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How much to buy viagra in pounds I’ve never met Mike Piazza. How much to buy viagra in pounds People I know have met him and have had dealings with him and have told me some not so nice stories about him. How much to buy viagra in pounds When Piazza did not show or even send a video thank you as other members of that team did (Carlos Beltran, how much to buy viagra in pounds Jose Reyes, how much to buy viagra in pounds Roger McDowell and Davey Johnson) at the SNY taping of the naming of the 50th anniversary all-time team, how much to buy viagra in pounds I asked around why the man named as the greatest catcher in Mets history wasn’t there, how much to buy viagra in pounds all I got was a lot of looking down on the ground and a some well…..ummmmmm…….aaaa…….’s as a response.  I’ve never been a big Mike Piazza fan and for me it was from conversations with folks who dealt with him and just my sense that he was more of a “me” player, how much to buy viagra in pounds perfect example was his stubbornness to not take ground balls at first base until he broke the all-time record for home runs by a catcher. How much to buy viagra in pounds  Even with all that bias I have against Piazza, how much to buy viagra in pounds I still think he’s a first ballot hall of famer and to tell you the honest truth I’m SHOCKED at all the negativity he has gotten from the voters in the Baseball Writers Association of America and it looks like what myself and every other Mets fan thought was a lead pipe cinch-Piazza going in as a first ballot HOF’er-isn’t going to happen.

How much to buy viagra in pounds The anti-Piazza block of scribes claims that due to nothing more than a case of back acne, how much to buy viagra in pounds Piazza is guilty of being a juicer. How much to buy viagra in pounds There’s absolutely no proof of a positive drug test nor was Piazza’s name mentioned in the Mitchell Report that links Piazza to usage of PED’s. How much to buy viagra in pounds  For every voter who casts a ballot minus Piazza’ name on it, how much to buy viagra in pounds 1, how much to buy viagra in pounds000 Tweets of “You’re an asshole” hit Twitter. How much to buy viagra in pounds I’ve tried to figure out why these baseball writers would embarrass themselves by not only leaving Piazza off their ballot but be so public about it. How much to buy viagra in pounds My conclusion is it’s not about the steroids it’s that the writers just don’t like Mike.

How much to buy viagra in pounds Think about it, how much to buy viagra in pounds baseball writers and players have feuded for years. How much to buy viagra in pounds Ted Williams hated the Boston scribes and vice-versa. How much to buy viagra in pounds When Williams was inducted in 1966, how much to buy viagra in pounds 27 voters left the Splendid Splinter off their ballot. How much to buy viagra in pounds Look how long it took Eddie Murray and Jim Rice to be enshrined. How much to buy viagra in pounds Murray and Rice hated the press and made their life difficult so when the time came, how much to buy viagra in pounds the writers turned the tables on them with some out and out hate. How much to buy viagra in pounds How about Albert Belle? Take a look at the 10 seasons Belle but together and argue that he is not worthy of a plaque in Cooperstown. How much to buy viagra in pounds Do you know what percentage of votes Belle received?  In 2006, how much to buy viagra in pounds his first season on the ballot, how much to buy viagra in pounds Belle got 7.7 % of the votes. How much to buy viagra in pounds In 2007 he garnered 3.5 % of the vote which in turn made him ineligible to be on any future ballot. How much to buy viagra in pounds A player who finished his career prematurely due to injury with a line of .295/.369/.564 and 381 HR 1239 RBI gets just two years on the ballot and goes from 7.7 % of the vote to a messily 3.5% ? Now that’s hate. How much to buy viagra in pounds I know Belle was a prick with ears to everyone he encountered in the game  but it goes to show that when the members of the BBWAA can get revenge they go on an all-out assault, how much to buy viagra in pounds which in my very convoluted way brings me back to Mike Piazza.

