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Viagra no prescription Yesterday the New York Mets announced that John Franco will be indicted into the team’s Hall of Fame this coming season with the pomp and circumstance commencing on June 3rd.

Viagra no prescription There has been much speculation this winter on who would be selected as the next honoree to the Mets HOF, viagra no prescription some folks feel Mike Piazza should have been named and of course he should but it looks like the Mets are waiting for his enshrinement into the Baseball Hall of Fame so they can throw a really big shindig with Mets HOF honors and a number retiring ceremony as well.

Viagra no prescription Franco gets the honor this season for many reasons, viagra no prescription he played 14 seasons with the Mets, viagra no prescription holds the record for most saves in franchise history and most importantly he’s a Wilpon loyalist. Viagra no prescription Franco holds a job with the club sort of like the Mets Ambassador to Public Functions, viagra no prescription in which he’s perfectly suited for. Viagra no prescription Late season, viagra no prescription he volunteered his services to mentor Bobby Parnell in finding his way to the craft of closing baseball games, viagra no prescription which if I were the pitching coach I would have strongly voiced my opposition to but it seems the front office didn’t have a problem with since it seems the GM really has no use for Parnell as we see with the addition of Jon Rauch and Frank Francisco which relegates to Parnell to fighting for a bullpen job. Viagra no prescription    

Viagra no prescription As I say, viagra no prescription I really don’t want to piss in the punch here on Franco’s honor of Mets Hall of Famer but in my opinion, viagra no prescription this year’s Mets Hall of Fame honoree should have been us, viagra no prescription the New York Mets Fan. Viagra no prescription  How great a ceremony would it be to honor the long suffering Mets fan? The team could have selected the longest tenure season ticket holder to accept the award in our behalf and then commission a plaque with a nice mosaic of Mets fans who may be the most diverse of all sports teams in this town. Viagra no prescription  What better way to celebrate 50 years of Mets baseball than honoring the folks who really are the heart and soul of the organization, viagra no prescription the Mets fan. Viagra no prescription Without us there is no NY Mets and in this upcoming season of apparent discontent, viagra no prescription what better way to show how much we mean to this organization but to honor is with a plaque in the Hall of Fame.

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Homemade viagra Chris Jaffe over at The Hardball Times has another stellar article up at that site this time chronicling the career of Roberto Alomar who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend.

Homemade viagra The highlights of the article are Alomar’s halcyon days as a Blue Jay and the dramatic fall his career took when he came to the Mets from the Indians.

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Buy cialis fedex shipping If the hot start by the NY Mets isn’t enough to get you to the Citi Field on Friday for opening day, buy cialis fedex shipping maybe the chance to cheer for the last of the original Mets broadcasting team, buy cialis fedex shipping and Hall of Fame player, buy cialis fedex shipping Ralph Kiner as he throws out the first pitch before the Mets-Nats game.

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Viagra how much I think we all need to take a big deep breath. Viagra how much This Skill Sets Cash Call has gotten the fan base acting like a bunch of blue and orange Chicken Little’s. Viagra how much  The skies of Flushing may look dark and ominous but it’s not falling. Viagra how much This may in fact, viagra how much be the best thing that could happen to the Mets.

Viagra how much There seems to be a misunderstanding in the fan base that thinks spending lots of money equals championships, viagra how much if that’s the case, viagra how much how come there are only two World Series trophy’s on display at the Mets Hall of Fame? No one was better at pissing away the Skill Sets cash than Omar Minaya but his administration had no structure or foresight  or the balls to tell Jeffey stay out the baseball operations way. Viagra how much The minor league system, viagra how much the life blood of any organization, viagra how much has been run about as well as Mayor Bloomberg’s snow removal system. Viagra how much The biggest indictment of the failure of the Mets system is the image still burned in my memory of Fernando Martinez in his first day as a major leaguer, viagra how much failing to run out a ball hit in front of home plate. Viagra how much At that point, viagra how much F-Mart should have been taken to La Guardia Airport and sent back to Buffalo and then the whole minor league system should have been bulldozed and built back from the ground up. Viagra how much It didn’t because there was no one in charge with balls or brains to fix it. Viagra how much Until now.

