going to get the ticket out of my pocket, viagra next day to show you”? “And your not cute enough for me to let you put your hand in my pocket” All this guy could do was turn a nice shade of crimson. Viagra next day Now I could have stopped there but I couldn’t, viagra next day I had to add, viagra next day “Don’t you feel foolish”? What can he say or do? He can’t call a supervisor because he’ll look like a dope and he can’t argue with me because now I’ve got a posse backing me up all he could do was apologize. Viagra next day Asshole!

Viagra next day Oh yeah the game! Not only was John Maine ineffective, viagra next day he looked very uncomfortable on the mound. Viagra next day Jerry Manuel can run this start through the spin cycle all he wants there’s no way he or the front office are not concerned with Maine’s start last night. Viagra next day His location on the majority of his pitches weren’t even close to hitting their target and it seemed every Marlin hitter started their at bat with a 2-1 or 3-1 count. Viagra next day I don’t think Maine ever topped 90mph on his fastball all night and the speed of his fastball and change was much different.

Viagra next day There’s not much I can add about the bonehead play by Fernando Tatis in the 7th that ran the Mets out of a potential big inning. Viagra next day You have to know your home court. Viagra next day The backstop at $iti is not very deep but also, viagra next day with your best hitter at the plate and two out, viagra next day Tatis shouldn’t even think of running unless the ball went off the backstop and up the first base line. Viagra next day Bad baseball right there. Viagra next day Give Tatis some props for manning up after the game and talking to the press and admitting he fucked up.

Viagra next day That Tatis throw out at the plate, viagra next day by the way, viagra next day emptied $iti Field. Viagra next day There was a mass exodus complete with heads shaking and faces etched in disgust.

Viagra next day Hey Jenry Mejia, viagra next day We’re not in St Lonesome anymore uh?

Viagra next day I know, viagra next day I know it’s only two games but I’ve seen enough of Mike Jacobs.

Viagra next day Tough to kill D-Wright on the steal of second in the 9th that set up the IW of Jason Bay. Viagra next day GMJ is about the only guy in the lineup besides Wright, viagra next day Bay or Frenchie that gives you any confidence as a Mets fan to get anything done. Viagra next day How sad is that?

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Alternative doctor viagra Only 23 days until pitchers and catchers

Alternative doctor viagra

Alternative doctor viagra So the Oakland A’s have made a competitive offer to Ben Sheets and want and answer not later than tomorrow. Alternative doctor viagra Okay, alternative doctor viagra what is a competitive offer and how many competitors are in this race? From all the innuendo we’ve heard on Sheets, alternative doctor viagra the Mets, alternative doctor viagra A’s and Texas Rangers are in the loop. Alternative doctor viagra Rumor is Sheets’ management is looking for an $8 mil base plus incentives for this year and an option for 2011. Alternative doctor viagra Now as much as I would love to have Ben Sheets on the Mets, alternative doctor viagra but $8mil for a pitcher who could be a either a stud or a cripple is a tough decision to make. Alternative doctor viagra But then again the Mets did give Alex Cora $2mil bucks to be a leader on the bench.

Alternative doctor viagra I can not see any way that the A’s would give Sheets $8 mil even the Rangers, alternative doctor viagra as they go through a transition of ownership, alternative doctor viagra would have a hard time paying that kind of coin.

Alternative doctor viagra If I’m the Mets I call Sheets’ agent and offer $6mil guarantee with incentives that could go to $10mil if reached (post season starts include in that) and a mutual option for 2011. Alternative doctor viagra Then take the other $2 mil and give that to John Smoltz.

Alternative doctor viagra If they can do that, alternative doctor viagra not only solidifies the pitching staff but I’ll get off managements back for a while and maybe even praise them for a job well done.

