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Viagra price germany After watching last night’s Giants victory over the Packers, viagra price germany I sat in stunned silence to the point my son was looking for a mirror to shove under my nose. Viagra price germany I cannot believe this amazing run that Big Blue is on because at the beginning of December all of us Giants fans were ready to clean house from the head coach to the defensive coordinator to the entire defensive secondary, viagra price germany we all felt it was time to move in a new direction, viagra price germany so what happened? First came the Green Bay Packers into Giants Stadium with a pristine 11-0 record and left with a win and with the Giants in their head, viagra price germany the 2 wins over the Cowboys, viagra price germany both must wins to win NFC East and the win against the blowhard Jets that wasn’t business but personal.

Viagra price germany Along with the front four of the defense getting healthy and coming together and making life miserable for opposing QB’s which in turn took pressure of the DB’s add in Eli Manning and his potent offense and the circle the wagons mantra of Coach Coughlin, viagra price germany who has done a marvelous job of keeping this team together and focused, viagra price germany you get a team that none of the other 3 teams left standing want to play.

Viagra price germany Some observations on yesterday’s game:

Viagra price germany As usual the officiating in this game was beyond suck and blows to embarrassing and corrupt. Viagra price germany The best thing is I can call the Bill Leavy and his crew all the nasty names I want and Roger Goodell can’t fine me. Viagra price germany HA! HA! Fuck you Commissioner

Viagra price germany The roughing the passer call on Osi Umenyiora was of course ridiculous but what was worse were the three or four times Eli Manning was hit after throwing a pass and never got a late hit call.

Viagra price germany Its games like yesterdays that makes it easier for me to not attend an NFL game in person. Viagra price germany  It’s bad enough that after every possession there are three minutes of commercials and again when a player goes down with injury but the worst of all is the length of time it take the NFL to conduct a replay of a challenge call. Viagra price germany  If it takes you more than a minute to decide if the call on the field was correct or not then just go with the official call on the field. Viagra price germany Replay was wrong on the Greg Jennings fumble and was ignored when spotting a run by Ahmad Bradshaw that could have given the Giants a first down and can we stop with reviewing EVERY touchdown call already? The NFL should take a page from the NHL and have replay officials in a room with monitors and have them make the calls swiftly and correctly.

Viagra price germany There are two Eli Manning’s. Viagra price germany One is the Huck Finn “aw shucks” guy in interviews and the other is hardcore assassin on the football field. Viagra price germany Eli Manning is everything I wished David Wright would be.

Viagra price germany Brandon Jacobs better have the game of his life next week because other than the TD he scored when the Packers gave up, viagra price germany he did jack shit in this game.

Viagra price germany On the other hand Ahmad Bradshaw proved again to be one of the unsung heroes as he dashed across the field to get out of bounds before the half, viagra price germany setting up the Eli to Hakeem Hicks Hail Mary TD. Viagra price germany I bet that bone in his foot is still broken as well.

Viagra price germany All the praise the defensive front four has gotten is well deserved but how about sending some praise Michael Boley’s way as well for his calling the D schemes and getting the D in synch.

Viagra price germany John Mara is loyal as his old man was (which at times cost the Giants back in the Allie Sherman days) so win or lose, viagra price germany Tom Coughlin’s job security was not an issue and now with this run, viagra price germany it’s safe to say TC will coach the G-Men as long as he wants. Viagra price germany My prediction is TC will stay on 2 more seasons then Sean Payton will be Giants HC.

Viagra price germany CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Viagra price germany  

Viagra price germany  

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Online viagra sales Before I get started here let me first send out best wishes and speedy recovery to Mets VP of Media Relations, online viagra sales Jay Horowitz and to Director of Media Relations, online viagra sales Shannon Forde who are both hobbling around on injured ankles. Online viagra sales Jay seems to have it the worst as he scheduled to have surgery Monday on his broken ankle, online viagra sales so hopefully both Jay and Shannon get better soon.

