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Online doctor viagra Mets GM Sandy Alderson was on with Mike Francesa yesterday to answer some questions about where the 2013 Mets currently stand. Online doctor viagra The team stands in the same spot as it stood since the R.A. Online doctor viagra Dickey deal, online doctor viagra stalled. Online doctor viagra The picture Alderson gave of this upcoming Mets team was not very rosy but seriously what did you expect?  Some of you in the fan base love having smoke blown up your ass, online doctor viagra all you want to hear is positives and unfortunately for you the GM is not the smoke blowin’ type. Online doctor viagra Others are shocked; SHOCKED when the Alderson is candid and tells you the truth, online doctor viagra that the outfield is not one he wants to put on the field and that he is having a hard time constructing a bullpen that doesn’t contend for the worst in baseball. Online doctor viagra He also is on the level when he tells you there isn’t much out there in either trade or free agency that would make a whole helluva lot of difference so why just spend precious Skill Sets Bucks to prove that he has precious Sill Sets Bucks to spend.

Online doctor viagra Let’s look at some of the highlights from Alderson’ call with ’ ZAUN:

Online doctor viagra On what his ball club looks like right now and how he’ll improve it going forward Alderson said:

Online doctor viagra Well I’d say right now it’s an incomplete. Online doctor viagra But there’s still time in the semester, online doctor viagra to give an educational metaphor. Online doctor viagra We’ve been watching the market, online doctor viagra we know what’s available, online doctor viagra we’ve known what’s available. Online doctor viagra We reconvene and review periodically, online doctor viagra meaning every couple of days. Online doctor viagra There are a number of things that we’re currently involved in pursuing. Online doctor viagra But we’re hopeful we’ll have some additions before spring training starts, online doctor viagra and I expect that we will have some additions, online doctor viagra but at this point to say we’ve been patient is probably an understatement but that’s what we’ve been.

Online doctor viagra I get the idea that Alderson would have loved to have made further renovations to this roster but the over value of many of this year’s uninspiring free agent class and unreasonable trade options have hinder that plan. Online doctor viagra  Would Alderson like to trade for Justin Upton? Sure. Online doctor viagra Would he deal away Zack Wheeler for him? Hell no. Online doctor viagra Would he like to bring in a veteran outfielder? Of course. Online doctor viagra But  would he go 3years/$39mil (Shane Victorino to the Red Sox) or even 3 years/$26 mil (Cody Ross to the D’Backs) ? Nope, online doctor viagra and if he did you know you’d scream holy hell.

Online doctor viagra On Travis d’Arnaud making the club’s opening day roster:

Online doctor viagra Yeah, online doctor viagra I think it would be unfair given his situation, online doctor viagra the level of his development to say, online doctor viagra look, online doctor viagra he can’t make the team out of spring training, online doctor viagra but we had a somewhat open situation with Matt Harvey last year, online doctor viagra too, online doctor viagra and he had a fairly good spring training, online doctor viagra and yet he opened the season at the minor league level. Online doctor viagra I just don’t want to rule anything out. Online doctor viagra At the same time, online doctor viagra I don’t want to create false expectations on the part of our fans or any sense of pressure on Travis himself. Online doctor viagra But look, online doctor viagra he hasn’t played since last June, online doctor viagra he was out all the second half of last season with the knee injury. Online doctor viagra He would have been in the big leagues last year had he not been injured. Online doctor viagra Had he not been injured and played last year, online doctor viagra I doubt he would have been available to us in a trade. Online doctor viagra So you take the good with the bad. Online doctor viagra But as far as Opening Day is concerned, online doctor viagra he could be with us, online doctor viagra but we do have a very capable veteran in John Buck as well. Online doctor viagra      

Online doctor viagra Ok now Alderson is blowing smoke up your ass. Online doctor viagra d’Arnaud only breaks camp with the team if Buck gets hurt, online doctor viagra otherwise his arbitrational clock is more important than early season big league at bats. Online doctor viagra Last season’s knee injury and lack of playing in the second half of last season will come in handy to justify this decision.

