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Buying cialis on line I enjoy participating in the world of social media. Buying cialis on line I’m on Twitter more hours than I really should be but for the most part it’s a very informative vehicle for breaking news, buying cialis on line links to interesting stories and taking in all different views and opinions. Buying cialis on line What sucks about social media is the segment of participants who turn into your mother, buying cialis on line grandmother and  Aunt Sadie, buying cialis on line you know the one’s, buying cialis on line they tell you how you should react to news or statements that infuriate you or lure you into debate. Buying cialis on line It used to be a debate was an exchange of views, buying cialis on line ideas and opinions that although were different, buying cialis on line they were respected. Buying cialis on line In today’s social media world debate consists of I’m right and you’re an asshole. Buying cialis on line The news about Matt Harvey was a prime example of this new way of debate.

Buying cialis on line I saw the news about Matt Harvey’s partially torn Ulnar Collateral ligament when it hit the Twitterverse, buying cialis on line Mets Twitter erupted, buying cialis on line as you knew it would. Buying cialis on line How could this have happened?  Who fucked up? Whose head will role because of this? The Wilpon’s are broke, buying cialis on lineSELL THE TEAM!(that one is universal in times of Mets disaster news) Mets Twitter didn’t care, buying cialis on line like a bunch of Third World dictators they wanted a scalp any scalp, buying cialis on line didn’t matter.

Buying cialis on line When the tweets went out for the call of the heads of Terry Collins and Dan Warthen, buying cialis on line the pearl clutchers, buying cialis on line who I mentioned above, buying cialis on line came out in full force. Buying cialis on line Some were beat writers who sit at press conference after press conference and never ask a pertinent or compelling question. Buying cialis on line  Maybe that’s the best way these days as we have seen recently with NY Daily News NY Jets beat writer Manish Mehta who has been getting killed for asking the Jets cartoon character of a head coach, buying cialis on line Rex Ryan to name his starting quarterback for the first game of the Jets regular season, buying cialis on line and when not getting an answer, buying cialis on line not letting Ryan off the hook and demanding an answer. Buying cialis on line  Since when is that wrong? Dick Young must be shaking his pitch fork in hell over this reaction.

Buying cialis on line Anyway, buying cialis on line so Mets fans wanted not just a head on a stick but answers on how or why did this happen to the Heir to The Franchise Throne? The first two heads fans wanted was Collins’ and Warthen’, buying cialis on line doesn’t matter if neither guy was directly responsible for Harvey tearing the ligament but because the majority of Mets fans would like to see a change in manager and pitching coach anyway, buying cialis on line this was as good as time as any to raise the rhetoric.

Buying cialis on line I’m as guilty as anyone in this. Buying cialis on line It’s not that I don’t like Collins or Warthen, buying cialis on line its more I feel there needs to be a change not just in body but in philosophy. Buying cialis on line Collins to me is much more valuable and a better fit as a minor league coordinator than a field manager and since his contract is up after this season as a manager, buying cialis on line I would have no problem whatsoever with the Mets reassigning him for next year, buying cialis on line but I’d like to reassign him as a Director of Minor League Field Operations.

Buying cialis on line My beef with Warthen is that I don’t agree with his passive direction to pitching. Buying cialis on line Warthen loves his pitchers to nibble around the plate and to throw a lot of off speed and breaking balls. Buying cialis on line Mets pitchers hardly ever throw inside to establish that part of the plate is as much theirs as it is the batters. Buying cialis on line I also feel both Warthen and Collins are woeful at bullpen management. Buying cialis on line Pitchers are overused not just in game situation but in preparation to enter a game situation. Buying cialis on line Too many times relievers warm up, buying cialis on line then sit down, buying cialis on line the warm up again, buying cialis on line and then sit down again. Buying cialis on line Mets relief pitchers are subject to more wear and tear on their arms warming up than they do in an actual game situation. Buying cialis on line To analyze Collins in game strategy would take another 1, buying cialis on line000 word post.

Buying cialis on line All this spewing of anger doesn’t mean I hold Collins and Warthen responsible for Matt Harvey‘s injury. Buying cialis on line   I am confused about Sandy Alderson stating the organization knew that Harvey was complaining about soreness in his forearm but didn’t do anything preventive about that. Buying cialis on line Also Collins it seems was out of the loop on this vital piece of information as well. Buying cialis on line There seems to be a fracture in communication here that needs to be addressed.

Buying cialis on line What also needs to be addressed is the number of injuries the pitchers in the organization have suffered;  Frank Francisco, buying cialis on line Jurys Familia, buying cialis on line Jeremy Hefner, buying cialis on line Jenry Mejia and now Matt Harvey, buying cialis on line all out with elbow injuries. Buying cialis on line If I’m the GM I have to look at this pattern and think about revamping the way the organization handles the care and prevention of these types of injuries. Buying cialis on line I understand completely that you can do so much prevented care and study on pitchers, buying cialis on line even Rick Peterson  who is at the forefront of Pre-habilitation with his use of the facilities at the American Sports Medicine Institute , buying cialis on line claims that with all the preventive measures you can take, buying cialis on line injuries still happen:

Buying cialis on line “It’s like driving the speed limit, buying cialis on line wearing your seat belt, buying cialis on line doing everything right, buying cialis on line accidents are still going to happen”

Buying cialis on line After the initial ranting and raving over the injury to Harvey, buying cialis on line seriously how did you expect Mets fans to react to the Harvey bad news? We were programed to thinking 2014 was the breakout season under Sandy Alderson. Buying cialis on line The only reason to be a bit optimistic was every five days being Matt Harvey Day and then watching Zack Wheeler start to understand what to do on a big league pitchers mound and the fact that enough money was coming off the books this off season for the Mets to be free agent buyers again, buying cialis on line pointed to the end of the non-competitive seasons and back to not just respectability but to be one of the teams in baseball to be talked about as World Series contenders; all that was sabotaged by a torn Ulnar Collateral ligament, buying cialis on line and you expect me to pause and be reflective? Are you fucking kidding?    

