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Cheap viagra uk I received a link today of a post that Murray Chass (the big dumb ass) wrote about Bobby Valentine and how he can’t stand BV and BV couldn’t stand him either. Cheap viagra uk Chass it seems felt it was his duty to call Larry Lucchino the Red Sox CEO, cheap viagra uk to find out how the Sox managerial search was going. Cheap viagra uk I guess after screaming at his grand kids and staring out the window for hours making sure no one parked their car in front of his house, cheap viagra uk Chass decided he needed to know if Bobby Valentine was THE GUY the Sox were ready to hire as their field boss.

Cheap viagra uk From reading the post it’s clear Chass has an agenda, cheap viagra uk in fact since Chass was canned by the NY Times he’s had a hard on for lot of people and he’s in denial that he has gone from being the National baseball writer for the Old Grey Lady to a blogger . Cheap viagra uk Chass will never identify himself as a blogger but that’s all in the denial side of his old ass life. Cheap viagra uk Anyway, cheap viagra uk Chass has gone and dug up gossip and innuendo from Valentine’s days as Mets manager using the one player that Valentine really had no use for, cheap viagra uk Todd Hundley to make his case but back to Chass calling Lucchino. Cheap viagra uk The Sox CEO told Chass that Valentine had a great interview and then wanted to know what Chass thought of BV, cheap viagra uk I’ll let Chass tell you in his own words his feelings on Bobby V:

Cheap viagra uk I would rather not have people I am interviewing ask me questions. Cheap viagra uk In this instance what I thought about Valentine or any other candidate shouldn’t matter. Cheap viagra uk I am not the one hiring and paying the new manager.

Cheap viagra uk On the other hand, cheap viagra uk Lucchino asked a reasonable question, cheap viagra uk and the primary problem I had with it was whether I should offer some vague, cheap viagra uk non-committal comment or answer honestly. Cheap viagra uk Of course, cheap viagra uk I chose honesty because I expect honest answers from the people I question.

Cheap viagra uk “I have found him to be the most disliked man in baseball, cheap viagra uk” I said. Cheap viagra uk And I added, cheap viagra uk “He doesn’t like me and I don’t like him.”

Cheap viagra uk I didn’t offer any details, cheap viagra uk but if Lucchino wants to know why I made those statements, cheap viagra uk I will enlighten him here, cheap viagra uk which is a more appropriate place for a reporter or columnist than the telephone. Cheap viagra uk

Cheap viagra uk One thing we know about Valentine is there is no middle ground when it pertains to how people feel about him. Cheap viagra uk I admit to be being a big fan of his but I can see how his personality could grate on one’s nerves if you had to deal with him on an everyday basis but what I take issue with Chass is his view of Valentine is personal not business. Cheap viagra uk  No place in his column does Chass give Valentine credit for being an outstanding bench manager. Cheap viagra uk  You can hate the guys guts but you lose credibility when he don’t acknowledge that Valentine gets more out of what he’s given than anyone in baseball. Cheap viagra uk   

Cheap viagra uk Chass really embarrasses himself when he critiques Valentine’s managerial record by harping on the fact his teams never had a first place finish:

Cheap viagra uk Valentine undoubtedly talks a good game; that’s why ESPN hired him. Cheap viagra uk But ESPN doesn’t have to worry about a won-lost record. Cheap viagra uk While it’s a fact that Valentine managed the Mets to two consecutive wild-card berths in 1999 and 2000 and the World Series in 2000, cheap viagra uk it’s also a fact that in 14 years with the Rangers and the Mets he never managed a team that finished in first place.

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Cheap viagra uk Presumably, cheap viagra uk the Red Sox, cheap viagra uk who have not participated in post-season games the last two years, cheap viagra uk have studied Valentine’s history (and not just tested his knowledge of Jamesian sabermetrics) and know that he ranks third in history among managers who have managed the most games without finishing in first place.

