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Viagra for recreation I haven’t done a mid-season Mets report card in a few years since around this time the last six years I’ve been sitting in a camp site upstate for a week at Boy Scout Camp, viagra for recreation it was nice to turn in my spatula and large paddle to stir 20 gallon containers of Kool Aid to a younger group of fathers, viagra for recreation and enjoy the All Star Festivities, viagra for recreation which as we all know will be played in our home Citi Field.

Viagra for recreation I went to the MLB All Star Fan Fest this past weekend at the Javits Center and I thought it was fantastic.  I went with my son, viagra for recreation which of course made the day even better, viagra for recreation and we soaked in all the Fan Fest had to offer. Viagra for recreation I spent more money than I had wanted as we both left with Matt Harvey jerseys and All Star T-shirts along with a couple of autographed baseballs of Gaylord Perry and Rollie Fingers. Viagra for recreation I amaze myself with how excited I get when I see guys I watched as a kid and just want to say hello and tell them how much I enjoyed watching them play. Viagra for recreation My son wants to run the other way when I’m in that mode but later he laughs about my enthusiasm. Viagra for recreation He was really falling over when we met Jack Morris and all I kept telling Morris how he should be in the Hall of Fame and how I always enjoyed watching him pitch and compete. Viagra for recreation I guess it was a bit over the top as my son said “Com’on fanboy let’s get some lunch”. Viagra for recreation Sure I go overboard but on the way home all I could think of was how an event like Fan Fest just reaffirms how much I love baseball. Viagra for recreation It’s a good feeling.

Viagra for recreation One of the great displays at Fan Fest is the Fan Auction that is being conducted by Hunt Auctions. Viagra for recreation It’s a silent auction and the items up for bid range from autographed baseballs signed by Babe Ruth to a copy of the NY Post the morning after the NY Mets won the 1986 World Series that is autographed by the team. Viagra for recreation There was one section of the auction that was both intriguing and a bit sad.

Viagra for recreation It seems the estate of Warren Spahn has put up every piece of memorabilia from his outstanding career up for auction. Viagra for recreation Uniforms, viagra for recreation caps, viagra for recreation gloves, viagra for recreation trophies including his 1957 Cy Young Award, viagra for recreation all up for the highest bidder to own. Viagra for recreation   I’m not going to judge the Spahn family for putting all these items up for sale as I don’t know the family or money situation but it’s still sad to see all of Spahn’s trophies and what he achieved in a great baseball life, viagra for recreation up for sale.

Viagra for recreation BRAVO! BRAVO! BRAVO! To the New York Mets for inducting Mike Piazza into the Mets Hall of Fame. Viagra for recreation Well deserved!

Viagra for recreation Enjoyed listening to Kevin Burkhardt on the play by play for yesterday’s game. Viagra for recreation The beauty of having Burkhardt on the broadcast team is he can move from a reporter’s role to play by play and mesh perfectly with Keith Hernandez or Ron Darling since the whole crew along with Gary Cohen has great chemistry. Viagra for recreation  

Viagra for recreation Next post will have the Mets report card!

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Listen to internet radio with Mike Silva on Blog Talk Radio

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Cialis 30 mg On this week’s Sports Media Watchdog Podcast Mike Silva and I discuss the recent Baseball Hall of Fame voting, cialis 30 mg the BCS Championship game, cialis 30 mg Brett Mussburger comments about Katherine Webb and the Carmelo Anthony – Kevin Garrnet smack talking

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Listen to internet radio with Ivie League Prod on Blog Talk Radio

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Viagra purchase This past Friday night the crew of Kult of Mets Personalities welcomed Matt Cerrone of MetsBlog and writer Jeff Pearlman to the podcast for some spirited debate on the results from the latest Baseball Hall of Fame vote

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Brand viagra Every day I sit down to write a post about the Mets and every day I just stare at the screen, brand viagra which is as blank as my mind. Brand viagra  At the end of another disappointing Mets season, brand viagra I felt this was going to be the off seasons of off seasons, brand viagra heads rolling down Roosevelt Avenue and more of a purge of the losers personality that has permeated the Mets clubhouse the last few seasons but so far, brand viagra other than David Wright committing to the club for the rest of his natural baseball life and R.A. Brand viagra Dickey getting exported to Canada, brand viagra this Mets off season has been more a fart in the wind than a lion’s roar in the jungle.

