This matchup used have TV execs salivating, as the baseball teams in the  two biggest television market go head to head in a three game weekend series. The team that abandoned its home for the glitz of Hollyweird against their little half-brother, Sunset Blvd vs. Time Square, Koufax vs. Seaver , Chavez Ravine vs. Ebbets Field Lite,  two of the most valuable franchises in fiefdom of Selig, $2 billion dollars’ worth of baseball teams selling the game on prime time on FOX Game of the Week and ESPN Sunday Night Baseball, Cha-Ching-Cha-Ching-Cha-Ching.  

Oh how the times, they are a changin’ both teams have gone from gold bullion to junk bonds by two owners who have made a total mess of each franchise, the Dodgers owned by a guy from Boston who made his money in the parking garage business, the Mets, a real estate developer . The Mets owner got fucked over by a guy he thought was a great friend but was a no good thief. The Dodger owner fucked over his team by taking the profits and pissing them away. The Dodger owner then accused his wife of fucking her bodyguard and then filed for divorce and the court hearing exposed both the owner and his soon to be ex-wife to be baseballs version of Bonnie and Clyde. The Mets owner went to his brother in law, who is the partner in the team, with concern about that friend of theirs who is investing the team’s money. The brother in law said “Don’t worry” and you’d thing the Mets owner, with Bensonhurst roots would remember the old neighborhood proverb “Don’t worry is doing 10-15 in Sing Sing” alas they were swindled and not only that, they were named in a law suit to recover the ill-gotten gains they received from the Ponzi scheme their friend was running.

So tonight starts a three game series with two teams that no one ever thought would be on the MLB dole, both teams have become welfare teams, the Dodgers so broke, that MLB has taken over control of the operation, the Mets are not to the point of the Dodgers where they can’t pay out paychecks but they are in such bad shape that they may have to trade their 27 year old shortstop instead of paying him a competitive wage.

Both teams need new owners, new blood and most important, a steady cash flow to bring them back to respectability. I could not care less about the Dodgers finding new stewards, in fact part of me is happy as hell they are going through this tough time as its deserved payback for leaving the Boro of Churches. The Mets situation however is no joke, for me and all my fellow Mets fans the current state of the franchise is downright travesty.

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Thanks to Tim Redding’s bed shitting performance last night coupled by Freddy Garcia, the poster child for passage of the Pitchers With Disabilities Act,  and John Neise still not ripe yet, the 5th starter spot in the Mets rotation is ready to fall in the lap of El Duque’ little half brother Livan, that is unless a certian Jeri-Curled right handed who just finished pitching in the WBC and is getting rave reviews from his former teammate is serious about signing an incentive laden contract that fits the payroll of Payless Mets.  This could get very interesting

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