Viagra how much The best move in the last couple of days by the Mets (besides signing R.A. Viagra how much Dickey and Angel Pagan clearing the arbitration eligible list) was hearing Sandy Alderson in his straight shooter way, viagra how much talk to us like intelligent adults. Viagra how much There was no spin or sleight of hand like we’re used to, viagra how much there was a right between the eyes shot of reality (Adam Rubin’ transcript of the Alderson conference call is required reading for the Mets masses)

Viagra how much “First of all, viagra how much I want to emphasize that the plan that we have pursued the last couple of months was limited by only one fact, viagra how much and that was the level of the existing payroll. Viagra how much Our payroll going into the season will be somewhere between $140 million and $150 million. Viagra how much I think that is significantly higher than we’d like to be on an annual basis — a product of adding some additional players that we felt the roster needed as well as some existing commitments. Viagra how much The plan and the approach that I’ve taken over the last two months has not been affected at all by any other outside factors.

Viagra how much  

Viagra how much “From my standpoint, viagra how much when I took this position, viagra how much when I interviewed and took this position, viagra how much I was of course aware of the pre-existing involvement of the Wilpons and the Mets with Bernie Madoff. Viagra how much I wasn’t privy to all of the detail, viagra how much nor am I or most of us at this point privy to all that detail. Viagra how much And I wouldn’t expect to be. Viagra how much At the same time, viagra how much none of that has affected what I have done over the last two months. Viagra how much I don’t expect that it will have any impact on what I do over the next several months, viagra how much including into the 2012 offseason.”

Viagra how much Gone are the days of wasting money on has beens and underachievers as bench players just because they are your friends or are good at playing Hearts. Viagra how much Why give a 35 year old utility infielder $2mil when you can use a minor leaguer for $450K or a journeyman for a make good deal where performance equals a pay raise? We’re not used to such competence around here and I guess it takes time to understand, viagra how much there is spending money and there is spending money wisely.

Viagra how much Alderson also showed his leadership qualities by turning negative news into a positive when asked if he was worried about having the cash resources going forward:

Viagra how much No. Viagra how much I mean, viagra how much obviously there’s a certain level of ambiguity surrounding this news. Viagra how much But from my standpoint, viagra how much the facts are as they currently exist. Viagra how much And to some extent the decision to find a minority partner or some other source of recapitalizing the franchise is positive news from my standpoint. Viagra how much If there was an initial problem before, viagra how much that can only be positive from my standpoint.”

Viagra how much There seems to be a panic by a small group of Mets fans about the future of Jose Reyes and his tenure with the Mets. Viagra how much From hearing Alderson address this it will be Reyes performance and his contract demands that will dictate if he stays a Met for years to come. Viagra how much Ken Davidoff of Newsday has said of Pee Wee Cashman, viagra how much that he is “a stone cold killer” in the way he deal s with players as we’ve seen with Derek Jeter and the Rafael Soriano signing. Viagra how much I would say Alderson is a more of a calculated assassin. Viagra how much  Alderson will do what’s best for the Mets not Reyes and for that Mets should be grateful. Viagra how much  Alderson is not going to make the Mets a small market team he is going to make then a more efficient organization when it comes to handing out long term deals. Viagra how much  Anyone have a problem with that?

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Viagra online pharmacy usa There  has  been a lot of chatter over a piece that Jeff Pearlman wrote for CNN about tracking down a couple of guys who sent him some hate e-mail over a blog post he made about Jeff Bagwell not being Hall of Fame worthy. Viagra online pharmacy usa One of the e-mails was cloaked in deception as a civil response to Pealrman’s anti- Bagwell post but when Peralman opened the link he was struck with a pornographic image instead. Viagra online pharmacy usa What made it worse was he was sitting with his 7 year old daughter when he opened it.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Pearlman’ naiveté of opening a link sent by a stranger can be debated but what can’t be denied is that Pearlman went  all George Costanza on his ass. Viagra online pharmacy usa Remember when George was driving  Danny Tartabull to a PBS fund raiser when he thought another driver had given him and Tartabull the finger and chased the guy all the way upstate NY only to find the guys’ finger was in a cast? Well, viagra online pharmacy usa that sort of what Pearlman did.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Pearlman doesn’t reveal how he tracked these vile critics down but he did and when he confronted them on the phone, viagra online pharmacy usa they were shocked and I guess a bit scared that their cloak of anonymity was lifted.