Online doctor viagra The next topic to come up from ‘ZAUN was the outfield:

Online doctor viagra Well, online doctor viagra the outfield is not a strength at this point, online doctor viagra there’s no question about that. Online doctor viagra There’s a need for an upgrade at almost every one of those positions. Online doctor viagra Some of it could come internally. Online doctor viagra We may see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively.

Online doctor viagra Or we may not see Lucas Duda substantially improve defensively and offensively. Online doctor viagra Duda is a liability in the outfield and would be a perfect DH if he could…you…know….HIT! Is it me or does Duda also strike you as a guy you makes playing baseball a chore?

Online doctor viagra Alderson then laid out what the outfield could look like on opening day:

Online doctor viagra We’re looking at him(Duda) in left. Online doctor viagra Center field right now is probably [Kirk] Nieuwenhuis and a player we obtained from the A’s, online doctor viagra Colin Cowgill, online doctor viagra who I think will be an interesting player to watch in spring training.

Online doctor viagra Ah yes Colin Cowgill. Online doctor viagra I too am interested in seeing Cowgill play as he looks to be the player that Mets have been waiting for the Alderson regime to bring in, online doctor viagra the under the radar AAA to AAAA player who gets a chance to play regularly and makes an a strong contribution. Online doctor viagra  From looking at Cowgill’s minor league numbers he’s shown the ability to get on base, online doctor viagra to steal a base and not get caught hit with a bit of power and his defense is a major plus and he bats right handed. Online doctor viagra Cowgill is an upgrade over Scott Hairstion and speaking of Scott Hairstion he is the exchange between ‘Zaun (‘Zaun is a play on the name of Francesa’s show Mike’s On but when the singers of his theme song make it sound like “MIKE ZAUN”) and Alderson:

Online doctor viagra  Francesa: You expect to have a Hairston back or another player in the mix before the season starts?

Online doctor viagra Alderson: Oh, online doctor viagra we’re working on it. Online doctor viagra Yeah. Online doctor viagra And I think there’s been speculation about Scott. Online doctor viagra I think that…

Online doctor viagra Francesa: That he asked for too much money…

Online doctor viagra Alderson: You know, online doctor viagra money’s always an issue and I wouldn’t deny that, online doctor viagra but it’s also a question of playing time and he wants to play — we understand that — and one of the things that exists for us right now, online doctor viagra the dynamic is, online doctor viagra that in order for us to sign Scott we want to be able to commit a certain amount of playing time. Online doctor viagra This is where you balance two or three things going on at the same time. Online doctor viagra If one or two other things were to happen, online doctor viagra it might affect his playing time. Online doctor viagra So it’s not just about the money, online doctor viagra it’s also about playing time and what we can readily commit to Scott.

Online doctor viagra Francesa: You want to see what you can pull off before you commit to him?

Online doctor viagra Alderson: [Pause] … Uhh, online doctor viagra yeah.

Online doctor viagra Francesa: Okay, online doctor viagra that’s fair. Online doctor viagra I think that’s fair. Online doctor viagra I mean, online doctor viagra it is fair. Online doctor viagra I mean, online doctor viagra so it’s not a case of it just being a price, online doctor viagra it’s also a situation of a couple other things actually can still happen or not.

Online doctor viagra Alderson: Yeah, online doctor viagra absolutely. Online doctor viagra       

Online doctor viagra Trying to read between the lines here, online doctor viagra it seems Alderson is waiting and hoping that some GM out there (Kevin Towers) panics and will trade from an over stocked outfield for some fringe prospects. Online doctor viagra   It goes back to the Upton talk I think Alderson believes he still has a shot at Upton and at his price but it’s going to take some more time and some more patience’s to pull it off. Online doctor viagra Even if it’s not Upton he gets it, online doctor viagra seems before he commits those precious Skill Sets Bucks to Hairston, online doctor viagra he leaves no options uncovered. Online doctor viagra No one is giving Scott Hairston 2ys/$8mil.