Online viagra sales Time for a little self- promotion, online viagra sales first for all you who are football fans reading this site, online viagra sales I co-host a football podcast on Blog Talk Radio called NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE with Frankie “The Sports Guy” Maniscalo. Online viagra sales Last night we had running back Chris Ogbonnaya  of the Houston Texans as a guest. Online viagra sales Tonight I will be co- hosting another episode of NY FOOTBALL BLOGS LIVE at 9PM ET with Anthony DiMoro of Online viagra sales Our guest will be Green Bay Packers blogger, online viagra sales J.C. Online viagra sales Lombardi of

Online viagra sales Last night, online viagra sales I was also a guest on Baseball Bloggers Alliance President, online viagra sales Daniel Shoptaw’ Cardinal 70 podcast. Online viagra sales Daniel and I spoke about the Mets and the upcoming 10th Anniversary of September 11th and about how I became a Mets fan.

Online viagra sales Also on the podcast front, online viagra sales the folks over at Mets Kult of Personality had the pleasure of interviewing former Mets pitcher Gary Gentry last night on their show.  Gentry in his rookie season of 1969, online viagra sales got the win in Game 3 of the NLCS and a win in Game 3 of the World Series. Online viagra sales Both games were saved by Nolan Ryan and the World Series win was a nice tidy 5-0 shutout where Gentry and Ryan out dueled Jim Palmer.

Online viagra sales I’m already overwhelmed with the coverage of the 10th Anniversary of the attack of September 11th 2001, online viagra sales maybe its because every day for me is a remembrance of 9-11, online viagra sales since I work four blocks from Ground Zero. Online viagra sales I also see the U.S. Online viagra sales Coast Guard ships equipped with machine guns escorting the SI Ferry I ride to and from work, online viagra sales and the NYPD Hercules Task Force, online viagra sales decked out in their full fighting regalia guarding the Subway stations. Online viagra sales I see the Angel’s Corner in the Grasmere section of Staten Island just off Hylan Blvd where the residents of Staten Island who were murdered that day are memorialized. Online viagra sales  I see the people who have moved downtown and in Tribeca, online viagra sales young people, online viagra sales young couples with young children who give me hope that maybe this city, online viagra sales this part of town, online viagra sales after ten years is back and as vibrant as ever. Online viagra sales   There is nothing better than walking down Greenwich St on a late summer afternoon with the restaurants busy and kids from Stuyvesant High School and Manhattan Community College filling the streets laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Online viagra sales Sunday will be a very solemn day in NYC as the people who lost friends and loved ones will meet at the sight of their murder but instead of having their time to reflect and mourn, online viagra sales they will be inundated by gas bag politicians who will give speeches and make sad faces and make believe they actually give a shit about them and those they lost. Online viagra sales In the days after the attack, online viagra sales the country pulled together and showed the pride and guts that makes the United States the great country it is, online viagra sales but ten years later, online viagra sales that’s all gone. Online viagra sales  It’s all about prepackaged, online viagra sales over made up, online viagra sales and uniformed media whores going on every cable news channel to tell you that they are the person to lead this country to glory when all they are style without  substance.

Online viagra sales Think about it, online viagra sales in the ten years since the attacks, online viagra sales the U.S. Online viagra sales Government has spent trillions on two wars we should have never had been involved in nor could win and even if we did win what was the prize, online viagra sales while schools are still underfunded, online viagra sales a health care system that would ensure all Americans the right to have medical coverage is mocked and torn apart which wouldn’t be so bad if the critics had a another plan, online viagra sales which they don’t, online viagra sales we’re told that Social Security is a bad thing as is raising taxes on the richest 1 % of Americans. Online viagra sales But it is still ok to fuck over the working class American who does more in an hour than some ass hat Congressman or Senator does in a full term of office.

Online viagra sales Yes they will all be here downtown on Sunday in their dark suits with speeches in hand, online viagra sales especially the Dwarf Emperor of NYC who defied the law that said all you get is two terms in office and you move on but that law did not pertain to a man with billions. Online viagra sales He will praise the FDNY, online viagra sales the same FDNY that he wanted to close the firehouses they work in and are at the ready to leave at a moments notice into situations most would run away from. Online viagra sales He will then talk about the heroism of the NYPD the same NYPD that he decided had too many member’s and needed to be cut.    

Online viagra sales Yes they will all be there, online viagra sales gas bags of every size, online viagra sales shape and political party trying to outdo each other in the grief and outrage of the day. Online viagra sales Me? I’ll go get a slice a pizza and hang out on  Greenwich St and marvel at the people of NYC who deal with terrorist attacks and threats, online viagra sales earthquakes, online viagra sales hurricanes, online viagra sales blizzards, online viagra sales heat waves and phony do nothing politicians by never giving up and never backing down. Online viagra sales That’s the American way.

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