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Buy cialis online canada Here is how fucked up the Mets front office is, buy cialis online canada they are being praised for putting David Wright on the 15 day DL. Buy cialis online canada That’s like praising someone for not driving through a red light or yelling FIRE!!! in a movie theatre. Buy cialis online canada How is this hard choice? Sure Omar claims that Wright wanted to go day to day then see if he could come back but like my kids wanting Pop Tarts with a side of M & M’s and gummy bears for dinner, buy cialis online canada someone has to be the adult and say NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe Minaya has finally put his “man” pants on? Maybe it’s too late?

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Buy cialis online canada Jerry Manuel is a man who never uses profanity but he still is a nasty fuck sometimes as we see with his quotes about Ryan Church and how finally the truth is coming to light on why he was not a fan of Church:

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Buy cialis online canada Whether the Mets learned to be cautious with concussions as a result of Church’s case remains to be seen. Buy cialis online canada Jerry Manuel appeared to question Church’s toughness yesterday, buy cialis online canada at least relative to Wright’s grit.

Buy cialis online canada “David is a different animal, buy cialis online canada so to speak, buy cialis online canada” Manuel said. Buy cialis online canada “And how he is made up is a little different than, buy cialis online canada say, buy cialis online canada Ryan Church, buy cialis online canada in my opinion. Buy cialis online canada And that’s not to say one is better than the other. Buy cialis online canada But they’re different.”

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Buy cialis online canada So Manuel feels Church was a big pussy, buy cialis online canada now we see it. Buy cialis online canada That’s why I always liked Billy Martin, buy cialis online canada he was man enough to call his players a pussy to their face (sure after a few scotches) I will say I am kind of surprised that Manuel would question a player like Church’ intestinal fortitude, buy cialis online canada especially when everyone from doctors, buy cialis online canada fans and people around baseball all agree that the Mets botched up Church’s head injuries big time.

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Buy cialis online canada Jeff Francouer did a Q & A with the Atlanta Journal Constitution on how he is loving life in NY and $tit Field.

Buy cialis online canada Great stuff from Mets Geek on the unsigned Mets draft picks.

Buy cialis online canada After seeing those throwback uni’s in person Saturday you what, buy cialis online canada they weren’t that bad. Buy cialis online canada I like the color and I LOVED the MR. Buy cialis online canada Met on the sleeve along with no names on the back, buy cialis online canada if the NY were smaller it would have been a hit. Buy cialis online canada Mets Police was listening to yesterday’s game on radio like I did (I was on my way to Coney Island to see the Brooklyn Cyclones and eat pizza at Spumoni Gardens. Buy cialis online canada Also it was a day to torture my kids by telling them I’m selling our house and moving back to Brooklyn.  My wife and kids used to laugh when I’d do this but now they’re scared to death that the might see a for sale sign on the front lawn. Buy cialis online canada Truth be told if I could up root my house and place it in Bay Ridge, buy cialis online canada I’d be back in Brooklyn in a heartbeat) and heard Howie Rose talk about the throwbacks and how the Mets are slowly learning that the fan base wants to see more Mets tradition and to be more like the Highlander, buy cialis online canada Cardinals, buy cialis online canada Dodgers, buy cialis online canada Cubs and Red Sox and just tweek the uniform and not go crazy. Buy cialis online canada As we all know Howie is with us in the Black Uni’s Suck Club. Buy cialis online canada If the Mets were to modify the throwbacks from this weekend to use an orange NY with blue and orange stripes on the sleeves, buy cialis online canada numbers on the front and back and no names on the back  with blue piping down the pant legs with Mr. Buy cialis online canada Met on one sleeve and the round Mets logo on the other and top that off with blue stirrups and the classic blue caps that would be a world class uniform.

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I’m starting to realize that I am more of a fan of Jerry Manuel the person than I am of Jerry Manuel the manager. Free trial viagra Most nights win or lose Manuel is usually a cool cat at his press conference as he never gets rattled by questions and he takes his time giving an answer to the tough inquiries. Free trial viagra In that, free trial viagra Manuel reminds me of St Joseph of Torre in his handling of the media and that is a major challenge for any manager or head coach in this town.  But some of the tactical moves that Manuel has made on this road trip and in the recent weeks have be befuddled.