How much to buy viagra in pounds I don’t recall Piazza having any real animosity with the media except for when the NY Post questioned his sexuality. How much to buy viagra in pounds Piazza was never a great quote machine (neither is the sainted Jeets) and I’ve never heard of any “feud” between Piazza and the media so this could just be something in my own mind that fuels the feeling the press is out to get Piazza. How much to buy viagra in pounds Other than that or a positive drug test how could you not vote for Mike Piazza for the baseball Hall of Fame?

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Viagra st Oakland A’s getting ready for a trip to Citi Field

Viagra st Anyone else upset that the riveting Mets-Angels series is over? The Mets sure played yesterday like it was an exhibition game to the point where I feel Terry Collins pulled Jon Niese the way a hockey coach pulls his goalie to wake up his team. Viagra st Granted, viagra st Niese was far from sharp yesterday as he had no feel for his curve, viagra st leaving the Angels running to the batter’s box for that first pitch fast ball, viagra st the Mets defense especially the Ginger Turner, viagra st let Niese down and the rest of the team looked sluggish. Viagra st I’m sure the club will perk up when those  Swingin’ Oakland A’s come to town tomorrow. Viagra st Thank God the Mets miss Vida Blue and Ken Holtzman this time around.

Viagra st David Wright was out early at Citi Field playing catch and taking ground balls while kneeling down. Viagra st Wright should be ready by February when he reports to Cardinals spring training camp in Jupiter FL

Viagra st At least there was a Wright sighting, viagra st where in the world is Ike Davis?

Viagra st Went to Cyclones-Baby Highlanders game yesterday with the added attraction of Phil Hughes making a rehab start. Viagra st Kevin Kernan was there too; in fact he sat a section over from me. Viagra st   

Viagra st First impression of some of the Cyclones, viagra st I like what I saw in Daniel Muno both at bat but he made. Viagra st Third baseman Richard Lucas for a guy with some heft played some nice “D” and first baseman Luke Stewart reminds me of Lucas Duda with his size, viagra st hopefully as the season goes on he’ll show some power.

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Double dose of cialis Good morning you ship jumping rat bastards. Double dose of cialis I wish you’d make up your minds, double dose of cialis are you Mets fans or just a bunch of whinny bitches? I nearly lost my mind following some Mets fans on Twitter during the game last night (I got to stop Tweeting and watching the Mets and just concentrate on the watching the game and taking notes like I did way back  in the dial up pre iPhone internet days) I understand Mike Pelfrey was horrible last night but some of you took your venom to Big Pelf like you were auditioning for a job as beat writer at the NY Daily Lupica. Double dose of cialis Get a hold of yourself for Christ sake.

Double dose of cialis Pelf morphed back into his spaceman mode last night and it will be up to him, double dose of cialis Old School Warthen, double dose of cialis and neophyte receiver Josh Thole to get the Big Pelf locomotive back on track. Double dose of cialis I would think that the troika I just mentioned went over their pitching game plan for last night before the game. Double dose of cialis What was most puzzling for me was the fact that young Thole was dictating to Pelfrey what to throw. Double dose of cialis We all know that Pelf’s bread and butter is the splitter that induces a plethora of ground balls when he’s right. Double dose of cialis When he adds his two seam fastball and is effective with that pitch then you get vintage Big Pelf. Double dose of cialis Sure he’s big and strong but he’s not a strikeout pitcher. Double dose of cialis He doesn’t have an overpowering pitch to get that key K, double dose of cialis in fact the guy Pelfrey should be attached to the hip with is Chris Young.

Double dose of cialis Back to my puzzlement on the short circuited battery. Double dose of cialis Pelf has taken it on his shoulders to let it be known that even though Thole was calling for him to throw his third and fourth pitches in his arsenal (curve and slider) he could have shaken him off until he saw the finger he liked the best. Double dose of cialis In a way it’s refreshing that Old School and Terry Collins let Thole call the pitchers instead of having them called for him by Warthen but perhaps with the lack of a veteran catcher (please don’t even mention Nickeas) on the roster, double dose of cialis Old School should institute pitch selection from the bench in Big Pelfs next start or let Thole know next time he catches Pelfrey and calls for curves an sliders, double dose of cialis there will be a plane ticket to Buffalo waiting for him in at his locker.