Alternative doctor viagra So far the Mets Mini-Camp has proved that OP is great shape and that Johan Santana will again try to help Ollie as much as he can both with his pitching and with his psyche. Alternative doctor viagra Jon Niese took the mound for the first time since he ripped his hammy and felt pretty good. Alternative doctor viagra Daniel Murphy is a camp and is doing what most fans wish all the players would do, alternative doctor viagra work hard and try to get better but he still catches hell. Alternative doctor viagra Wait until he gets traded and becomes a solid ML’er, alternative doctor viagra I will be insufferable or more insufferable than I already am, alternative doctor viagra if that’s possible. 

Alternative doctor viagra Kevin Kernan seconds my position that the injury excuse from last year was a smoke screen to how badly last years team executed all facets of the game.   Time for Jerry Manuel to Man Up this spring and prove that he can manage and teach and to prove that he is just not waiting to get canned so he can go back to Sacramento and collect a check sitting on his porch.

Alternative doctor viagra I still baffles me how the Skill Sets don’t get upset or try to change the perception of their organization after time and time again being told they run one of the worst organizations in baseball. Alternative doctor viagra At some point you need to show some spine and fight back. Alternative doctor viagra Everyone from media to fans to bloggers keep kicking the organization in the ass waiting for them to fight back. Alternative doctor viagra It’s at the point now where I feel like a bully for calling out the Skill Sets as often as I do, alternative doctor viagra they just take all these kicks in the ass and ask for more. Alternative doctor viagra It’s more sad than strange. Alternative doctor viagra Com’on Jeffey show some fucking fight will ya!!!!!!

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Viagra discussions I’m in the middle of reading a terrific book about the careers of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson called ‘When The Game Was Ours” that was written with Jackie Mac Mullan, viagra discussions the book chronicles the careers of Magic and Bird as they rejuvenated the game of basketball as both collegiate  and pro players.

Viagra discussions The book explores just how similar both players were not just in talent but in mindset, viagra discussions that the team comes first.   One of my favorite parts of the book is the great Celtics-Lakers rivalry that Bird and Magic revived from the days of Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain. Viagra discussions As with Russell and Chamberlain, viagra discussions Bird and Magic both held each other in high regard as men and as basketball players. Viagra discussions But when it was game time, viagra discussions the friendship was put on hold and it was all about winning and about the team. Viagra discussions A couple of quotes in the book really stood out to me. Viagra discussions The first one was from Kevin McHale, viagra discussions the Hall of Fame forward who when asked about his days as a Celtic in the 80’s he said:

Viagra discussions “It was the best time of my life”.

Viagra discussions “Of all the things we did, viagra discussions what stands out is how naturally we gave of ourselves to the team. Viagra discussions No person was bigger than the rest of us”

Viagra discussions

Viagra discussions What struck me about that quote was, viagra discussions here was a team that not only had All-Stars in its lineup, viagra discussions but three Hall of Famers as well. Viagra discussions What they all had in common was they bought in to the Celtic way and played for the front of the jersey not the back. Viagra discussions All three had the talent to go off and do their own thing but Bird was the leader and lead by example.

Viagra discussions Magic Johnson was the same way with the Lakers. Viagra discussions His mission was to make everyone around him better and to put up championship banners. Viagra discussions He also had the motivation of Larry Bird and vice versa as both men thrived off each others performance.

Viagra discussions The other quote that got me thinking was this one by Mychal Thompson who was traded from the San Antonio Spurs to the Lakers and was taken aback by the intensity of the Lakers locker room before a Celtic-Lakers regular season game:

Viagra discussions “You couldn’t cut the tension with a chain saw”, viagra discussions Thompson said. Viagra discussions The jovial big man, viagra discussions who hammed it up with Magic many time before, viagra discussions was surprised to see that even Johnson was grimfaced. Viagra discussions Thompson asked Byron Scott, viagra discussions “So why is everyone so serious around here”? “Because we hate the Celtics”, viagra discussions Scott replied.