Brand viagra I can see how and why many Mets fans are totally pissed off and feel the team is tanking the 2013 season and I guess I am too but for some reason I’ve comes to terms that this Mets team as put together right now will not be very good as I am buying in to the plan set forth by the baseball operations unit of the team. Brand viagra There is a plan in place and it’s to get younger and not be reliant on building the team via free agency. Brand viagra The Mets are the only team that hasn’t signed a ML free agent. Brand viagra Some fans are annoyed by this but me? I’m totally fine with it. Brand viagra I advocated the pursuit of Cody Ross, brand viagra Shane Victorino and AJ Pierzynski but being that the supply of talent in the free agent market hasn’t met the demand those three players received more money and years than I ever thought they would.

Brand viagra No one can disagree that the outfielders on the Mets 40 man roster are less than major league caliber and I’m sure no one knows than better than Sandy Alderson and I’m sure Alderson will make some type of move to add at least one quality major league fly shagger before opening day.  So while we wait for that move to be made, brand viagra we can while away the time venting our outrage when we find out Mike Piazza has not been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame due to the ineptness of the Baseball Writers Association of McCarthyism.

Brand viagra Another distraction has been my monitoring of the other teams I root for. Brand viagra Last night was as bad of a night I’ve had as a fan since Adam Wainright broke off that nasty curve to Carlos Beltran. Brand viagra I wasn’t confident that Notre Dame was going to beat Alabama but never did I think they would tank like they did. Brand viagra There’s not much more to say about the game other than it was an embarrassment but one thing I will address is the amount of Catholic bashing that I saw in my Twitter timeline last night. Brand viagra It’s one thing to attack ND as an institution but when you use the hashtag #CatholicsSuck that’s just shows what kind of  person you are and most likely it’s not just Catholics you hate but figure it’s the one group you can vent your hatred about without repercussion.

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Viagra uk As a member of the Baseball Bloggers Alliance, viagra uk every year we cast our Hall of Fame ballot to compare our results with those of the Baseball Writers Association of America. Viagra uk  I’m pretty sure my ballot is a lot different from many in the BBWAA who enjoy going on witch hunts rather doing real honest to goodness research on the candidates. Viagra uk  Without further ado here is the ballot I just cast:

Viagra uk Mike Piazza

Viagra uk Only someone seeking attention would NOT cast a vote for Piazza, viagra uk and this is coming from someone who is not overly found of the former Mets catcher. Viagra uk But I won’t let that cloud my view that Piazza was not only the best hitting catcher of his era but he was one of the best right handed hitters as well. Viagra uk The majority of BBWAA members who vow not to vote for Piazza because the suspect he was a PED user, viagra uk even though they have no proof whatsoever except for their short attention minds, viagra uk the same short attention minds that feel playing Words with Friends in a big league press box is more fun than actually watching the game they are being paid to cover, viagra uk are just making ass’ of themselves.  Piazza is a without a doubt first ballot Hall of Famer.

Viagra uk Jeff Bagwell

Viagra uk Again no proof of being a juicer but the voters of the BBWAA get their rocks off snubbing him on the ballot. Viagra uk  His lifetime slashes of .297/.408/.540/.948 is certainly Hall worthy and when you add in the power (449 HR), viagra uk speed (202 SB and only 78 CS) and defense, viagra uk Bagwell was the total package as a ballplayer.

