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Buy real cialis I’m having some major computer issues today so that’s why this post is sooooooo late. Buy real cialis I’m internet (as I posted on Twitter) was as slow as Ramon Castro going first to third and has surpassed Mo Vaughn after lunch slow to Bengi Molina slow so that’s why I’m shutting everything down and going out to hang out with James Gandolfini and Steve Shrippa out here in TriBeca. 

Buy real cialis Before I write about the Mets today a word or two on Lawrence Taylor. Buy real cialis What happened yesterday with  LT is a major kick in the nuts to all NY Giants fans of my generation. Buy real cialis Taylor was not just the greatest Giants player of all time but arguably one of if not the greatest football player to ever approach the line of scrimmage. Buy real cialis I don’t know if he was set up by the girls pimp or what the whole story is with this girl who was portrayed as a runaway and now from reading the news stories this morning, buy real cialis had a falling out with her family and removed from her home to live with an uncle, buy real cialis it’s such a sordid affair and a story that will just grow as more information comes out. Buy real cialis But with all that the fact that the girl was 16 will be what sends LT to the slammer and if he did have sex with this girl, buy real cialis who allegedly was sent to LT against her will and was beat up by the pimp before hooking up with Taylor, buy real cialis then LT should go to prison for a long time.

Buy real cialis I’m not throwing my 56 jersey in the trash just yet. Buy real cialis I’m holding out hope that this was a frame job and that may be naive of me but LT is in my pantheon of New York sports legends so he gets the benefit of the doubt right now.

Buy real cialis The Hall Of The Very Good has a Q & A with ex-Met and Hall of Famer, buy real cialis Gary Carter. Buy real cialis An interesting exchange in this post is Carter’ take on Tim Raines making the Hall of Fame:

Buy real cialis HOVG: This July, buy real cialis you’ll be on that stage in Cooperstown when “The Hawk” finally makes his way to Cooperstown. Buy real cialis How long until Raines gets his call?

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Buy real cialis CARTER: It may be a long time or maybe never. Buy real cialis He has good numbers but that is a tough call.

Buy real cialis Interesting to say the least

Buy real cialis The Mets Police has a couple of interesting items today one is a photo of $iti Field with the walls painted Mets blue and the old skyline that was above the (bow heads) Shea Stadium scoreboard and is now above the Shake Shack and Blue Smoke incorporated into the new scoreboard. Buy real cialis This looks fabulous, buy real cialis absolutely fabulous. Buy real cialis Then Mets Police Chief Shannon Shark brings up an interesting argument, buy real cialis should the Mets wear either their Los Mets or a roadie made up with Nueva York when the go to Puerto Rico to play the Fish and then wear them to Phoenix when they play the Snakes ? As Shannon says I don’t want to start a political shit storm here, buy real cialis but I’m sure long time readers can figure out where I stand on the law passed in Arizona, buy real cialis I would definitely vote to wear Nueva York jersey’s as they make more sense than Los Mets.

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Sildenafil citrate omnigen If you needed any more evidence on why Omar Minaya needs to be relieved of his duties as VP/GM of the New York Mets, sildenafil citrate omnigen look no further than the Gary Sheffield  situation from yesterday and I guess I see what most of you anti-Omar guys have seen, sildenafil citrate omnigen he hasn’t a clue on how to run a baseball team. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Minaya may be a very good talent evaluator but as an executive and a spokesman for the flagship team of the National League is a big failure.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen The knee jerk reaction from fans is that Sheff is an ingrate and should kiss the ground that $iti Field was built on that the Mets took him in but the reality is both sides needed each other.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Sure Sheffield, sildenafil citrate omnigen no matter what, sildenafil citrate omnigen was going to paid $14 mil bucks whether he played baseball this season or watched on TV from a hammock at his Tampa estate but take into consideration that Sheff is a border line Hall of Famer and one of the top players of his era and as much as cashing checks would soothe the hurt of being dumped by the Tigers it was still an embarrassment to be told “we will pay you NOT to play” Not only was his pride and ego bruised he was told “you stink, sildenafil citrate omnigen get lost”

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Now along come the Mets who sign Sheffield to a bargain price of $440K and most fans thought “oh shit, sildenafil citrate omnigen here he comes the malcontent he’s going to mess the chemistry of the team” and all he did was be the consummate pro. Sildenafil citrate omnigen He played through hurting legs when the team was short of sluggers he went out and played a better than average left field. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Sheffield produced more than anyone could have hope for. Sildenafil citrate omnigen So with the Mets clearly out of contention the logical move would be to put him on waivers, sildenafil citrate omnigen see who bites and if someone does, sildenafil citrate omnigen