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Cheap viagra uk Valentine took over a Mets team in 1996 that had stopped to listening to Dallas Green whose method of motivation was to scream at his players “to look in the mirror” and man up. Cheap viagra uk Valentine’s main strength was getting the most out of his 25 man roster but he had to deal with a few clubhouse lawyers who became very comfortable living the high life in the Shea Stadium clubhouse one in particular was Todd Hundley. Cheap viagra uk I’ll get to Hundley in a minute, cheap viagra uk Chass just kind of glosses over the fact the Valentine won a pennant with the Mets and if not for the shit the bed performance by Kenny Rogers would have had back to back pennants under his belt. Cheap viagra uk Someday Chass should let us know what he thinks of Bobby Cox whose teams finished in first place 14 times but has one World Series flag to fly? What about the greatest manager to ever put a pen to a lineup card Tony LaRussa, cheap viagra uk winning a World Series with a wild card team?  What Chass doesn’t get is all you have to do is get in the tournament, cheap viagra uk who cares how you got there? I’m sure there isn’t a Cardinals fan out there complaining how their favorite team got to post season as they are reveling in their successful post season tour.

Cheap viagra uk Back to Todd Hundley, cheap viagra uk it was no secret back then that Valentine wasn’t a fan of Hundley and Hundley felt the same about BV.  Hundley talks about his relationship with Valentine:

Cheap viagra uk  In Hundley’s view, cheap viagra uk the problem with Valentine began when the manager appeared to be jealous of the player’s standing with the fans. Cheap viagra uk ”He comes into a whole new situation and goes right after I guess the most popular guy, cheap viagra uk” Hundley said. Cheap viagra uk ”It’s not my fault I’m the most popular guy.”

Cheap viagra uk Hundley was especially upset at the timing of Valentine’s comments on his sleep habits because his mother was being treated for cancer and his wife was pregnant.

Cheap viagra uk ”I’m talking to my mom while she’s going through chemotherapy, cheap viagra uk” Hundley said, cheap viagra uk ”and I’m helping my wife with taking care of our two kids and he’s saying I’m out and about.”   

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Cheap viagra uk It’s true that Valentine gave a”wink-wink, cheap viagra uk nod-nod” statement about Hundley not getting enough sleep which was Valentine speak for Hundley being a hard partying guy. Cheap viagra uk I have no proof that he was or wasn’t but I’m sure it was the manager sending a message to a player and the player reacted negatively. Cheap viagra uk If it’s true that Hundley wasn’t getting sleep due to worrying about his mom and wife then Valentine was dead wrong to bring that up but what we saw with Hundley was he was not a true team player. Cheap viagra uk When Mike Piazza was brought over from the Marlins it was Hundley who was affected the most and it hurt Hundley to no end that Piazza was coming to the Mets and was the new starting catcher. Cheap viagra uk Hundley felt he was the most popular Met (I think Bernard Gilkey, cheap viagra uk Lance Johnson and of course Edgardo Alfonso were right there as popular Mets) but now with a super star like Piazza on the team he had to take a back seat in fact he had to find a whole new place to play, cheap viagra uk as Hundley was exiled to left field. Cheap viagra uk  That’s when Hundley ceased being a Met. Cheap viagra uk His play on the outfield was one of indifference; you knew his Mets days were over. Cheap viagra uk Was Valentine the reason? Maybe part of it but the mostly it was the acquisition of Piazza that was Hundley’s problem.

Cheap viagra uk Without a doubt Valentine is a very polarizing person, cheap viagra uk but he has a track record of turning teams around when he occupies the mangers office. Cheap viagra uk I’m not sure that Valentine is the guy to run the Red Sox bench as I feel their problems run a lot deeper in that clubhouse but you know the Red Sox will be prepared and they will be interesting. Cheap viagra uk  Valentine vs. Cheap viagra uk the Boston Media will a show all by itself.

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Does viagra expire

Does viagra expire There is no reason for Mets fans to panic…….yet over the news that Scott Boras has been pitching woo to Jose Reyes. Does viagra expire If and when it happens I’ll react but right now it’s just heresy.

Does viagra expire Now that doesn’t mean it won’t happen and if it does don’t scream at the Mets, does viagra expire Reyes or Boras if it does and Jose goes elsewhere. Does viagra expire Never forget this is a game to us but it’s a business to the team and a livelihood to the player. Does viagra expire As great as Reyes is playing right now and that he is a homegrown Met that we all want to see stay and retire in orange and blue he is not getting more than 5 years contract from the Mets nor should they. Does viagra expire  By the same token, does viagra expire Reyes should go out and get the best deal he can as he has paid his dues in baseball to reach the point where he calls the shots on where he’ll play the rest of his career and for how much money and never ever forget, does viagra expire it’s all about the money.