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Buy cialis viagra So did you stay up for the whole game last night? I lasted as long as Matt Harvey, buy cialis viagra after the 7th inning I went to bed since it was 12:30 AM and I had to wake up at 5AM it seemed like a good time for nap before getting ready for the day ahead. Buy cialis viagra  The Met win in 16 innings ended about 90 minutes before I hit the shower to ready myself to take on the world where I heard Marc Ernay break the news to me on 1010 WINS that the Mets had won in 16 innings.  This may not be a Mets team that will contend for a post season spot but there is no doubt they are the most resilient Mets team we’ve seen in a long time and it’s that resiliency that could get Terry Collins a contract extension.

Buy cialis viagra I go back and forth on Collins. Buy cialis viagra I don’t think he’s a very good tactician especially late in games and he and Dan Warthen have no set bullpen assignments which makes the relievers nuts. Buy cialis viagra But he has the players ear and respect in the clubhouse and he’s surprisingly good with the media and if you think that’s no big deal go speak to Mr. Buy cialis viagra John Tortorella of Vancouver B.C. Buy cialis viagra about his tenure as NY Rangers head coach.

Buy cialis viagra What will be interesting to watch is if this Mets team does the opposite of Mets teams of the past few seasons and finishes strong in the second half is that enough to give Collins a contract extension?

Buy cialis viagra Sandy Alderson has said that wins and losses will not be the determining factor in bringing Collins back in 2014, buy cialis viagra if in Alderson’s eyes the club has made progress on the field that would weigh in favor of an extension of Collins contract. Buy cialis viagra  So if the team keeps playing as well as it has and keeps bouncing back from defeats that in seasons past would have had a negative effect on them for a week or two, buy cialis viagra then it would be quite difficult not to bring Collins back for at least another season.

Buy cialis viagra Collins should also hope that Tony LaRussa is enjoying retirement because if he’s not and itching to get back into the game, buy cialis viagra things could get very interesting around here comes the off season.

Buy cialis viagra About last night’s game, buy cialis viagra it seems that Matt Harvey may be experiencing  the same lofty fan expectations that Dwight Gooden had to endure, buy cialis viagra every start has to be a near no hitter with a dozen or so strikeouts and zero base on balls and of course a complete game shutout. Buy cialis viagra Gooden talks about this in his book how he would hold a team to five hits or so with a couple of walks and five or six strikeouts in seven innings and have fans and media feel let down. Buy cialis viagra Are we approaching that train of thought with Matt Harvey?

Buy cialis viagra Harvey threw 40 % of his total pitches (121) in the first two innings of this game, buy cialis viagra dividing his 50 pitches in half each inning. Buy cialis viagra His K/BB break down in the first two innings was 33/17. Buy cialis viagra He made one bad pitch, buy cialis viagra leaving a fastball up to Buster Posey on a 3-1 count that Posey turned on and deposited into the left field stands for a two run home run and just one walk, buy cialis viagra to Andres Torres in the 2nd where ball four was a strike as home plate ump Adam Hamari was inconsistent in his calls all night. Buy cialis viagra What more can you expect from your Ace?

Buy cialis viagra And let’s not go after Collins for letting Harvey start the 7th inning, buy cialis viagra he was still throwing his fastball in the mid to upper 90’s and he was throwing strikes and showed no sign of fatigue. Buy cialis viagra After pitching in the heat and humidity in his last few starts, buy cialis viagra the cool San Francisco evening air looked to rejuvenate Harvey if anything.

Buy cialis viagra My only concern with Harvey is his off the field rise of stardom. Buy cialis viagra I don’t begrudge Harvey of any of the fruits of his fame; I just worry about too much, buy cialis viagra too fast. Buy cialis viagra On the mound Harvey is in control and takes care of business so well that he’s not just a Mets phenom but a baseball one as well. Buy cialis viagra I just worry about the off field Harvey interfering with the on field Harvey. Buy cialis viagra I hope my worry is much ado about nothing.

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Cheapest viagra online  

Cheapest viagra online I don’t get all the hub-bub over naming David Wright the Captain of the New York Mets. Cheapest viagra online Who amongst players, cheapest viagra online fans and media hasn’t grasped that Wright is the Face of the Franchise? Is there anyone who follows the Mets not know who the go to guy is on this club?

Cheapest viagra online In hockey and football the naming of captains are for the sole purpose of having a designated player act as a liaison  between the bench and the officials, cheapest viagra online this is especially true in hockey where only the captain or one the assistant captains are the players a referee or linesman go to with an explanation  or a warning. Cheapest viagra online That’s why the hockey captains wear the “C” and the assistant captains were the “A”. Cheapest viagra online In football there is a captain for offense, cheapest viagra online defense and special teams for basically the same reason they have them in hockey. Cheapest viagra online The referee will consult with the captain on acceptance of penalties or a question on spotting the ball at line of scrimmage or to relay a message from the sideline by the head coach, cheapest viagra online so again the designation of wearing the “C” on the uniform is needed. Cheapest viagra online But when it comes to baseball, cheapest viagra online wearing a captains “C” is just plain tacky.

