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Cialis blood thinner I had hoped to post this earlier this morning but I was having some computer issues, cialis blood thinner so now that that’s fixed I figured let me throw this up tonight since there’s no Mets to watch  

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Cialis blood thinner When I saw the lineup that Terry Collins cobbled together last night it left me speechless.  Vinny Rottino batting 5th? Ginger Tuner 6th Rob Johnson in a big league game?  I then proclaimed this as a no can do game for the Mets to win in fact if they did I felt it would be an instant Mets Classic.

Cialis blood thinner Well, cialis blood thinner cut off my legs and call me Eddie Gadell, cialis blood thinner the Mets not only won the game and swept the three games series but if watched the game with someone who never watched baseball before which team do you think they would say was the favorite to win the NL East?  The Mets looked like the team to beat and the Phucks ? Like a bunch of broken down old men.  As enjoyable as it was to see the Mets make another late inning push to the finish line, cialis blood thinner how much did you enjoy the Phuck Phace Phans storming out of CBP after the Mets top of the 8th   like there was a free government cheese giveaway on Broad Street.

Cialis blood thinner Of course it’s too early to gloat but for all the doom and gloom that surrounded the Mets all winter and into spring training (anyone still upset by the club’s shitty Grapefruit League record ?) having this team (18-13) just 2 games off the pace of the best record in the NL (Dodgers  and Cardinals are at 20-11) and 2.5 games away from the best record in all of MLB (Rangers at 20-10) is something to be proud of. Cialis blood thinner But Terry Collins won’t ever show that side of him, cialis blood thinner sure he’s happy with the wins and how the team has played but he also knows there is such a small margin for error with this club and the fan base is one 3 game losing streak from turning on them so he keeps his emotions to himself and his players have taken his queue as well, cialis blood thinner hopefully sometime in October all the emotion can be released.

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Womens viagra I’m looking forward to getting out to Citi Field this evening to watch R.A Dickey battle Aaron Harang and the Pads as it’s been awhile since I’ve been out there. Womens viagra Between work, womens viagra vacations and baseball coaching obligations (our season ended by the way with my team losing in the Championship Series 2 games to 1, womens viagra we finished in 1st place but giving up 4 and 5 out innings in the final round killed us) and the team on a long road trip, womens viagra a trip to Flushing has been long overdue, womens viagra I’m pumped up to get  out there tonight.

Womens viagra Seems the MSM is as usual a little late in picking up the fact that Mets fans really like this team. Womens viagra Better late than never I guess. Womens viagra One quote in this piece by Larry Brooks in the Post today made me smile when I read it, womens viagra it comes from Ginger Turner:

Womens viagra “I don’t know why anyone would have thought our team would throw in the towel or give up, womens viagra” Justin Turner told The Post. Womens viagra “That’s kind of a slap in the face to the guys who are here.

Womens viagra “Players get traded and players get hurt. Womens viagra That’s part of baseball. Womens viagra We’ve got 25 guys in here busting their butts to try to win games and who believe in ourselves and our team.”

Womens viagra Can’t you tell that Turner is new around here? Maybe it because the last two season the team has laid down and played dead but thankfully those days are gone. Womens viagra Did you see Terry Collins jumping up and down in the dugout the other night after Lucas Duda’ game winning single? That is passion.

Womens viagra Good news on Johan Santana as it “only” fatigue in the shoulder not anything structural that’s derailed is rehab from shoulder surgery.

Womens viagra Great story in the Times today (guess they had to make up for Jim Luttrells’ hack piece the other day) on Mike Baxter who will get a start in the outfield today. Womens viagra I love the part about Baxter organizing the purchase of championships rings for his Archbishop Molloy team and that legendary coach, womens viagra Tom Curran still wears his every day. Womens viagra That is impressive.

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Cost of viagra photo courtesy of the NY Daily News

Cost of viagra When you haven’t had a walk off win all season you take what you can get, cost of viagra and last night after Frankie Rodriguez came one strike away from saving a stellar start by R.A. Cost of viagra Dickey (any of you dinosaurs out there still rely on won-loss record to evaluate starting pitcher’s?) but spit the bit and sent the game into extra innings. Cost of viagra It wasn’t until Ginger Turner took one for the team in the 13th taking a pitch to the knee to force home Lucas Duda for the win.