Take last night. Free trial viagra When Jeremy Reed was obtained in the Putz deal this past winter we were told he was as good as Endy Chavez at bat and in the field. Free trial viagra So if Reed is such a good outfielder why was he playing first base last night while the defensively challenged Daniel Murphy  was put in left field. Free trial viagra I swear I was in a daze for the first inning trying to figure the logic here and sure enough the first batter for the Hollywood Bums, free trial viagra Juan Pierre hits a ball to left that Murphy botched. Free trial viagra Just stunning.

Why not just leave Murphy at first base and tell him it’s all yours until Delgado gets back maybe it would relive a bit of pressure off this kid because this is not the same Daniel Murphy we fell in love with. Free trial viagra The Murphy kid I saw last year and early this year does not get picked off first base like an inept little leaguer. Free trial viagra How many times have we heard Keith Hernandez say that “someone taught Murphy the right way to play baseball”?

Same with second base. Free trial viagra If Ramon Martinez is the best we have to play back up infielder then we’re in trouble. Free trial viagra I know that Castillo has sucked at the plate lately so if you’re going to give him the night off the let the Latin Joe McEwing (Fernando Tatis) play second he can’t do any worse than Martinez.



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Funny how you don’t hear about Tony Bernazzard that evil bad man that was undermining the former manager and was the cause of all the clubhouse chaos and is it just a coincidence that two players who were not favorites of Willie Randolph’s, how to make viagra Jose Reyes and Carlos Delgado are not just hitting and playing on an MVP level but Reyes for one is back to the Jose-Jose-Jose we all love and Delgado has stepped up his leadership role as he looks and plays like an anvil was lifted off his shoulder. How to make viagra When Jeff Torborg and Art Howe were run out of town the media in this town loved putting a big foot in their asses as they headed out the door but when it comes to Randolph no one has heard a discouraging word, how to make viagra even though the skies at Shea are no longer cloudy all day. How to make viagra This not meant to bash Willie as I think he worked hard as a bench boss but he just couldn’t get out of his tight ass Highlander ways. How to make viagra One of the things that stands out with J-Man over Randolph is you hear the term “communication”  from the Mets players when they are asked what the big differences between pre J-Man and now and it shows on the field. How to make viagra The Mets are having fun and yes this stretch of prosperity and good cheer is coming from the bottom feeders of the league, how to make viagra but back in May this team would have lost to those teams. How to make viagra


One big difference now from then is J-Man uses his whole team. How to make viagra Everybody contributes and everyone gets to play. How to make viagra Guys are not asked to take a day off which puts them in an awkward position as if they are weak and maybe the manger is playing a head games with them, how to make viagra no they are told they are getting the day off and there is no argument. How to make viagra Yesterday David Wright took a breather and today Jose Reyes gets a personal day, how to make viagra which hopefully will keep them fresh and smelling good come September.


If it were up to J-Man, how to make viagra Gimp Castillo would sit out until September 1 or off into the sunset) as his tag team second base duo of Easley Reyes has done more than an admirable job at the position but why does that tandem need to be broken up? How does Robinson Cancel fly under the NOLA radar as to me as a third catcher is more luxury than necessity so I would think Cancel would be the one cancel-ed out.


Speaking of the walking wounded, how to make viagra Ryan Church is off to NOLA as Hurricane Fay could be washing out games in the Sunshine State along with Trot (Mojo Risen’) Nixon and Ambiorix  Burgos  (anyone want Brain Banister back?) goes to Kingsport where he will continue his comeback from elbow surgery. How to make viagra  Jeffy better order some folding chairs for the Mets dugout come September as it going to be one crowded hangout.


A story in today’s Daily News details astronaut Mike Massimino transporting Shea Stadium home plate from the 2007 season into orbit . How to make viagra Word is J-Man was hoping that Gimp Castillo would be joining the plate in outer space. How to make viagra


I hope you all appreciate Gary Cohen as Gary is defiantly one of us. How to make viagra Saturday night during the SNY telecast Cohen relayed the word that Titan Tom Glavine had blown out his elbow after making his first start since being out most of the season with elbow trouble. How to make viagra Cohen made it known that it would mean that Titan Tom would not be back at Shea this week and the Mets fans would not be able to give him the ovation he deserved after he disgraced the Mets uniform in his last start for the club. How to make viagra . How to make viagra Now Mex had a problem with this and said that Mets fans should calm down and forgive and forget and as soon as I got the “Fuck you Mex” out of my profane mouth toward my TV set, how to make viagra  Gary told him in a nice way the same thing.   


I wonder what time the ticker tape parade is for Brett Farve and the Jets after their pre season win the other night.?


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