Cheapest viagra online When a baseball umpire needs to give an explanation on a rule or a call, cheapest viagra online he summons the team’s manager to the field for consultation. Cheapest viagra online Now a player of stature like Wright, cheapest viagra online may get more leeway with an umpire that and average player but majority of the time when something needs to be explained the umpire is going right to the man in charge, cheapest viagra online the manager.

Cheapest viagra online I have no problems with the Mets naming Wright the Captain of the team, cheapest viagra online it seems with so many young players ready to join the big league squad there is a bit of collegiate feel around the club so having that veteran designated to be their sounding board or the guy to show them the right way to handle big league life, cheapest viagra online there is no better man for the job than David Wright.

Cheapest viagra online Wright is the perfect example of the rah-rah cheerleader type of leader is vastly overrated. Cheapest viagra online Wright surely leads by example with the way he handles himself on and off the field. Cheapest viagra online Wright has always been one of the first to report to spring training and the last to leave the St. Cheapest viagra online Lonesome complex. Cheapest viagra online He is always available to the media win or lose and no one in the history of the New York Mets has represented the organization as at more charity and fan events with class and dignity like Wright has.

Cheapest viagra online So if Terry Collins wants to name Wright the Captain of the team go right ahead but it’s just a mere formality everyone knows who is the team leader now and for the next 8 seasons at least, cheapest viagra online it’s David Wright. Cheapest viagra online Just don’t put that tacky “C” on his jersey

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China viagra So let me start out by welcoming everyone back to the newly redesigned Eddie Kranepool Society and to wish you all a very happy and healthy 2013 and to give a big thanks to Joe McDonald for this fantastic new layout of the blog. China viagra I haven’t posted here in a few days as the holidays were very hectic in a good way by spending a lot of time with family and friends, china viagra so it was good to step away from the keyboard for a while. China viagra  

China viagra I didn’t step away from reading all the sports news though, china viagra even while we were getting set to head out for some New Year’s Eve revelry in the Pocono Mountains (it’s as far from the madding crowds of Time Square as you can get. China viagra I still don’t understand why people love to stand in the freezing cold to watch that ball drop, china viagra in fact I don’t know any native New Yorker who has ever ventured out there, china viagra but I digress) as my iPad was burning up with stories of 7 NFL coaches given their pink slips. China viagra  Some like Andy Reid in Philly and Lovie Smith in Chicago were very successful but they’re message was growing stale and it was time in the eyes of ownership to get a new voice and a new way of doing business in to run their teams.

China viagra Just a week before the Brooklyn Nets fired their head coach Avery Johnson, china viagra who just came off winning Coach of the Month honors. China viagra As puzzling as that is, china viagra how about Mike Brown of the Lakers getting the boot after 5 games this season? WHOA! Some owners mean business. China viagra Here is what Prokhorov had to say when he canned Johnson:  

China viagra “I think we have very talented players but they are capable of much more than what we have seen in the recent weeks, china viagra” Prokhorov said. China viagra “I respect Avery and really I wish him well, china viagra but sometimes chemistry just isn’t right. China viagra It happens.

China viagra “I think the main question is why we were unable to bounce back and to play like champions.”

China viagra I bring all these coaching changes up because as I sat in the sauna over the weekend (some sight eh?) I thought about Terry Collins and wondered just how long does he have to keep his job as Mets manager in 2013?

China viagra Oh I know what your muttering to yourself about my sanity and what an asshole I am (for some that was even before reading this post) I totally understand that the talent level of the Mets entering the 2013 season is not pennant race quality but before you flame away on me ask yourself this, china viagra “Has Terry Collins made a positive impact on this team” Sadly I say NO!

China viagra I have been a proponent of Collins from the day he was hired. China viagra I felt then and still do that Collins is an outstanding baseball instructor and he would make the Mets better fundamentally and more professional. China viagra I still think he is a top notch instructor but I feel he’s failed on the other two skill sets I felt he was bringing to the job. China viagra Not only that, china viagra it seems to me the Mets clubhouse is lacking in discipline as we have seen the last two seasons under Collins leadership the team has folded it’s tent after the All Star break. China viagra  The 2009 and 2010 version of the NY Mets gave up in the second halves of the seasons as well, china viagra and Jerry Manuel was run out of town, china viagra justifiably so. China viagra So what’s the difference between Terry Collins and Jerry Manuel?

China viagra Collins came to the Mets manager’s job with a soiled reputation as a non-communicator in his past three managerial jobs. China viagra  The stories out of Anaheim were about player revolt and in Houston; Collins Astros teams were involved in a civil war between hitters and pitchers. There have been rumblings about the Mets relievers feeling a disconnect between the manager, china viagra pitching coach and themselves. China viagra  

China viagra Collins lost me the night of September 20 th of last season when the Mets were destroyed by the Phillies at Citi Field by a score of 16-1 and visibly upset Collins sat for his post-game presser ready to explode, china viagra and when asked by Kevin Burkhardt if the team had quit, china viagra Collins deservedly threw them under the bus by telling Burkhart to go ask them. China viagra Word was many players were upset with the manager for hinting that the team had packed it in and instead of Collins challenging his detractors, china viagra he apologized. China viagra I took that as a sign of insecurity by the Mets skipper and he should have stuck to his guns as the team did respond to being called out by actually playing its best baseball of the second half in winning 7 of the next 8 games.