Double dose of cialis Another thing that should not be overlooked in this recent Pelfrey meltdown is the death of Harvey Dorfman, double dose of cialis the sports psychologists and the shoulder that Pelfrey has cried on in recent years. Double dose of cialis With Dorfman gone all Pelfrey has left is the advice Drofman has given him through their late night conversations and a copy of Dorfman’s The Mental ABC’s of Pitching. Double dose of cialis Hopefully the lessons and the book and whatever magic Old School has in that tool box of his will right Big Pelf.

Double dose of cialis All this drivel written this morning in the fishwraps about trading Pelfrey is just another example of Mets bashing and lazy ass journalism that has permeated the NYC main stream media. Double dose of cialis Why write a column that looks into what is causing Pelfrey’s problems and see what is being done to correct them when you can just write that Pelfrey sucks and should be traded just to embrace yourself with the lunatic fringe of Mets fans. Double dose of cialis You know what you folks in the MSM are right; leave the heavy lifting to bloggers.

Double dose of cialis By the way here was my tweet when it was 7-0 Phillies and Mets fan tweeters were jumping ship. Double dose of cialis I then tweeted that the Mets would comeback. I then went after Evan Roberts of WFAN again as he proclaimed we would be ripping Mike Pelfrey on his show.

Double dose of cialis Now that I’ve cleared the air, double dose of cialis will all of you GET THE FUCK OFF MY LAWN!

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Fun with viagra It seems that the second base position for the Mets has become the black hole 3rd base had once been. Fun with viagra None of the four competitors for the job have stepped up to make it clear he is worthy of the job. Fun with viagra Brad Emaus has yet to hit this spring but has shown a pretty good glove. Fun with viagra Justin Turner seems to be the odd man out due to his two minor league options in his pocket  (I don’t see Turner’s name on either travel list for today) and Daniel Murphy has hit and shown some decent footwork at 2nd base but turning the double play has been what Terry Collins wants to see before he anoints Murph the opening day Mets second sacker. Fun with viagra  That leaves the incumbent at the spot, fun with viagra Luis Castillo and from reading John Harper’s piece in the Daily News today, fun with viagra I sure if it were up to Terry Collins he would love to rid himself of Slappy :

Fun with viagra Furthermore, fun with viagra Castillo, fun with viagra the incumbent of sorts, fun with viagra has annoyed Terry Collins by moping around in apparent protest of being forced to compete for the job, fun with viagra to the point where the manager called him into his office a couple of days ago to tell him he better start working harder if he wanted any shot at all.

Fun with viagra Castillo didn’t even take pregame ground balls one day last week when he was in the lineup as the DH, fun with viagra as Collins has had to juggle playing time to get looks at all four second-base candidates. Fun with viagra And that didn’t sit well with the new manager, fun with viagra who is not going to tolerate the laissez-faire attitude that permeated the clubhouse in recent years.

Fun with viagra Since meeting with Collins, fun with viagra who promised to try to get him more playing time, fun with viagra Castillo seems to have raised his energy level, fun with viagra and he had a solid game Wednesday with two walks, fun with viagra a bloop single to left, fun with viagra and a nice play going toward the hole on a ball that went off Ike Davis’ glove.

Fun with viagra This is the Castillo M.O. Fun with viagra when things don’t go his way or the way he wants it to, fun with viagra he mopes, fun with viagra in fact is there a bigger mope than Castillo? His attitude has sucked for a couple of years now and unless he is the starting 2nd baseman Luis will mope and be an all-out fucking malcontent. Fun with viagra  Why keep him around? Like Oliver Perez, fun with viagra he’s more trouble than he’s worth.

Fun with viagra Just by looking at the starting lineups for today’s spilt squad games you can see the manager wants no part of this slap hitting, fun with viagra diminished range, fun with viagra piss poor attitude has been. Fun with viagra Castillo will start today in Viera against the Nats but as the DH. Fun with viagra Murphy will start at 2nd base. Fun with viagra Over in Jupiter, fun with viagra Brad Emaus will start against the Fish and with Luis Hernandez on the roster in Jupiter he will most likely spell Emaus at 2nd as Hernandez has made himself a dark horse candidate in the this position race.