Viagra uk Craig Biggio

Viagra uk The other half of the Astros Killer B’s his 3, viagra uk060 hits makes him an automatic

Viagra uk Barry Bonds

Viagra uk All of the main streamers hate Bonds and will hold off voting for him due to PED’s even without proof (remember Bonds was guilty of perjury the only charge the government could get to stick and made sure the tax payers of California paid a lot of money that could have went to building schools or hospitals to convict Bonds) but they voted him the MVP 7 times including 4 times during the Era of Taint.

Viagra uk Roger Clemens

Viagra uk I’ve come from not giving a shit about who took PED’s to today where I feel the game is much better and more enjoyable than it was during the Steroid Era. Viagra uk I still don’t feel the players who took PED’s were cheaters since my definition of a cheater is someone who breaks the rules and at the time there were no rules in MLB or in the CBA that said use of PED’s by players were against the rules. Viagra uk Players have taken narcotics and stimulants since the beginning of baseball time to get an advantage same as when players corked bats or went for Lasik surgery to better their eye sight, viagra uk every athlete looks for an edge. Viagra uk Add in that the Steroid Era followed the cancelling of the second half of the 1994 season along with playoffs and World Series due to labor strife, viagra uk the game needed something to bring back disgruntled paying customers and I’m still not convinced it wasn’t a juiced ball as much as juiced players . Viagra uk Even before the Era of Taint, viagra uk Clemens was a Hall of Famer and with 354 Wins, viagra uk 4, viagra uk672 K and 7 Cy Young Awards, viagra uk even though I hate ya’ Roger I gotta respect ya!

Viagra uk Tim Raines

Viagra uk One of the most exciting and better players of his era Raines was right there with Andre Dawson and Gary Carter as the cog that ran the Montreal Expos of the 1980’s. Viagra uk Raines stole an amazing 808 bases and was caught just 146 times in his 23 year career and was an on base machine.

Viagra uk Allan Trammell

Viagra uk Trammell could always find a way to get on base or hit you a Home Run or steal a base while playing a stellar shortstop.

Viagra uk Jack Morris

Viagra uk Hey Bill Madden I saw Jack Morris play and he was damn good. Viagra uk If Morris were a Highlander for most of his career, viagra uk Madden would have pleaded with his fellow BBWAA members to get him Hall of Fame enshrinement.

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Paypal viagra WAKE UP THE ECHOS!!!!!!  Look who is number 1 in the nation!!!! Two more wins and the FIGHTIN’ IRISH will be National Champions!!!!! Hail Hail to Ol’ Notre Dame………………….  

Paypal viagra I was set to put up a post on Saturday but got caught up with tons of chores. Paypal viagra Same thing yesterday so I’ve had to save up all kinds on Mets minutia until today. Paypal viagra So without further ado:

Paypal viagra Belated happy birthday to The Franchise, paypal viagra Tom Seaver who turned 68 years old this past Saturday.  As I thought about Seaver when reminded it was his birthday, paypal viagra I thought what would be a great birthday gift for someone like Seaver who has just about everything a man could ask for a great family, paypal viagra a fabulous legacy as a New York sports icon, paypal viagra and a successful wine vineyard what else does he need? There is only one thing that Seaver doesn’t have that he richly deserves a statue outside of Citi Field.

Paypal viagra Every team has a venue to celebrate its past and its legendary players, paypal viagra unlike those teams who knew that a team museum was a necessary part of any new stadium project; the Mets had to be shamed into building a Mets Hall of Fame and Museum.   Let’s not dwell on the past inefficiencies of Citi Field as management, paypal viagra with plenty of prodding, paypal viagra have made some necessary changes to Citi Field to where it is starting to feel like a real home. Paypal viagra There is one piece though that is missing and it really is a terrible oversight that this hasn’t happen yet, paypal viagra a statue of Tom Seaver in his legendary pitching delivery, paypal viagra right knee with a dirt smudge, paypal viagra left leg extended, paypal viagra right hand cocked and ready and the ballet like follow through, paypal viagra the diagram for the perfect pitching mechanic. It wouldn’t just be a statue; it would be an exquisite work of baseball art.  The Seaver statue would look very nice just outside the Seaver Entrance to Citi Field but a more perfect place would be in the exact spot of “Seaver’s office” where the old Shea Stadium pitchers mound used to be.  