Viagra online pharmacy usa When you write a blog you have to expect nasty and vile comments. Viagra online pharmacy usa On this site, viagra online pharmacy usa I’ve had commentators who have left some awful comments about me personally and some of my posts. Viagra online pharmacy usa If they are funny or creative I let them stand, viagra online pharmacy usa but if they are about someone else either a subject I’ve written about or another commentator I delete them. Viagra online pharmacy usa I can’t tell you how many racists and homophobic comments I’ve had to delete over the last few years. Viagra online pharmacy usa I won’t ever allow that here.

Viagra online pharmacy usa Now I wouldn’t go to the extreme that Pearlman did unless someone made a personal threat against me, viagra online pharmacy usa if that happened I’d probably got to the police with it as my ass kicking days are over. Viagra online pharmacy usa By the way Pearlman is all wrong about Bagwell, viagra online pharmacy usa the guys belongs in the Hall of Fame. Viagra online pharmacy usa If Jeff or anyone else thinks I’m wrong you know where to find me. Viagra online pharmacy usa I ain’t hiding.

Viagra online pharmacy usa The San Francisco Giants brought the 2010 World Series trophy to NYC this weekend. Viagra online pharmacy usa Greg Prince and Caryn Rose both got to lay eyes on the great baseball prize. Viagra online pharmacy usa As many long time readers here know, viagra online pharmacy usa my dad was a huge NY Giants fan and even when they left town he still rooted for them until 1962 when the Mets were born. Viagra online pharmacy usa Not only because it was a new NL team (There was never ever a thought of my dad becoming a Highlanders fan. Viagra online pharmacy usa You had a better chance of him saying the Queen of England was a pretty good gal than have him say anything nice about the Bronx Bastards)but by playing in the Polo Grounds, viagra online pharmacy usa he could now get back to his old stomping grounds. Viagra online pharmacy usa   So for all sons and daughters of old NY Giants fans I’d like to tip my Mets cap to Bill Neukom for not forgetting the franchises roots.

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Buy online pharmacy viagra Roberto Alomar had one of the more bizarre tenures as a NY Met. Buy online pharmacy viagra How did a now Hall of Fame player, buy online pharmacy viagra go from hitting .336/.415/.541 with 30 stolen bases and 100 RBI along with 113 runs scored topped off with 66 xbh along with an All Star appearance, buy online pharmacy viagra Gold Glove Award and a fourth place finish in the MVP vote in 2001, buy online pharmacy viagra become a underachieving malingering  pariah as a NY Met in 2002?

Buy online pharmacy viagra Talk about your unsolved mysteries. Buy online pharmacy viagra Alomar just could not find comfort in Queens. Buy online pharmacy viagra He never fit in with the Mets. Buy online pharmacy viagra Maybe it was going from a first place Indians team to a losing situation with the Mets? Maybe all the baggage that Alomar checked in with at Shea Stadium, buy online pharmacy viagra the Hrishbeck spitting saga which weighed on him considerably and the constant meddling of fans and media about his sexual preference led to his down fall with the Mets, buy online pharmacy viagra I don’t know but I do know that he was one of the most hated Mets of all time.

Buy online pharmacy viagra When the deal was made though, buy online pharmacy viagra we Mets fans were a giddy bunch even praising Smarmy Steve Phillips for obtaining a talent of Alomar’s caliber but we didn’t get the 2001 Roberto Alomar, buy online pharmacy viagra instead we received a cheap knock off. Buy online pharmacy viagra It sure was a bad time to come to Mets as a “savior” or a difference maker and not produce and also come off as a malcontent. Buy online pharmacy viagra The club came off a great 2000 by winning the NL Penannt but losing to the Highlanders in the World Series. Buy online pharmacy viagra In 2001 the Mets got off to an awful start but rebounded in the second half of the season with a 44-29 recorded but the club faltered down the stretch and most folks didn’t care at that point as we all dealt with the attack on September 11th. Buy online pharmacy viagra  So on December 11th of 2001 when it was announced that the Mets had made a deal with the Indians for Alomar, buy online pharmacy viagra it brought hope to Mets fans that this move would get the team back into a post season berth. Buy online pharmacy viagra No need for revisionist history of the failure all around the organization during this time but Roberto Alomar was the guy who took the bulk of the beating from Mets fans, buy online pharmacy viagra venting their frustration with boos and cat calls until he was mercifully dealt to the Chicago White Sox in 2003.

Buy online pharmacy viagra In a story in the NY Times the day after he was dealt to the White Sox, buy online pharmacy viagra some evidence of Alomar’s unhappiness came out:

Buy online pharmacy viagra Exactly why Alomar was not himself in 222 games with the Mets will seemingly remain a mystery. Buy online pharmacy viagra Alomar said in a conference call with reporters yesterday that he liked New York, buy online pharmacy viagra and he made sure to add that he had great teammates.