Fun with viagra Meanwhile over in the minor league backfields of St. Fun with viagra Lonesome , fun with viagra Reese Havens works out and hopes he can stay healthy because if he does he will be the Mets 2nd baseman by Memorial Day. Fun with viagra   

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When did viagra come out

When did viagra come out

When did viagra come out The Mets announced this evening that they have signed LHP Chris Capuano and RHP Taylor Buchholz to 1 year contracts, when did viagra come out and to make room on the 40 man roster they have released P Ryota Igarashi.

When did viagra come out Cutting Igarashi is a surprised but adding Capuano and Buchholz, when did viagra come out who both battle arm problems (Capuano is a two-time Tommy John surgery patient)  both fall under the low risk/high reward mantle.

When did viagra come out Capuano will most likely compete for the 4/5 spot in the rotation. When did viagra come out If (and it’s a big if) Capuano is of sound shoulder and body, when did viagra come out he could be this years version of R.A. When did viagra come out Dickey. When did viagra come out Capuano did show some increase in velocity last season when he joined the Brewers after rehab assignment but he is not a power pitcher. When did viagra come out His best pitch is his change and he incorporates a cutter as well.  When he’s on his game, when did viagra come out Capuano will induce more ground balls than fly balls.

When did viagra come out Buchholz is also a Tommy John-er with his surgery coming in 2009. When did viagra come out Buchholz is a fly ball pitcher which fits very nicely in Citi Field.

When did viagra come out So with the new year under way two low cost gambles by Sandy Alderson have arrived. When did viagra come out I like the Capuano signing alot. When did viagra come out Of course everything with Cap hinges on his arm being sound and if it is , when did viagra come outthis move could pay off handsomely for Alderson. When did viagra come out As for Buchholz, when did viagra come out I’ll wait and see .

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United healthcare viagra

United healthcare viagra Jon Niese has had a fine season, united healthcare viagra sure there needs to be improvement in areas as locating his pitches down to induce more ground balls and bring down that hits to innings pitched split (165.1 IP/177H) but all in all Niese looks like a guy who will gives you chance for a well pitched game at every start. United healthcare viagra But right now he’s tired. United healthcare viagra Niese has pitched 165.1 innings this season, united healthcare viagra a season where he had a little setback with hamstring trouble, united healthcare viagra the same hammy that ended his season early last year, united healthcare viagra so with that piece of history and the fact he’s hinting that he’s short arming the ball a bit and dropping arm angle, united healthcare viagra signs of fatigue that they are, united healthcare viagra why not shut him down for the season.  Give The Thief  Niese’ next start, united healthcare viagra which will be in Florida. United healthcare viagra Don’t worry no one will be there to notice.

United healthcare viagra Last year after the NY Football Giants last game of the season which ended a second half from hell, united healthcare viagra Giants owner John Mara was asked about the team finishing 8-8. United healthcare viagra Mara said there are good 8-8 seasons and bad 8-8 seasons and that was  a horrendous 8-8 and an  embarrassing 8-8. United healthcare viagra  I wouldn’t call the Mets road to finish .500 an embarrassment because from the winter on I didn’t have much faith the team would compete for a postseason berth but the way the team played in the first half of the season had me rethinking my position on that. United healthcare viagra But then right after the All-Star break the team showed its true colors and wallowed in the wading pool of mediocrity. United healthcare viagra So as this season winds down, united healthcare viagra the last few weeks are not as bad as last year where the team just dogged it and used injuries as a crutch, united healthcare viagra for the most part the team competes ever night. United healthcare viagra  But the fan base is tired and close to being burnt out. United healthcare viagra So for a needed break  I’ve been more concerned about the NY Rangers and happy that training camp is open just to see some of the young guns that Slats Sather is telling us will make this team. United healthcare viagra Ah youth, united healthcare viagra ain’t it grand.

