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Viagra cialis levitra This past weekend a cadre of Mets fans led by Darren Meenan of The 7 Line converged on Wrigley Field for a fine weekend of baseball. Viagra cialis levitra Shannon from The Mets Police was there as well and today he has a post on his site that is a must read for not only every Mets fan but for Mets management as well.

Viagra cialis levitra Shannon writes about the wonderful experience he had at the Friendly Confines. Viagra cialis levitra As someone who has been to Wrigley Field I am not surprised at all. Viagra cialis levitra A day at Wrigley Field is unlike any at Citi Field. Viagra cialis levitra In fact a day at any other ball park is unlike a day at Citi Field.

Viagra cialis levitra A few years ago I went to Chicago with a bunch of guys, viagra cialis levitra mostly cops and firemen for a weekend series of Mets and Cubs. Viagra cialis levitra We had spilt the group up where five of us would sit in field level seats for the Friday game and five would sit in the bleachers for the Saturday game.  My group of five sat in field level for the Friday game. Viagra cialis levitra An usher greeted us as we entered and saw that we were dressed in all our splendor in Mets gear. Viagra cialis levitra He said welcome to Wrigley Field “youes guys” and laughed. Viagra cialis levitra So did we. Viagra cialis levitra He showed us to our seats, viagra cialis levitra wiped them down told us to enjoy the game. Viagra cialis levitra We handed the guy a 20 dollar bill and he gave us a big smile back and said, viagra cialis levitra “That’s why I like you New York guys, viagra cialis levitra you know how to take care of people”. Viagra cialis levitra Yes sir we do as long as you are nice and pleasant we take care of you. Viagra cialis levitra If you’re nasty and surly and act like you hate your job as the ushers at Citi Field seem to, viagra cialis levitra we give you our ass to kiss.

Viagra cialis levitra As we sat, viagra cialis levitra we were taking pictures of the field and the ball park when a guy with the game day staff at Wrigley saw us taking pictures came over and took a group shot of us. Viagra cialis levitra When he took the picture, viagra cialis levitra we thanked him and he said “No, viagra cialis levitra thank you guys for coming to Wrigley Field” you could have knocked us over with a feather. Viagra cialis levitra  

Viagra cialis levitra It’s not just Wrigley Field game day personnel that treat people the way people should be treated. Viagra cialis levitra First time I went to Camden Yards, viagra cialis levitra my son was three years old so we still used a stroller to get around. Viagra cialis levitra As we entered the ball park my son was fussing so I took him out of the stroller and carried him, viagra cialis levitra my wife took the stroller along with a backpack we had with food for him, viagra cialis levitra jacket, viagra cialis levitra toys all stuff you need to bring when you have a toddler. Viagra cialis levitra An usher came right over to us and said “please let we give you a hand” he looked at the tickets, viagra cialis levitra which were just down the left field line and took the stroller and said “follow me please” walked us to our seats and got us situated. Viagra cialis levitra After saying to us “enjoy the game” I went to give him a tip the usher looked at me and said “oh no sir we do not accept gratuities, viagra cialis levitra put thank you. Viagra cialis levitra  WHOA!

Viagra cialis levitra Every Mets fan who has traveled to another ball park to follow the Mets have the same kind of stories, viagra cialis levitra whether it be Wrigley Field, viagra cialis levitra Camden Yards, viagra cialis levitra PNC Park, viagra cialis levitra AT&T or even CBP , viagra cialis levitra Mets fans have a better game day experience away from Citi Field that at our own home park. Viagra cialis levitra  

Viagra cialis levitra There is no reason whatsoever that a fan coming to park early to watch batting practice has to be held back by a big hairy arm telling you if you don’t have a ticket you can’t go down there. Viagra cialis levitra Same thing if you want to visit someone in another section. Viagra cialis levitra How many times has a friend been at a game you get a text “hey I’m in section 207 come down and we’ll meet up” you go to the section see your buddy and make an attempt to go to the seat when your stopped and interrogated to see a ticket?  That’s why the Shea Bridge area of the ballpark is popular it’s the Guantanamo Bay of Citi Field.

Viagra cialis levitra Mets fans don’t want t-shirts, viagra cialis levitra bobble heads, viagra cialis levitra lunch pails or other gimmicks to lure us to the ball park. Viagra cialis levitra Just give us a competitive team and show us the respect we deserve when we enter the ball park. Viagra cialis levitra Kindness goes along way with Mets fans.

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Viagra cartoon Check out last nights Sports Media Watchdogs Podcast where Mike Silva and I talk about my day  at Highlander Stadium, viagra cartoon Mike’s bet with Michale Kay, viagra cartoon The Giants season preview and a look at the NHL Lockout.

Viagra cartoon I haven’t had much time to post this weekend as the last holiday of the summer has been a whirlwind between having a big barbeque at my house, viagra cartoon the up early to get to Highlander Stadium (more on the in a minute) and now today off to Coney Island to see and root for the Brooklyn Cyclones as they try to get the NY-Penn League Wild Card spot.

Viagra cartoon Yesterday I was at Highlander Stadium for an event where the NY Highlanders were honoring young men who had achieved the status of Eagle Scout in the past year. Viagra cartoon So with my son and nephew achieving this we were all invited to the game between the Highlander and Orioles.

Viagra cartoon All the Scouts were brought on to the field for a pre-game ceremony and they too a group shot that was shown on the giant TV screen in centerfield but no player joined them to take a picture or shake their hands, viagra cartoon oh well. Viagra cartoon We were given seats in the terrace section of left field which is just below the upper deck. Viagra cartoon Problem with that section is you can’t’ see left field or left/center field, viagra cartoon so I missed Mark Reynolds two home runs which made my delayed cheering a bit awkward, viagra cartoon oh yeah I was rooting for Buck’s Birds yesterday for sure.

Viagra cartoon The stadium is massive, viagra cartoon so big that to see everything there is from food and stores would take you all game to see. Viagra cartoon If you sit up in the upper reaches of the stadium and would like to go all the way to the field level where they have a food court, viagra cartoon you’re going to miss at least two innings getting down there another inning getting food and another couple of innings getting back upstairs. Viagra cartoon  Not really worth it.

Viagra cartoon The seats, viagra cartoon especially the bleachers are so far back from the action that even when fans make noise they’re not a factor in making a difference. Viagra cartoon I’ve heard louder fan noise at Shea/Citi Field after a 2 hour rain delay when maybe 1, viagra cartoon500-2, viagra cartoon000 fans were still in the park. Viagra cartoon It could be the weekend crowd in the Bronx is different than the weeknight crowd as the upstate contingent of Highlander fans show up regularly on the weekend for day games (leaving the parking lot it’s funny to see the Major Deegan northbound bumper to bumper and the southbound entrance to the FDR south a breeze) but the stadium was monastery quiet most of the game and for a game that was crucial to the Highlanders it was a bit of a shock to me.

Viagra cartoon Ok time to watch Collin McHugh take on the Cards for a few innings then head to Coney Island

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