Paypal viagra The Mets will put a limited number of single game tickets on sale today starting at 10 AM along with special Holiday Pack ticket packages.

Paypal viagra Tomorrow starting at 11:30 AM Mets pitcher Matt Harvey will be joining other folks from the Mets organization in handing out hot meals to those residents of the Rockaways still devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Paypal viagra Harvey and the Mets contingent will be at the United Methodist Church 1032 Beach 19 St in Far Rockaway.    

Paypal viagra Memo to Sandy Alderson:

Paypal viagra Just sign R.A. Paypal viagra Dickey to a contract extension and put to rest all this trade talk. Paypal viagra I understand you are just doing your due diligence by putting Dickey’s name out there and see what the response is from your fellow GM’s but I’ve come to the conclusion there is no deal you can make that will bring back the value that Dickey gives this organization both on and off the field.  The Mets need R.A. Paypal viagra Dickey more than he needs the Mets as when his playing days are over there would be no better candidate to be the organization Czar of Pitching than Dickey. Paypal viagra Let’s think outside the box here and make a move that will be beneficial to the Mets today and in years to come by cutting the bullshit and sign up R.A. Paypal viagra Dickey to a contract extension by the end of this week.

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Cheapest prices on viagra I’m heading out to Citi Field today but before I enter the ballpark I will stop at the Seaver entrance for a moment of quite thought and reflection of the worst day in the history of the NY Mets, cheapest prices on viagra June 15th 1977 the day Tom Seaver was shipped off to Cincinnati by the Incubus , cheapest prices on viagra M. Cheapest prices on viagra Donald Grant and changed the fortunes of the Mets franchise. Cheapest prices on viagra  35 years have passed and I still get a pain in my gut over this awful event.

Cheapest prices on viagra On a much brighter note, cheapest prices on viagra today is also the anniversary of Keith Hernandez joining the Mets from the St Louis Cardinals and the 10th anniversary of the Mets-Highlanders and the first hook up of Piazza-Clemens since the infamous 2000 World Series bat tossing incident. Cheapest prices on viagra Mets fans waited in anticipation for pitcher Shawn Estes’ drilling of Clemens as he stepped to the plate, cheapest prices on viagra but to our disappointment Estes gave a half ass attempt and threw behind Clemens ample ass and not his chin, cheapest prices on viagra oh well, cheapest prices on viagra maybe a jury in D.C. Cheapest prices on viagra will gives us vindication.

Cheapest prices on viagra For this and other events that happened on this day check out Chris Jaffe’s column at The Hardball Times.

Cheapest prices on viagra Murray Chass is an ass. Cheapest prices on viagra Today, cheapest prices on viagra Meshuga Murray is back on the” Mike Piazza is a juicer bandwagon”. Cheapest prices on viagra Piazza is coming out with a book in February and Chass thinks Piazza is waiting for the results of the Hall of Fame vote to release his tome. Cheapest prices on viagra For this Chass is on the war path, cheapest prices on viagra campaigning for HOF voters to bypass Piazza on their ballot. Cheapest prices on viagra If Meshuga Murray has the goods on Piazza then why not let the world know? Maybe he’s saving it for a book?

Cheapest prices on viagra I have a correction for the Tuesday appearances by former Mets Art Shamsky and Ed Charles.  The Glider will be at the Citi Bank branch at 485 1st Ave in Manhattan (just off E 27 St) and Shamsky will be at the Citi Bank branch in Middle Village at 78-09 Metropolitan Ave. Cheapest prices on viagra Both players will be signing autographs and taking pictures with fans from 12 Noon to 1:30 PM.