Cost of viagra What a game and what a day yesterday. Cost of viagra First the news that Ike is not progressing well and we still have to wait three weeks to see if Ike will be back in August or February. Cost of viagra Today we get more medical news on David Wright and with the way the Mets luck has been with injuries I wouldn’t be shocked to hear he’s done for the year as well. Cost of viagra When you’re a Mets fan it’s “expect the worst and hope for the not so bad”.

Cost of viagra All this medical talk has gotten in the way of Mets fans favorite past time, cost of viagra figuring out if Jose Reyes will be traded, cost of viagra re-signed or lost as a free agent. Cost of viagra The subject it seems has not been beaten enough so let me give my opinion on the Reyes situation that changes daily:

Cost of viagra I want Jose Reyes to stay with the Mets but:

Cost of viagra If Sandy Alderson gets bowled over with an offer from a team that feels they are a World Series contender that includes a young ML ready starting pitcher or a top flight number one pitching prospect then he has to make the deal.

Cost of viagra If there is no top offer like that then keep Reyes and take a chance you can match any offer he gets in the off season.

Cost of viagra Again Mets fan this is not about you, cost of viagra you do not figure in any of the Reyes negotiation. Cost of viagra It’s about Reyes and the financial security of his family, cost of viagra it’s about the Mets committing years and money to one player when this team is not one player away from being a winning team , cost of viagra it’s about Reyes making the biggest decision of his life whether to leave the only organization he has ever known to go to parts unknown. Cost of viagra So does Reyes take in the old devil you know is better than the devil you don’t know adage, cost of viagra or does he say baseball is baseball and follows the money. Cost of viagra Rally’s and signs and t-shirts are nice and shows ownership that there is still passion in the fan base so maybe a small part of the discussion to keep Reyes will be the fan reaction (a/k/a buying tickets) bottom line is Sandy Alderson has to do what’s good for the Mets and Jose Reyes has to do what’s good for the Reyes’s .

Cost of viagra Right now it’s all in a holding pattern, cost of viagra check back on July 10ththe last game before the All Star break to see which way the wind blows in Flushing. Cost of viagra If the Mets are still part of the Wild Card pack then they could be buyers (a catcher, cost of viagra reliever or if Ike is done for year a right handed bat for 1stBase) if they are also ran’s then the selloff will be on.

Cost of viagra Right now let’s concentrate on the Mets beating the A’s today for a series win.

Cost of viagra Here is something we can all agree on, cost of viagra we can’t stand Joe Buck and hate when his new gravel voice comes on the FOX Game of the Week. Cost of viagra So it is your duty to sign the petition put forth by Matthew Falkenburry of The Daily Stache to have FOX give the World Series play by play job this season to Vin Scully. Cost of viagra Since the day I subscribed to MLB Extra Innings I’ve found a new appreciation for Scully doing Dodger games solo. Cost of viagra His play by play and storytelling are still spot on. Cost of viagra I don’t know if Scully would be up to doing another World Series as he doesn’t travel past Denver to do Dodger games plus we’re dealing with FOX here, cost of viagra a place where closed minds are pre requisite for employment but it’s worth a shot to show FOX and MLB that a change is needed in the national broadcast booth and to send a message to Vinny that baseball fans still love him.

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Pharmaceuticals female viagra Jesus H. Pharmaceuticals female viagra Christ, pharmaceuticals female viagra you go out for a little lunch around here and all hell breaks loose. Pharmaceuticals female viagra Just after I link up Eric Seidman’ post on Fangraphs on Brad Emaus getting some PA’s to show whether he belongs or not on the big league roster, pharmaceuticals female viagra Stone Cold Sandy DFA’s Emaus and calls up Ginger Turner.

Pharmaceuticals female viagra I definitely feel Alderson was quick on the trigger here, pharmaceuticals female viagra even though this means more time for Daniel Murphy and his Magic Bat at 2nd base.

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