Does viagra expire If the Mets go to Reyes in the weeks ahead and make him an offer of minimum 5/$100mil with all kinds of exotic clauses and options that could send that deal to 7/$140mil and he and whoever his representative  is turns it down, does viagra expire what would you like Sandy Alderson to do?  What Alderson would have to do is what he feels is best for the Mets organization. Does viagra expire That’s his job. Does viagra expire Same as it’s the player agent job to get the best deal for his client and it’s up to the player to do what’s best for him and his family. Does viagra expire Unfortunately fans are the least of the equation in this process. Does viagra expire  Just like at the ball park, does viagra expire we’re just spectators here.

Does viagra expire Having had the pleasure of meeting Jose Reyes I can tell you first hand he is unbelievably charismatic and extremely likeable. Does viagra expire I am sure it touches him dearly the fan support he has gotten to the point of obsession about him staying a Met 4 Life and I bet in his heart he would love for that to happen but he has a chance to not just set up his current family for life but his grand kids and even great grandkids as the money he can make on his next deal will help generations of Reyes for years to come. Does viagra expire That is where Reyes’ loyalties lie.

Does viagra expire As crushing as it would be to lose Jose Reyes, does viagra expire the Mets will survive. Does viagra expire One thing about this franchise, does viagra expire it’s damn near indestructible from M.Donald Grant letting Whitey Herzog get away, does viagra expire to losing Gil Hodges to a heart attack, does viagra expire to trading Tom Seaver, does viagra expire to not drafting Reggie Jackson to the De Roulet daughters nearly killing the franchise to the current dunderhead owners, does viagra expire this franchise has survived all that, does viagra expire so even though it will suck to go on without him, does viagra expire the franchise will survive the absences of Jose Reyes as well

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Viagra plant My blogging the rest of the week will be sporadic as last night my mother, viagra plant who was just short of turning 97 years old, viagra plant passed away.

Viagra plant My mother was born in  County Sligo Ireland and came to America when she was 16 years old. Viagra plant Her and my Dad were married for 57 years until he passed away back in 1994.  She leaves behind four children, viagra plant twelve  grand children, viagra plant eight great grand children and more neices and nephews than I can count both  here in the U.S., viagra plant Ireland and England.

Viagra plant She was like no other woman of her generation, viagra plant  if you think I’m an opinionated, viagra plant my mom had me beat. Viagra plant She did read this blog once and awhile and didn’t care for the language I sometime use and she felt I was a little too much of a wise ass but between her and my dad we were raised in such a way that you were free to express yourself as wanted.  When most mom’s  fought with their son’s to get haircuts, viagra plant mine encouraged me to grow mine long.  She couldn’t stand Rock music but never told me to turn it down.  Our home was filled with books and music, viagra plant lot’s of friends and lots and lots of good times.

Viagra plant Even though she lived a long and fabulous life, viagra plant as a son my heart aches but she would smack me upside the head if she knew I’d moped around after her death.

Viagra plant After my dad died mom was asked how she was coping living alone.  Her answer always was “I don’t live alone, viagra plant I live by myself”  She was never alone there was always someone around her, viagra plant either me or my brothers, viagra plant my sister, viagra plant my wife my sister in law, viagra plant her grand kids, viagra plant her great grand kids her friends, viagra plant it was because of that whenever she would see an elderly person pushing a shopping cart or walking to the store alone, viagra plant or god forbid eating a meal by themselves, viagra plant  it sadden her.  She loved it when we’d take her to the mall how we fought over who was going to pay for her dress or shoes? She said she hated it when we made a fuss over her but I never believed it. Viagra plant How could we not?   She wonder how is it she could pick the phone call one of us and get picked up and taken anywhere she wanted? We told her it was payback for the way she took care of us our whole lives.

Viagra plant If you go to a house of worshiper this weekend in your prayers think of all the people in the world that are alone and have no family to watch over them. Viagra plant Prayer for parents who are estranged from their children, viagra plant that they can find a way to settle whatever difference it is that split them apart.

Viagra plant That’s was another lesson my mother taught us, viagra plant always look out for the less fortunate because of how blessed we were.

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