Cheapest prices on viagra Isn’t it crazy how things work, cheapest prices on viagra for the next three days we have to root for the Highlanders as they head to D.C. Cheapest prices on viagra to take on the Nationals. Cheapest prices on viagra What can you say, cheapest prices on viagra that’s baseball Suzyn!

Cheapest prices on viagra  

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Viagra affiliate There is a segment of this fan base that really needs to stop listening to sports talk radio for your own good. Viagra affiliate There are too many of you that take the word of the gasbags on WFAN and WEPN as sports gospel. Viagra affiliate The biggest offender seem to be the wanna- be shock jock on WFAN in the early AM who threw out a line that a Mets “official” said the club was going to honor Chipper Jones during the Braves last visit to NYC. Viagra affiliate I guess the fact that the wanna- be shock jock’ partner, viagra affiliate the fair haired Norman Esiason has been taking days off here and there (maybe NFL Norman is trying to tell wanna- be shocks partner Norman that this morning gig is bad for you imagine and credibility) left the wanna-be shock with nothing to talk about since his scope of sports knowledge seems to be whatever is in the daily fish wraps and what he reads on blogs, viagra affiliate so with no partner to banter with he decided to join in on every media types favorite target of belittlement, viagra affiliate the NY Mets.

Viagra affiliate After it was broadcast over the biggest waste of 50, viagra affiliate000 watts in radio, viagra affiliate that the Mets were thinking about honoring Chipper Jones, viagra affiliate the lunatic fringe of Metsopotania flew into a Tweeting rage. Viagra affiliate If it weren’t for the fact that I’m a lifelong Mets fans I’d have laughed my ass off over the over reaction by some fans but instead I’m left shaking my head and letting out a great big “sigh”.

Viagra affiliate The Mets are not going to hold a “Larry Jones Night” at Citi Field. Viagra affiliate If anything they will have a short and sweet pre-game annoucemnt that no one will even see as it will be so far from game time you will still be on the Shake Shack line. Viagra affiliate The will give Jones a plaque and acknowledge his Hall of Fame career and wish him the best on his retirement. Viagra affiliate It will take you longer to decide what dipping sauce you want with your Box Frites Belgian fries.

Viagra affiliate Yes I understand that Jones was a one man wrecking crew against the Mets for his career but I also understand the he thoroughly enjoyed competing on the New York stage and he appreciates the rich history of New York baseball. Viagra affiliate  As I’ve mentioned many times, viagra affiliate he loved to interact with Mets fans and always found time to sign autographs. Viagra affiliate Ask David Wright about Jones and how he has helped Wright with encouragement or a batting tip here or there.

Viagra affiliate I guess if you haven’t been witness to Jones’ mingling with Mets fans all you would see is a guy who beat our brains in but if you’ve seen Jones up close at Shea or Citi dealing with Mets fans you know he’s a classy guy. Viagra affiliate The Mets are just acknowledging that class.

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Buy viagra now online I had the opportunity to sit down with the newest inductee to the New York Mets Hall of Fame, buy viagra now online John Franco, buy viagra now online before his appearance at the Citi Bank branch at Madison Ave and 42 Street in Manhattan. Buy viagra now online Franco was there to promote the Citi Mets ticket pre-sale which is available to all Citi credit and debit card holders. The pre-sale is ongoing until 11:59 PM tomorrow.

Buy viagra now online I’d like to that Marc Sausa of Citi bank and Danielle Parrillo and Shannon Forde of the Mets for setting me up with the opportunity to speak with Franco

Buy viagra now online Click here for my conversation with John Franco.

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Discount generic viagra I will be a guest on Mike Silva’s NY Baseball Digest Live radio show tonight on Blogtalk Radio, discount generic viagra talking Mets and John Franco’s Mets Hall of Fame induction.

Discount generic viagra  

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