China viagra With every second half sleep walk defeat by the Mets, china viagra Collins would go into Rick Kotite mode in his post-game pow-wow to the point that it was offensive to me as a Mets fan. China viagra I was so tired of hearing that the team played hard and that Collins had seen some positives, china viagra all he did was make me think he still had Anaheim on his mind and was afraid to speak out and show anger thinking that media and fans would say he was melting down again. China viagra  

China viagra Collins enters 2013 without a contract extension and quite frankly I feel he’s only back for this coming season because the Skill Sets don’t want to pay two guys for the same job. China viagra When the season ended in 2012, china viagra I thought there was a chance that Collins would be re-assigned to either a front office position or back to where his strength is, china viagra working with minor leaguers, china viagra but Sandy Alderson has kept him on board for the coming season but for how much of the season?  Personnel aside, china viagra if the Mets start off badly and show the same listless way of playing baseball as they did in the last couple of second halves of the season, china viagra many Mets fans will get their wish of seeing Wally Backman manger the Mets . China viagra As Prokhorov said, china viagra “sometimes the chemistry just isn’t right, china viagra it happens”

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Brand drug generic name viagra I know we fans of the New York Mets have a reputation of “oh woe is me” and have morphed into a village of Chicken Little’s but I would hope those of that ilk would just emerge from their fall out shelters to look around the New York sports landscape for a moment and see if they can try to see what has transpired over the three months.

Brand drug generic name viagra Fans of the NY Football Giants were ready to scream for John Mara to blow this team up and start over from the head coach to the defensive secondary, brand drug generic name viagra everyone must go the fans demanded. Brand drug generic name viagra What happened? The head coach closed ranks with his team and the players stopped listening to the fans, brand drug generic name viagra an extremely smart move by the way, brand drug generic name viagra and a Salsa dancing wide receiver and an Elite QB hooked up for a 99 yard TD pass/catch  TD against their loud mouth co-tenants, brand drug generic name viagra that to a man in the Giants organization say is what catapulted them to winning the Super Bowl. Brand drug generic name viagra That play, brand drug generic name viagra that game gave the Giants confidence.

Brand drug generic name viagra The NY Rangers are playing some of the best hockey Rangers fans have seen in many a year. Brand drug generic name viagra They are led by many great players, brand drug generic name viagra but one player stands out on this team as he is the last line of defense, brand drug generic name viagra goaltender, brand drug generic name viagra Henrik Lundqvist. Brand drug generic name viagra There is no goaltender on the planet that is better than the King and in every interview he gives he just oozes confidence and he never forgets to reinforce to the interviewer the confidence he has in his teammates. Brand drug generic name viagra Right now the confidence of the NY Rangers and Rangers fans is flowing like tap water.

Brand drug generic name viagra Here is the best example of how confidence in oneself can bring a whole team together for greater good. Brand drug generic name viagra I don’t think there is a New Yorker breathing air that doesn’t know who Jeremy Lin is. Brand drug generic name viagra The story of Lin is as inspiring as any we’ve seen around here in ages, brand drug generic name viagra Lin went to Harvard, brand drug generic name viagra not drafted, brand drug generic name viagra signed with his hometown team the Golden State Warriors who in turn waived him. Brand drug generic name viagra He was then claimed by the Houston Rockets who also put him on waivers and then he landed with the Knicks who claimed him out of desperation of having no one to run the point. Brand drug generic name viagra What I wonder, brand drug generic name viagra went through Lin’s mind after two teams released him and the third team he’d joined in a month let him sit at the end of the bench only looking to use him if something catastrophic were to occur like two of the teams superstars being out of the lineup for a length of time or the team losing and playing like they have no clue how to play team basketball or a coach in fear of getting fired figuring I have one last attempt here to save my ass and my teams season . Brand drug generic name viagra All these scenarios occurred and Lin got his chance and we all know how that has turned out. Brand drug generic name viagra Would you say that Lin’s confidence in himself and his ability to play basketball never waned as others refused to believe in him as he believed in himself? No one plays at the level Lin is playing at now who does not possess supreme confidence in themselves.

Brand drug generic name viagra That brings me to the Mets and a portion of the fan base. Brand drug generic name viagra Many fans are so focused on the financial situation of the Skill Sets and I won’t lie I’m intrigued about it to, brand drug generic name viagra to a point. Brand drug generic name viagra The players are starting to migrate to Pt. Brand drug generic name viagra St. Brand drug generic name viagra Lonesome to begin spring training and to get ready for the 2012 season. Brand drug generic name viagra As far as I’m concerned my worries over Fred and Uncle Saul’s money woes now take a back seat (once the court case is heard and verdict comes down I’ll worry about it) it’s time to concentrate on pitching, brand drug generic name viagra hitting, brand drug generic name viagra defense and confidence.

Brand drug generic name viagra My hope is that what Daniel Murphy said to me last month at the Thurman Munson Dinner is true, brand drug generic name viagra that the negativity of the media and fan base does not permeate through the clubhouse door. Brand drug generic name viagra I have to hope that Terry Collins, brand drug generic name viagra in his second year as Mets manager, brand drug generic name viagra has a good read on his team and can instill confidence in them. Brand drug generic name viagra   I mentioned in a previous post, brand drug generic name viagra that I felt Collins knows he can’t bullshit his team, brand drug generic name viagra t the NL East is going to be difficult but what Collins has to do is instill the confidence in his players that (a) they are major league baseball players, brand drug generic name viagra just like the ones who play for the Phillies, brand drug generic name viagra Braves, brand drug generic name viagra Nationals and Marlins and (b) all the people who say you can’t win (fans and media) are clueless assholes who never had the balls to compete in anything. Brand drug generic name viagra This is a huge test for Collins but what he has going for him is most of players in this camp know him and vice versa so he should know how to motivate them and make sure their confidence level stays high.