Buy online pharmacy viagra He did not sound as if he could cope with the malaise that came from losing, buy online pharmacy viagra and the Mets lost 20 more games than they won while he was here.

Buy online pharmacy viagra ”The team, buy online pharmacy viagra maybe, buy online pharmacy viagra I didn’t really feel comfortable with the situation, buy online pharmacy viagra” said Alomar, buy online pharmacy viagra who batted .265 with the Mets, buy online pharmacy viagra far below his career average of .302. Buy online pharmacy viagra ”Sometimes, buy online pharmacy viagra teams don’t work for you. Buy online pharmacy viagra I think the New York Mets weren’t the right team for me.”    

Buy online pharmacy viagra When Alomar went to the South Side of Chicago, buy online pharmacy viagra guess who greeted him as skipper of the Pale Hose, buy online pharmacy viagra the Gangsta’ himself:

Buy online pharmacy viagra There was not much doubt even at the start of the regular season that Alomar would be the Mets’ second baseman, buy online pharmacy viagra but the team began to founder, buy online pharmacy viagra and Alomar became a target of the fans, buy online pharmacy viagra who thought he was not playing hard enough.

Buy online pharmacy viagra  ”I’ve seen a lot of players have a tough time in New York, buy online pharmacy viagra” Jerry Manuel, buy online pharmacy viagra the manager of the White Sox, buy online pharmacy viagra said in Chicago last night before his team beat Minnesota. Buy online pharmacy viagra ”New York is a tough place to play.”

Buy online pharmacy viagra Tough place to play, buy online pharmacy viagra tough place to be a manager too.

Buy online pharmacy viagra I’ll say this for Alomar with all the scandal that has followed him since leaving New York; his induction speech should be riveting.

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Buy viagra Join me tonight at 11PM ET as I host Baseball Bloggers Alliance- Baseball Talk on Blog Talk Radio. Buy viagra My guest will be Bill Baer of Crashburn Alley. Buy viagra Bill and I will discuss the Philadelphia Phillies off season and look at who will be the Phillies chief competition in the NL East.

Buy viagra We will also discuss the upcoming results of the Hall of Fame voting as we talk about who we voted and did not vote for in the latest BBA Hall of Fame Election.

Buy viagra If you can’t join is live, buy viagra then check out the podcast on our show page on Blog Talk Radio.

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Buy discount viagra Well the honeymoon between me and the Mets have hit its first rocky spot. Buy discount viagra  I don’t know whose ideas this was but it was beyond bad.  Instead of making lame video’s mocking BREAKING NEWS on SNY (please Kevin Burkhardt, buy discount viagra tell me there was a rifle pointed at you as the reason you agreed to do this commercial) how about lowering the price of tickets and making some different ticket packages with decent discounts as a way to sell tickets. Buy discount viagra Oh even better , buy discount viagra show a video of construction workers taking out the seats behind the plate that no one sits in and replacing them with a nice hard plastic seat, buy discount viagra the kind YOUR REAL FAN BASE likes to park it’s ass in.

Buy discount viagra 2yrs/$8mil for Pedro Feliciano? Congrats to you Perpetual Pedro for committing that heist. Buy discount viagra  Pee Wee Cashman has been exposed so far this off season, buy discount viagra proving his can only strength as a GM is throwing stupid money at players. Buy discount viagra If I’m Andy Petitte, buy discount viagra I ask for $30 Mil and a private plane that brings me home after my start and back again a day before my next one , buy discount viagra odds are Pee Wee will give in.

Buy discount viagra

Buy discount viagra I can’t believe I didn’t mention this week that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame finally got two things right. Buy discount viagra First, buy discount viagra they finally voted Darlene Love into the Hall, buy discount viagra an honor that was waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy overdue, buy discount viagra then they denied Bon Jovi induction honors. Buy discount viagra That dreck that Bon Jovi spews is NOT Rock and Roll.

Buy discount viagra R.I.P. Buy discount viagra Don Van Vilet a/k/a Captain Beefheart

Buy discount viagra Let’s hope that Ollie Perez keeps up his sucky ways and gets his overdue release.