Sildenafil citrate omnigen make a deal. Sildenafil citrate omnigen General Managing 101. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Minaya got two bites, sildenafil citrate omnigen the Giants and allegedly the Marlins. Sildenafil citrate omnigen The Giants were ready to deal but if the reports are true Minaya asked for a top prospect for Sheff. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Now we don’t know who he asked Brian Sabean for but Omar could not a cajones to ask for LHP Madison Bumgrner or C Buster Poesy but I would think any prospect would be fine return for Sheff plus you’d be rewarding Sheffield for his service when it was needed the most by the Mets.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen But of course, sildenafil citrate omnigen Omar couldn’t get it done. Sildenafil citrate omnigen It seems that sums up the last three years of Omar’s reign as GM “Couldn’t get it done” It’s a lot easier to throw millions of dollars at players even fans with a rudimentary knowledge of baseball know who the super stars are but it takes a real savvy GM to deal off the Gary Sheffield’s and bring back a youngster with upside.

Sildenafil citrate omnigen Hopefully Minaya won’t screw over Billy Wagner now that Wags has proven to the baseball world he is of sound elbow and body. Sildenafil citrate omnigen Wagner’s hard work should be rewarded and not wasted in this embarrassing organization.

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With 21 days until pitchers and catchers open the gates at St. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery Lonesome, buy generic cialis expressdelivery FINALLY, buy generic cialis expressdelivery there is some Mets news:


Last night on Pro Baseball Central Joe McDonald and I got into a spirited conversation that started out as a positions by position comparison of the Mets and Phillies and then morphed into a debate of whether Carlos Delgado is a Hall of Famer. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery Joe says “Yes of course” and I say “No way”


Am I the only one reading the words of Jeffey Skill Sets as a cryptic message that Manny could be a Met? I’ve seen where Omar has soured on Manny about how he acted in Boston last year but I have to think that Scott Boras is on the phone right now with Omar to talk Manny.  Am I just getting my hopes up? Am I just so delusional that I’m holding out hope? Maybe but unlike when Cliff Floyd played under the Art Howe reign of error I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel.


I’m happy with the Freddy Garcia signing and I hope he makes his $9mil which he would get if he meets all the incentives in his minor league deal.


Great story on D Wright in the NY Daily News and I like this statement by Wright:


Wright is ready to be more vocal in team meetings – he says he started to feel right about speaking up only last year – and active in uniting the factions of a diverse clubhouse.


“I try to reach out to the free agents we sign, buy generic cialis expressdelivery and the players we trade for, buy generic cialis expressdelivery” he says. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery “When young players come up, buy generic cialis expressdelivery I will try to steer them toward doing things the proper way. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery . Buy generic cialis expressdelivery . Buy generic cialis expressdelivery . Buy generic cialis expressdelivery I grew up in a military town, buy generic cialis expressdelivery where there is a ton of diversity, buy generic cialis expressdelivery so I’m used to talking to different people. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery I’m getting more confident in that as the years go by.”


It’s time for Wright to take over the team, buy generic cialis expressdelivery there is no need to name him Captain-it should be accepted already in the clubhouse- but J-Man should just let it known that Wright is THE MAN. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery This is why I’m still holding out hope on Manny as a Met because Wright has made it known he is on board with Manny.


Then there was this little nugget that needs some clarification:


While he worked, buy generic cialis expressdelivery Wright was the subject of much scrutiny and criticism. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery He says that none of the post-collapse chatter affected him as much as his own disgust.


“Nobody enjoys hearing they should be traded, buy generic cialis expressdelivery” he says, buy generic cialis expressdelivery shrugging. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery “You never want to be disliked, buy generic cialis expressdelivery but I understand that with the position I’m in, buy generic cialis expressdelivery in the market I’m in, buy generic cialis expressdelivery it’s not going to be happy-go-lucky all the time, buy generic cialis expressdelivery like it was it ’06. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery You have to take the bad with the good.”



I know of no Mets fan that ever said D-Wright should be traded and I know some of the Shea disdidents have booed Wright which is ignorant but Wright has to know that the only person in this town that even utter the word trade with Wright’s name was the mid day blow hard in Astoria and no one gives a rats ass about his opinion when it comes to the Mets.


Are the Phillies serious about this?


The site Amazin’ Avenue has a great post of Mets on the cover of Sports Illustrated from 1962-1985. Buy generic cialis expressdelivery WOW brings back memories.





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