Brand drug generic name viagra Again it all goes back to confidence if David Wright and Jason Bay can gain their confidence back at the plate with the help of more hitting favorable field dimensions, brand drug generic name viagra if Lucas Duda can become confident in his ability and accept that he belongs in the big leagues, brand drug generic name viagra if Jon Niese can make that leap from what can he be too he’s arrived, brand drug generic name viagra if Daniel Murphy shows self-confidence at second base and if Big Plef, brand drug generic name viagra the guy who needs a mega dose of self-assurance can finally get his talent to translate to what it was that made him a number one draft pick then the Mets could add themselves a chapter to the this great New York Sports season.

Brand drug generic name viagra It would also help if some of the fan base adjusted their attitudes as well, brand drug generic name viagra so step up, brand drug generic name viagra those you need a pat on the ass line up to the left, brand drug generic name viagra ones who need a kick in the ass, brand drug generic name viagra to the right.

Brand drug generic name viagra  

Brand drug generic name viagra  

Brand drug generic name viagra  

Brand drug generic name viagra  

Brand drug generic name viagra  

Brand drug generic name viagra  

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Lowest pill price viagra Sorry for the lack of posting at the site the last couple of days. Lowest pill price viagra I spent my weekend at Camp No-Be-Bosco just outside of Blairstown, lowest pill price viagra NJ on a camping trip that had everything you’d want in winter camp out, lowest pill price viagra snow, lowest pill price viagra cold and a 2AM run to the latrine, lowest pill price viagra ahhhh……… yes the great outdoors. Lowest pill price viagra The camping trip and the New York Football Giants incredible post season (not to mention the best New York Rangers regular season in many an year and trying to come to grips that the great run of the Big 3 of the Boston Celtics looks over) run has greatly distracted me from the comings and goings of the New York Mets .

Lowest pill price viagra Again Eli Manning has proven you can be tough, lowest pill price viagra fearless and a leader without being a rah-rah screamer.

Lowest pill price viagra I guess Tom Coughlin can make that big purchase he’s been putting off as he is the Giants head coach until he deiced he doesn’t want to be Giants head coach anymore. Lowest pill price viagra Who knows what move TC will make if the G-Men win the Super Bowl?

Lowest pill price viagra I’ll admit it, lowest pill price viagra I never thought the Giants would go on this roll especially after the loss to the Redskins on December 18th  but thanks to the Jets and the 99 yard Victor Cruuuuuuuuuzzzz TD, lowest pill price viagra which TC said was the turning point, lowest pill price viagra I started  with the “what if’s” in my mind. Lowest pill price viagra But of course that dominant Mets fan gene that I possess always makes me brace for the worse.

Lowest pill price viagra With all the analysis that goes on about the NFL to the point you’re numb by game time, lowest pill price viagra last night’s game broke it down to the games simplest form. Lowest pill price viagra If you turn the ball over multiple times and can’t convert 3rd downs on offence, lowest pill price viagra good chance you’re going to lose. Lowest pill price viagra If you are plus in the takeaway column and convert those takeaways into points, lowest pill price viagra chances are you’ll win the game. Lowest pill price viagra  

Lowest pill price viagra Like a baseball team that is strong defensively up the middle is most successful, lowest pill price viagra in the NFL you’re only as strong as your offensive and defensive lines. Lowest pill price viagra The Giants offensive line has been very good for the most part in keeping Eli Manning upright, lowest pill price viagra but last night they allowed him to take a beating. Lowest pill price viagra Plus this OL has a tough time getting the running game going, lowest pill price viagra albeit Brandon Jacobs could do better than he does. Lowest pill price viagra What has been the big push in this playoff run is the DL especially a star is born, lowest pill price viagra Jason Pierre-Paul. Lowest pill price viagra  Without that DL playing at the level it has, lowest pill price viagra which has taken the pressure off an injury riddled secondary, lowest pill price viagra has led to a defensive resurgence that Giants love and cherish.

Lowest pill price viagra Saturday night the NY Chapter of the BBWAA held their annual dinner and Gary Carter was the recipient of the “You Got To Have Heart” Award which was accepted on his behalf by his children. Lowest pill price viagra Thinking of you Kid.

Lowest pill price viagra Lots of chatter about what cap Mike Piazza will wear on his Hall of Fame plaque. Lowest pill price viagra Piazza himself has said he wants to enshrined as a Met. Lowest pill price viagra Since he played more games as a Met (972) than a Dodger (726) it’s only right he wears a Mets cap on his plaque. Lowest pill price viagra I’m sure with Freddy Skill Sets being Uncle Bud’s favorite nephew the word will get to those in Cooperstown to etch that Mets cap on Piazza’ head.

Lowest pill price viagra As for the writers not voting Piazza into the Hall on the first ballot, lowest pill price viagra I think they know if they don’t vote Piazza, lowest pill price viagra they will end up like Murray Chass, lowest pill price viagra just a broken down old bitter blogger grazing on a farm.

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Cheap viagra online After watching last night’s Giants victory over the Packers, cheap viagra online I sat in stunned silence to the point my son was looking for a mirror to shove under my nose. Cheap viagra online I cannot believe this amazing run that Big Blue is on because at the beginning of December all of us Giants fans were ready to clean house from the head coach to the defensive coordinator to the entire defensive secondary, cheap viagra online we all felt it was time to move in a new direction, cheap viagra online so what happened? First came the Green Bay Packers into Giants Stadium with a pristine 11-0 record and left with a win and with the Giants in their head, cheap viagra online the 2 wins over the Cowboys, cheap viagra online both must wins to win NFC East and the win against the blowhard Jets that wasn’t business but personal.