United healthcare viagra That’s the one thing as a Mets fans that is keeping me going and anxious about what changes will be made in the front office and in the dugout.  You could sell me right now on a total youth movement.

United healthcare viagra The best part of the Joe Torre news of his departure from the Dodger dugout, united healthcare viagra is the expression from Highlander fans with their beloved Donnie Baseball taking over as Bums skipper.  If you ran a poll of Highlander fans between the ages of 40-50 years old and asked, united healthcare viagra of the two Derek Jeter and Don Mattingly, united healthcare viagra who is your favorite Highlander, united healthcare viagra the results would surprise you. United healthcare viagra While the Mets were lighting up the town in the 80’s Mattingly was all the Highlander fans had. United healthcare viagra  I’m  sure most of the ones who watched Mattingly Era wish the news was Donnie Baseball was headed home to run the Bombers.

United healthcare viagra If Joe Torre becomes the Mets manager for a second go round, united healthcare viagra this site will morph into the Dick Dietz Society.

United healthcare viagra “Leave them alone and they’ll come home hitting home runs beside them.”

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Legally purchase viagra

Legally purchase viagra Time for some random samplings when complete thoughts just won’t do:

Legally purchase viagra I’m surprised President Obama hasn’t announced that Jim Joyce will be given the Medal of Honor for showing such bravery for fucking up Aramando Galaraga’ perfect game. Legally purchase viagra Sure it’s great that Joyce admitted to this major screw up and it’s admirable that Galaraga gave Joyce some love at home plate, legally purchase viagra I wonder if the organist at Comerica Park played “Why Can’t We Be Friends” as they had their tender moment. Legally purchase viagra Lost in all this is the fact that a major overhaul of the umpiring system in MLB is needed and needed fast. Legally purchase viagra But we all know the Used Car Salesman will call his Blue Ribbon Committee together (pick out you best bow tie there George Will) they’ll look over the situation and do nothing. Legally purchase viagra It’s the Bud Selig way.

Legally purchase viagra There is enough technology now that using replay in baseball for plays other than home runs should be discussed. Legally purchase viagra However, legally purchase viagra if MLB did more to train its umpires better and weeded out the suck ass ones (I’m looking at you Joe West, legally purchase viagra Angel Hernandez and Lance Barksdale) you wouldn’t have the fans clamoring for replays as you do now. Legally purchase viagra Most of it is just knee jerk reaction that has become the American way.

Legally purchase viagra It absolutely sucks that Daniel Murphy injured his knee again in Buffalo as he was taken out on a slide and is done for the year. Legally purchase viagra In a post on Mets Today, legally purchase viagra Joe Janish puts the blame for Murphy’s injury on the way the Mets Baseball Ops do business:

Legally purchase viagra The Mets’ lack of foresight and reactionary, legally purchase viagra force-feeding decision-making process are not new — they’ve marked the Omar Minaya era. Legally purchase viagra Is there any logical reason why, legally purchase viagra when Murphy was in Port St. Legally purchase viagra Lucie, legally purchase viagra he was officially banned from taking ground balls at any position other than first base? Wouldn’t it have made sense to have him work with someone like Sandy Alomar, legally purchase viagra Sr., legally purchase viagra Wally Backman, legally purchase viagra or Kevin Morgan, legally purchase viagra on footwork and other techniques around the bag, legally purchase viagra in a non-competitive situation, legally purchase viagra while he was down there? If they were serious about making him a “utilityman” and teaching him second base in particular, legally purchase viagra wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep him in Florida, legally purchase viagra working intensely and regularly with one of the aforementioned coaches — or an external, legally purchase viagra short-term hire like Roberto Alomar, legally purchase viagra Jose Valentin, legally purchase viagra or a similarly adept and experienced former MLB second baseman? Such an expense is a smart investment for a club with a $140M+ payroll, legally purchase viagra that is also desperate to develop “trade bait”.