Online doctor viagra Alderson goes on in the rest of the interview to talk about how he sees both Johan Santana and Dillon Gee bouncing back from injury, online doctor viagra how he hopes the younger bullpen arms he has will make an impact, online doctor viagra how he has an eye on 2014 but his ‘dominant eye” is on 2013, online doctor viagra and how he’s not happy with the way the Mets have finished that lase few seasons.

Online doctor viagra Big tip of the Mets cap to Amazin’ Avenue and Eric Simon and Steve Flanagan who posted a transcript of Francesa and Alderson’s conversation. Online doctor viagra Great job guys !  

Online doctor viagra  

Online doctor viagra  

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Cialis iop This whole changing of the walls at Citi Field has me a bit perplexed to a point of being a bit pissed off. Cialis iop While I agree with lowering the height of the outfield walls to eight feet, cialis iop which they should have been when the park was first built, cialis iop it seems the lowering of the walls and bringing them in a bit closer to home plate is because some of the Mets starting eight have been traumatized by the outfield dimensions. Cialis iop According to Pitching Coach Old School Warthen, cialis iop his pitchers “got a bit lazy” due to the vast pasture of the Citi Field outfield that they had a hard time pitching in a place like Citizen’s Bank or even the Mall of The South Bronx.  What all this tells me is this team collectively is mentally weak and the pitching coach has no idea how to do his job.

Cialis iop I’ve always been a card carrying member of the David Wright Fan Club but his constant crying about the Citi Field dimensions have me wondering if I want to renew my membership. Cialis iop Same with Jason Bay, cialis iop I was never a fan of his as his signing was just another example of the damage Omar Minaya and Jeffey Skill Sets did to this organization. Cialis iop So now that the fences have been moved in and the walls lowered (I guess it is perfectly clear now that Citi Field was badly planed and put together between the skyscraper outfield walls, cialis iop the lack of a Mets-eccentric feel and the whole homage to the Brooklyn Dodgers that was met with Mets fans ire) there should be no excuse for Wright and Bay to not have monster seasons in 2012. Cialis iop Right? Wright?

Cialis iop As for Warthen his quote :

Cialis iop “We got into being a little bit mentally lazy and overly secure. Cialis iop … I think that caused a lot of the homers this year. Cialis iop I really do. Cialis iop …[The new dimensions] will help us focus and concentrate and not be so ready to go out there and throw a fastball away and hope they hit it to center field.”

Cialis iop As the pitching coach shouldn’t you have nipped this problem in the bud ? By saying this out loud didn’t you realize that you are just feeding into the frenzy of many Mets fans (this one included) that you have no clue on how to fix this staff and should have been relieved of your duties this off season? It’s quotes like this that make me wonder if it’s Warthen fault that Bobby Parnell, cialis iop he of the Howitzer arm, cialis iop had no clue on how to pitch? Same with Mike Pelfrey. Cialis iop Pelf has talent and his a big strong workhorse of a pitcher is that Old School can’t or doesn’t know how to tap into what it takes to make both pitchers the dominate arms we feel they can be?

Cialis iop Jeffey Skill Sets says, cialis iop not to worry about whom and when these minority shareholders of the Mets come on board. Cialis iop Besides it’s none of your business:

Cialis iop “Some of the people don’t want to be public, cialis iop” Wilpon said. Cialis iop “Some of the people might never be public. Cialis iop I don’t think anybody knows all the minority shareholders in each of the other teams. Cialis iop Do you know all the minority shareholders in Atlanta or Kansas City or St. Cialis iop Louis, cialis iop Cincinnati, cialis iop the Yankees? It’s just not widely known.”