Cheap viagra online Along with the front four of the defense getting healthy and coming together and making life miserable for opposing QB’s which in turn took pressure of the DB’s add in Eli Manning and his potent offense and the circle the wagons mantra of Coach Coughlin, cheap viagra online who has done a marvelous job of keeping this team together and focused, cheap viagra online you get a team that none of the other 3 teams left standing want to play.

Cheap viagra online Some observations on yesterday’s game:

Cheap viagra online As usual the officiating in this game was beyond suck and blows to embarrassing and corrupt. Cheap viagra online The best thing is I can call the Bill Leavy and his crew all the nasty names I want and Roger Goodell can’t fine me. Cheap viagra online HA! HA! Fuck you Commissioner

Cheap viagra online The roughing the passer call on Osi Umenyiora was of course ridiculous but what was worse were the three or four times Eli Manning was hit after throwing a pass and never got a late hit call.

Cheap viagra online Its games like yesterdays that makes it easier for me to not attend an NFL game in person. Cheap viagra online  It’s bad enough that after every possession there are three minutes of commercials and again when a player goes down with injury but the worst of all is the length of time it take the NFL to conduct a replay of a challenge call. Cheap viagra online  If it takes you more than a minute to decide if the call on the field was correct or not then just go with the official call on the field. Cheap viagra online Replay was wrong on the Greg Jennings fumble and was ignored when spotting a run by Ahmad Bradshaw that could have given the Giants a first down and can we stop with reviewing EVERY touchdown call already? The NFL should take a page from the NHL and have replay officials in a room with monitors and have them make the calls swiftly and correctly.

Cheap viagra online There are two Eli Manning’s. Cheap viagra online One is the Huck Finn “aw shucks” guy in interviews and the other is hardcore assassin on the football field. Cheap viagra online Eli Manning is everything I wished David Wright would be.

Cheap viagra online Brandon Jacobs better have the game of his life next week because other than the TD he scored when the Packers gave up, cheap viagra online he did jack shit in this game.

Cheap viagra online On the other hand Ahmad Bradshaw proved again to be one of the unsung heroes as he dashed across the field to get out of bounds before the half, cheap viagra online setting up the Eli to Hakeem Hicks Hail Mary TD. Cheap viagra online I bet that bone in his foot is still broken as well.

Cheap viagra online All the praise the defensive front four has gotten is well deserved but how about sending some praise Michael Boley’s way as well for his calling the D schemes and getting the D in synch.

Cheap viagra online John Mara is loyal as his old man was (which at times cost the Giants back in the Allie Sherman days) so win or lose, cheap viagra online Tom Coughlin’s job security was not an issue and now with this run, cheap viagra online it’s safe to say TC will coach the G-Men as long as he wants. Cheap viagra online My prediction is TC will stay on 2 more seasons then Sean Payton will be Giants HC.

Cheap viagra online CAN’T WAIT UNTIL SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Cheap viagra online  

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Keeping A Hardon

Canadian pharmacy cialis

Canadian pharmacy cialis For most people the holiday season is over but for baseball fans we are anticipating our holiday season, canadian pharmacy cialis the day pitchers and catchers start stretching out hammys and arms in what is really (no offense to those who like to use rodents as weather prognosticators) the first sign that daylight will be longer and temperatures higher, canadian pharmacy cialis spring training. Canadian pharmacy cialis  As Mets fans we are entering a new era in the history of the franchise with Team Alderson running the Baseball Ops and I don’t know about you but I’m still trying to figure out the direction in which we’re headed.

Canadian pharmacy cialis Alderson has a lot of Clint Eastwood movie role qualities, canadian pharmacy cialis he seems to never get rattled or sweat. Canadian pharmacy cialis In fact I bet if Alderson were advising Mayor MoneyBags during the worst snow removal operation, canadian pharmacy cialis we would not have had the disaster, canadian pharmacy cialis the likes of which we haven’t seen since the late 1970’s when John Lindsay forgot that Queens was not part of Nassau County. Canadian pharmacy cialis The problem we have here though, canadian pharmacy cialis the Mets fan base is the exact opposite of the front office.

Canadian pharmacy cialis The NY Jets fan base has bought in to Rex Ryan’ bravado and bluster. Canadian pharmacy cialis Knicks fans are starting to boast about having a top 10 NBA team. Canadian pharmacy cialis NY Rangers fans are looking with admiration of their team as it has become a real blue collar bunch that works it’s ass off. Canadian pharmacy cialis Even NY Giants fans are still believers in their head coach (some, canadian pharmacy cialis not all I know. Canadian pharmacy cialis Even though I’m not a big Coughlin fan I agree with John Mara bringing him back next season. Canadian pharmacy cialis I bet he gets a one year extension and then retires)   I just wonder if Mets fans will ever take on the persona of Sandy Alderson ?

Canadian pharmacy cialis Most of us Mets fans are feeling very antsy about the pitching staff, canadian pharmacy cialis there are two starting spots open along with at least three spots in the bullpen, canadian pharmacy cialis and just a few shekel’s available in the Skill Sets budget to fill the spots.  There are also six bench spots that have to be filled as well and all I keep thinking is “How is Sandy going to do this”? Not only how but how and make this team competitive?

