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Low cost cialis I’m getting ready to head out to Citi Field for opening day so I really don’t have the time to go into a detailed post but hopefully I will have a nice recap of the day events this evening.

Low cost cialis Couple of things though:

Low cost cialis Two Boots Pizza will now be severed at Citi Field. Low cost cialis This is great news for tow reasons, low cost cialis one, low cost cialis it delicious pizza and two, low cost cialis the owner of Two Boots Phil Hartman is a lifelong Mets fan so it’s nice to see the Mets take care of one of our own, low cost cialis

Low cost cialis The Mets players, low cost cialis coaches and Terry Collins will be wearing CARTER 8 BP jersey’s today before the game. Low cost cialis The pre-game ceremony will be quite emotional today as Carter’s family will throw out the first pitch. Low cost cialis Bring lost of Kleenex.

Low cost cialis Seems the Skill Sets were the villains  in the scheduling of the home and home games against the Highlanders to close out spring training. Low cost cialis A real stupid and greedy move.

Low cost cialis The organization should re-think the selling of tickets for the Party City Deck in left field from group sales to individual tickets. Low cost cialis From the feedback I’m getting, low cost cialis if sold for $100 a ticket with all the amenities included would make it the most popular seat in Citi Field.

Low cost cialis Later everyone, low cost cialis LET’S GO METS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Low cost cialis  

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Viagra cost Of all the things that have happened to me since I started blogging about my beloved NY Mets, viagra cost the club reaching out to myself and fellow bloggers, viagra cost granting us access to the team and front office folks has to be the best and most rewarding part of covering the team. Viagra cost If you’ve read my posts from the times I’ve been out to Citi or to any other baseball event where I’ve had the honor of speaking to R.A. Viagra cost Dickey, viagra cost you know my respect and awe for the man, viagra cost well if the excerpts of his new book “Wherever I Wind Up: My Quest for Truth, viagra cost Authenticity and the Perfect Knuckleball are any indication how the rest of the book will read, viagra cost my admiration for Dickey will be off the charts.

Viagra cost It takes a certain kind of courage to come out and bare your soul to the masses as Dickey has done in the excerpts he read yesterday.  If a positive comes out of Dickey’s revelation of sexual abuse as a child and thoughts of suicide as an adult, viagra cost is the Mets follow through with the promise they made last year of coming out with a PSA on bullying and teen aged suicides. Viagra cost No team in sports has a better spokesperson than R.A. Viagra cost Dickey, viagra cost the organization shouldn’t pass up this great opportunity to educate the masses.

Viagra cost The blogger-ratzi was invited to Citi Field this past Monday night for a noshing on the newest food offerings at the ball park this season ( I was invited but had to decline the invite since this nasty head cold I have has now made its way to my chest making me more miserable than a normal day, viagra cost a trip to the doctor is on tap for this afternoon) you can read the reviews from Faith and Fear in Flushing, viagra cost Mets Police, viagra cost On The Black, viagra cost Optimistic Mets Fan  and top Mets foodie Ted Berg .

Viagra cost Great news by the Mets that the family of Gary Carter will be throwing out the first pitch next Thursday at opening day. Viagra cost Shannon of Mets Police has an interesting thought on a surprise that could happen on Thursday.

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Vipps pharmacy The Skill Sets are very tight lipped lately about the state of their finances and that of the whole franchise. Vipps pharmacy They’ve gone from wanting to sell 25 % of the team to now going as high as 49 %. Vipps pharmacy Steve Cohen it seems was approached by the Skill Sets last year prior to the Madoff shit hitting the fan and he turn his back on a mere quarter share of the club as it seems he wants to buy the club outright since he’s worth $8 Billion, vipps pharmacy I guess he thought he could pursued the Skill Sets to accept one of those billion’s plus a little pocket money for the right to be the sole owner of the NY Mets.

Vipps pharmacy Now that the Skill Sets are holding on for dear life to retain ownership and to stay financially solvent the have upped the ante to 49 % of the club for a mere $200 mil and you get the right to sit on the board and have a vote on finances such as players salaries and contracts.

Vipps pharmacy The fact that the Skill Sets have gone from 25% to 49% that they are looking to sell, vipps pharmacy leads me to believe that the debt on the club is enormous. Vipps pharmacy If Cohen is the guy who gets to buy in I’m sure he is also getting the right to buy the majority share. Vipps pharmacy This would come as great news to Mets fans except Cohen is being looked at by the Feds as part of an insider trading probe. Vipps pharmacy Cohen has not been charges or accused of any wrongdoing in fact he has stated he would not only help any investigation but he’s pay for any cost needed to look at his hedge fund company.

Vipps pharmacy The final say comes from Bid Selig who will have MLB lawyers do a though search and background check on Cohen. Vipps pharmacy Selig has two causes in this sale, vipps pharmacy the health of the NY National League franchise and his close personal friendship with Freddy Skill Sets.

Vipps pharmacy Hopefully everything works out with Cohen and he gets to spend his money as a partner and gets some much need money invested in this franchise. Vipps pharmacy When you look at all the problems the Mets have it’s not pitching or hitting that are the fans biggest concern. Vipps pharmacy What the majority of Mets fans worry about is the team not having money to compete on the big stage.

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