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Viagra professionsl About last night:

Viagra professionsl So how many folks suffered a sprain or broken leg jumping back on the Johan Santana bandwagon?  I guess he’s back to being the Ace of the staff eh?

Viagra professionsl Funny I’m hearing any of the Carlos Beltran’ range is shot talk either ?

Viagra professionsl And how about Angel Pagan playing a mean right field? Let me help you with those bags Mr. Viagra professionsl Francoeur!

Viagra professionsl Even though Jerry Manuel was tossed from the game in the second inning, viagra professionsl we still were treated to some “Jerry Ball” in the 8th inning. Viagra professionsl With the Mets up 2-1, viagra professionsl Jose Reyes leads off with a walk off Vicente (Jimmy “Super Fly” Snuka look a like) Padillia. Viagra professionsl Reyes procedes to steal 2nd base. Viagra professionsl Luis Castillo then walks as well, viagra professionsl so maybe the Mets are getting set for that elusive big inning we al have been waiting for. Viagra professionsl But hold on there you Earl Waever devotees, viagra professionsl J-Man will have none of that big inning stuff, viagra professionsl no way. Viagra professionsl From the bowels of Dodger Stadium, viagra professionsl the Gansta’ sends word to Dave Jauss the pretend manager, viagra professionsl to have Angel Pagan sacrifice the runners over. Viagra professionsl Pagan by the way has a .940 OPS with runners on base and an even more impressive 1.072 OPS with runners in scoring position. Viagra professionsl Some where in a retirement home in Florida, viagra professionsl Earl Weaver lit up a Raleigh and muttered, viagra professionsl “what a fuckin’ moron”

Viagra professionsl Not to be outdone, viagra professionsl St Joseph of Torre decided to go reliever for batter in the inning helping the Mets and the struggling Jason Bay break the game open via Bay’s three run double. Viagra professionsl My eyes were bleeding after that inning.

Viagra professionsl Darryl Strawberry wants this current Mets team to turn back the clock and play like the 86ers. It’s a nice thought but it’ll never happen. Viagra professionsl This group is too fragile psychologically. Viagra professionsl When the going is good, viagra professionsl they are all smiles and back slaps, viagra professionsl but as soon as adversity rears it’s ugly head, viagra professionsl they dive under the bed instead of meeting it head on. Viagra professionsl Part of it is the makeup of the team and part of it is the manager who plays not to lose (as we saw in last nights 8th inning) Players are too cautious especially the relievers as the slightest slip could cost you a job. Viagra professionsl The front office takes a big brunt of this as well by telling the world that the team is solvent but still won’t pay off  or trade off non productive players. Viagra professionsl A big move for this organization is to DFA Fernando Nieve and bring up Manny Acosta. Viagra professionsl Then when Nieve clears waivers, viagra professionsl they will resign him and send him to Buffalo and bring him back up sometime in August. Viagra professionsl So predictable.  The team mirrors it’s owner, viagra professionsl it talks a good fight but lacks the balls to back it up.

Viagra professionsl Let’s hope Big Pelf fixed whatever was broken and pitches a gem today in LA LA Land

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How viagra works I’m going to try very hard not to be a complete over reactionary schmuck after this first week of the Mets 2010 season but I’ll tell you right up front, how viagra works it won’t be easy.

How viagra works Let’s play the “it’s so, how viagra works so early in the season” card right now and get it out of the way. How viagra works Yes, how viagra works it is unbelievably early but after coming off an unmitigated disaster of a season last year and the happy talk bullshit we were fed the whole month of March, how viagra works needless to say I’m not impressed.

How viagra works Well I shouldn’t say totally unimpressed. How viagra works The pitching has been surprisingly good especially the bullpen, how viagra works which at the rate Jerry Manuel is using his relievers, how viagra works should be burnt out by mid May. How viagra works The hitting has been for a lack of a better phrase “hit or miss” either lots of runs or barely getting any.

How viagra works But the biggest problem I have so far this first week is the attitude of the team and that falls on the slumping shoulders of Jerry Manuel. How viagra works The odds of Manuel finishing the season as manager are as slim as Sarah Palin being named the keynote speaker at the Mensa Convention (good morning my conservative friends and teabaggers) and J-Man looks like he hopes the end comes sooner than later. How viagra works For a manager to come out and say that on April 11, how viagra works his team was unprepared to play is a big indictment that he is unfit to run the team. How viagra works Then add some of the quotes out of the Mets clubhouse on how they felt that with the match-up between Santana and Livan Hernandez would a Mets walk over and when Santana gave up four runs in the top of the first, how viagra works it took the wind out of their sails. How viagra works Are you kidding ? Down 4 runs in the first to the Nats and Livan and you feel like you’re finished for the day? That’s hard to stomach.

How viagra works Added to this week of yuck, how viagra works was Frenchie saying the team is looking forward to getting out of town. How viagra works HOLY SHIT!!! After one homestand, how viagra works you can’t wait to run for the hills? I-I-I-‘m speechless.