Canadian pharmacy cialis Adam Rubin did a whole roster breakdown and of the starting eight, canadian pharmacy cialis only second base is an open competition. Canadian pharmacy cialis The outfield is set with Bay, canadian pharmacy cialis Beltran, canadian pharmacy cialis Pagan so the only question here is who will play centerfield and who will be in right? Talking to Carlos Beltran, canadian pharmacy cialis he feels fine and looks fit but the biggest obstacle I see is that big bulky brace he will have to wear for as long as he plays baseball. Canadian pharmacy cialis  I got the impression from Terry Collins, canadian pharmacy cialis that Beltran will be given every chance to win the CF job but if he and his staff feels he’s not up to it, canadian pharmacy cialis he’ll be the RF’er with Pagan taking over CF. Canadian pharmacy cialis What choice does Beltran have if this move is made? None.

Canadian pharmacy cialis The second base quagmire is most compelling. Canadian pharmacy cialis If Luis Castillo can’t beat out the competition he’ll be given his release. Canadian pharmacy cialis The feeling I get is Alderson hopes he craps out so he can release him. Canadian pharmacy cialis Castillo fits on this team about as well as a eunuch in whorehouse. Canadian pharmacy cialis  I’m very interested in seeing Brad Emaus play as I think he’s the guy the front office wants to win the second base job. Canadian pharmacy cialis Dan Murphy will get reps at second as well but he looks to be more a utility guy and lefty bat off the bench. Canadian pharmacy cialis Same with Nick Evans as his righty counterpart who can spell both David Wright and Ike Davis and maybe play a corner spot in the outfield as well.

Canadian pharmacy cialis That still leaves about four spots to fill the bench. Canadian pharmacy cialis One player who won’t be a benchmark is Lucas Duda and that’s a good thing. Canadian pharmacy cialis Duda needs to play every day and that can only happen in Buffalo. Canadian pharmacy cialis It’s a win-win for the Mets, canadian pharmacy cialis if Duda hits like last year, canadian pharmacy cialis he’s prime trade bait or he is the first call up if the any of the three starting OF’ers go down injured. Canadian pharmacy cialis  How about signing Andruw Jones as a fourth outfielder? Maybe the longer he’s unemployed, canadian pharmacy cialis the easier he could be to sign for an incentive laden contract.

Canadian pharmacy cialis The storyline that will be most prominent in 2011 will be what becomes of Jose Reyes beyond this season. Canadian pharmacy cialis I’d say it’s a given that no matter how well he plays, canadian pharmacy cialis this is Carlos Beltran’ last season as a Met, canadian pharmacy cialis in fact we could be talking months as Alderson will have to decide if it’s worth trading Beltran for prospects or taking the draft pick? With Reyes it’s a lot more difficult decision. Canadian pharmacy cialis What Jose Reyes will we see in 2011? If it’s the Reyes of the last two seasons, canadian pharmacy cialis where injury and production limit his playing time, canadian pharmacy cialis then no way you go long term, canadian pharmacy cialis in fact if 2011 is a carbon copy of 2010, canadian pharmacy cialis then Reyes will be an ex-Met but if he bounces back and has a 2008 type season, canadian pharmacy cialis then Sandy Alderson will have a real tough decision to make. Canadian pharmacy cialis Let’s hope Reyes has a 2008 type season as that would mean not only seeing how Alderson handles a tough decision but I’m sure the Mets will have  better season than most fans think they’ll have.

Canadian pharmacy cialis The Francisco Rodriguez saga will be compelling as well. Canadian pharmacy cialis What happens if Rodriguez is closing in on the magic 55 games finished and the Mets are out of contention? Do the Mets hold him back and damn the consequences of a grievance? What if everything starts to fall into place and this team is still in post season hunt?  It’s the $17.5 mil dollar question.

Canadian pharmacy cialis I’m getting mighty itchy for some positive Mets news. Canadian pharmacy cialis This front office is keeping its plans very close to the vest and all the leaks in the organization seemed to have been plugged so we sit here waiting for a moves to be made so we can analyze and try to track how this team will go forward. Canadian pharmacy cialis  Please Sandy, canadian pharmacy cialis throws us a bone!

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How You Get Pfizer Viagra

Adviser finance order viagra One of the Mets sites I check on a regular basis is Mack’s Mets. Adviser finance order viagra I checked out his latest post today and I was relived to see I’m not the only one who feels helpless every day trying to write something about the Mets.

Adviser finance order viagra To tell you the truth, adviser finance order viagra I pretty much sick and tired about reading about Matt Holiday, adviser finance order viagra Roy Halladay , adviser finance order viagra John Lackey and most of all Orlando Hudson. Adviser finance order viagra Let me say this if you think O-Hudson is the answer as an up grade at second base on as a so called leader in the words of Mike Francesa “Yer Lawst”

Adviser finance order viagra The more reports I read the more pessimistic I get about the 2010 season and it all comes back to the ownership/management of this team.  As Mets fans I feel we must get it through our heads that the Mets will not contend for a post season berth in 2010. Adviser finance order viagra You hear people in sports say that teams take on the persona of its manager or head coach, adviser finance order viagra well the Mets have taken on the persona of its ownership, adviser finance order viagra weak, adviser finance order viagra clueless and a lack of guts.

Adviser finance order viagra You all know my distain for Jeffey Wilpon and after reading “The Road to Hockeytown” by Jimmy Devellano, adviser finance order viagra my disgust about the ownership of the Mets has increased.