Legally purchase viagra  

Legally purchase viagra That has been the story of Daniel Murphy and the failure of the organization that they have switched him from 3rd base to 2nd base to 1st base to left field and back to 2nd base all without the proper instruction that he needed. Legally purchase viagra I’ve watched Razor Shines hit fly balls to him time and again at Citi Field but has anyone worked with him on technique like proper use of the drop step and picking up fly balls ? Same with 1st base, legally purchase viagra the team finally asked Keith Hernandez to help him out and Murphy was more that conscientious student. Legally purchase viagra Murphy has done everything the organization has asked of him but what has the organization done for Murphy? NOTHING!!!!

Legally purchase viagra Stephen Strasburg beat the Buffalo Bison yesterday, legally purchase viagra just a prelude to what we are in store for the next 10 years when he joins the Nationals next week.

Legally purchase viagra If Oliver Perez refuses to go to the bushes again today therefore blocking the activation of Jon Niese, legally purchase viagra I have a way of getting him to go

Legally purchase viagra Last night Kevin Garnett looked old and broken down. Legally purchase viagra Rajon Rondo, legally purchase viagra maybe his fear of not making free throws, legally purchase viagra refused to drive to rack-passing up going strong to the basket and passing off to Big Baby for jump shot is beyond wrong it’s almost criminal-Ray Allen was taken out the game by the only officials worse than MLB Umpires, legally purchase viagra NBA Thieves Refs. Legally purchase viagra But, legally purchase viagra one thing I’ve learned about these Celtics, legally purchase viagra just when you think they are a bunch of old broken down hoopsters and your ready to throw dirt on them, legally purchase viagra they bounce back. Legally purchase viagra I expect a full recovery on Sunday.

Legally purchase viagra Prayers and good thoughts to The Coach

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So let me get this straight all of the fans that wanted Manny to the Mets are now a bunch of assholes as the revelation that Manny was juiced comes to light. Free herbal viagra samples First don’t give the Skill Sets too much credit here for not signing Manny as they had no inside info on what we learned yesterday and the main stream sports media shouldn’t be laughing at fans who were pro- Manny, free herbal viagra samples if anything they should be embarrassed that with all the clamoring for Manny to the Mets not one reporter in this city ever took the initiative to look into any allegations of Manny’s drug use. Free herbal viagra samples Jose Canseco who is the equivalent to the cops junkie snitch, free herbal viagra samples made noise that Manny was into PED’s. Free herbal viagra samples Maybe if the reporters who go “tisk tisk you stupid fans” used their resources they may have had this story that would give their dying industry a boost it sorely needs.


Seeing that Manny is a Scott Bora$ client and that many of the PED positives have come from Bora$ clients maybe Congress should call Bora$ on the Hill to see what he knew and when he knew it?


It wasn’t a stellar performance by Big Pelf last night (the second straight start with no K’s has me worried) but he seems to be able to make adjustments during his start and that is a big positive. Free herbal viagra samples Last night he was pounding a way with his fastball low and he seemed to go primarily with the fastball and got a lot of ground balls in return. Free herbal viagra samples Pelf also went deep into the game by going 7 innings and he is 4-0 so let’s all put a happy face on this start.


It’s safe to take your D-Wright jerseys out of the closet. Free herbal viagra samples Our boy is back.


It will be a shame if J-Man gets suspended for bumping that tub of shit Bill Welke last night as Welke deserved a swift kick in the ass for his atrocious call of interference on Shit Victorino by Jose Reyes. Free herbal viagra samples I hope someone on the Mets files that elbow that the Poi Boy threw into Reyes for the next time the teams meet and plants a Rawlings in Doosharinos ribs. Free herbal viagra samples Same with the ball that went behind Wright, free herbal viagra samples it’s payback time fellas’


Watching Carlos Delgado run is makes my hip hurt. Free herbal viagra samples I think J-Man will have to spot Delgado the rest of the year like two games on, free herbal viagra samples one game off to keep him off the DL. Free herbal viagra samples The Mets have Tatis, free herbal viagra samples and Murphy to man first to give Delgado time off.


