I got so busy yesterday that I wasn’t able to put up a post and I so wanted to mention the passing of NY Daily News sports cartoonist, Bill Gallo. Everyone who grew up a sports fan in NYC knows of Gallo’s work as a cartoonist and as a boxing writer at the News. Gallo was also a WWII vet and is one more loss of that Greatest Generation. Hopefully the News will run some of his classic cartoons with characters like Yuchie and Gloomy Gus and of course the iconic, Basement Bertha.

I know NYC has the best restaurants, museums, and entertainment and of course there are some of the best medical facilities in the world here, but I have to think that the city of Denver has competent doctors and medical technicians who are proficient in administrating and MRI, so why would the Mets fly Ike Davis back to NYC to have an MRI of his leg? Add in the inclement weather in Denver and that adds to the mystery. By the way, where do the Rockies send their players when they need medical procedure? I doubt it’s to NYC.

So as we await the results of Ike’s MRI, F-Mart is on standby in Denver in case Ike goes to the DL .

Yesterday was not a good day for the Skill Sets, first they learned that Steve Cohen, the man they picked t join them as a part owner, decided he didn’t want in. Could be he didn’t to answer questions by the Commissioner about his being looked at by the SEC for insider trading (an allegation he strongly denies) or Cohen wants full ownership or the right to buy a majority share of the club if or when the Skill Sets have to sell off the club and its assets.

To get great insight on the ownership problems of the Skill Sets and more evidence that there is no other solution for them but to sell the team, SNY, and ballpark, I urge you to listen to my conversation with Howard Megdal of the LoHud Mets Blog and author of a great new book “Taking The Field, A Fans Quest To Run The Team He Loves “(published by Bloomsbury) on THIS CALL TO THE BULLPEN Podcast from yesterday. Also when you check out LoHud Mets blog be sure to click on the Facebook “Like” button for a chance to win a copy of Howard’s book, which details his candidacy for Mets GM. The book details Howard’s ideas for running the Mets on the platform of Logic, Transparency and Logic  as well as intertwining  some great Mets history.  

Second piece of bad news for the Skill Sets was the indictment of former clubhouse man Charlie Samuels on charges of thief of equipment and jerseys that he sold for profit.  Seems Samuels was padding bills to the club and skimming the excess off right into his pockets. The trial should be a doozy as I’m sure Mets players will be called to testify. I hope Jeff Francouer gets a subpoena because I’d sure like to hear about the $50, 000 check he had Samuels cash for him to buy his parents a car in cash.

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Bob Feller passed away yesterday at the age of 92. Of course we all know that Feller was one of the greatest players to ever pitch a baseball, and if you didn’t,  don’t worry he’d tell you. The man lived a full life as a baseball player and a baseball entrepreneur, selling what else but Bob Feller.

What does sadden me about Feller’s death is he is one of the last of his greatest generation, who put down their bats, balls and gloves to do something much nobler, volunteering to serve his country by joining the military during war time. No two words get thrown around so cavalierly in sports like “hero” and “Warrior” for athletes who really do nothing but compete in an athletic completion, which cheapen those words. Bob Feller was a hero and a Warrior and he earned both those descriptions the hard way.

As usual Joe Posanaski has all the right words about Bob Feller, so take some time out today and read this post by Joe Pos.

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