Adviser finance order viagra For those of you are not hockey fans, adviser finance order viagra Jimmy D is one of the best scouts/ front office men in NHL history. Adviser finance order viagra He started out as an unpaid scout for the then expansion St Louis Blues and worked his way to head scout of the NY Islanders and worked with Bill Torrey to build the Islander dynasty and then went on to become the GM of the Detroit Red Wings and lead them back into NHL Stanley Cup Champions. Adviser finance order viagra In his career Jimmy D was responsible for the personnel of 7 Stanley Cup Winners.

Adviser finance order viagra The one place where Devellano felt was a lost opportunity to win was in St. Adviser finance order viagra Louis. Adviser finance order viagra The Blues at the time were managed by Lynn Partick  and Scotty Bowman, adviser finance order viagra two hockey legends  but the reason why in Jimmy D’s view the Blues didn’t win the Cup was due to Sid Solomon III, adviser finance order viagra the son of the Blues owner Sid Solomon. Adviser finance order viagra Here is Devellano’ view of life with a son who knows nothing about a sports team he inherited:

Adviser finance order viagra {When I first got to St. Adviser finance order viagra Louis in 1967 there were two pretty good hockey people already there, adviser finance order viagra by the names of Lynn Patrick and Scotty Bowman.

Adviser finance order viagra

Adviser finance order viagra That St. Adviser finance order viagra Louis Blues team might have one day become a great organization and the Blues might have eventually won Stanley Cups after starting with two fine hockey people like that. Adviser finance order viagra Who knows, adviser finance order viagra they could have had a dynasty there after the great start they had in their first three seasons.

Adviser finance order viagra

Adviser finance order viagra But unfortunately, adviser finance order viagra the owners son, adviser finance order viagra Sid Solomon III, adviser finance order viagra while a very nice guy, adviser finance order viagra was awfully involved with the hockey club and was an awful meddler. Adviser finance order viagra We couldn’t keep mangers and coaches like Scotty Bowman because of his constant meddling. Adviser finance order viagra Sid was a good but he wasn’t a hockey person. Adviser finance order viagra He just didn’t know hockey. Adviser finance order viagra How could he have? He made his money in the insurance business, adviser finance order viagra not the hockey business. Adviser finance order viagra He didn’t have a feel for the game.

Adviser finance order viagra His interference caused a lot of turmoil in St. Adviser finance order viagra Louis. Adviser finance order viagra They couldn’t retain good people they had in place, adviser finance order viagra like Bowman an (Al) Arbour and it cost them dearly. Adviser finance order viagra The Solomons eventually lost their team through bankruptcy and that didn’t need to happen}

Adviser finance order viagra Is that not the Mets? Is Jeffey not Sid the IV? It’s not just Jeffey, adviser finance order viagra I am totally sick and tired of David Howard, adviser finance order viagra who really needs a heaping plate full of Shut the Fuck Up.

Adviser finance order viagra The Skill Sets have been very successful in the real estate world that’s what they are good at but when it comes to running a baseball team they are an out and out disaster. Adviser finance order viagra They have no clue on how to build a team and they have absolutely no people skills (I should call them the Non-Skill Sets) in other words they are not the Mets but the Mess.

Adviser finance order viagra This Mets team has a ton of holes. Adviser finance order viagra Starting pitching is the biggest followed by a strong defensive catcher, adviser finance order viagra a big corner bat and a solid second baseman. Adviser finance order viagra The injuries of last season are a smoke screen to what this team needs to get back to being a contender. Adviser finance order viagra Even with a healthy Jose Reyes, adviser finance order viagra Carlos Beltran, adviser finance order viagra Johan Santana and a rejuvenated David Wright, adviser finance order viagra this team still has no grasp of the fundamentals of baseball and a lack of physical and metal toughness. Adviser finance order viagra If you were a major league free agent why would you want to play for the Mets?

Adviser finance order viagra Maybe the best move the Mets could make this winter is to put up a for sale sign.

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Viagra India

I’m starting to realize that I am more of a fan of Jerry Manuel the person than I am of Jerry Manuel the manager. Imitation viagra Most nights win or lose Manuel is usually a cool cat at his press conference as he never gets rattled by questions and he takes his time giving an answer to the tough inquiries. Imitation viagra In that, imitation viagra Manuel reminds me of St Joseph of Torre in his handling of the media and that is a major challenge for any manager or head coach in this town.  But some of the tactical moves that Manuel has made on this road trip and in the recent weeks have be befuddled.

Take last night. Imitation viagra When Jeremy Reed was obtained in the Putz deal this past winter we were told he was as good as Endy Chavez at bat and in the field. Imitation viagra So if Reed is such a good outfielder why was he playing first base last night while the defensively challenged Daniel Murphy  was put in left field. Imitation viagra I swear I was in a daze for the first inning trying to figure the logic here and sure enough the first batter for the Hollywood Bums, imitation viagra Juan Pierre hits a ball to left that Murphy botched. Imitation viagra Just stunning.

Why not just leave Murphy at first base and tell him it’s all yours until Delgado gets back maybe it would relive a bit of pressure off this kid because this is not the same Daniel Murphy we fell in love with. Imitation viagra The Murphy kid I saw last year and early this year does not get picked off first base like an inept little leaguer. Imitation viagra How many times have we heard Keith Hernandez say that “someone taught Murphy the right way to play baseball”?

Same with second base. Imitation viagra If Ramon Martinez is the best we have to play back up infielder then we’re in trouble. Imitation viagra I know that Castillo has sucked at the plate lately so if you’re going to give him the night off the let the Latin Joe McEwing (Fernando Tatis) play second he can’t do any worse than Martinez.



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