After being used just about every other day Brain Stokes has become a forgotten man in the Mets bullpen. Free herbal viagra samples With Jon Niese getting the start tonight I’d venture a guess that Stokes may be the first guy up in the pen tonight.


So much for J-Man losing Shrek after pinch hitting for him looks like it was the kick in the ass he needed.


Watching Keith Hernandez mixing with the great unwashed in the centerfield food court was laugh out loud funny last night. Free herbal viagra samples Gary and Ron acted like Keith lost a bet with them and the payoff was doing something Hernandez hates, free herbal viagra samples mingling with the Mets fan masses. Free herbal viagra samples Hernandez finally ended up in the Acela Club with his feet up and a glass of Chardonnay just how he likes it.


If you’re a Highlander fan and you booed Mariano Rivera last night you should hang your head in shame.


R.I.P Dominic Di Maggio, free herbal viagra samples The Little Professor


Also best wishes go out to Jerry Remy as he fights a reoccurrence of lung cancer. Free herbal viagra samples I met the Rem Dawg last summer in Hyannis and that was a real pleasure. Free herbal viagra samples He will be off the Red Sox telecast for awhile but hopefully not too long Get Well Soon Rem Dawg!


Sorry about last night’s Pro Baseball Central for some reason the show wasn’t streaming and after a couple of attempts to fix it it just wouldn’t stream and since I’m an idiot when it comes to this stuff I couldn’t get it fixed but we will try again next week (fingers-crossed)





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Add buy online url viagra Busy day as I’m having my wood floors refinished and I’ve moved so much furniture that I’m changing my name to Mayflower, add buy online url viagra plus I have to put together a practice plan for my team as it finally stopped raining but I’m sure the dirt infield at the park we practice at is full of puddles so it will be 90 minutes of “Fundi Drills” this afternoon.

Add buy online url viagra As for last night a win is a win but that was a Susan Boyle win, add buy online url viagra dog-ass ugly.

Add buy online url viagra I know Livan threw only 75 pitches but J-Man did the right thing going with Bobby Parnell in the 7th. Add buy online url viagra For all the angst this team has given us the first month of the season the Parnell, add buy online url viagra Putz, add buy online url viagra Rodriguez back end of the pen has made every game with a 6 inning lead tilt in the Mets favor. Add buy online url viagra I don’t think that’s it’s to much to ask for the starters not named Santana to give the Mets a quality start each time the take the mound.

Add buy online url viagra I have to disagree with Mex about Castillo showing emotion on the field after making an error in the 8th inning haven’t we Met fans been clamoring for someone other than us to get pissed off?

Add buy online url viagra I think I need Carlos Delgado to come to my practice today so I can yell out to him “TWO HANDS, add buy online url viagra ALL-STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Add buy online url viagra With all the hand wringing over Daniel Murphy’s defense has anyone noticed he is hitting .313/.379/.470. Add buy online url viagra Plus the kid gets to the ball park 6 hours before game time taking fly balls and now he is also taking ground balls at first base so it’s about time we pat him on the back instead of jumping on it.

Add buy online url viagra Only a matter of time before Gary Sheffield takes over as the regular right fielder.

Add buy online url viagra Maybe J-Man is a master of motivation since the embarrassing pinch hitting episode in Miami Shrek has been on a tear. Add buy online url viagra Maybe the flame has finally hit his ass.

Add buy online url viagra The Oliver Perez situation is looking more sticky by the day. Add buy online url viagra On one hand Omar Minaya looks gutless by having Scott Bora$ dictate how to him how to run his team and on the other, add buy online url viagra Ollie is such a fucking head case that maybe he is better off in the bullpen so Santana and the Carlos’s can be his caretakers not to mention he is fond of Old School Dan Werthen. Add buy online url viagra If OP comes into a game a starts walking the ball park or gets shelled then it will be time for Omar to man up and take back his team from Agent Bora$ and do what’s best for the Mets and not OP.

Add buy online url viagra Think I’ll wear my BELTRAN 15 jersey to practice today.

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