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Viagra expiration date I’m having a tough morning concetrating as I’m still stunned over the events last night on “24” STUNNED!!!!!

Viagra expiration date Anyway, viagra expiration date The Mets have assgined Ike Davis to the teams minor league camp but this is just a temporary assignment for a couple of reasons, viagra expiration date the Mets have a habit of rushing guys up through the ranks so for the first month of the season the trio of Murphy, viagra expiration date Jacobs and Tatis for better or worse will man the first sack. Viagra expiration date Second, viagra expiration date it delays the arbitration clock on Davis which is most like the real reason he was sent down.

Viagra expiration date Remember April showers bring May flowers and that’s when our slugging chrysanthemum will return.

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I guess it’s tough for Mike Francesa to come to the realization that he is no longer relevant in this town when it comes to sports talk radio. Viagra overnite Sure his ratings are as solid as they were when he was teamed with Chris Russo (it’s hard to fault a guy for taking more cash and the freedom to do his own show but Chris Russo right now is a non-entity in the sports talkie world) as that is more out of habit than getting anything newsworthy from the show as the man is so out of touch with the modern media world and what we have seen since the Mike and the Mad Dog breakup is Russo while off the mark many times, viagra overnite is 1, viagra overnite000 times for entertaining than Mike. Viagra overnite Francesa’ ego will not allow him to have another co-host and the ones who were brought in all had to bow to the altar of the Sports Pope. Viagra overnite Worship is not what’s needed from 1-6 Monday to Friday they need someone to tweak the Tank and have some real sports talk debate. Viagra overnite


The problem is, viagra overnite Francesa is so set in his way he would never allow that. Viagra overnite Mike can not comprehend that his listeners are as informed of not more informed than he is and his slip is showing. Viagra overnite Last week he had some political hack on discussing President Obama’ address to Congress. Viagra overnite Are you kidding me? Where was Mark Chernoff with the white towel?  I know what you’re saying “why listen to the show then”? And you’re right. Viagra overnite I was a die hard Mike and the Mad Dog fan as my desk radio would be on the whole 5 hours but now I usually tune in and out while listening to music most of the day. Viagra overnite I bring all this up because Francesa has been very underhanded in his treatment of David Wright and Ryan Church. Viagra overnite By not concededing that Wright is one of the top 10 players in the game today, viagra overnite just showed Francesa’ ignorance and his nastiness. Viagra overnite Make no mistake Mike Francesa is one nasty fuck and both Wright and Church gave him their ass to kiss and rightly so. Viagra overnite Francesa can not get the big name NY athlete to do his show because of his piss poor personality, viagra overnite I mean for David Wright not to agree to come on his show, viagra overnite that’s all you need to know that Francesa either needs to get a personality transplant –a la Tom Coughlin-or he needs to pack it in as no one is tuning in to here his political views or reviews of movies made 60 years ago. Viagra overnite  Check out Mike Silva’s NYBD as he posts about Francesa talking about he and Wright meeting in St Lonesome. Viagra overnite

I tuned in more than usual to the show this week because Mike was in St Lonesome. Viagra overnite It would have helped if Francesa did a little homework before he did his interviews. Viagra overnite His one on one with Fernando Martinez was embarrassing as he really had no clue on the kids accomplishments, viagra overnite his age or what he has accomplished as a 20 year old playing in the Double A while most kids his age are Juniors in college and eligible to be drafted to a big league team come June. Viagra overnite No all Francesa could talk about was the injury factor, viagra overnite not taking into account that maybe the young man was still transforming from a kid to a man. Viagra overnite The best interview was with Oliver Perez who blew Francesa off after two questions. Viagra overnite Of course there is the Wright/ Church matter that both players who made it known to Jay Horowitz that no way in hell were they going on with Francesa. Viagra overnite So WFAN wasted all that money to send Mike down there just to wear those hideous sunglasses andto model his collection of black shirts. Viagra overnite


Hey Mark Chernoff it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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