Viagra discussions I bring all this up as a long segue into what the Mets really need to do this off season, viagra discussions beside getting some decent pitching and a big bat, viagra discussions they need to find out who gives a shit and who doesn’t. Viagra discussions Not just players but front office people the manage, viagra discussions coaches fans broadcasters everyone associated with this team. Viagra discussions Do you think anyone in the Mets clubhouse when asked about playing the Phillies would say they’d want to beat them because they hate them? Are you kidding most players on this Mets team need double doses of Imodium AD when they hit Philly.

Viagra discussions The Mets are in dire need of a guy whether he be a front office type, viagra discussions or manager, viagra discussions who just doesn’t give a fuck who gets mad at him to work at getting this team to play not only good smart fundamental baseball but to be a team. Viagra discussions The best place for it to come would be from the players side but who on this roster right now has that ability to step up and lead?

Viagra discussions The only name that pops into my head is Johan Santana, viagra discussions he has that Magic-Bird mentality but he is not an everyday player and that hinders his ability a bit to be “the guy”. Viagra discussions Guys like Carlos Beltran and Jose Reyes like to talk the talk but they don’t back it up. Viagra discussions They are like me when I say I’m going to drop 10 pounds then I go and eat a half of Entermanns Crumb Cake and wash it down worth a couple of Yoo-Hoo’s.  Its one thing to say what you’re going to do it’s another to go out and do it.

Viagra discussions David Wright should be “the guy” and the Mets should have made it know by now the he “is the guy” but the problem with Wright is he is not a Type –A personality guy. Viagra discussions I’m not mad at Wright for the season he had, viagra discussions it was good by most standards except for his low HR total, viagra discussions what I’m sad about is that Wright quit on the team. Viagra discussions Yes that play where he failed to score before Jeff Francouer was thrown out at 2nd base for the third out in a game against the Marlins in September. Viagra discussions Wright is the face of the franchise he is the guy on all the adds and who makes all the appearances he is the METS. Viagra discussions So here it is two months after that blunder and I’m still steaming from that. Viagra discussions Sure, viagra discussions Jerry Manuel called him out and benched him the next day but what does that say when the guy who is your franchise player quits? What message does that send to the other 24 players? We saw it with Fernando Martinez when he failed to run out a pop up, viagra discussions not to mention the awful baseball judgment by Angel Pagan, viagra discussions there is a reason why not only the major league team are a bunch of losers but the top two farm teams are losers as well.

Viagra discussions Here it is the hot stove season and a lot of the talk is about who will take over for Jerry Manuel when this team hits the skids again. Viagra discussions The Mets are run worse than the Knicks, viagra discussions or Nets in fact they’re more like the Fucking LA Clippers.

Viagra discussions With all this talk about free agents and all, viagra discussions the best money the Mets could have spent this off season would have been paying off Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel and revamp the whole philosophy of how this franchise does business. Viagra discussions  The Mets are said to be going abck to the old style Mets uniform with the cream color and thin pinstripe, viagra discussions they need to go back to the no name on the back of the jersey as well. Viagra discussions Nothing will change in Flushing until someone in that clubhouse steps up and challeges his teammates or a manager is brought in to hold players accountable. Viagra discussions Hopefully Jerry Manuel will look a this spring training as a way to get that message across. Viagra discussions What has J-Man got to lose? He is on the tissue thin ice so if it were me I’d make it known to the players don’t be making to many plans to socialize this spring as they will be working until exhaustion hits.  Let the players know now that this is the policy and if you don’t like or feel you’re up to let us know and we will send you some place else, viagra discussions no matter who you are or how much you make” Time for some tough love.

Viagra discussions I don’t know about you but I’m tired of supporting a team that doesn’t give a shit. Viagra discussions I know the players don’t take the losses as hard as the fans but Jesus H Christ can’t you act like you actually give a shit? I’ve said the difference between Mets fans and Highlander fans is we root for the team they root for the Championships. Viagra discussions But what we also root for is hustle and desire as well.

Viagra discussions Maybe Larry Bird and Magic Johnson would like to run a MLB team?

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Average Rating: 4.9 out of 5 based on 236 user reviews.


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