Buy discount viagra Can we please close the chapter of the Omar Minaya era. Buy discount viagra There is no need to give him a job in the organization just cut the check. Buy discount viagra The new administration talks about not being hamstrung in releasing people who are owed money, buy discount viagra so prove it Omar, buy discount viagra OP and Castillo need to go.

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Levitra vs viagra Tonight at 11PM ET on Blog Talk Radio, levitra vs viagra I will be hosting the BASEBALL BLOGGERS ALLIANCE BASEBALL TALK RADIO SHOW on Blog Talk Radio.

Levitra vs viagra My guest will be Stephen Jordan of Past Time Post and Bill Ivie of I70 Baseball. Levitra vs viagra We will be discussing the Vetrans Committe and the Hall of Fame vote and the out look for both the KC Royals and the St. Levitra vs viagra Louis Cardinals

Levitra vs viagra If you can’t join us live them check out our show page on Blog Talk Radio and also at the BBA site.

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Canada meds viagra Doesn’t 2006 seem like eon’s ago? Think about it, canada meds viagra just four years ago the NY Mets were the NL East Champs and we Mets fans felt this was the beginning of a long prosperous run. Canada meds viagra Boy, canada meds viagra were we wrong. Canada meds viagra Somehow, canada meds viagra someway the organization has lost its focus and in turn has lost the trust of the fan base. Canada meds viagra As much as I enjoyed watching the Mets Hall of Fame induction ceremonies yesterday and the fact that the HOF and museum at Citi Field is exceptional and no one loves the history of this franchise more than I do, canada meds viagra but it’s time to put that energy of bringing back the past, canada meds viagra and move it towards building a solid organization for the future.

Canada meds viagra Quite frankly, canada meds viagra I couldn’t care less who the next Mets HOF inductee will be and whose number could or should be retired or what kind of promotional days should be added to the schedule. Canada meds viagra I want the focus of ownership to be on building a minor league system that is the envy of baseball. Canada meds viagra I want the ownership to prove to me their not destitute by going over slot on draft picks they believe are worthy of such a contract. Canada meds viagra I want ownership to bring in the best and brightest executives in baseball to run this team and turn it into a perennial pennant contender. Canada meds viagra I want ownership to get rid of the deadwood on the roster.

Canada meds viagra I’ll be back at Citi Field a few more times this summer because I’m an addicted to the Mets and to baseball (Wednesday I went to Mets-Cards, canada meds viagra Friday I was at SI Highlanders-Connecticut Tigers, canada meds viagra tonight I’m going to Brooklyn Cyclones-Hudson Valley Renegades, canada meds viagra Wednesday morning I leave for 10 days on Cape Cod just in time for the Cape Cod League Playoffs. Canada meds viagra If the Red Sox were home there would be a side trip to Boston for a game at Fenway as well oh yeah this on top of coaching baseball from the end of March to the end of July ) but guys like me are few and far between. Canada meds viagra It’s time for the Skill Sets to get their house in order and change the culture of this organization fast, canada meds viagra this will be the most important off season in Flushing since the Wilpon/Doubleday ownership take over. Canada meds viagra The Skill Sets have to see a change of philosophy is needed. Canada meds viagra They can’t be that ignorant can they? Can they?

Canada meds viagra James Kannengieser at Amazin Avenue has his Five Ways to Improve The Mets and I’m sure we all agree on these each of them. Canada meds viagra What I can’t understand is this, canada meds viagra when it comes to Toxic Ollie and The Late Luis Castillo what is the justification from ownership for not cutting both of them loose? Isn’t there anyone in these organizational meeting with a pair of balls to stand up and tell Jeffey Skill Sets it’s time to put the team ahead of the ledger sheet? Does Jeffey understand how much respect he would gain from the fan base if he came out and did a mass release of Perez, canada meds viagra Castillo, canada meds viagra Francoeur and Cora? Then tell the fans this is just the beginning of the organizational purge. Canada meds viagra Ah who am I kidding Jeffey Skill Sets is fucking gutless.

Canada meds viagra The Mets Police is now The A’s Police. Canada meds viagra Back in the mid 70’s when the Mets were awful, canada meds viagra I was infatuated with the Cincinnati Reds Big Red Machine. Canada meds viagra I even subscribed the Reds Alert which was a weekly fan mag. Canada meds viagra So now through the great MLB Extra Innings package, canada meds viagra I’ve been watching the Reds as they fight the Cardinals for the top spot in the NL Central. Canada meds viagra Maybe I’ll change this site into the Ed Armbrister Society. 

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