Cialis iop Do I care who holds a minority share in the Braves, cialis iop Royals, cialis iop Cardinals or the Bronx Bastards? No, cialis iop because I don’t root or spend my money on tickets and merchandise on those teams but I do on the Mets. Cialis iop See I want to know as a Mets fan/customer what financial resources the team has to improve the product they are selling to me and my fellow Mets fans. Cialis iop I’m not going to pay Broadway prices for a high school production. Cialis iop  This is just another example of this ownership having not a clue of how to treat or connect with its fan base.

Cialis iop I’ve never been a big fan of Halloween maybe it was because the neighborhood I grew up in was more about ducking flying eggs or avoiding getting jumped by guys with socks full of chalk (usually pulling a knife on the sock hopper curtailed those attacks) than collecting candy but Ed “Rusty Jr.” Marcus went to a Mets Halloween Party last night and saw some interesting costumes. Cialis iop Oh and by the way Ed, cialis iop the image of you in KISS makeup is disturbing.

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Overseas viagra Only 23 days until pitchers and catchers

Overseas viagra

Overseas viagra So the Oakland A’s have made a competitive offer to Ben Sheets and want and answer not later than tomorrow. Overseas viagra Okay, overseas viagra what is a competitive offer and how many competitors are in this race? From all the innuendo we’ve heard on Sheets, overseas viagra the Mets, overseas viagra A’s and Texas Rangers are in the loop. Overseas viagra Rumor is Sheets’ management is looking for an $8 mil base plus incentives for this year and an option for 2011. Overseas viagra Now as much as I would love to have Ben Sheets on the Mets, overseas viagra but $8mil for a pitcher who could be a either a stud or a cripple is a tough decision to make. Overseas viagra But then again the Mets did give Alex Cora $2mil bucks to be a leader on the bench.

Overseas viagra I can not see any way that the A’s would give Sheets $8 mil even the Rangers, overseas viagra as they go through a transition of ownership, overseas viagra would have a hard time paying that kind of coin.

Overseas viagra If I’m the Mets I call Sheets’ agent and offer $6mil guarantee with incentives that could go to $10mil if reached (post season starts include in that) and a mutual option for 2011. Overseas viagra Then take the other $2 mil and give that to John Smoltz.

Overseas viagra If they can do that, overseas viagra not only solidifies the pitching staff but I’ll get off managements back for a while and maybe even praise them for a job well done.

Overseas viagra So far the Mets Mini-Camp has proved that OP is great shape and that Johan Santana will again try to help Ollie as much as he can both with his pitching and with his psyche. Overseas viagra Jon Niese took the mound for the first time since he ripped his hammy and felt pretty good. Overseas viagra Daniel Murphy is a camp and is doing what most fans wish all the players would do, overseas viagra work hard and try to get better but he still catches hell. Overseas viagra Wait until he gets traded and becomes a solid ML’er, overseas viagra I will be insufferable or more insufferable than I already am, overseas viagra if that’s possible. 

Overseas viagra Kevin Kernan seconds my position that the injury excuse from last year was a smoke screen to how badly last years team executed all facets of the game.   Time for Jerry Manuel to Man Up this spring and prove that he can manage and teach and to prove that he is just not waiting to get canned so he can go back to Sacramento and collect a check sitting on his porch.

Overseas viagra I still baffles me how the Skill Sets don’t get upset or try to change the perception of their organization after time and time again being told they run one of the worst organizations in baseball. Overseas viagra At some point you need to show some spine and fight back. Overseas viagra Everyone from media to fans to bloggers keep kicking the organization in the ass waiting for them to fight back. Overseas viagra It’s at the point now where I feel like a bully for calling out the Skill Sets as often as I do, overseas viagra they just take all these kicks in the ass and ask for more. Overseas viagra It’s more sad than strange. Overseas viagra Com’on Jeffey show some fucking fight will ya!!!!!!

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