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Effects of viagra I was at the taping of the All Time Mets team at the 92nd St Y on Sunday but the show ran kind of long and with work the next day (a 5AM wake up) and a ferry to catch on the other side of Manhattan, effects of viagra I left as soon as the All Time team was announced so I missed the Q and A portion of the program.

Effects of viagra I finally got a chance to watch it and I’m still trying to figure out all the hubbub over the exchange between Darryl Strawberry and Tom Seaver. It seems a lot of folks, effects of viagra Mets fans included are taking Seaver to task for his comment to Straw. Effects of viagra Strawberry was asked the question “who would win in a game where it was Seaver vs. Effects of viagra Gooden, effects of viagra a tough, effects of viagra tough question to answer. Effects of viagra Darryl tried to be diplomatic and praised both pitchers then like a good politician he side stepped the question and jokingly bantered with Seaver on how he would have loved to bat against him to which Seaver responded “do you have handcuffs on”. Effects of viagra It’s that comment that has some folks up in arms and I feel it’s a real over reaction.

Effects of viagra I took the comment and I’d bet Strawberry took it as well, effects of viagra as Seaver saying “are you handcuffed? No ? The grab a bat and let’s go”. Effects of viagra Some folks are saying the Seaver made an insensitive comment since Strawberry has had many run- ins with the law and has been arrested a few times in his tumultuous life. Effects of viagra That is really a reach. Effects of viagra Watching that video at no time did it seem that Seaver was being malicious or nasty to Straw in fact as I’ve said a few time since attending the show live, effects of viagra I have never seen Seaver so engaging and jovial in a long, effects of viagra long time. Effects of viagra Don’t make this something it isn’t and please stop trying to make Seaver into a villain because that is just ridiculous.

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Viagra through canada The big story coming out of last nights Mets game is what is the reaction of the other 24 players to the the handling of John Maine. Viagra through canada After getting lifted last night after 5 pitches Maine looked like a guy praying for a life line. Viagra through canada When the cavalry came to the rescue in the persons of Jerry Manuel and Old School Warthen, viagra through canada instead of being thankful for saving him, viagra through canada Maine gets all pissy with the manager.

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Viagra through canada After the game and let me say SNY you suck! Why can’t we see Jerry Manuel’s post game presser live? Why do I have to wait through the insufferable Garry Apple to hear the John Maine pitty party that you promoed as must see, viagra through canada if it’s must see then let me fucking see it! I’ll say this, viagra through canada it was worth my wait but I shouldn’t have to wait and after I see and hear Maine’ melt down, viagra through canada  I want to hear Bobby O break it down not Gary Fucking Apple!

Viagra through canada Back to Maine, viagra through canada finally J-Man and Old School are starting to take no prisoners with this team and the pitching staff. Viagra through canada If J-Man is going to get the boot he’s not going down without a fight. Viagra through canada You, viagra through canada David Wright take the day off. Viagra through canada What, viagra through canada you don’t agree with that? Too fucking bad, viagra through canada grab some pine.  John Maine, viagra through canada there is either something wrong with your arm or your head and since you couldn’t break a pane of glass in any of your last starts and your delivery was in slow motion so badly that  Old School Warthen asked you if your ok and  you say yeah even though your mechanics and body language say different. Viagra through canada In other words John Maine your are a selfish prick. Viagra through canada Your whole post game rant was me-me-me-me and that has been a problem around here for too long. Viagra through canada Even the golden boy David Wright acted a like a me-me guy when Manuel told him he needed a day off. Viagra through canada I think we can all thank Fredi Gonzalez for mangers finally standing up to players and setting them straight.

Viagra through canada I also think that closed door meeting with the Mets brass had something to do with this as well. Viagra through canada Maybe J-Man told Jeffey and Omar “look if I’m going down then I’m going down with a fight and I’ll do it by any means necessary”

Viagra through canada First Manuel pulled Ollie Perez from the rotation then sat Wright down now he’s called out Maine and how about Old School with his quote on Maine being a “habitual liar” when it comes to his health? The gloves are off Mets fans, viagra through canada if J-Man and Warthen are going down then they going down fighting with bare knuckles. Viagra through canada It’s about time.

Viagra through canada Manuel and Old School know the next six games will decided their fate. Viagra through canada 0-6 and it’s over, viagra through canada 4-2 their safe, viagra through canada 3-3 a toss up, viagra through canada 6-0 then we may look back at that meeting in Atlanta might as the turning point of the season .

Viagra through canada Tonight the Mets will honor the 2000 NL Champs. Viagra through canada  There will be a pre game ceremony attended by Mike Piazza, viagra through canada Edgardo Alfonzo, viagra through canada Turk Wendell, viagra through canada John Franco and Rick Reed. Viagra through canada One other player will make an appearance, viagra through canada Mike Hampton. Viagra through canada I’m just hoping the fans attending tonight’s game don’t embarrass themselves and the fan base by booing Hampton. Viagra through canada I wasn’t happy when he decided to leave after one year as a Met but he was the MVP of the 2000 NLCS and by leaving the draft pick the Mets received was used to draft David Wright, viagra through canada so just for those two contributions he should get applause.  

Viagra through canada How Bobby Valentine is not invited to tonight’s game is a disgrace and shows the short sightedness and pettiness of the Mets ownership. Viagra through canada What are they afraid of Mets fans actually cheering at $iti Field?

Viagra through canada Castillo to the Rox? Does that mean Daniel Murphy to second base? HELL YEAH!!!!

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