How viagra works And let’s drop the happy horse shit that the team is pressing, how viagra works pressing for what ? This Mets team has the lowest expectation of any Mets team in years. How viagra works They are not a contender which I think we all agree all we’re looking at is be competitive and stop with the woe is me bullshit. How viagra works The manager sets the tone in that clubhouse and the team takes on the personality of its skipper. How viagra works The attitude sucked last year and so far this week it still sucks.

How viagra works To make my afternoon even worse, how viagra works the NY Rangers lost out on the last playoff spot in the NHL Eastern conference by losing the skills competition yesterday against the Flyers. How viagra works King Henrik was subjected to a shooting gallery of Flyers shots 47 total with the King stopping 46 of them. How viagra works Brandon Prust and Jody Shelly can hold their heads high as well for laying it on the line in this do or die game. How viagra works I don’t think I was ever as wrong about a guy like I was with John Tortorella as coach of the Rangers. How viagra works I was not a Tom Renny fan and felt that Torts was just what the team needed but I was wrong. How viagra works Torts is so overmatched in this town between juggling lines like a circus performer and his attitude during interviews. How viagra works Simple questions get a glare and a brush off even towards Sam Rosen who will never be compared to Mike Wallace. How viagra works His profanity laden tirades toward Larry Brooks of the Post make Torts look like a big horses’ ass and Brooks vs. How viagra works Torts isn’t even a fair fight, how viagra works Brooks beats Torts every time. How viagra works Then there is the man known as Slats, how viagra works Glen Sather. How viagra works He should have been dumped five years ago but Jim Dopelan loves Slats but you would hope that Sather has a shred of decency and retires immediately to allow a living breathing hockey exec come in to run the Rangers. How viagra works Let the Dopelan’s use some of the money they steal from Cablevision subscribers and offer Lou Lamoriello $50 million dollars to come across the Hudson and revamp the Rangers.

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Levitra versus viagra Loss in all the Beltran minutia is the fact that the Mets are going to need a centerfield for the first three months of the season, levitra versus viagra and the pickin’s are slim.

Levitra versus viagra I don’t know how some folks have come to the conclusion that Angel Pagan is the centerfielder understudy for Carlos Beltan. Levitra versus viagra What has Angel Pagan done in his career that allows this position to be handed to him this spring? I don’t dislike Pagan, levitra versus viagra I think he’s a good backup, levitra versus viagra his baseball I.Q. Levitra versus viagra sucks but he is a good 4th OF’er. Levitra versus viagra The big knock I have on him is he’s a journeyman with injury issues and quite frankly he has not earned a permanent spot in the starting 8.

Levitra versus viagra When you look at the Mets today January 17, levitra versus viagra the only positions that should be givens are 3B, levitra versus viagra SS, levitra versus viagra LF, levitra versus viagra RF, levitra versus viagra Ace pitcher and closer. Levitra versus viagra Everyother position should be open competition (throw Perpetual Pedro in the lock column as well)

Levitra versus viagra To that issue, levitra versus viagra where is the manger of the Mets, levitra versus viagra the Gangsta’? I wrote a few weeks ago that I felt he should have been at the Jason Bay unveiling and now with Beltran out we haven’t heard from him again. Levitra versus viagra Of all the imbeciles in the Mets organization, levitra versus viagra the one guy I want to hear from has clamed up. Levitra versus viagra Maybe Jerry Manuel has to get permission from the head beer vendor, levitra versus viagra the ladies room matron in the Acela Club and then Jay Horowitz before he can speak about his team? If  I were Jerry Manuel and I know I’ll most likely be out of a job but Memorial Day, levitra versus viagra instead of being a Gansta’ I’d be going all Conan O’Brian on the Mets ass’

Levitra versus viagra I need for Jerry Manuel to come out and say that if Angel Pagan thinks he’s the CF’er he is sorely mistaken. Levitra versus viagra I need for Jerry Manuel to say that the 2nd base job is wide open and the amount of money you make does not influence who plays. Levitra versus viagra I’d make it know to every right handed hitter coming into camp that you would be doing yourself a favor by brining a 1st baseman’ glove with you to spring training. Levitra versus viagra I’d also let it be known that a team that has two collapses and season of indifferent play better be ready to come to work early and stay late. Levitra versus viagra You don’t want to be the first guy clocking out of a spring workout.

Levitra versus viagra But then again this would only happen to a team that is committed to winning. Levitra versus viagra As it stands now I feel that Jerry Manuel is Art Howe with a sense of humor and all the Mets organization cares about is that you renew your Sunday ticket plan.

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Viagra online 50mgs The Sports Hernia sent me a link of a posting they have of Jerry Manuel and his take so far on his ball club this spring and then they have how Wille Randolph would responded.

Viagra online 50mgs They  compare J-Man to Yoda and I agree as he is a real sage.

Viagra online 50mgs I am going to grow a gotee for opening day just J-Man ‘casue I wanna be a Gansta’ too

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